You Can Retrieve Your Google Reader Data Until July 15th

By: Josh Wolford - July 2, 2013

If you’re a Google Reader user, you know that the service officially went offline yesterday, July 1st. We knew it was coming – Google gave us nearly 4 months of warning. But when Reader finally stopped receiving updates, well, it felt kind of abrupt. Oh well, on to the next reader.

But in order to move on to that next reader, you’re probably going to need your Google Reader subscription data. Good news, procrastinators: Your data hasn’t been wiped out – yet. Google Reader may have gone dark on July 1st, but you have another two weeks to snag your data from Google.

Using Google Takeout, you have until July 15th at 12 pm PST to retrieve your subscription data.

After that, it will be “irrevocably deleted.” Gone. Forever.

Google didn’t offer any more info on Reader’s shutdown in the blog post, only the information on data retrieval.

“We understand you may not agree with this decision, but we hope you’ll come to love these alternatives as much as you loved Reader.”

Google links to a site listing RSS reader alternatives.

For more on Google Reader’s demise, check here.

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  • Cosmin

    Have you tried ? It’s not an RSS reader, but it’s a highly visual desktop web app that allows you to select which websites contents to keep up with.