Zombie Apocalypse: More Weird Stories Pouring In

By: Amanda Crum - May 31, 2012

If you’re easily scared, you should probably steer clear of this article. Because I, horror-movie-and-zombie-lover, am kinda starting to get freaked out by all the insane stories pouring in from around the country about people going totally bitchcakes and ripping each other apart.

Since the story of Rudy Euegene–the Miami man who ate a homeless man’s face off last weekend–broke, other tales have been popping up in different states but with surprisingly similar amounts of violence, sparking rumors that a “zombie apocalypse” is upon us. The scariest thing is not even that it is happening, but that we don’t know why it’s happening. In the movies/comic books, zombies are easily explained by an illness of some sort, or a government experiment gone wrong, or similar. But these attacks don’t seem to have a connection, other than an altered state of mind, and no visible cause.

On Sunday, New Jersey resident Wayne Carter reportedly cut off pieces of his own flesh and cut out a rope of his intestines to throw at police after barricading himself in his home. Police say Carter has had psychiatric problems in the past. He survived the incident but is in critical condition.

On Tuesday, California cage fighter Jarrod Wyatt attacked his training partner in his apartment after allegedly drinking mushroom tea and hallucinating that the man was possessed by demons. He ripped out his heart, cut out his tongue, and tore off most of his face before burning the parts in order to expel the demons. A friend found him naked (like Rudy Eugene) and covered in blood with body parts scattered around the living room.

That night, in Baltimore, 21-year old Alexander Kinyua‘s brother found a human head and hands in a washtub in the basement of their house. He alerted his father, who alerted authorities, and Kinyua later admitted to killing roommate Kujoe Bonsafo Agyei-Kodie and eating his heart and brains. According to The Baltimore Sun, Kinyua had previous arrests for violence, but still…weird, no?

While one cannot immediately jump to the conclusion that these stories are in any way related, it’s just weird to see them all pop up at the same time and to involve such a heightened state of violence. Rudy Eugene, the Miami attacker, has already undergone an autopsy, which reportedly turned up normal, but officials are waiting for the toxicology results to come back to get a better understanding of what his state of mind might have been during the attack. Rumors are swirling that he may have been under the influence of “bath salts“, a legal substance that causes fits of rage, heightened strength, and a severe effect on the brain, which some say is irreversible.

Amanda Crum

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  • Clint

    I’ve heard the first 2 stories recently, but the Cali cage fighter story is old, it happened a year or 2 ago

  • Jacob

    Everyone is stupid. Literally. Bath salts were found to be the cause of all these “zombie incidents”. Stupid people take stupid fake drugs that cause them to hallucinate and engage in aggressive behavior. There. Does that clear things up?

    • Candice

      But the Super Human Strength where does that come from? after 4 shots to the upper body the guy in Mimi just Growled and continued Eating…

      • John

        What those drugs do is make your body numb of pain because it slows down or stops the release of sensor neurons. The reason you stop when shot normally is because of the pain, not because you’re not longer able to physically stand up. No pain, no harm. You still get damage to your body but you don’t feel it til you’re conscious.

        • karen

          exactly John.

          • Cara

            the people really are taking bath salts and what is in the bath salts is ingredience that is in LSD. Basically it is LSD. lsd does extreme effects on the body and mind.

        • Stephen Henderson

          There is a difference between numbing pain and getting shot in body parts that wouldn’t allow you to move. Not saying these are zombies, but drugs can’t explain fatal wounds that don’t kill and a grandma taking 47 shots. I’m not sure she was on drugs.

        • laura

          have you not seen scarface? he took 53857 shots from an automatic to kill montana high of 88% pure coke. keep on the good old fashion natural cocaine people. if you cant afford it. dont do it. how can people even put things in their body that arent natural is beyond me.

          even LSD doesnt cause effects close to salt balls. bath salts are like meth mixed with heroin…such utter crap!

      • Craig

        That’s just inaccurate. The first shot had no effect on him. The next three killed him. This is the kind of stupid exagerations that lead to mass panic among idiots that is always more dangerous than the actual problem

      • Sparticus

        There’s no such thing as zombies. Those people were disturbed, mental or on drugs. Looks like the people who think a zombie apocalypse is coming are on drugs too. And What about Jeffrey Dahmer. Was he a zombie too. NO he wasent. He went to jail and got killed by inmates. People back then wouldn’t have been crying “zombie apocalypse” They were smart and didn’t revolve their lives around tv and video games like all u fools grew up with.
        So, go board yourselves in your houses and ill be out here with the rest of the world carrying on with our normal lives. I will let u all know when its clear to come out.
        What’s next, an alien invasion after balloons are sighted in the sky in the middle of bumfuck Arkansas.

    • Bryan

      Good for you dude. This is totally retarded. Maybe a little fun to poke at but also sad, disgusting and totally drug induced behavior. Hallucinagins have been fun in my former experience but what the hell is all this about.

    • Jim LeRoy

      Bath salts have not been found To be the cause! That is all speculation. The toxicology report is not back on Eugene yet (Miami Zombie)

  • Valerie

    Just an FYI, the Jarrod Wyatt story is from two years ago.

  • jason

    i’m sitting next to valerie- she just commented that this story is not accurate. i think she just can’t handle the truth…

  • sian

    hoo tks bath salt if they now watll hppn 2 them

  • Cuntess

    Interestingly enough, there is not way to screen for bath salts, or many other ‘research chemicals’ . . . so we’ll never know. I find it odd they jump to blame something they know nothing about. (They called it “super LSD” ffs!

  • http://www.examiner.com/user-kyle-hall kyle

    There is some weird shit going on, that’s fo rizzle.

  • Candice

    Wow This is Serious and Scary O__O)So now add Flesh Eaters to the List of Dangers to the Human

  • http://google Denise

    Oh well what can we say about all this, nothing surprises me anymore, it is the things that the media and the government does not tell us about that we need to be concerned with.

  • karen

    I work as head nurse at a local county jail we see the results of bath salts, what happens is the recommended “dose” is 2.5 mg these idiots sell them in 15mg packs, the fools who use it take the whole lot and basically overdose, I’ve seen people who are crazy for up to 12 days until it gets out of their system. It’s supposedly illegal in South Carolina but we’re still getting people in the jail on it. There’s no antidote you just have to wait til they come down.

  • Jessica

    uh, maybe if people would stop taking drugs they wouldn’t go crazy. all these people were under the influence of something. There’s no virus or anything, people are just selfish and feel the need to get a high as they can without thought to side effects. I don’tthink people should worry of an apocalypse of zombies. I think they should worry about the apocalypse of idiots.

    • calangus

      You are officially zombie fodder

    • neel

      drugs are fun though

  • calangus

    Ok.. I didn’t hear about the bmore case till right now.. they were africans. Some of them still practice cannibalism so that one didt really stick out to me as too strange(believe or not).. the mia case is really different. As we wait for more information let’s take into account a few things.. 1.. its strange to me that this guy was growling like an animal when the cops allegedly called to him to stop. 2.. big brother is everywhere. There’s nowhere in the world that there isn’t a camera able to catch the gory details and accounts of all events especially in public.. is it not strange how the highway cameras on screen don’t really show anything? Its even said in the newspaper that the cameras were obstructed buy some sort of object so the full account is caught only the aftermath of the two men laying on the floor. 3.. there was suppsose to be originally people that alerted the authorities(I’m figuring by some sort of mobile device as most of the people in this country have one) none of them have video footage of this incident.? If so where is it. I’m from nyc and I you fart too loud in public people post it on youtube and it goes viral.

    There’s a lot going on with this story we’re not being told. I guess now we play the waiting game and see what happens with this toxicology report. I WANT TO KNOW MORE!!!

  • bigmaninboise

    Demon possesion is what it is, dont deny, its true and its only gonna get worse. you mark my words, You will see

    • r/atheism

      OH EM GEE LIKE GODS. It’s drugs, you idiot. Drugs or mental illnesses.

  • Tigon

    The cage fighter in California was not Tuesday… it was in 2010


  • Cass

    Have you never seen scarface, on drugs you can take a few before they eventually bring you down. Haha that’s where I base my logic lol

  • Will

    We Christians have been anticipated these kinds of demonic activity in these lastl days. It’s been argued that the same demon, called Legion, from the new testament has been finally able to possess those who under the right circumstances have opened themselves up to being possessed. This demon who stalked the graves naked that Jesus cast out might be the same one that has been seen doing these similar bazar behaviors.

    • Jelly

      You are a troll. 1. Religion is just something that people who can’t deal with themselves believe in to not go crazy. 2. If you think demons are real… you need to be put into a psychiatric ward immediatly. – A Concerned Neighbor

  • http://webpronews,com chenoa erickson

    When i watched the video of the zombie attack in miami now i think people should bring hunting guns around so if they see a zombie attack they can shoot the zombie a few times

  • dave

    This is inaccurate…. the mma fighter that drank the tead did not happen on Tuesday. It happened in 2010. Two years ago I read that story and its being brought forward because of the recent events. Just thought thbis should atleast be accurate

  • http://www.facebook.com/WynautWynaut Wynaut

    Oh come on guys, LSD doesn’t force people into cannibalism. I’m not completely sure what these “Bath Salts” do, but I doubt it makes you crave human flesh.

    And besides all these religious freaks are saying “God won’t let this happen” or “It’s the demons!”, I mean seriously guys?

    Get a clue

    • Natalie

      THANK YOU Wynaut!!! At least someone gets what i’ve been saying!

    • Alan

      I completely agree

  • Joe

    Um arent zombies what u call the living dead. Theb if they said that their is a zombie apocypse the why the people !!!!!!! Living and not dead !!!!!!!!!! God people are stupid these days. The world will end when the sun is a super red in millions of years which cause earth to burn, not 2012 or Zombie Apocylipes. 😉 hope it cheers everyone up

    • http://www.facebook.com/WynautWynaut Wynaut

      You really have no clue about what you’re talking about do you?

    • Bella

      Joe, your a genuis. Finallly someone who gets it too!

  • Alex

    You’re all stupid fucks who over analyze everything and think there has to be an astronomical explanation to everything.

    • Alan

      Thank you!

  • Austin

    Wow, you have all gone insane. People who believe, zombies, or demons for that matter are real and do exist, need help. Give me one real piece of evidence that shows me photographic proof of any of these events transpiring. And an accurate report the explains these things. You know what drugs do to the mind? They make you hallucinate, and see and hear things that aren’t there. They make you think irrationally, feel no pain and you have no clue that these things are happening if you are stupid enough to use them. We won’t have an apocalypse of Zombies, or Demons or insane hippies. But we will, have an apocalypse of idiots that use drugs. The Earth will Burn when the Sun Goes boom, or maybe the Earth will End when that Giant Rock floating through space will hit us. I pity anyone who believes this *Zombie* stuff is real.

    • Gold Grl

      Austin, finally a voice of reason! Good to see at least some people are not completely nuts…to me that’s the scary part…too many stupid people, and put drugs into that mix…

  • J

    I am in the army And bath salts are big arnound where I am at Fort Cambell , Soilders always trying to find drugs that well not show up on pist test, and we are given class’s on drugs new and old, regularly and bath salts do not do this to you. They do make you hallucinate bad but they have never been known to act as the way that guy did in maimi ,and this fake drug has been around here for a while.
    Something is very different about this to his girlfriend only talk to him a few hours before the incident, and from the phone call he seemed very normal. As said buy her when interviewed and his car And had been towed so did he did he diced he was going to do this fake drug when he was walking home in the heat ?

    And dose any one find it wired ? That on the same night that a plastic surgeon whose office was less the 30 mins away from where the victum was being hospitelized was pulled over and Had one of the violent break downs , beatiing his had against the police car and spitting blood at the cop.

  • Zombie Killer

    There are more reports than that even!! This has doubled in the last couple days:


  • Kidd

    The Jarrod Wyatt incident happend in 2010! The only way his story is relevant is that it was a rage driven attack. He is at this time in the midst of his trial.
    This is one of numerous articles I have read stating that the Wyatt incident happend only days ago!
    As a former journalist I find it appalling that so many so called wriiters recycleeach others material and obviously do no fact checking and research! So sad!

  • Austin

    Listen ive have used LSD twice and bath salts one time and ill tell you right now that neither one of those drugs made me wanna “eat” human flesh or even get violent for that matter. LSD was fun but i didnt care for the bath salts only because i couldnt go to sleep on it and it made me sort of paranoid. As far as it being drugs that “made” him do it, its staight bullcrap! And im not saying there are zombies or demons or anything like that but i can say this….. There is something very freaky going on and its not caused by drugs that i guarantee because bath salts and LSD have been around for a while now and this has all happened within a weeks time. Come on think for yourself and dont make assumptions! The illuminati is my theory!

    • timothy

      Austin you u are the very convenent of ignorance.

      • bobby

        yes its unlikley this is an apocalypse of zombies but regardless of that i hate ignorance and its people like you that make me wish it was going to happen so i could gladly kick your teeth down your throat , and gut like a fuckin fish i hate the ignorance of human beings dont go on about how drugs are bad when ure obviously an oblivious moron who hasnt an intelligent thing to say on the matter of which you have no expirience DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Bob

          You know bobby, learning to spell before you call someone unintelligent might make people actually read what you have to say. Besides being quite ignorant yourself, Austin was simply stating that he has done drugs, and that from first hand accounts, can tell you that it is not these drugs that are making these people want to eat other humans. I don’t think it is the Illuminati, but there are strange things going one, which NO ONE can explain. Why people are arguing over who is right is a complete waste of time, as no one knows yet.

          • Alan

            Sweet lord you are suck a gramme nazi trying to make yourself look cool and smart.Leave it the fuck alone gosh.

      • michael christensen

        omg your such a arrogant stupid little 5 year old child.How could you be so ignorant as to insult someone with such bad improper use of grammar, your an idiot, choke yourself, die die lol …….please excuse my grammar on this rant i am clearly on so much drugs jk..as a person whom has used drugs alot back in my time lsd,mushrooms,spice,molly ec. and has witnessed numerous friends using bath salts as well.The symptoms are not at all similar why you are paranoid and act completely strange you are not at all in a carnivorous type of feeling…why i do think everyone who uses bath salt should think before they use such an untested idiotic group of chemicals..i am more astonished on how blissfully ignorant you all are as to rule off and to make wild assumptions in any specific direction.the fact that you think the media and the government is your friend makes you silly.you are more there child and are allowed to know what they want you to, there are some who believe daddy and mommy and some who don’t.try asking daddy why they have set up a total of 60 brand new facilities in the past 6 years with facilities that contain you in rather then protect you? also they seem to have no one in them at all currently?Hmmmm but your right the guy you just posted about is so out of his mind by stating his thought on the matter. if your not intelligent. kill your self now and stop wasting your time in group heckles dumb ass.

  • Agnostic boy

    Everyone here thinks they have it all figured out. They point the idiot finger and its funny. 15 trillion in debt and climbing every second. Fiat currency, fractional reserves, hyperinflation… if something doesn’t end us soon, our economy surely will! How many of you geniuses even mention the inevitable collapse of our dollar in less than 20 years? Yet, you are somehow righteous when you say, “demons” or “lsd.” Have you ever even tried lsd? Do you know how dumb you sound?

    Prohabition of these substances forces people to expirment with “legal” alternatives that are far more dangerous! …snorting salt? …bath salt at that? …K2 killing teens faster than heroine – yet its legal and available almost everywhere weed is illegal.

    Why?… Just legalize the fucking cannabis plant already and be done with this bureaucracy. It grows from a seed, it is an herb, – not a drug. Far better than synthetic bullshit nobody knows anything about… no studies, no testing. But hey, I’m pretty sure “demons” is a much more suitable explanation for the lazy asshole with a 70-point I.Q.

    And zombies?

    Man I should throw myself from a cliff now and be done with my human existence.

    Yes I wish for the zombie apocalypse every day of my life… but unfortunately I’ll never get that lucky.

  • Austin

    Good for you using LSD ya loser and thanks using my name. Whoever believes this Zombie stuff should be sent to a special happy home where crazy people go.

    • Alan

      Don’t even act like you know what’s happening.No one can really know.In fact I’m worried shitless.For all we know it might be a zombie apocalypse . I highly doubt it,but shit it wouldn’t be the first time something really insane happened

  • clarkie

    i love the walking dead…but it’s tv people!! and working on an ambulance bath salts, mad hatter DOES make people go crazy!! we have dealt with it first hand!! what i don’t get our govt. and law enforcement (which i respect) knows what this shit does and yet they still let it be sold over the internet!! sad thing is they crack down on meth and marijuana because they gain money from that…but you don’t hear of suicides and murders from that. i am all for cracking down on meth…but they also need to be cracking down on this!! i have children and a teen! this stuff scares me, not only for them but for me in my line of work and for the people of this country! something needs to be done to take care of this problem and very soon!!!

  • Kelli

    I think it’s funny how everyone thinks they are an expert on this subject lol. Nobody really knows the real reason for what happened. It’s freaky yes but whether it was caused by drugs or something paranormal nobody knows. It’s hilarious how people get mad over someone’s opinion and feel they need to correct them lol.

    • Alan

      Thank you!honestly I don’t give a flying fuck is making these people act this way.The fact is that either way people are getting brutally murdered so we need to watch out for each other.

  • Victoria

    Did everyone realize that every single one of these people either were on drugs/home cleaners or had a history of mental illness. I think it’s a little far fetch to say its a zombie happening. People are so stupid!!

    • Cass

      Where does it say they found the drugs on the scene or in anybody’s system? I have seen no solid facts that they were on any kind of drugs. I’m not saying it’s zombies, but a week ago I would have said it was incredibly far fetched to say there would be a stream of cannibalistic acts across 5 days.

      What makes people stupid for not believing every word the media tells us?

      And besides, you don’t know their entire history of mental illness. That is confidential. If they had a history of OCD would you jump to the conclusion that they were crazy enough to eat someone’s face off? No, but they would still be considered mentally ill.

      Why is no one worried even if it is drugs? PEOPLE ARE EATING PEOPLE, REGARDLESS OF HOW

      • Livingzombie

        I find it f*cking funny that people actually think there is a zombie virus going around. you are higher then the the so called “zombies”. this is all a bunch of crap. these people were higher then f*ck. after a few days of being awake you start to hallucinate. lack of sleep does this. not to mention that drugs affect people differently (chemical imbalance). some people can handle the affect of said drugs better then others. plus the media lies about almost everything google that sh*t, u f*ckn sheep. stop believing everything you read and hear for f*ck sake. what next the easter bunnys shooting up meth and the tooth fairy arrested for home invasions, come on! but if there is a zombie apocalypse happening i say bring it on! i like hunting. it would be fun! it would be like old yeller but instead of a dog it would be grandma or your brother. shes a zombie were going to have to lay her down.BOOM!!!!

  • ricky

    yea i agree with bobby to hell with thses peeps speakin without expirience the austin dude sounds like a 12 year old who still listens to mommy and daddy and is afraid to think for himself.

  • Dont be stupid

    To all you “druggies” who are defending drugs and saying that drugs cant be the reason, “I’ve done that before and that didnt make me crazy.” <– That is not a valid reason. Drugs have different responses in different people and the effect is based off how much you take and in what way. Just because you did something doesnt make you an expert. These drugs arent natural (marijuana *cough*) and have serious, mind-related effects. For all we know these people could have dont relatively huge quantities of these drugs and therefore, had ridiculous hallucinations or vascular dilation [increased blood flow (makes you stronger)]. Please stop being so ignorant and susceptible to the media… It's embarassing.

    • Matt

      That one pisses me off only because you have never once heard of a case where a random person walked up for no reason and just killed someone when on marijuana yes i have smoked i have multiple friends who have smoked it and no i have never had that issue now im not saying its impossible but ive never heard a case where someone attacked someone over the use of marijuana unless there killing them because they got money stolen from them of they stole there marijuana and marijuana is completely natural IF your getting right off the plant now if your getting it from some random guy it may be laced then its not natural

  • R Riann

    I agree that it’s funny how people are getting so mad about this subject. Everyone has a right to their opinions but at the same time I don’t think it’s appropriate that people are starting a panick among the public based on what they have read or heard. We don’t know 100% what happened. At the same time everyone is different as a general rule and drugs will make people act in ways they normally wouldn’t if they were sober. However not everyone will act the same way on a drug. If two different people took the same drug at the same time, they may react differently towards it. Mental Ilness can also play a major role. I’ve also heard of drugs bringing out a mental ilness that people may not have known thet had all along. Some people who have used LSD have been known to suffer from post traumatic stress disorder from flashbacks of their hallucination. It’s just not healthy if there is any young kids hearing any of this “zombie apocalypse”. There are psychos out there who have chopped up bodies and than kill themselves or people supposably drinking blood. There is people who believe in magic and practice it but there is no panick about witches attacking the public. It’s the same as when the panick about the world ending at several different times and that never happened. I’m not sure who is religeous or not on here but whatever you believe, humans can not tell when the world will end or if and when such events will occur. I hope that I haven’t offended anyone.

  • Erin

    I think people stirring up this topic weather it be a zombie apocalypse or the wrath of Satan are what is the problem here. Drugs have different effects on everyone. Just as some people have allergies others may have adverse reactions. The only reason this is being brought to light is because in 2012 we have access to the internet. Cases of extreme cannibalism and torment Alferd Packer 1874, Albert Fish 1920-1930s, Issei Sagawa 1981, Andrei Chikatilo 1980’s-early 90’s, Jeffrey Dahmer 1980’s. What do they all have in common? No internet to sensationalize the events and cause a panic. All these current weird disgusting events due to drugs or potential underlying mental disorders are nothing more then just tragedies.

  • notneeded

    I think instead of commenting or caring about zombies, most of you should check your spelling and vocabulary. I can barely realy most of this.

    • 4Real

      You need to check your own postings for spelling and vocabulary.

    • Alan

      Don’t even be a grammar nazi please,all it does is piss people off.seriously this isn’t English 101 it’s a fuckin post

    • ZombieGirl

      Check spelling and vocabulary? Is this because you can barely “realy” it or read it? If you want to be a jerk about spelling you should check your own first.

  • http://appliepi.com Angel

    Im just worried about how much panic this will cause the world. Once it gets going what are we gonna do to protect our family and ourselves. I think these stories should be taken down as quickly as possible.

    • name1

      Well I read another article that said all this is not new – these kind of things happen all the time. But still, in this world, there are the fortunate, the less-fortunate, and the sodomites of society. I don’t mean that in a negative way in any way.

      The sodomites are the people who don’t have family or any money, live on the streets, and don’t have anyone to look out for them. Many of them get involved in very bad stuff early on- drugs, crime, etc. Their minds start to get warped too. And time doesn’t really heal – the same thing translates to their kids or whoever else is in the same boat.

  • Ck

    I agree with kelli. Everyone has thier own opinions… why get mad about them especially over an online discussion.

  • Basement Native

    Does anyone else think this is eerily similar to the Condemned series?

  • zombiehunter

    If,and I do mean if, this is a zombie apocalypse, then we should be prepared. I’m not saying we should invoke Martial Law or anything so extreme, but having a zombie plan may well be in one’s best interest. One of the main issues with the movies and tv shows is that the people are either ignorant of zombies or are reluctant to admit that it might be one. I, for one, have a plan and am currently waiting for the official declaration of Z.A.

    • Alan

      I agree with you one hundred percent

    • lexilol

      mum got me bath salts yesturday, wot if i strt eatin ppl???so scared :'( !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Matt

    Hold up your all saying this because of “Bath salts” yet people have been using “bath salts to get high for years and now this is just starting to happen I don’t believe it is the Zombie Apocalypse but have you ever thought maybe just maybe there is a disease out there that makes people want to eat human flesh and they can control it when there normal but when they get high or drunk its unable to be controlled because they cant think normally because there so high?

  • Benny Blanco

    Jarrod Wyatt didn’t kill that guy last tuesday. He killed that guy nearly two years ago (March 21st 2010). The news about him this week was that he had been ruled mentally competent to stand trial. So all these sites that hadn’t heard about it two years ago when it happened ran the story about the crime. But yeah, two years ago.

  • Jeffro91

    Ok I been following up on these reports and in my own personal opinion there’s something going on that there not telling us. Everyone says “Bath salts” or LSD but these drugs have been around for ages and I never heard about cannibalism as being a side effect. In the Miami incident the man attacked and started eating a homeless mans face and and after 4 shots was subdued. But they said nothing about the 2nd naked man found at the scene? What was his role? And why is there no video or documentation of the attack? Nobody could have pulled out the cell n recorded it? I know had I been there and this crazy shit was going on I would have. If someone could clarify or reveal any information to me would be great


      I don’t think itS bath salt, the government knows what causing people to eat flesh,but they don’t want to tell people because it will cause everyone to go out of control.Like in the movie when there is in infection and it being spread they always try to save them self in the high class people.Every one ales left to die or close down.Everyone must take precaution!!!!

      • Jus

        There actually is a video. Not sure how my cousin found it

  • Steven

    It’s very scary to think that these things are going on in the world. It will be even stranger if the autopsy comes back as not showing any intoxication of some kind! Anyway folks to put you in the mood of zombies there is a music website with a few really cool pieces of music/FX in this topic.

  • Mary

    Maybe the USA needs to ban all forms of illegal drugs like Saudi Arabia does

    • http://www.mysafetydefense.com/taser.html Raymond Torres

      i agree with you mary they need to ban it all

  • Sip Pourtier

    OMFG! I just ate my girlfriend’s puhssy last night, and two nights ago my friend nibbled on his girlfriend’s titts!! WTF is happening to me?!? WTF is happening to all of humanity?!?!? AHHHHHHHH!!! :-O

  • http://www.zombielogicpress.com Thomas L. Vaultonburg
  • Megan

    Honestly, there may not be any kind of zombie apocalypse right now. but none of you can say that some of the sh*t thats been happening lately isnt freaky. weve had random acts of violance, shootings, stabbings, murders, robberies, stand offs, and now face eating freaks. ill admit i did some crazy stuff when i was younger, and im only 22 now, but im sorry this is still freaky. and i cant help but think that this cant all be caused from drugs and someones altered mental state. shit half of us have an altered mental state. say what you guys want but i think its atleast a good idea to be aware of everything thats happening. keep with your daily normal lives but be aware so atleast IF something did ever happen you may be able to get some what prepared….

    im just sayin…

  • Eric

    Zombies are real. I just hope all you sceptcs realize this before its too late. The plague started in Serial and the reason its moving up the east coast is because people beloved their is a cure in American and they are migrating here through Cuba. It will now spread north before moving east. America we only have 2 months tops before the great panic. Please prepair now and protect your family’s. But remember that once someone is turned their is only one cure. And you most of you know what that is. Good luck and God speed.

    • laurie


  • megan

    how about you all open your damn eyes, and learn about the ILLUMINATI. you all are oblivious. this “zombie” shit, its a MAN MADE disorder. its the work of the illuminati. they want to control the population to 500,000,000 in 2012. even tho theres like what? 6 BILLION people on this earth? what the fuck man. its called New World Order. look it up. ive had an ARMY friend tell me this shit is fucking real. its GOING to happen, and we’ve gotta fight. even Obama is for it. he said the Constitution is an “imperfect” document. basically, the Illuminati (a secret organization with the most richest and powerful people in the world) wanna destroy the constitution. they found stones in georgia that had the new world order plans on it. like the new ten commandments or something. it just “appeared” there. yeah, ok, the illuminati put that shit there, dont let these assholes lie to you. THEY ARE TRYING TO CONTROL US. they also found a place in Madison gergia where there were like a million DISPOSABLE COFFINS, that fit like 4 bodies in it. don’t believe me? google this shit. we gotta fight, and dont go down without a fight. theve been planning this for years, and my army friend told me himself, its gonna happen. you’ve been warned.

  • Heywood Jablome

    Jarrod Wyatt killed his training partner over a year ago. He’s just going to trial for it this month. Also he called 911 on himself while he was tripping.

    retarded article.

  • http://n/a amaziarose

    Zombies or not, calling someone stupid for having religion, and having faith is ignorant! Where do you get off? I believe in God. I’m not stupid. It’s called FAITH for a reason. Here’s a revolutionary thing, respect. Try it out. Maybe it’ll get you somewhere in life. Telling someone else their faith is wrong because you don’t agree with it is rude. Grow up.

  • Jeffrey Dahmer

    Just reading everyone’s posts makes me believe you’re all on bath salts.



  • wtf guys

    For everyone that is pointing to marijuana you seriously need to reconsider your opinions not facts about it. It pretty much heightens the chemical in your brain that causes pleasure aka happyiness. You get hungry and thirsty because its a way for your body to tell you there’s a chemical imbalance with your brain, not a dangerous one but definitely an imbalance. Now I’m gettin off topic but anyways, I’m not positive what’s going on and well I’m gonna just keep living my life normally until there’s a reason not to. But for all believers or non believers of anything it doesn’t hurt to keep an open mind and just be cautious.

  • h4rmSA

    They say the world will end 21des 2012, they say there will be new world order!! I love my zombie fliks ja, but seriosly?? If you truly believe in this, good for you and enjoy , but the only apocalypse I believe in is the one described in the bible.if you come to South Africa you’ll think your in hell already!! But this will neva bee in the news!! No,

  • lexilol

    again guys propaa scar3d plzz HELPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :'(

  • hmmmmmm

    naked (“high”) people eating people in broad daylight. people gutting themselves and throwing their intestines on cops. women beheading her 3 week old baby and eating part of its brain. i dont know wut to think but im sure that even a crazy person or one with mental issues would say that these are alot of crazies coming out the wood works. or chemical warfare. jus grab alot of guns n build yoself a bomb shelter

  • well

    Well,I kinda do think da zombie apocalypse iz gonna happen,u can’t prove its not.so I jus suggest everyone get ready 4 it.

  • david

    well i myself, believe that if your doing bath salts hardcore enough you will have something wrong. i have smoked synthetic marijuana. it has scared the heck out of me. i know its nothing compared to bath salts but thats my point. if you trip out hardcore or fake weed, then something monstrous will happen on bath salts.

  • Shay

    What if its not just the fact that they are doing the drugs? What if the government is testing on us secretly just to see the results in the outer world. It seems to be starting with the more criminal people, nurses in juvi, jail, pycho houses, their always feeding or testing on people in some sort of drug type way. And drug dealers, they always seem to be able to get ahold of government drugs or illegal laced drugs. I don’t think people should jump to the conclusion of bath salts.

  • andrew

    I think the cause of these violent cannabalistic acts are nothin more than people mixing multible drugs and taking a large amount thus becoming extremely drugged and ur brain only has one basic need…hunger the more intelligent parts of ur brain get shut down except for breathe n eat thats my thought but either way have weapons because zombie or druggie theyre still dangerous

    • loveme

      Thats what I think.

  • loveme

    I would rather much have druggies than zombies. My honest opinion I think the gov. Is hiding something. They don’t tell people because they don’t want them going crazy

    • jimmy

      people were all at one time savage as fuck take the canable tribes for instance who still exist to this date. People all have something in them that wants to harm some one at some time for any reason. Just because some one rips some one apart and eats someones face in a rural or city setting people just loose their shit and suspect the worst. I am not worried about a zombie or even a thousand zombies, for the reason that if it happens we will know it is happening. Highly doubtfull of the slightest possibility… not gonna happen

  • Nj

    The reason are drugs not zombies that’s why the world is all fuck up probably zombies will be running in the streets if we don’t tell are kids about the consequences of using drugs if the world keep it like that we would be in an apocalypse not bc of god but by our own fault bc in this days money is more important than our own body or health money is more intersting than other innocent people so yeah the only answer is pray to god that our kids don’t suffer for the decisions. Of others just bc they want to get all fuck up for using too much drugs now in days we just have to be thankful for another day that god give us