Zsa Zsa Gabor’s Husband Objects To Conservatorship

    April 26, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Ailing actress Zsa Zsa Gabor, who is bed-ridden and unable to care for herself, is the subject of much debate these days between her daughter, Francesca Hilton, and husband Prince Frederic Von Anhalt.

Hilton–whose father is hotel mogul Conrad Hilton–filed for conservatorship of her mother’s estate back in March under the claim that Gabor’s money was being mishandled by Von Anhalt and that he was isolating the 95-year old from her daughter.

“By isolating me from my mother, not only does her current husband deprive her of my love and companionship, but he goes against estate planning documents that appear to reflect her wishes that he not be in sole control of her affairs,” Hilton claimed in her petition.

Gabor was in a car accident in 2002 and later suffered two strokes, which necessitated a partial amputation of her leg; since then she has been confined to a bed and unable to look after her own financial affairs.

“We are just seeking to bring her finances and healthcare out in the open, so to speak, within the confines of a conservatorship proceeding, so that independent third parties will determine that she is getting the best care she can,” Hilton’s lawyer said.

Von Anhalt has now filed a formal objection to the plea for conservatorship, saying Hilton is the last person he would want to take care of Gabor. He also blames her for the estate’s financial issues.

A hearing is set for May 2nd.

  • janet lavergne

    I don’t know much about these folks. But I do know that the husband has given the impression that HE is the one who has taken care of Zsa-Zsa all these years. If I remember correctly, HE is also the one who Zsa-Zsa has spoken so lovingly about for so long. All I’ve heard from the daughter is complaints. I hope Zsa-Zsa is feeling safe and loved and is unaware of the fighting.

    • Sharon Shryock

      He has NO respect for Zsa Zsa – Did you see her birthday pics he had plastered all over the internet??! After all those years of caring and primping herself and carrying herself with class – he has the gall to show her lifeless photos to the world! I sure hope her daughter can get in there and get rid of this money hunger monger!

  • http://att.net Marcia Ford

    i think it is an absolute shame, when a woman, who has lived such a vital life, is subject to a non-caring husband, who does not care for her feelings, of which, we don’t know. Her daughter should not be kept from her, as I believe, only she, Franshesca,has only her best interests at heart!Marcia Ford.

  • http://facebook ramona manus

    hilton hotel arlington hgts,il ..chicago suburb..my friend was a manager there…both of us remember their visits lovingly,,,,FRANCESCA
    was younger and zsa zsa as beautiful as always..PLUS…we were in
    their company on a few occassions..everyone not few noted how loving
    & what a unique relationship between mom & daughter,,,,together they WERE loving daughter & mom,,ONLY not ZSA ZSA celebrity & RICH LITTLE GIRL ..I CAN provide proof to francesca by having francesca recall
    mailing a post card to one of her girlfriends in the gift shop..I
    mailed it and can tell her exactly what was written on it!!!! on more
    than one occasion & different years francesca & HER MOM traveled
    lived and were together loving & respectfully…franesca was like her
    mother…..in many ways,,,certainly more deserving to care for her than
    that that person who really isn’t anything or anyone,,,purchased that
    title!!!! ugh,,, money..thats ALL HE IS AFTER……lest you forget …..
    francesca is a HILTON …. i rest my case …GOOD LUCK francesca
    you alone has been there for your mom for love & respect I admire you