Yoko Blames Paul McCartney For Beatles Breakup

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At one point, The Beatles were an unstoppable force that every other band aspired to be. Sadly, the band broke up and each members’ solo albums were arguably never as good as when they were together. Why did the band break up in the first place though? Traditional scapegoat Yoko Ono, John Lennon’s widow, has an idea.

Huffington Post reports that during an interview in 1987, Ono placed the blame for The Beatles’ breakup on a myriad of factors, including the controlling hand of Paul McCartney. She said that all of the members, including her husband, wanted to split off from the band and forge their own musical paths. McCartney didn’t want that and, according to Ono, tried to keep the band from splitting.

“Paul [McCartney] was the only one trying to hold the Beatles together. But the other three thought Paul would hold the Beatles together as his band. They were getting to be like Paul’s band, which they didn’t like.”

Ono has been traditionally blamed as the reason for the band’s breakup, but McCartney himself has said that was not the case. As it turns out, a lot of bands just breakup after a while due to creative differences or other reasons that nobody can predict. Yoko may have blamed Paul for the band breaking up sooner than expected, but it’s not like any one reason is the specific cause. We can at least rest easy knowing that The Beatles music will live on forever.

Yoko Blames Paul McCartney For Beatles Breakup
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  • JP

    Yoko that bitch had something to do with the Beatles break up,maybe they would of stayed together,but lets be thankful for all that great music they made and we all still love it,to hell with Yoko.JP

  • Dave

    They just grew up and found out, that they didnt need each other, they could be great on their own, write the songs they wanted too write and not need aproavle of anyone but them selfs.

  • hans

    Plus,the music they made as individuals after their split was as good as or even better than what they made together. Rock & Roll grew up and evolved too. They could not have gone on forever singing “silly love songs”,,nor would the peace and love movement last forever. They were all great as individual artists. A reunion at some point would have been nice, but with expectations so high they might not have lived up to that either.

    • Dave

      So when you stop and think yoko actually did a great thing we should thank her for moving it along but hey jude is just creepy I dont even know anybody named jude he should have used the name dude.

      • Don Foley

        Paul, who wrote the song, was talking about Julian, John’s son.

        • laurie


  • Mike Hardy

    There was a time in my life when I became 17 and moved out of the house that my parents provided and joined the US Army. After several years of drill and training, and making my bed a certain way, and living out of a wall locker and foot locker it was time to re-enlist. But I elected to accept my honorable discharge and get out. It was me who broke up the US Army. And then when I went home, my parents wanted to move back in with them, but I got my own apartment, and found a job. So, in reality, I broke up my family.

  • http:mysteryisland.net Brad

    What a bland and shitty article, based on zero current content.

  • http://www.webpronews.com Lee

    This is relevent today BECAUSE WHAT ????? Some sites are getting or borrowing yahoo writers. This article is a waste of time for any Beatles fan….

  • bwisnasky

    That’s funny, because the rest of the world blames Yoko Ono for the Beatles breaking up….

  • Wallywoo

    Yoko should just shut up and strip! Oh that’s right! She already did that! Wasn’t much to look at either, was it? I think she should be called “Egg Yoko!” Hahahahahaha!!! Get it? Egg YOK-O? HAHAHA!!! That’s a joke. Snort some coke. Ribs you poke. Frogs will croak. Wheel has a spoke. You’re a bloke. Almond is rocc. From sleep he awoke. His throat you’ll choke. It’s Mount Holyoke. “Ladies and Gentleman, John, Paul, George, Ringo, AND YOKO!” THE SCHMEADLES!! YEAH, YEAH, YEAH!! Heh heh heh heh heh heh!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • jeff duncan

      You make no sense.

    • laurie

      you need to stop the hooch pal

  • George Harrison

    That’s because Paul wouldn’t do Yoko, I was there

    • jeff duncan

      You sound like a good moral person who should be able to show his ass on the internet.

  • LCD

    Revisionist history is always up to date; except it is rarely correct. Yoko showed up and the Beatles, with John Lennon in the lead, were no more. Its too bad but why spend time on what could have been. Yoko has had 40 years to perfect her story and Paul, to his credit, puts what transpired, the entire history, to bed. I was and always will be a Beatles fan but I’m also a Rolling Stones fan, and a Kidd Rock fan and ….. I grew up on Rock and Roll and will die listening to same including The Beatles. They were all a part of an incredible transformation and evolution of music during my lifetime. Rock on, Baby!

  • John Held

    Thank you for that Alicia Otero.You’re the light that shines above most of the trash that has been printed here.

  • laurie

    who the heck cares what that old wrinkled b@@@@ thinks anyway….sorry she never got a life…..paul did…he moved on. get over it you hag.

  • James

    You can blame this lying DINK for the break up not Paul!

    • JMB

      Deaf? well, my friend, YOU’RE the tone deaf one…boring? YOU’RE the boring one…..monotonous? …..YOU’RE the “monotonous” …tripe? well…..your tripes are out of your belly, asshole! HAHhahHAHhahHA and I’m The Walrus!

      • http://webpronews Dick Lindzy

        Yeah , the stupid ass walrus . You beatle worshipers are all goofy sickos who wouldn’t know a good band if they walked up and kicked you in your face .All idiots !

  • Dunkindhonutz

    I don’t really care! I always thought the Beatles were way over rated
    with their silly British “sound”. Yuk!
    The one thing that bothers me is that their “music”, if one wants to call it that, may have a lasting affect on pour American scene…
    God forbid! The “British sound” should die because it’s boring, monotonous, tripe that just plain sounded like a kindergarten band
    of tone deaf people.

    • chester

      Yuk? The Beatles? Really? Go listen to your Nirvana CDs you imbecile.

    • http://webpronews Dick Lindzy

      You are so right . The beatles are one reason I don’t own a gun .

  • lj

    Yoko sucks

    • Pas

      Nobody cares what Yoko thinks.

  • NOT a Beatles Fan

    If *any* of you were/are actually “true” Beatles fans, you would know John didn’t like the direction the band was taking from day one, from the moment their sound was manufactured by producers, managers, record company execs, etc (they were the very first “boy band”, and things then were pretty much what they are now). The *only* part Yoko may have played in the whole thing (and we don’t know for sure if she actually had *any* part in it, as none of us were there) is *possibly* just encouraging John to follow his own heart & dreams. Again, he never wanted to do the cheesy, annoying, bubblegum “rock” they were doing.

  • drrragon

    “Blame”? She is saying that the other Beatles wanted the breakup, like creative differences. That makes sense.

    Paul wanted to keep them going, probably as a McCartney/Lennon band as it seemed to always have been, but creative differences happen, and they had some degree of integrity to move on and make their own individual music.

    I liked John’s and George’s albums. Couldn’t get behind Paul’s.

    • willy

      willy really don’t care about soap operas

  • Jeff! Whitmire

    What a total shock! to hear this. No big huge fan of Beatles but Rock history puts them at head table. Paul’s Wings and some solo stuff was very successful…this is common knowledge. The others had some mediocre success and wrote some great songs. Yoko makes Paul’s case…Paul wanted to keep band together. Others problem thinking “Paul’s Band”.

  • http://yahoo jack koutz

    I just have one thing to say. Let it be.

  • Greg Hurd

    Anyone who has seen ‘Let it Be’ has put the blame on Paul since 1971.

  • Lee

    First: Dinkindhonutz, your name befits your comment. And add to that Sgt Pepper, The White Album and Abby Road were not top 40 pop records you Dink but some some of the best NON top 40 music created.

    If you want to see Beatles music put to use watch the movie “Across the Universe” It’s a history of the 60’s/70’s movement.

  • joe

    You have to hand it to Yoko. She has made a great living being John Lennon’s wife.

  • Zol

    funny thing that Ringo had the most hits after the beatles.

    • Ray

      no he didnt -all 3 had more than Ringo and all 3 had bigger hits than Ringo!
      Wings? Imagine? Traveling Will burys? All were bigger than what Ringo did-But Ringo did good also-by the way George wrote most of Ringos biggest songs too!–“It dont come easy” Was written by George-great song too!

      • Steven Hite

        Cool! Good info!

  • TenString Ron

    Playing the blame game is the stuff of media attention seeking. My take on the breakup is that the Beatles were made up 4 incredibly talented and fiercely independent individuals. They all went on to internationally recognized solo careers that showed they really didn’t need each other to become successful. Together they were a force of epic proportion creating over 288 songs that will endure into time immemorial.

    Thinking that anyone one of them was the reason for the breakup is just plain nonsense. What’s more preposterous is thinking that Yoko Ono was somehow involved in the breakup. John self admittedly was a freak of nature and Yoko played the part of his soulmate to perfection. Purely and simply the Beatles broke up the Beatles. They were never destined to become a nostalgia act and breaking up only ensured their immortality.

    • Steven Hite

      Good points!

  • Ray

    Actually she is probably right-Im a life long Beatle fan and Paul was controlling-They were easily the greatest-Ask how many famous bands think so and how many copied or were influenced by them-There greatness was also there downfall as a group-I always wanted them to stay together and even though they did great things by themseleves-they were better as a group–The real downfall was when Brian Epstien died-He made them famous and they listened to him-He might have been the only one that could have kept them together-They still could have done solo albums like the Stones did—That said the Beatles were the greatest EVER!

  • Izzy

    25 years ago Yoko Blames Paul in an interview.

    Sad you couldn’t find anything current to talk about.

  • cindy smith

    What’s sad is John hooking up with this idiot in the first place.

  • http://yahoo.com dennis skiles

    this isnt news. in the lennon album “imagine”,lennon wrote the song ,”how do you sleep @ night.” blaming paul and linda for the breakup.

  • Rick

    Ray, you hit it right on the head. Brian Epstein’s management was the best thing that ever happened to these four brilliant young musicians. When outside forces such as family obligations, pressures of fame, and finances could have overwhelmed them, Brian Epstein was the compass that kept them focused. But Epstein’s drug problem was out of control, so his demise was inevitable.

  • Huyamon

    Yoko is so nasty. How long has it been 95 years?

  • Sky Song

    She did not blame him in this quote. You mischaracterize what she said. She said it was others’ perception of Paul, not Paul.

  • tom

    Who really cares about this. This isn’t just old news (the break up of the Beattles) it’s ancient history.

  • Steven Hite

    Yoko is such a loser! She thought she had the talent & John didn’t! She really thinks big of herself, what a twit! As far as I have read thru the years, SHE was the start of the Beatles breaking up! I don’t know what John ever saw in this plain Jane idiot!!!!

  • guy

    Only accurate statement would be that the Beatles were the most successful band of their time. Every thing else is simply a matter of taste. Personnally I though they were terrific.

  • Ranee

    I LOVE THE BEATLES and I don’t give a Shit what people think!

  • Jimmie Thore

    1.whoever and for what ever reason they brokeup is neither here or thier 2. as for non of the 4 having the glory of what they had together remember that each one of the four had great music after including ringo 3. george harrison for one had better music recanistion after the breakup 4 sir paul mc cartney is now the worlds richist 5. no matter what anyone thinks the beatles music will live in the hearts of millions forever.

  • Phrank Smith


  • http://yahoo BILL MCCORMACK

    what crazy stuff to talk about, i’m a big Beatles fan for some one to say Beatles no good your crazy, lets just dig the music and enjoy……

  • Mr Mac

    This is an odd story for any Beatle/Anglofile….that article is not “unearthed” and why are we taling about an interview that was almost 30 yaers old? Geesh! The 28th was a very slow news day….Yoko struck out at Paul, fans struck out at Yoko, George thought he wasn’t getting the respect he deserved and John was just ready to move on (the lyrics to “God”)….it’s no big deal…bands break up all the time…it’s more spectacular that the Rolling Stones are still together than the Beatles broke up….bands break up all the time….the Fab 4 were still friends….it wasn’t the end of the world….

  • MexSeiko

    So, Paul tried to keep the band together but he was to blame for breaking it? Yoko Ono came in but remained an outsider and will continue down in history of the destroyer of the Beatles.

    Paul survived the Beatles and is still rocking it. They all would’ve done well if they listened to him and if John would’ve dumped you he would probably be alive today based in Liverpool instead of NYC. Imagine the booty from tours of The Beatles and The Rolling Stones together. The Geriatrics of Rock & Roll. But Yoko Ono killed it for the rest.

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