You Can Break Glass With Your Voice And Here's The Science Behind It


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Black Canary is an interesting super hero. Not only is she super powerful thanks to years of physical training, but she also has a sonic scream that shatters objects. While no person possesses an ability on par with Black Canary's voice, you can totally shatter glass with the right frequency.

The folks at Hard Science are back with a new video that experiments with the idea of shattering glass with your voice. As it turns out, it's possible thanks to glass having what's called a resonant frequency. This is the frequency in which glass begins to vibrate. If your voice can match that frequency, the glass will vibrate and break.

It's noted in the below video that regular human speech is at about 50 decibels. To shatter glass, you have to raise the frequency of your voice to over 100 decibels. For most, this is incredibly difficult if not impossible. For the lucky few, however, they can increase their voice frequency to be a miniature super hero.

As the folks at Hard Science point out, it's still incredibly hard to break glass even with a high frequency voice. That's why they cheated a bit by buying a horn driver to direct the full vibration of a voice directly at the glass.

Image via Hard Science/YouTube