Zodiac Killer and His True Identity Explored in New Book

    May 16, 2012
    WebProNews Staff
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Zodiac Killer has captured the imagination of many individuals over the years, particularly since nobody seems to know who, exactly, was behind this string of extremely heinous murders. The murderer, who stalked Northern Californian residents back in the late 60’s and early 70’s, claims to have killed 37 people during his reign of terror, though police could only link him to five. Despite several extensive investigations, the killer’s identity remains unknown. Unfortunately, the San Francisco police department officially closed the case in 2004.

Former California Highway Patrol officer Lyndon Lafferty, however, claims he has discovered who was behind the murders. In the author’s new book, “The Zodiac Killer Cover Up”, Lafferty explores the topic in great detail, going as far as to point a finger at one person in particular. Of course, in order to keep potential lawsuits at bay, the author chose to use aliases to help tell his story without fear of prosecution.

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“The police departments in general were acting under the authority of the Solano County sheriff, so they were instructed you do not investigate this man until you have permission from the judge,” Lafferty explained to ABC News. “It’s been very traumatic, and it’s been frustrating beyond belief.”

In his book, Lafferty states that suspect, who is now a 91 year-old recovering alcoholic, was investigated back in the 70’s, though police corruption prevented authorities from arresting the individual. The author also explains that the killer was motivated by rage after discovering that his wife was having an affair.

“This was a story that I inherited. I did not ask for it,” Lafferty said. “I am the only person who can testify under oath that these things were absolutely true. My satisfaction is telling my story as it happened.”

Personally, I would probably listen to what Lafferty had to say on the subject if he wasn’t trying to sell me a book, but maybe that’s just me. “The Zodiac Killer Cover-Up: The Silenced Badge” is currently available on Amazon for a whopping $48.95. I’ll pass, thanks.

Avengers was cool, but it’s a bummer Hulk and Iron Man still haven’t solved who the Zodiac killer is.
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Zodiac killer identified? http://t.co/l3cgLRv2 | Darn, it wasn’t the guy I thought it was. (That’s a strange thing to say. Oh well)
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I hate that we’ll never know who the true Zodiac Killer was. http://t.co/bIIL6SNV
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  • http://webpronews chad c

    i lived with arthur lee allen in vallejo in 89 and worked for solano for 17 years, he fit the profile, wierd things happened. the local law enforcements did not cooperate with each other and i was told by an investigating officer in 02 that a judge did not want arthur lee allens mom house searched as lee burned evidence when 2 search warrants were being served on lees 2 residents. who knows ?

    • Stan Marsh

      Remember the zodiac left a wing walker boot print at one of the scenes. Look at this link and half way down for Fairfiled, CA. Then google the name you find http://380th.org/NEWS/TAPS/TAPS-Spouses.htm
      The name is available, it’s probable cause that is not. DNA will be the solver of the case as there was sufficient DNA taken from the stamps and envelopes

  • Joe and Gevony

    This is carzy! We are so in love! Like, i just feel this connection between us, i sometimes hear him inside my head…is that weird?

  • Kevin L

    For $48.95 the author will put a burlap sack over your head and hit you with the idiot stick. Lyndon Lafferty is just another pathetic huckster trying to cash in.

  • http://americanatmservices.com d gould

    I personally think that the Zodia was very intellegent, had a worp sense of humor, quite – but cool and was involved with the police force, medical, or even politics. I think he was someone we all know.

    He’s 91, guess we will never know. God Bless the inocent victims that he preyed upon. -Judgement Day will be their soon –

  • Gary Middleton

    charles manson wannabe put him in the same cell with charles

    • martin

      wannabe? he makes manson look like a school girl.

    • ryan

      Zodiac was before Manson…

  • alexchirpa

    Hey! A lot of kooks, crackpots and conspiracy theorists in years have claimed to have known who the Zodiac Killer was. Dennis Kaufman for example, who has claimed his stepdad was Mr. Z, only by close to circumstantial evidence. Graysmith claims his suspect Authur Leigh Allen was defintely Z. But remember when reading his book ZODIAC UNMASKED he leaves the readers to conclude isn’t that what makes a mystery great. ? Just speculation. Make the evidence stick, not by a whole lot of innuendos and speculations. That’s what got a whole lot of people framed for a crime they never committed. Can’t believe we live in an advanged age filled with ignorance.

  • Joseph

    HAHAHA!! When I pay that much for a book, it won’t be a 99% re-hash of what has already been stated over and over. I see no indication of much of anything new, especially worth that much money. I believe, like many, that the killer was Arthur Lee Allen, although he strongly denied it. (after all, murderers often start off as good liars). I’m amazed at CHAD C’s story; now THAT would make a more interesting book. This mystery will never be solved, and that’s good. It joins the list with Bigfoot, Loch Ness Monster,UFO’s,ghosts, and many other unsolved and unsolvable mysteries. …makes being human more interesting!

  • Chris Brosnahan

    Try the book “Most Evil” the story of Dr George Hill Hodel written by his son, Steve Hodell, a former LA homicide cop…he lays out the case that not only was his father, Dr. George Hill Hodel, the Zodiac killer, but also the infamous “Black Dahlia” murderer…it’s a fasdcinating story, well documented – however, the son, Steve does not definitely prove the case against his old man, but presents a ‘preponderance of evidence’ against him and that evidence is damning – only the OJ jury would have acquitted him….Dr. George Hill Hodel is deceased – God’s got him now, and that’s the bottom line.

  • Choice Dalton

    Yes, I know who Superman is. Just read the book.

  • andranique

    wow i was not expecting that

  • Quincy

    Anyone else notice how much the composite drawing looks like the FBI Wanted poster for hijacker, DB Cooper?