1.25 Billion Super Bowl Wings Expected To Be Consumed During The Game


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The Super Bowl is expeditiously approaching and with the date comes, of course, great football, but also great food. The foods of the big game have long been a staple of the day and this year is absolutely no different. Over time, convenience has become a must for the American populace from mobile web to fast food, the quicker we can satisfy our appetites, whether physical or technologically speaking, the better.

Chicken wings, whether hot, barbecued, plain, sweet and sour or any other way, are one of, if not the most convenient fast foods available. Now with Super Bowl Sunday encroaching upon us, it's apparent that wings are at the forefront of the food category. It has been estimated, no matter how they're prepared, there will be approximately 1.25 billion wings served at parties, bars and other social gatherings alike on the day of the game.

One wing enthusiast was quoted saying:

“They are easy to bring to parties and easy finger food to eat."

Reportedly, Buffalo wings were created in the year 1964 at a bar in Buffalo, NY. Apparently the delicious wings attracted such celebrities as John Candy to Hilary Clinton. Traditionally, wings are served with bleu cheese and celery or ranch dressing and celery. In Buffalo, NY, Mayor Stan Makowski titled July 29th Official Chicken Wing Day back in 1977. Travel back to 1984 where Marino Games introduced "The Buffalo Style Chicken Wing Game". in the game player could use cards to complete orders of wings and answer chicken associated trivia questions.

If you can do the math, 1.25 billion wings comes out to somewhere around 100 million pounds of chicken flappers: that's certainly an impressive number. Traditional wings are found to be most popular among people, but boneless wings are steadily gaining popularity. Restaurants across the nation are preparing for a booming take-out business day well within the week and franchises aren't going to slack on service either according to one manager of Buffalo Wild Wings. Even with the one day event of the Super Bowl, the wing popularity doesn't intend to stop with March madness just around the corner, wings are ready to fly into the mouths of basketball fans too.

With the day so close, what type of convenient food do you prefer? Pizza? wings? Chips with dip? Let us know your favorite game day foods in the comments section.