Zac Efron’s Awkward Moment, Explained by Michael B.Jordan and MilesTeller

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In November Zac Efron had his jaw wired shut, after he suffered a huge fall.The original report alleged that Efron slipped in a puddle of water outside his home. However, due to the reveal of Efron’s alcohol and drug troubles months earlier,many people thought the real story was more complicated.Possibly a story involving Efron relapsing after his rehab stint.Well the truth finally comes out…

Michael B. Jordan and Miles Teller took to Youtube to reveal how Efron broke his jaw. According to them,Efron was really bad at sex.So bad that the girl he had sex with was left unsatisfied. This girl was pissed about her lack of satisfaction that she  hit Efron in the face–with a book. Teller and Jordan add commentary on how she broke Efron’s beautiful face. They compare his face to a wizard holding a unicorn.”And the book broke that unicorn’s jaw”, Jordan says concluding the story.

The guys go back and forth finishing each other’s sentences.Meanwhile,Efron just sits there unable to speak while they destroy his reputation.The two even high five at the end. Then they comment on their frustration about Efron still being good looking, despite his wired jaw.

The video is hilarious, because Teller and Jordan spat off great lines without trying too hard. If this is a hint of what to expect from their film, it might be worth checking out.Also props to Efron for not shying away from making fun of his recent misfortunes.

Of course, the video is a joke, and part of the promotional efforts for the movie that the three are starring in together.The movie called That Awkward Moment is about three twenty-sometime guys trying to figure out how to deal with life and relationships.At first all three guys aren’t looking for commitments, but they each meet the right girl and start to fall in love. That Awkward Moment comes out on January 31, 2014

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Zac Efron’s Awkward Moment, Explained by Michael B.Jordan and MilesTeller
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  • Funny As Hell

    Here is what kills me. I have friends in prison right now that are in on drug charges. Not major drug charges. But there they sit. They will sit there for 5 years. But the wealthy and famous can go on TV and talk about all the drugs they have done or are doing and not one of them will ever see the inside of a prison. Hell, none will be arrested and if they are, they will get out of it.

    America. Prison in America is for the poor. Guilt and innocence really doesn’t matter. Hell, common sense doesn’t matter because right now there is a guy in California serving a life sentence for stealing a pair of tube socks and another guy serving 55 years fro a freaking joint (change.org). But I can go to pretty much anywhere in Europe and smoke pot and even buy it. Heck, there are books that teach you how to grow it. Europe is also using it to treat cancer and a whole host of other illnesses.

    But no, in America, we are freaking stupid as hell. Backwards. Alcohol is legal and pushed on society even though it kills and causes so much violence. Pot is illegal even though it does have medicinal uses and makes people mellow.

    All this is become some old moron in the 30s did a movie called Reefer Madness. But then again, this is the country that though hiding under their desks would save them from a nuclear bomb. So what the hell am I thinking. We have no common sense.

    • @Funny As Hell

      America’s problem is it is arrogant. America thinks they know everything and they have only been around for 200 and something years. Europe has been around for thousands upon thousands of years. That is okay though. America is in decline. It is going the way of Rome. Everyone in the world knows it except the Americans. The American people are so brainwashed. Most are good people. But really they are brainwashed. They trust their government way too much.

      I have many friends from America that visit. They are always shocked to read foreign news stories about their country. Half the stuff we report about the Americans don’t even hear. Like 9/11 for example. Many things that are in books and papers over here don’t even make it into American papers. But from talking to my American friends is that they explain that most Americans don’t leave their own states let alone their country. That is a big problem. They literally have no idea how the rest of the world lives and it isn’t what the media shows every night on NBC, CBS and ABC.

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