Zombie Apocalypse: Swedish Man Bites Off Wife’s Lips

    June 1, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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The news this week has been inundated with stories which seemingly prove it is finally upon us, after all our fan worship for zombie-related films, comics, and shows like “The Walking Dead”. Of course, none has been so strange or horrifying as the tale of Rudy Eugene, the Miami man who attacked a sleeping homeless person on a causeway, stripped him naked, and ate about 75% of his face. Still, a series of odd and mostly violent attacks, murders, and disfigurements/dismemberments have occurred since, sending a good many people into a panic as to whether the end is upon us.

Now we can add one more story to the mix, this one of an unnamed Swedish man who cut off his wife’s lips and ate them. And although the man had a perfectly sane reason for his rage–he says she was cheating on him–it begs the question: Who does that? It’s fine to get angry about your significant other creepin’ on you, but seriously…to cut off their lips? And then eat them? What is going on here?

“It was honor related,” a source told the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet. “He doesn’t seem to regret a thing; he believes she insulted him…he didn’t want the lips to be able to be sewn back on.”

Ohhhh. Okay. That makes sense then.

Now, I’m not saying this has anything to do with what’s been happening here in the states and in Canada (where a porn star is wanted in connection to a grisly murder/dismemberment/cannibalism); I’m not saying we should be going underground in preparation for some apocalyptic goings-on; I’m not even saying that zombies are real (although with each passing day, as I scroll through the news headlines at the beginning of the day, I am beginning to wonder). But I am curious as to why there’s suddenly an influx of insanely violent events that more often than not involve rage and/or cannibalism. Has this always been going on and the stories just didn’t make national headlines until Rudy Eugene went apeshit and ate someone’s face? Or is this really the beginning of something big?

I suppose we’ll have to wait and see. Until then, consider this.


  • Pete

    People are getting ready for the November election. P

  • Ira Ui’Raghallaigh

    Just for the record most I these “random acts of violence”
    have NOT occurred since the Rudy Eugene incident. If people would check their facts they’d know that most of these stories being RE-posted on various media websites are 3-10 years old. They have nothing to do with current affairs. The media as always is trying to stir a panic with the public by making it seem as though all these stories are fresh giving them that ‘end of the world/zombie apocalypse’ flavor that everyone seems to crave. Check facts people. Don’t be sheep. Don’t believe everything they want you to see. Oh and btw to everyone who keeps saying “it’s bathsalts” knock it off. You don’t know any more than the coroner or the toxicologist do and try still have not found any traces of ANYTHING in mr. Eugene’s system to indicate it was drug induced or otherwise. So until we know FOR SURE what caused that horrific incident, can it. It’s annoying.

    • M J Hawkins

      You’re right with this… keep on expressing your self !!

  • Rehjul

    Interesting that the person telling other people to wisen up would be providing false information. Cite some of the recently posted events that have occurred any longer than a month ago, please. I recall, from my time researching this chain of events seeing two or three that had been reposted, with more than, at the very least, ten different cannibalistic scenarios having taken place within this week alone. Please don’t be a sheep.

    • M J Hawkins

      Articles/video of this nature are re-posted in various parts of the country at varying times. It stays hyped up every couple of years in one form or another. It is just that what used to be the rare and occasional local act of horrific maiming and killing is now nearly global. It gets to some more remote persons computer, or just and up and coming kids who see’s it all for the first time and believe they need to re-post to all their contacts.

  • Kris

    Love the treadmills.. thats funny…

  • sherry miles

    Gee look at what Hollywood has been producing lately? All the recent series about vampires…show after show…this has a direct psycological effect on some individuals just as easily influenced as they are. When America takes inventory of the media influence on behaviors and considers the effect on society instead of the profits they hope to gain is when I will get a TV again….this is only an example of the many effects the movies, media, internet have and the social consequence of irresponsible sensationalizing.

  • Sophia

    Wow, I never believed in ”Zombies” but I’m really starting to >.<

  • M J Hawkins

    Lets get this straight Zombies don’t eat. they have their mouths sewn shut. Ghouls eat, cannibals eat, vampires ingest liquid. What the media keeps calling “zombies” are supposedly the dead turned to the un-dead.
    Certainly it is all over the popular film culture, that there are somehow the dead who rise. But rather than going home to glory they stay earthbound in flesh/soul/spirit and are gory!

    Please…Maybe… if we get the right genre of un-dead creeps in the right categories.

    There is no “Zombie Apocalypse”> There are only individual media-persons who believe their insensitivity to the horrors of what some abusers/insane/possibly spiritually mislead persons,(Remember Jim Jones and his followers? There is more than one way to consume a body of humanity) can just be cutely quipped, and therefore not considered to be “sensationalism”.

    I don’t need to know the most gruesome story of the day from Finland. Poland, Mosque or Philadelphia! Show those family some respect. Stop calling maiming others news! It is intrusion into private matters and legal doings between concerned parties. The American Press has many ghouls, but remember zombies have their mouths sewn shut. Get the hint?