007 Legends' Fifth Movie Revealed: Goldfinger

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It's certainly a James Bond year. As the car and beer commercial tie-ins for the new movie, Skyfall, begin to flood the media, gamers are hoping for a video game tie-in that can bring back the glory days of Goldeneye on the Nintendo 64. While Bond games since Goldeneye haven't been as wildly successful, 007 Legends is hoping to buck that trend.

Today, Activision has announced that the fifth Bond movie that will be a part of 007 Legends is Goldfinger. As the third James Bond flim, Goldfinger starred the original Bond, Sean Connery. In 007 Legends, however, bond will be portrayed by Daniel Craig's modern likeness in all of the classic Bond movies depicted.

Each of the other announced movies represented in 007 Legends are from a different era of Bond. On Her Majesty's Secret Service will represent the aborted George Lazenby era of Bond, Moonraker will showcase the most ridiculous aspects of the Roger Moore Era, License to Kill shows off Timothy Dalton's 80's Bond, and Die Another Day caps off Pierce Brosnan's Bond career. It has already been announced that 007 Legends will feature feature six movie-themed missions, so it's likely a Daniel Craig Bond movie will be the sixth.

In the Goldfinger mission, Bond will be tasked with investigating and stopping Auric Goldfinger from explosively manipulating world gold prices. With help from pilot Pussy Galore, Bond will storm Fort Knox to battle the pint-sized Oddjob and his razor-sharp bowler hat.

Check out the trailer for the Goldfinger mission below, complete with one of the most famous lines from a James Bond movie: "No Mr. Bond! I expect you to die!"

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