Zumba Scandal: Dance Studio Doubled As Brothel

    October 11, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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29-year old fitness instructor Alexis Wright has been arrested and charged with running a prostitution ring inside her Zumba dance studio in Kennebunk, Maine, and while the news has shocked the small town, even more surprising is the revelation that many of the encounters were secretly videotaped, and that more than a hundred people were involved. Now, the town is waiting to hear the names of the men who frequented the studio.

“Any time something like that happens, people get curious. It’s almost like the newspapers are teasing us that there are prominent names on the list. But maybe it’ll be nothing,” said Dan Breton, a business owner in town.

Wright pleaded not guilty to the 106 charges leveled against her–which include prostitution, violation of privacy, and tax evasion–and police have issued a summons to each of the men involved. Her business partner, Mark Strong, Sr., pleaded not guilty to 59 additional counts of promotion of prostitution and violation of privacy. The names of the men who sought services are expected to be released to the public within the next few weeks, but with over 100 hours of video and more than 14,000 screen shots captured on seized computers to pore over, it won’t be an easy task.

“The state’s in over its head. This case isn’t ready for prosecution,” Daniel Lilly, Strong’s lawyer, said.

Wright allegedly received attention from police after a blog post accused her of being a prostitute. The landlord of the dance studio says he is owed thousands in rent and has received complaints from customers who claimed to hear “moaning and groaning” coming from Wright’s office.



Images: Facebook

There has already been a “Free Alexis Wright” Facebook page made in her honor, but judging by the photos posted, it’s hard to tell if the owner of the page is really behind her or just hoping to garner a bit of attention.

  • Madison

    Hilarious! I always thought zumba looked strangely pathetic….

  • Sarah

    Are you kidding me!!!

    You just never know these days.

  • Gabriel

    no big deal nothing new oldest proffesion around. ya tax evasion no good so lets legalize. Duhhh

    • k

      so true. it’s only because the IRS cant get their hands on the cash that it’s illegal! legalize it and tax them, EASY!!

  • Tanishia

    I think it should be legalized, people pay for sex in so many ways just make it legal!!

    • NenaPR51

      Hell no!!! We are not Europe baby! Don’t want no Sodom and Gomorrah here. What is morally wrong should NEVER be legalized.

      • Mike

        What you think is morally wrong and what I think is morally wrong could be two differnt things! Thats why this is a free country and there is supposed to be a seperation between church and state. It should be legal. If you decide too or not too use a service THAT is where morals come into play. Who the hell are you to tell me whats right & wrong and who the hell am I to tell you. You do whats right by your family and I’ll whats right by mine and we’ll leave the government out of it!

        • Sandi

          Mike, it is already SODOM and GOMORRAH here! Sodom and Gomorrah are O and Hillary

          • amy

            Sandi-Sodom & Gomorrah are places not people. Read your bible, you sanctimonious a$$hole!

        • missy

          Oh yes lets not encourage the little girls of today to be all that they can be lets just give them more temptations and negative images “yes honey when you grow up you can be a cum dumpster”

      • fred garvin

        if everyone didn’t walk around acting like casual sex is morally wrong, perhaps we could focus on the financial services industry, whose sociopaths are (legally) destroying the nation.

      • Danielle

        My question to you Nena is who made you God to judge other people? You don’t want no Sodom and Gomorrah here, yet and I could be wrong, but you seem not to care that our President promotes same sex marriage if you vote for him.

    • Cheryl

      No prostitution should NOT be legalized. Regardless of what you think it is NOT a victimless crime. And it is objectifying women and using them. This will not ever be a respected career and no one would hope their daughter or son grows up to be a prostitute. Never legalize it. That is not the answer.

      • Danielle

        In all the states except Nevada where prostitution is legal, rape is on the rampart. Nevada is the only state where rape is the lowest crime in the nation.

  • Sandy

    Talk about combining world’s oldest profession with one of the newest things in today’s society….Surprising, yes! But it should not be!

  • Scourge2

    Then again, frequent, energetic sex is another great way to lose weight.


  • celeste

    Hadn’t anyone noticed the sudden surge of men signing up for classes?

  • Antonio

    My wife goes a lot to zumba should i be worried?

    • deadpaddyj

      My wife’s an instructor. I think you’re OK. :)

  • Darcy

    Now THAT’s a workout LOL

  • james cranford

    i think what is ironic is that most of these criminals are caught and prosecuted on ‘tax evasion’. she is in ‘good’ company with the likes of Capone. the irony is that 535 members of congress, the president and probably most of the bureaucrats pat each other on the back on how many taxes they can get out of paying. the democrats keep ‘bashing’ the ‘rich’ while passing more loopholes for their rich butts.

  • jmlemieux2003@yahoo.com

    If she was making all that money why didn’t she pay her rent? At least she was a capitalist. BTW..the Kennedy’s are on the list.

    • NenaPR51

      lol !!! Why am I not surprised to hear the Kennedys are members? lol !!!

      • OMG REALLY?

        They haven’t released any list, and yet Nena believe JM above. Naive as they come eh Nena?

        • OMG STUPID!!

          It’s a joke you flippin idiot. Constantly i read stories and there’s always an idiot makng stupid comments to someone else’s jokes. Have a sense of humor, DA.

      • Danielle

        The Kennedy’s wouldn’t waste their time driving over to a join like this, especially when its hundreds of miles away. Truth is, if they wanted some nooky, they would go to a local Hotel rent a room and call the bitty to fly in for a quickie which would probably last at least a week, depending on when the wives were expecting them back home.

  • evamarie777@yahoo.com

    Really? Well, at least not ALL Zumba dance studios are like that.

  • http://ms1.gotdns.com jonny rocket

    i went there. she over charged me.

  • Wil

    Wonder how many divorces are going to happen in this lil town, when the names get released lol

    • Danielle

      If the wife truly loved her husband, she would forgive him. If not she ain’t worth staying with.

    • ross

      Good time for a divorse lawyer to put up a couple advertisements in town.

  • Kgirl

    Misleading headline…this wasn’t a ZUMBA scandal, it was a tax, fraud, and prostitution scandal :( Her illegal activities had nothing to do with Zumba. I’m getting tired of clicking on news stories based on headlines only to be really disappointed in the story. And…there is nothing strange or pathetic about ANY type of exercise.

    • Michael

      It’s a Zumba scandal because it took place in a Zumba studio, thus letting someone’s spouse know to look out if their husband frequented that studio. If it was happening at the local bar where your husband went, wouldn’t it be relevant to mention that?

  • bluegnu63

    More men done in by their d*cks; they’re sooo easy.;-)

    • Danielle

      As a man, when I see a beautiful woman passing by, I can’t help but get a stiff dick. It stands out like a sore thumb, just plain natural. The unfortuate situation with men is we think with the little fellow below the belt rather than the more intelligent fellow above our shoulders. And that is our downfall.

  • Kat

    Gonna be a whole lotta traffic headed outta town! =0)

  • Kim

    I love Zumba and find it incredibly invigorating but damn that had to be one hell of a workout. Talk about needing an energy shot.

  • Jimmydeanbakker

    This has nothing to do with Zumba, so let’s stop it right here. She’s a prostitute, and that pretty much sums it up.

    • fred garvin

      a prostitute is just a woman with a great attitude.

    • Danielle

      So she got down and dirty in a victimless crime. If the government is going to allow queers to marry then why doesn’t it legalize prostitution. What two people do behind close doors is nobodies business but those two consenting adults. As a Christian we have no right to judge anybody. That is our Heavenly Father’s job. We can desern what is right or wrong. And Jesus Christ told the accusers of the women caught in adultery “those without sin may cast the first stone”. Noticed she was caught humping and pumping in the very act, and she was a married lady. The Bible tells us not to commit adultery. There is a big difference between unmarried couples screwing eachother and those that are married out screwing other people. Still we are not to judge anybody. Let go, let God.

  • Karen

    OMG…all our tax dollars going to legal fees to prosacute. Now thats a crime! My goodness America just make it legal and tax it. Problem solved.

    • Rob

      They should spend more on education so you can use spell check on your computer before you post something

      • Ashlie


  • brian

    damn she can zumba my face….

  • Sandi

    WHO CARES? Why can’t she sell her body? It’s her vagina! Wow, double standards if she was screwing your liberal husband huh?

  • Brittany

    The problem with prosecuting this is that one-third of the lawyers, police force,and judges have taken private Zumba lessons at this studio.

  • Poon-ba

    not Zumba….Poon-ba!

  • http://www.webpronews.com Ali Baba

    Your wife doesn’t have to have sex with you. If a man has to go elsewhere and pays for discretion, his privacy should be protected. Drop the prostitution charges and nail her for tax evasion! It’s her body, but she needs to pay her taxes …. and her rent apparently

    • Sarah

      Are you kidding me??? Why is adultery not a big deal anymore? If a wife isn’t having sex with her husband, maybe they should have counseling instead of him having an affair. Why get married if there is no commitment?

    • Ashlie

      Really.??? A wife not having sex with her husband is like giving him a present and telling him he CANT open it. AND, Do you seriously think that it is OK for a man to go out and cheat on his WIFE. Obviously ADULTERY doesnt come into YOUR mind if you are not comprehending the statement you just made.

  • Joel

    Prostitution is illegal but it is widespread in America. There are sooo….. many different fronts for prostitution. There are thousands of Asian Massage Parlor operating in the good old USA that offers prostitution services. Also there are thousands of escort agencies accross USA. There are Sugar dating website where prostitution is arranged. There are strippers that offer it to some of their clients. Illinois passed a law making it a class 4 felony to patronize a prostitute. Did clients decided not to engage in it because it is a felony? Most don’t care about the law. C(r)ook County, IL has widespread prostitution in the form of escort agencies, modeling agencies, and Asian Massage Parlors. Many men purchase sex. Now more women are purchasing sex and companionship. If you watch the show “Gigolos,” you will know what I mean. Winning the war on drugs and prostitution is a fantasy that will never come true.

  • wow

    Must be a quiet little town, not used to see exotic provocative dancing. Myself I wish I could dance like that, it is a great workout, disregard the sex part that they are accusing her off.
    I guess the population is just jelous of her qualities.

  • noixdekk

    Lol. Well, if men were even coming within 50 feet of the zumba studio, then I do think something fishy was up. I’m a zumba instructor and if you get one guy in your class every six months, it’s kind of a miracle.

  • Tim Neiwt

    Do we care who has sex with who? Get life folks, and stop projecting your ides of sexuality and morality onto everyone else. I think prostitution is stupid and would never pay for sex, still, if someone does, do I care? No. The world has real issues including; Hunger, war, imperialism, homelessness. You moral police need to take your high morality and turn it into something that impacts the planet in tangible and positive ways. Get your big noses out of peoples business.

  • Aliiswrong

    Ali Baba, you’re SO wrong and what planet and time are you living on?

    Men who pay for sex and cheat should suffer the consequences of public humiliation. Marriage is a social union. Don’t you understand western marriage and public ceremonies of marriage?

    • http://www.webpronews.com Ali Baba

      I disagree. Legalize it and pay your taxes/rent!

  • Joel

    Men from all walks of life pay for sex and companionship. Just because it is illegal does not mean it will go away. Yes, there are victims of commerical sex trade. There are also people being victimized by non-commerical sex. How about a boyfriend, husband, neighbor, or relative that sexually abuse a child? How about domestic violence in relationship? These are examples of non-commerical sex abuse and violence. Do we ban people from getting married or go on dates? If you think being a call girl is dangerous, think again. Women and children are be victimized by boyfriends, husband, or someone they know on a daily bases around the world in intimate relationship. We do not ban intimate relationship because these awful things occur. Women have 1 in 4 chances of being victimized in an intimate relationship. Most high class escort never got victimized by their client. No prostitute face 1 in 4 chances of being victimized by clients. So which is safer!!!

    • Angelface

      So…what you’re saying is most men are archaic douchebags? I would have to agree!

      • shut up

        The guys must be lining up to ask you out, “Angelface”.

      • G.I. Jane

        The nasty skank orifice of any prostitute should make the horny men’s schlongs get gangrene. Zombie dicks galore.

  • A

    So where’s the problem??? In-shape women offering a valuable service to society???? I need to find a place like this in my town.

    • Randy

      Absolutely. If the few pics on here are any indication of the available talent…NICE. Nothing ever would have happened if she had paid her rent

  • Carol Ann Maciel

    What two adults do is their bussiness…most men lie and say they are single….I do not condem nor condone but legalize it and the taxes you would get back go go to alot of worty causes such as homelessness and substance abuse treatment…as long as it is discretionary and not on the street,,,,no one should judge some women and men do this because they have family to take care of…and no of us know what we may become down the road until we are there!!!!!

  • jbmw

    Why call it a Zumba Scandal? Its a prostitution sting out of a fitness center.

  • PeteS

    Hi. This has nothing to do with Zumba. It is about one lady running a business and using Zumba as a front. There are mainly women who go to Zumba anyway.

  • Randy

    Isn’t is about time to make prostitution legal? It would create a lot of jobs, be safer for the girls and the guys. It would increase tax revenue, get the girls away from the violence and drugs. Get them on medical benefits. It would help put a dent in the sex slave trade. I truly don’t see the downside of making it legal.

    • Twright

      I can tell by the comments which of these men have paid for sex. SMH. To make prostitution legal won’t help the unemploymenr rate, if these women are already working per se’.

  • jvs

    I’d hit it, errr, I mean, I’d show her some stretching exercises. I mean I’d work her out.

  • http://Yahoo.com Kevin

    Hey I’ve been to Kennebunk, you’re not gonna pack the gym w/ a Pennysaver ad. Heck of a promotion and she did provide a reasonable cardio session.

  • Alex

    Sex is Gooood!!

  • Steph

    Hey, sex burns a lot of calories…. It’s actually my favorite diet.

  • Peter Gozinya

    Even if your married, your still paying to hit it.

  • Jennifer

    Who cares and why on earth should those mens names be released – we do not need to know and besides I bet you can find their naked butts on line why else would they have filmed or kept that kind of a video file? That will be humiliating enough for them and their FAMILIES leave them out of this mess!!! I think that prostitution should be legalized and give them a decent health plan they can afford and let them do their thing!!!

  • Steve

    I’d love to pump my iron in that!!!!!!!!!

  • Greg

    100 hours of video tape….that will take a long time get through 5 minutes at a time. Sidebar—–I’d pay her whatever she wanted for a little ATM.

    • Patrick

      They are going to need a lot of tissue

  • Scott

    I would pay to have sex with her! She’s hot!

    • Patrick


  • Patrick

    Here is the thing. If this was a taxed profession in this state and the Governement was reaping benefits from the income. There would not be an issue. In countries where prositution is legal, rape and other sex crimes are almost non existent. Making these woman to be “victims” is also B.S. unless the “brothel” is condoning and or uses woman that are “traffic vitims” etc… It is the oldest profession in the book. Who cares if a guy is paying someone for sex or visa versa, dont we pay anyway? The Government and police in this area dont have more important things to do then bust people for having consensual sex with each other. Really, who was being hurt here, besides the people who found out about it too late and didn’t get to partake. It is absurd to think this is such a crime. And who are they “punishing” by announcing the names of the clients. What purpose is this other then to humiliate. I am so tired of hearing about these cases. Leave these people alone. Either they have consenual sex with someone for a couple hundred bills or they go crazy backed up with testosterone and hurt someone.

    • Jessica

      “If this was a taxed profession in this state and the Governement was reaping benefits from the income.”

      But it is not, ergo; it is still a crime. Until they make it legal, it is a crime no matter how you spin it. Simply put, she’s a whore. Seeing that she was relaying license plate information to her investigator/real estate agent partner suggest perhaps a little blackmail was forthcoming. I would also mention that she was receiving food stamps and housing as well while making (unreported) 150 grand. But I imagine you get the point.

      …”I am so tired of hearing about these cases.”
      Then why stop to read it? You sound like some tool who says, “I hate the Yankees/Fleetwood Mac/Dostoyevski/Notre Dame (fill in the blank)” then actually take the time to not only click on the story, then read it, and THEN taking additional time to write a post. Seriously? LOL…it you are so offended or against something next time just pass on by without stopping. I’d hate to hear you had a stroke bitchin’ & whinnin’ about something. Geeeshhhhhhh

  • Adam

    Filthy S L U T!!!

    • http://yahoo.com ball

      Like your woman!!!

      • me

        U mad Client #9?

      • t-dog

        Okay ball in mouth… That will be enough out or your richard sucker.

  • Scott

    New slogan if prostitution was legalized:

    “We will really make sure that your f##ked when you handover your tax dollars.”

    Government slogan: “Fucks for Bucks!”

  • Patrick

    It is a Bull shit crime that brings in revenue for the city when they bust one. Lawyers, Government etc… get involved and they are probably using some type of the same service. They need to use the police to go after real crime, not spend the cities money involved in a sting operation that I am sure used the tax payers money to get a piece of ass and bust this place. I am so tired of paying my public officials to crack down on a crime that is commited every time we take someone on a date. We pay for dinner, we pay for flowers, we pay for sex. No matter how you slice it we pay for it.

  • kings

    Something isn’t right here. All seemed to be fine with her moonlighting as a lady of easy virtue until she fell behind on her rent,maybe her landlord is a dissatisfied customer; he probably couldn’t get the full body workout/massage the studio advertized.

  • http://facebook rich downs

    Why down on men? You find what you look for., Plus , if you were not on the prowl, you wouldn’t meet these kind that you speak il of!

  • http://facebook rich downs

    see post

  • Val Edwards

    A couple of things. If the men are single, who cares? If they are married, (a) they violated the bonds of a sacred trust which can never be repaired and (b) I hope everyone involved used protection? But, I’ve got to wonder, when did she have time to exercise and teach her classes? BTW: if Zumba creates abs like that, I’m signing up for classes NOW! In closing, isn’t it time to stop criminalizing paid sex between two consenting adults? Note, I didn’t say underage or forced sex or sexual slavery. Lawmakers spend too much of their free time monitoring my (a) reproductive and health and (b) sex life. Get a life legislators or a hobby. Hell, take a Zumba dance class!

    • Eyob


      B!tch is a lowlife. She probably calls herself…businesswoman LOL

  • RT

    I wonder if thats where Adam Sandler recorded his famed skit…”working out orrrr having sex”

  • Joe B.

    Why is prostitution illegal but abortion is legal?

    • mm

      what does one have to do with the other, you mysoginistic moron?

      • Luis

        because it is like saying that fat is illegal to eat and glass is not. the comment brings to light that safe and consensual dealings between adults should be legal as long as no one is being harmed by it. news should inform and boards for comments should stimulate thought and thinking otherwise we would all write, “agree” or “Disagree”

        • t-dog

          Agreed Louis!!! Most certainly, if the government could put a tax on it then regulate it, the story would loose it’s luster and I would be knocking boots down at the local Vag-donalds… Buy tWo Whoppers and get the WHO HA free.

      • t-dog

        Lighten up chick… It is a posted comment on a fucking website freak!

      • t-dog

        If I knew where you lived, I would CUM over and spank you!

  • Adam

    Is this really news? if only she paid her rent we would have never known.You pay a wife to do this same thing by buying her dinner clothes whatever else her little heart desires and in-turn you get your needs met.

    • truepatriot

      No…that isn’t the same at all. I know you’re more intelligent than that. Your wife isn’t a prostitute unless you knowingly married one. If you ever have to give a woman money or merchandise for sex than you don’t lover her and she apparently doesn’t love you. Marriage is a legal binding agreement. Prostitution is a profession to make money. Would you like to try again…? I thought not.

      • wayne

        That’s right. How dare you compare prostitution with the sanctity of marriage…when you pay for sex both people walk away happy..with marriage, you never stop paying, and paying, and paying….that’s why I support gay marriage. Gays should be allowed to be just as miserable as anyone else…(lol)

        • Alex


    • Alex

      Oh really? Have you been married…for long?

    • Grace

      In a sense that is true.I don’t see what the big deal is apart from the secret filming

    • t-dog

      We got a winner Jack!

  • Adam

    She was just helping stimulate the economy

    • nicole


  • GutsC1

    Amazing how the Prostitution is only legal in Nevada and the District of Columbia. But quite unlike the boys in DC I guessing Alexis actually delivers her promises!

    • whatever

      What is sad is that she probably got ratted on by a gutless scum bastard who used her services and then played “Kiss and Tell”. Probably a stupid loser who ruined it for everybody else. That is why it needs to be legalized and regulated to protect everybody from freaks and psychos who got no life

      • Phil

        Maybe she shouldn’t have recorded every ilicet session she had with them. Surprised someone didn’t find out and pay her a visit. That’s asking for trouble.

      • t-dog

        Smacking that ass, smacking that ass.

    • Grace


  • Cheri

    I think this is a sad day for Zumba. Zumba fitness is so dynamic that people resort to anything to bring the people in. Shame shame on her for using Zumba name.

  • http://yahoo steve

    like i always say ,an my repatware ,zumba zumba putting pie we all know thats not the place to go an get high,by why bother them while there in there tiskit ,when they only go there to work out an eat some bisket,lmao

    • Phil

      Maybe you should learn english and get a geasp of the language before you ty dirty poetry. That was painful to read making it so NOT funny.

  • Mrs.J

    Wow, and you thought your husband just wanted to get into shape when he joined that Zumba class!! LOL.

  • mainboarder

    MB 6.5. Would smash.

  • adam

    I don’t know what zumba is but sign me up.

    • t-dog

      Subbie youre giving me a chubbie

  • Subbie

    All of these comments are a testament of how “sick” society has become! And who will be so free to talk about legalizing prostitution when transmitted diseases rise out of control. Just because so called, “Safe Sex” may be practiced, this is not guarantee that you will be not be an idiot dying from your uncontrolled sexual exploits!

    Perhaps this would be the answer to rid society of “the scum of the earth.”

    Nevertheless, this world will always be filled with scumbags!

    • t-dog

      I got a chubbie Subbie

      • wondering

        you know your just up set your husband or boy friend has probably srewed you over with another woman dont hate girl protecapate.she was practicing safe sex and making money in two ways.can you say the same.

    • Baileysmum26@yahoo.com

      I second that! Couldn’t have said it better myself!!

      • Baileysmum26@yahoo.com

        On the original post that is!

    • pyro

      Yes, STD rates may be rising but you also have to understand that STDs are going to happen and continue to get worse without the help of prostitution. There are plenty of good people out there that have gotten STDs while a condom was used. It’s not just the “scumbags” and “whores/sluts” that get STDs so I suggest getting youself checked just incase.

  • Friend of Alexis

    I’m gonna quit smoking and drive to the nearest Zumba workout place and join with a 2 year plan!!

    • t-dog


  • Rob

    so again, why is this a bad thing? dual positives…exercise, exercise, and more..exercise! Way to go girl!! kick her loose and stop being such hypocritical puritans!

  • Fawn Dul Mei

    That was my favorite excercise place for my Trouser Snake.

  • Cesar

    I bet it’s all the females in that town that are hating on her. She’s fuckin hott. She’s whippin you big girls in shape and satisfying your man, so get off yalls trip.

  • That Guy

    She’s not a prostitute! She’s my personal trainer!

  • http://www.lowincomehelp.us Annette

    I can’t wait to see what happens with this list that will come out.

    • Jane

      …Most prostitution rings/escort services and brothels in this country are operated by caucasian women with mainly caucasian male customers. What type of music is used for this type of mating???

  • Sgt. Johnson

    Any one who does zumba or goes to zumba class is a giant whore. Standing around humping the air and simlating sexual gyrations while listening to african mating music. I heard there are alot of whores at the zumba class in Salem, CT. LOUD obnoxious whores, trying to get attention and pretending to be ‘cultured’ by lowering themselves to act like sex monkeys to bad, offensive music.

    • realchic

      get a life zumba is great exercise…whateva shes doin aside from dat has nuthin to do with da class itself! h8ter!

      • GOLDIE


      • Alberta

        I would have to agree with you it seems that Zumba has taken on a life of its own around the world and I can see the people who are zumba zombies they love, love, love this exercise and I wonder why? I think too that you are indulging in sexual moves and thats why people are in love with it so it would seem that eventually what you are wanting comes to you.
        I also saw that this same thing is happening in other states as well.

        • Anthony G

          uh, have you ever even seen zumba you dumbass? it is dance and exercise… nothing more. just because a whore was teaching it does not mean that zumba is sex. get real!!!

    • GOLDIE


    • Kirk Zehr

      Wow, Sarge, ignorant AND racist in one fell swoop! Way to go!America at its finest….

    • kirste

      I think you need to censor yourself not only was that an offensive statement but it is also an extremely ignorant statement. I understand the freedom of speech but there is such a thing as going too far and you sir have just reached the point of no return. I think you need help with your women hating issues, “SGT”.

    • Anthony G

      Sgt Johnson, you sir, are an absolute idiot… crawl back in your cave and please do not ever disgrace the rest of the world by coming out!

    • Sgt Sex Monkey

      I’ve been too busy to pay attention to Zumba before, but now I’m going to get me some in classes. Sex Monkies probably already in the mood, and I won’t have to pay! African, Columbian, Central-South American, I don’t care…give me some ethnic hotties…american women, get away from me! A thumbs up (you know what) for SEX-ER-CISE!

  • Tina Marshall

    I think you need to learn how to use the English language if you are going to write and publish your work. Pore is a thing in the skin. “Pore over documents” is a such a blatant error that your credibility is shot. I think you meant “pour” like to pour a drink. I miss the days when literacy was the norm.

    • mike

      h8ters gonna h8! eye luv littorassy!!

    • Bill

      Tina, The word “pore” can be either a verb, as was used in this article, or a noun as you used in your reply.
      Look it up in a dictionary if you don’t believe me.

      • Tracey

        :) Nice catch.

    • Erin

      You’re an idiot. Clearly you don’t understand it can be used that way too.. Lol, way to go, I hope you feel smart.

      • duhtom

        Ms Judy is the BOMB! Literal-ally.

    • Judi Marshall

      Tina, you are correct about the definition of “pore” as a noun; however, “pore” as a verb means to read studiously or attentively. When you “pore over documents”, you are studying them very carefully.

      • duhtom

        Thank you Judy we all need a school marm to focus on our Ineptness as compared to your flawlessness… OOPS I’m afraid to say or write cause I will be asxed about it from the context major-ette.
        Ms. Major-ettee-ket: try Zumba (can you say: zoo-m-bah. My bad.
        Ms.Marshall certainly apt nome. Thank you Ms. Mashell may I now be scused?

      • duhtom

        Are you Judy or are you Tina or are you both? Feel free to correct the grammar it is so HOT!!!!

    • judy

      Perhaps you should learn how to use the English language. The sentence is correct. “Pore over documents” NOT “Pour over documents” lol. It is so funny to see someone that doesn’t even know how to use a word in the correct context, try and correct someone else.

      • Sarah

        Judy- You go girl for using an intellectual word! I admit, I looked “pore” over in the dictionary for the way you used it. You are a dumbass if you make fun of Judy without looking up that word first. “Pour” makes absolutely no sense. Great Job Judy!

    • lilyanne

      “pore over” means to examine, to scrutinize

    • duhtom

      I miss the daze when you read your dictionary and stopped being the police of words.

    • http://sharika.homepagepays.com sharika

      to pore over is to literally break sweat executing a task in other words to to do a task thoroughly

    • Rachel

      Tina Marshall, I had to laugh at your comment because you’re wrong! “Pore over” is grammatically correct. You need a little humility before passing judgment on others.

  • zyx130

    For one thing, why do men pay for sex? It’s because if they didn’t they’d be going around raping women instead. Thus, let prostition be legal. The men are the problem. They are the ones paying for the services. The reason that Arabic men want their women to be all covered up is that they just can’t handle seeing a woman. They’ll just try to rape the women that are not covered up. Allow prostitution and think of all the money to be made to pay down the national debt.

    • kelann08

      That’s one of the single dumbest things I’ve ever read. Hands down, insanely retarded. “Men pay for sex because they’d be rapists otherwise.” That is so incredibly stupid, I can’t be bothered to explain why.

    • cnc

      Rape and sex are two different things. Though I do agree we that prostition should be legal. I would be careful suggesting a violent crime versus something done out of pleasure.

  • http://n/a dananana

    the town is waiting to hear the names of the men who frequented the studio

    • JD

      Ummmm… maybe because soliciting a prostitute is illegal. The participants aren’t victims…they lawbreakers and as such their “right to privacy” was lost with their criminal activity.

  • MS

    I am from this area live maybe 5 minutes away from “The Scene” ….. let me tell you this isnt about spelling or grammar errors..its about laws being broken, alot of scared people who were involved and alot of innocent family members…such as wives and children who had no clue their husband or father were involved! The men involved knew they were doing wrong… so why shouldnt their names be published! And besides if local police departments put out “seek mental health professionals” warnings if you think you were involved…well theres a sign there huh?

    Wells Maine Police Facebook Page

    October 6
    Members of our community may experience feelings of extreme embarrassment, shame, and guilt over the next few weeks as more details about the prostitution scandal become public. We encourage you to seek counseling before you feel yourself getting overwhelmed. Here are a few tips and resources:

    Consult your healthcare provider for a list of local in-network mental health professionals.

    Your prima
    ry care physician may be able to refer you to a mental health specialist.

    Counseling Services Inc.: (207) 282-1500

    If you find yourself in a mental health crisis and need someone to talk to immediately, Crisis Response Services provides a 24-hour hotline: 1-888-568-1112. Local hospitals also provide immediate walk-in assistance.

    As always, police and EMS are available by dialing 9-1-1.

  • Puritainbychoice

    Wow and we are the Now generation? we fight over everything that really doesn’t matter yet sit on our hands when we really do need to raise a stink. No Americahas become the on going jokester of the WORLD.

  • lilyanne

    Pore over mean to scrutinize. It is correct English.

  • stopkiddingurself09

    Zumba is NOT african…IDIOT! Might want to read up on the subject matter before you put your ignorant two cents in! Thanks!

    Zumba is a Colombian dance fitness program created by dancer and choreographer Alberto “Beto” Perez during the 1990s.

  • Jackie

    Some of you guys are really silly. Whether or not prostitution is legalized, there will always be STDs and people having sex-whether it is paid for or not-and people should ALWAYS protect themselves in any case. Procreation and having sex is human nature and has been the norm since life has existed on earth! But is it so bad if two consenting adults (over age 18), decide to do the “do” and exchange money for it? Is it worse for adults to have consenting sex without exchanging money? Who are we to judge them? If it is legalized, it will still be regulated like any other business. Anyway, some of you ‘religious’ fanatics are being unreasonable, WWJD? I am a Christian and I do zumba and there is nothing wrong with it. Some of you are reading too much into it and need to be informed before passing judgement on others! Ignorance is NOT bliss. Zumba is a fun way to burn fat, that is it! But from what it seems any type of exercise is a sin to some of you. (lol) I am happily married and have marital sex whenever I feel like it-in the meantime I do zumba to keep in shape and I am not gyrating all over the place-some of you guys are so silly! God bless!

  • Joseph S.

    If you live in a city ,town, or county that publishes a newspaper you will see a police blotter page where crimes for that time-period are posted for all to see. That being said, if you approach someone and offer money for sex, or vice-versa, you have commited a crime. You deserve to have your name put out there for all to see. I believe the police department and district attorney are doing the right thing by posting the names of all offenders involved. I know there will be some wives, and children hurt during this rough time, but everyone in the community deserves to know the truth.

    • duhtom

      to the last post: lighten up dude. You need some Zumba in your life. At least rent a Zumba video!

    • SK

      Really? In my state and in many countries around the world, the oldest profession is absolutely LEGAL.

      I’m sorry you live in a prudish state where you gotta go into the back alleys and dark street corners for the crime of having male hormones. And then fear being outed in public for actually having sex.

  • Jones

    Why is this national news? because she did a certain kind of fitness program? Whats happening
    to my country?

  • duhtom

    The Zumba makes for a warm and fuzzy tale could have been in the Lion King. If you think “not in my America” this is so bubble gum to what “our America” engages in overseas and under-cover. I like the Zumba woman: we’ll see her VDO on the shelves or on Youtube before you can jump up three times and click your Nikes.

  • Dan Halen

    She’s hot.

    • duhtom

      Oh now I understand: Judi/Tina Marshall is really the Zumba instructor’s altar ego. Fabulous. For those who need some help with their proper English grammatical shenanigans…

  • Willy Wonka

    I’d do her.

  • Rose

    All that fornicating left her with no time topat the rent! The least they could do was pay the dag gone rent to the man.

    • mike

      yea if they were behind on the rent they should of offered him some free pussy aint no man going to turn that down especially from a young zumba hard body

  • Me

    I should have taken up Zumba.

  • Cola

    Was that included in the membership? LOL

  • Sarah

    Judy- You go girl for using an intellectual word! I admit, I looked “pore” over in the Webster’s dictionary for the way you used it-means “meditate,ponder”. You are a DUMBASS if you make fun of Judy without looking up that word first yourself. “Pour” makes absolutely no sense. Great Job Judy!

    And yeah, I HATE cheating, so expose those names! And have them get checked for STD’s before they bring them home to their wives and girlfriends. I will feel sorry for the women and children- but those guys knew what they were doing.

  • Clara

    Let’s not lose sight of the fact that many people attempt suicide when their personal reputation is destroyed.
    That’s why the mental health therapy is being recommended.
    Although the men involved are responsible for the effect their actions will have on the lives of others, it would be a compounded tragedy if any of them took his own life for shame.
    Empathy for all the people hurting here and the whole town is hurting too!

  • jormy

    dumb cunts. dont act like you all dont like sex. all women get mad since they have gooten too fat and their husbands no longer want them. go eat a bucket of bon bons and watch oprah. everyone posting angily here are mostly fat, unwanted women. eew. how do you fat cunts wipe your fate asrses?

  • allan claytonn

    posting the names of the accused is not a fair thing when the punishment will be so minimal…. inocent to proven guility…. The arrest record stays up gets public attention … The aquitial goes unnoticed

    privacy is still a concern for many massage palors have been an issue for years …. Police know and the public knows …. now we look at the names of the accused with glee?

    so many people with ruined reputations … sad

    • Tuesdae

      Obviously their reputations are not that important if they are willing to risk them by having sex in a studio where they were possibly being videotaped! Good grief, what is wrong with you people?

      • b

        Would u want your name posted? They know they did wrong but they rnt being accused.

      • Voice of Reason

        You’re making an assumption that they are already guilty with this statement. So far the only real possible crimes here are video taping someone without their knowledge and the alleged tax evasion which may or may not be related. The rest is nonsense, especially reputation as if your worth depended upon the opinions of others.

      • kim

        Anyone that comments that someone’s reputation isn’t important because they made a bad/irresponsible decision must not have a family. Innocent peoples’ lives (children) will be changed forever if a list is posted public. Please think twice before you are quick to condemn those you don’t even know as karma always has an odd way of returning your kindness, generosity, & pettiness….especially with strangers. Remember: he/she who has not sinned can throw the first stone….God Bless

  • John Doe

    Violation of privacy should be charged to any agency or newspaper that prints the names of the men involved.

  • tj

    This is a bunch of fuss over nothing. Women sleep with men for dinner and a movie. Paying for sex happens every day. Tax money and police can be put to better use. Small town and they used a popular craze as a front. No the names should not be published. Americans are just to damn noisy sometime. Let the families deal with the situation in their own way. Why should the entire family be punished for the act of one.

    • Tuesdae

      Regardless of whether it “happens every day”, it is still illegal, and if this was going on in this studio, then she needs to be prosecuted. Every man who paid for sex, and every woman who made money off of it should be prosecuted also. They need to release every name of every perv on video. Anyone stupid enough to have sex in a zumba studio doesn’t deserve privacy. Each family will suffer because of the stupidity of their loved one. That is what happens when you do something stupid. It affects those around you.

      • Little Finger

        Why is it only illegal when you call it “Prostitution” instead of “Bar Hopping” or “Dating”?

        • b

          Because if we acknowledged that people exchange more then money for sex we would have to acknowledge the idea if rethinking prostitution. Our country’s antiquated ideas with the blue laws need to go.

      • Amy

        Each family will suffer enough from this without the public knowing. I don’t need to know if my neighbor hired a prostitue. IF the wife decides to stay with a man, then she doesn’t need everybody looking down on her for her choice. IF their are children, they don’t deserve to suffer for their fathers choice. Being a child is hard enough without that.

    • pito

      Problem bein the names who dont get set forth many good house wifes an family are an will.be screwed up wonderind about the lie deception .an if one can live in a relationship like that then lord have mercy on the fool..

    • mandalay

      Sure men pay for sex, we pay for it in many ways, dinner, movies, shopping, trips etc.. Of course getting lucky ios not a guarantee that it will happen that night, that week, or weeks. Doing this we spent some time to get to know the other person, but poof!

      Then you figure that you want to take it further to that intimate level and its not happening. So instead of torturing yourself, you can seek someone who you have no attachments to and fulfill your needs right away. Bed Buddy or find yourself an escort.

      I see nothing wrong with it, because we do the same thing when we wine and dine someone and buy gifts. All the girls have to do these days is get a mobile app for a phone swiper and the girls can swipe away for her services and it goes right into their bank account if they want to be taxed on it though for convenience.

      Great business huh? No need to embarrass someone or families because of this. It wont make it stop, this happens all over.

    • Quou

      All that matters is the government get a cut of it. Prime example, the porn industry. They pay the government a little fee and then record two people having sex, each one paid for their participation.

  • mike

    it truly amazes me yr in and yr out drugs are still coming into our country but we just cant seem to stop it but let a little prostition ring be found out and they really want to make a big deal about it embarrass the men involved who are just lonely men without companion,or husbands where their wives ration out the pussy when they see fit,or the guy thats tired of masterbation,or the guy who just dont know how to get sex from a woman quit trying to make the man look bad guys go to amsterdam,or the philipines no problem there

  • j

    Prostitution should be legal in the U.S. Just like in Nevada, it would allow the women to be more protected with unions protecting many (but not all) from exploitation, regular STD testing, and of course every transaction would be taxed to an enormous degree. The national debt would drop rapidly.

    I think it’s stupid that we don’t already do this.

  • Whitethorn

    Call Me….777-9311

  • j

    This is a strategy to get the men who participated to testify against the owner and the instructor…it helps the prosecution. With this hanging over the men’s, ahem, head, they will do what they can to avoid embarassment.

  • nasanbu

    Mmm Hmm. Oh I would definitely hit that. Good LAWD.

  • jvs

    The 3rd picture- look at her hand. Looks like a tumor. I’d still hit it, though.

  • lori

    Every picture tells the story!

  • Kaptain Kanada

    The biggest whores in Creation are the presstitutes of the MSM. This is a tempest in a teapot and none of anyone else’s business, really.

  • Pay the bills

    It is really too bad that this woman had a successful (assumption) Zumba and prostitution ring and did not pay her rent. That is just asking for trouble.

  • http://Yahoo Joseph

    “but with over 100 hours of video and more than 14,000 screen shots captured on seized computers to pore over, it won’t be an easy task. ”

    Right, that will take 20 officers working 10 hour shifts at least 30 jars of vaseline and several casefulls of Kleenex! Man, computer forensics is such HARD work….