YouTube Subscription Fees May Soon Be A Reality

    May 6, 2013
    Zach Walton
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Are YouTube subscription fees almost upon us? A recent report suggests that the oft rumored feature is soon to be announced.

The Daily Mail reports that Google will introduce a YouTube subscription fee this week. The new initiative will allow channels to monetize their content with direct contributions from fans, instead of relying upon ad revenue.

The current report suggests that Google will add 25 to 50 channels to the initial rollout of its subscription service. It will also reportedly cost as little as $2 a month per channel, and doing so will provide a few perks to the subscribers. The biggest, of course, is exclusive content only available to subscribers. The videos will also reportedly be ad-free.

The current rumors, however, don’t address what YouTube intends to offer to non-subscribers. Will subscriber content only be available to those who pay? Or will YouTube allow non-subscribers to watch some content with the support of advertising?

Alongside channel subscriptions, previous rumors also suggested that YouTube would begin monetizing live events. In other words, users could pay a small fee to watch major live events, like the Red Bull Stratos Jump from last year.

There’s still too many variables to even think about with a platform as big as YouTube. The announcement is expected to come sometime this week though. We’ll continue to keep an eye for any such announcement, and bring you all the details as soon as it happens.

  • m hogan

    If that happens, I have no issues with deleting YouTube from my devices. I don’t think I will miss it much.

  • Nunya

    Fat freaking chance. No way I’ll pay for youtube.

  • Lizzie


  • http://www.opace.co.uk/seo Opace

    Everyone should just calmly realise that this won’t apply to all channels on YouTube, just content creators that want to charge for their ‘premium’ content.

    The solution isn’t to boycott YouTube all together if you don’t agree with this, but simply find another YouTube channel that doesn’t require a subscription fee.

  • Colton

    I knew that just like every other Famous and loved person, place, or thing Youtube would become corrupt with Corporate Greed, soon this 50 channel thing will blossom into being charged to do anything and everything, like an ugly, shriveled, poisonous flower

  • Pip

    You guys really think that Google will cut off its nose to spite its face? There is no way it will all be subscriber only as this would end up in them losing revenue through ads for the millions of users who refuse to pay which in the world of Google would result in a lot of money being lost. They will always offer free content and make a minimal amount of revenue from the ads they serve up it would be a really really stupid business model to do otherwise