YouTube Creators Can Now Customize the Text Accompanying Their Shared Videos

By: Josh Wolford - December 14, 2012

YouTube has just announced a new feature that makes it easier for video creators to share their videos with a message. Starting today, creators can now customize the text that follows your shared videos around – both on YouTube and on other social networks.

“Where will this post appear? In YouTube feeds, the text will be merged into the upload feed item (exactly the same as if you were to upload a video, then make a channel post about the same video, but without the extra effort). This also works with the scheduled publishing feature, offering you even greater convenience,” says YouTube.

Of course, your customized text will also appear when your video is shared across connected social media accounts, like Google+, Facebook, or Twitter. This saves you the trouble of having to go add a special message on every social media site when you share a video.

Yesterday we told you that YouTube and Google+ got even more integrated. Now, video creators have the option to share their uploaded videos to Google+, and Google will display all of your public videos on your public Google+ profile. Just another way Google is integrating Google+ into other Google products – something that you should be unsurprised by at this point.

Josh Wolford

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  • Marisa Schmidt

    I think that it is interesting how well youtube has adapted to include social networking. They have developed significantly from their original site and have really fallen into the social network arena themselves, except they do it using videos. It’s interesting to watch trends.

  • Nick Stamoulis

    Any little upgrade that makes my life (and social media management) a little easier is alright by me!

  • Joe Gannon

    On my videos that area is darkened out for some reason…