Zombie Apocalypse: It’s Still Not Over

    October 11, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Here’s one more insane zombie story to add to the growing pile: a 67-year old man got into an altercation with a 28-year old on a subway in China recently over the last seat on the train, and when the younger man wouldn’t give up the fight, the elder began chewing on his arm.

This is at least the second story of so-called “cannibalism” to come out of China since June, when a woman was attacked by a bus driver who rampaged through traffic and began gnawing on her face.

Warning: the video is an eye-witness account of the fight and is extremely graphic.

  • RB

    Where’s your fight or flight response?? No one’s going to jump in there and help you ’cause they’re all three blocks away from you by now!

  • Kay Stein

    Some idiot is filming this and all of us idiots are watching it. Shame on ALL of us.

  • http://webpronews lynn

    I cant believe no one helped him they should be a shame of them self<if i had of been there i would have done all i could to get him off of him.And i am a 50 yr old woman.people are crazy and no one cares about other people.GOD want for us to take care of each other help one another. GOD BLESS

  • Jack

    2 to the head keeps them dead