Zombie Apocalypse: Face-Eating In China (Pics)

By: Amanda Crum - June 29, 2012

While I realize that sometimes news stories can get blown out of proportion once the national media gloms onto them, I’m not sure what to think about this latest one.

The newest “zombie” story to come out is from China, where a bus driver reportedly stopped his bus in traffic, blocking a woman’s car. He then got off the bus, climbed up on the hood of the woman’s car, and began beating at her windshield. When she got out of the car in a panic, he jumped on her and began chewing her face. Allegedly, several people tried to pull the man off, to no avail…although someone had the presence of mind to snap pictures as it was happening. Thank goodness for bystanders! Police eventually responded and took the man into custody.

Image credit: Xinmin

The bus driver is said to have only been under the influence of alcohol during the attack (although why he was drunk and driving a bus is a question I hope is answered soon). The woman, who was only identified in the Chinese news story as Du (her surname), survived the attack but will undergo surgery to repair her nose and mouth.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past month, you’ve probably heard about Rudy Eugene, the man who ate 75% of a homeless man’s face in Miami over Memorial Day weekend. A toxicology report was recently made public after Eugene was autopsied, and even though police and the media took the whole “bath salts” story and ran with it, Eugene was found to have no synthetic drugs in his system at all, only marijuana.

That fact, coupled with this latest story, is enough to make me wonder what we’ll see in the coming days and weeks, and whether we’ll ever know exactly what is causing this attacks.

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  • Mike Johnson

    “That fact, coupled with this latest story, is enough to make me wonder what we’ll see in the coming days and weeks, and whether we’ll ever know exactly what is causing this [sic] attacks.”

    Why, it’s the zombie virus, of course! I knew it the moment that the CDC announced that there’s no zombie apocalypse.

  • corbin stanek

    If you haven’t heard about the 79 year old Chinese immigrant man in Boston, Massachusetts, who was found feasting on his wife, I advise you to do some research. I knew this virus was coming from China. If you have done the research, you will come to find that the Boston attack happened.2 months prior to the Miami Rudy Eugene attacking.

  • Mimi

    I believe that this phenomena can’t be explained without taking the paranormal into consideration, there are tons of videos on yt about reptilian “shapeshifters” which in reality are human bodies possessed by lower vibrational entities. Zombies are these entities taking control of the human body. Reality is so much more than what our eyes, minds can grasp.

  • Karen

    This is a government experiment you can go research CIA project multra ther are many more cases that have happened a set of lungs where found on a street in la and the policemans comment was this is getting wierd this is la where the police see awful crimes and for them to say this and go look up the flesh eating diease this is a protect of the CIA also.


    Isn’t it obvious? Since 2010 or so, Zombies have been stronger than ever in popular culture. It’s all a massive plot to manipulate the masses and eventually cause a mass hysteria of unseen proportions that will cause people to believe there are zombies, and that they’re infected when they get bit so they have the same hallucinations and believe they’re zombies too.

    And it’ll work because the population’s mental health has been degrading, thanks to all depression, autism and ADD medications, as well as fluoridated water that weakens the brain and increases those medicines effectiveness, which permanently modifies the brain and the DNA, carrying those alterations to all offspring, with no exception.

    • dman

      HAHAHA that really made me laugh!

    • Cyn

      I’m thinking that YOU have had far too much fluoridated water.

  • Cyn

    Really quick comment to point out a missing bit of info here: the Miami-Dade Medical Examiner’s office stated publicly that although the toxicology report did not find synthetic drugs in his system, their current testing capabilities can only detect about 5% of the “bath salts” on the market in the State of Florida, of which there are currently just over a hundred variants locally available and known to law enforcement. This admission has not been widely reported by the media due to the fact that it paints law enforcement in a negative light and highlights the deplorable under-funding of what is deemed by society as a basic necessity, during a time that the state and the county have no funds to catch up with the advancement of street drugs. Therefore, the toxicology report does not, in any logical or adequate capacity, rule out the possibility that bath salts had a part to play in the incident, they simply cannot say one way or the other. This is, sadly, a question that will not be answered to the informed public’s adequate satisfaction.



    • Alex

      New rule, if you can’t spell to save your life, please kill yourself. Thank you zombie :)

    • Jay

      Seriously, I know 6th graders with better spelling capabilities than you. Get an education!!

  • Alejandro

    When in fear, humans are so gullible and could possibly believe Anything they see or hear. I’m pretty sure that a zombie (which is something a movie writer invented) is something dead butis still alive some how, but the fact that these people under the affects of certain drugs are still very alive just in a super aggravated human state of mind. Take for example the casewhere a guy took PCP and cut his face off and fed it to his dogs. These drugs could very well fuck with us in a way where the basic human emotions are deminished and are similar to that of a relentless beast who has no control of what he or she is doing. So far in these cases I have noticed that the the attackers have only been male, what explanation is there to that? If the human male is more susceptible to this type of behavior, would this mean that woman aren’t? I really don’t know what ulterior to prove so I’m just rambling on haha

    • Jay

      Why ruin our fun just because you’re annoyed.

      • Jay


    • Randy

      It could very well be that he was on drugs, its weird to a lot of people because in Florida a man attacked a homeless man eating his face off as well. Nothing to be afraid of, though its always best to be aware of your surroundings, as there are some crazy dangerous people out there. Zombies however were not invented by a movie writer. Zombies (different names), are in ancient stories of all cultures of the world, and have some truth to them- if they in fact (both stories) are the cannibals of all ancient cultures, they sure as hell would not be like what we see in the movies.

  • Tonya