Zumba Scandal: Several Names Released To Public

    October 16, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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In a scandal that has rocked the small town of Kennebunk, Maine, 29-year old Zumba instructor Alexis Wright is facing several charges of prostitution after it was discovered that men were frequenting the dance studio to pay for sex rather than a workout.

Now, the first round of names out of 100 alleged participants has been released, and Kennebunk residents are eager to scour the list to see if it contains anyone they may know. Officials had hinted last week that documents would be released, much to the chagrin of the locals, who found themselves simultaneously repulsed and curious about the news.

“Any time something like that happens, people get curious. It’s almost like the newspapers are teasing us that there are prominent names on the list. But maybe it’ll be nothing,” said Dan Breton, a business owner in town.

Officials have seized computers and photographs of documented sex acts which took place inside the studio and are currently working on building a case for prosecution. But with all the information they have to compile, it could take a while. For now, they are exposing a few men at a time to the world:

Gary D. Bahlkow
Jens W. Bergen
Norman P. Crepeau
Joseph P. Cuetara
Kenneth A. Fairbanks
Donald F. Hill
Monie B. Hobbs Jr.
David Kline
Robert R. Labonte
Dale P. Madore
Paul A. Main
Harry J. McMann
Kevin L. Pagliccia
Claude S. Palmer Jr.
Philip K. Parker
Colin P. Powers
Clinton J. Ray
James A. Soule
John D. Verreault
James P. White
Peter M. Wormell Sr.

  • Tom Walker

    Visiting for sex instead of a workout? Good heavens – whoever wrote that description must be as passionate as an over-steamed asparagus spear (apologies to asparagus spears everywhere). As has been amply documented elsewhere, good sex can be an amazingly comprehensive workout. Let’s not confuse legality with the beneficial substance of what was transpiring.

    I assume the vanilla Zumba participants paid for their workouts as well? Are we ever going to escape our Puritanical shackles?

    Alexis – you go girl!

  • Tom Walker

    Would that we could be as zealous about exposing the millionaires and billionaires working overtime to buy this election.

    How easily we’re distracted by the petty to divert attention from the monumental. As an electorate we’re getting what we ask for. I despair for that.

  • Elysium

    There is absolutely no point in releasing those names.

  • linda spears

    Perhaps if our society did not have a double standard women in the sex trade are punished gentlemen paying for those setvices are not sex for pay would be made legal n sex workers could be compensated n provided w health care n monitoring. Obviously illegal acts still go on n have for centuries.