Your Xbox 360 Achievements Aren’t Totally Worthless Anymore

    September 28, 2012
    Josh Wolford
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If you’ve been consistently building up your Xbox 360 Gamerscore for years, you’re about to get rewarded…kind of.

Microsoft has just launched an all new rewards program for Xbox gamers. It’s called MyAchievements and allows your Gamerscore to be used for some modest prizes.

“You’ve been faithfully building your Gamerscore for years now. To reward you for your dedication, we’ve created MyAchievements for Xbox LIVE Rewards Gold members. The MyAchievements level that you earn – CONTENDER, CHAMPION OR LEGEND – depends on your Gamerscore. The higher your score, the bigger the reward!” says Microsoft.

Once you join the Xbox LIVE rewards program, here’s how it will work:

Once you hit 3,000 Gamerscore, you’ll start receiving a “special gift” on your birthday. According to fine print, that gift will retail at around $0.25. That’s the “Contender” level. When you hit 10,000 Gamerscore, you’ve become a “Champion” and will receive the birthday gift plus a 1% rebate on Xbox LIVE Marketplace purchases accumulated every month. The top tier is called “Legend” and you hit it when you reach 25,000 Gamerscore. At that level, your Marketplace rebate is bumped up to 2%.

When you think about all the hours it takes to accumulate a 25,000 Gamerscore, you start to realize just how modest these rewards really are. But oh well, guess you can’t complain about getting something for free.

You have to be a member of Xbox LIVE Gold to apply for the rewards program. You don’t have to start from scratch, as any achievement points you’ve earned up to this point will count towards your level.

[h/t The Verge]
  • John

    This is really stupid. Why not give us something worth the time we’ve put in? Like say, free games, Playstation plus does it. And the 2% rebate EVERY MONTH? Feels like I just got slapped by Microsoft’s withering dick.

    • Robert

      What time did you put in exactly? You mean the hours of entertainment you got from playing games? Oh, no, I’m sorry, you meant the time you spent getting all those achievements to boost your gamerscore when it didn’t mean anything. Yeah, I get it, because, MAN, was that lame going after those metagame tasks just to be able to show off achievements to friends, obviously the only reason anybody did it all these years was so Microsoft would eventually give us free stuff for it. Dude, it’s free stuff. Yeah, I get that it’s not much, but none of us were getting anykind of kickback for having a high gamerscore for years, and nobody complained then. Get over the entitlement and just be happy that you’re getting something out of your meaningless gamerscore, and quit bitching about having fun playing games for years for the sake of having fun playing games.

      • http://web-glue.net Neal B

        I think you need to learn a little bit more about Customer Loyalty.. i know a few people with 75,000 gamerpoints.. so what do they get?? jackshit.. because they’ve played all the games.. they won’t get the rolling 2% you.. are a obviously a Biased MicroSOFT twat that just forsaw an opportunity to attack people (that actually have a good reason) for complaining.. stop trying to play the good guy and agree with them.. this deal is ridiculous.. i’ll happily pay my €30 a year.. yeah! €30! because i’m not stupid enough to pay full whack for PS + membership..those that do be my guest..it’s a preference thing tbh.. and a matter of opinion.. and i get an entire game collection on a yearly basis.. this is where PS3 beats 360 in the constant console war.. for me anyway.. mine sits gathering dust.. until someone can give me a decent reason to play it.. Anonymous John.. i would highly recommend PS3 after this poor “Customer Appreciation” Program… even though the games expire after my PS+ Subscription runs out.. i always have my physical library to return to..

        That Lads and Lasses. is Dead on!!
        oh and do feel free to add me on both consoles

        xxMuddlesxx for both..

  • rell

    What pisses me off is u PAY for Xbox live and u have ads on the dashboard.

  • http://superiorwowguide.com Warcraft Wiz

    Not much of a reward if you ask me. They could at least send you a shirt or a hat or something.

  • Isaac Torres

    When will the rewards begin?

  • asdfghjkl;

    how do i use it without gold subscription…………cant i spend it on clothing and stuff

  • asdfghjkl;

    u know…………..those clothing for the avatar