Yearbook Prank Could Result in Felony Charge

By: Sean Patterson - May 29, 2013

A yearbook prank by a Missouri girl could now bring federal charges.

According to an Columbia Daily Tribune report, 17-year-old Kaitlyn Booth (pictured), a junior at Hickman High School in Columbia, Missouri, could now be facing a felony charge after changing a classmate’s name in the school yearbook. The girl allegedly changed a classmate’s last name to “masturbate” instead of Mastain. According to the Daily Tribune story, Booth could be charged with first-degree property damage and harassment.

The yearbooks had already been printed when the prank was discovered, and the school declined to reprint some 700 yearbooks at a cost of more than $41,000. Instead, stickers were printed with the student’s real name and placed into each yearbook.

The girl whose name was changed, Raigan Mastain, told the newspaper that she wasn’t friends with the arrested girl and “hardly knew her at all,” though both worked on the yearbook. Mastain stated that the girl’s action was inappropriate and disappointing, but that she was “shocked” to learn that Booth had been arrested. Mastain also stuck up for Booth, saying that she doesn’t think the prank should affect Booth for the rest of her life.

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  • Eva Slade

    Booth sure has a bright future.

  • Shannon

    Good she should be charged. More bullies should be punished and called out and put in their place. And their parents should be held accountable also for raising such scum.

    • MuhammadObama

      You’re a first-class, A+, dumb cunt Shannon… that goes for anyone that agrees that the “Justice System” should fuck-over this highschool junior.

      …….Talk about fucking scum…….

      • paperless

        You kind of lose all of your credibility when you resort to childish name calling and taunting.


      I agree. To the people who are saying are you being sarcastic, when is it enough? What if the girl was bullied her whole high school experience and this put her over the line and she killed herself or came back and shot up the school? Would it be “all in good fun” then?

      You idiots need to realize it’s the “little things” that turn into big things. This is not a prank, this is not funny. Who the hell even does senior pranks anymore, I thought that shit stopped in the 1950’s along with the sock hop.

      • Jake F

        Um the girl, at least in the article, didn’t seemed to phased about the incident. And yeah, people do senior pranks. Because sometimes it’s funny.

        I highly doubt she’s going to kill herself or shoot up the fucking school. You’re a dark bastard.

        • joe

          HA you dumbazz how many times has someoen said that about their neighbor or kid at school. how the hell do you now what someone is going to do or not do!!!???? The fact is MANY have done exactly that and regardless of whether this person will or wont doesn’t matter! the people who DO are bc of the people (like the girl here) that do stupid sh** to others and push them to where they feel they have no choice. She needs to have an example set so that maybe the next kid who thinks about picking on another kid thinks twice before he/she decided to follow threw with it only to have the kid come back to school with a gun!!!!!!!!!!!!! ARE SERIOUSLY SITTING AND DENYING THAT THIS VERY WELL COULDN’T HAPPEN!!!????? grow the hell up you idiot! Again fn idiots like you are exactly why we cant stop this sh** from happening to our kids!

      • Craig

        “What If?”

        People make comments based on what they know. Nothing in the story says she was previously bullied, it said it was a prank. Felony charges for a prank that resulted in no physical damage or injury is absurd. If you want to play the “what if”game, What if the girl who had her name changed was bullying the prankster all through school until she snapped and did this prank? You can say what if all day.

        • Joe

          people like you amaze the hell out of me. YOU ARE the reason these kids are the way they are!! You are obviously a friend or family member! Go screw yourself. she deserves everything she gets!!!!!!! And for someone to be so fn stupid as to say “what if” isn’t acceptable to use anymore after ALL THAT WE HAVE SEEN happen in the past 5 years with these kids is GD ignorant on your part. again its people like you standing around doing NOTHING is why its happening! Can’t keep ignoring a problem and expect it to get better dumbazzz… WAKE THE HELL UP!!!

      • Tony

        If we start basing all of our actions on a worst-case “what if” scenario, we would never be able to make any decisions.

        If a prank like this puts anyone over the edge to the point of suicide or a school shooting, then there is a lot more going on with that person than just dealing with a prank. They are unstable and need some real help to deal with their issues.

      • Joe Stevenson

        well obviously your too stupid to read the article. She’s a junior. NOT a senior. and stop with the what if’s nothing happened. so theres no need for it

        • Joe

          and who gives a crap about the grade! hell being a junior is worse! no shes got to stay even longer and deal with this junk! your pathetic!

          • Tony

            Easy there, Joe. The only thing worse than your spelling/grammar is your logical reasoning. You need to be more realistic when thinking about these situations. The majority of shooters have mental issues; they do not murder as a retaliation for being bullied.

  • Luke

    @Shannon. Really? Are you being sarcastic or do you really feel she is scum? Doesn’t anyone in this country have a sense of humor anymore??

    • L

      Sense of humor? It’s not even that funny.
      Scum? she can do way worst to inherit such a term.
      I’m sure it’s just something that people will never look at again
      but I think that the prank was just plain rude and tasteless.
      Whatever happened to the days of TP’ing someone’s car?

    • George

      How old are you? How is “masturbate” funny? I don’t agree with charging her but that’s not even funny so why do it?

      • Really Bro?

        Well she’s in high school so a bit of a dumb question and the answer should pretty much tell you why its funny. This is the place where kids think its hilarious to trade turns challenging each other to say penis louder. of course this is funny in high school or did you not have a normal childhood?

      • Craig

        There is nothing funny about an act that results in thousands of deaths every year. #masterbatingkills

    • masturbate clark

      luke youre a dumbass. im glad she got charged and wouldve made that girls parents pay $41,000 to reprint those yearbooks. that grl was being a bitch and she got what she deserves

  • Sabrina

    it what she deserves for bullying such an innocent girl, if i was i wouldnt have stuck up for her.

    • Tony

      Sabrina, what makes you think she’s an innocent girl? You must have some kind of other world cognitive skills to interpret that fact from this story.

      This was a prank. No one was hurt. A felony charge is absurd.

      Anyone who can’t handle this kind of thing needs to put on their big girl pants and grow up. Bullying is not a life altering event if you are a well-adjusted person. Case in point- Ms. Mastain. She is relatively unaffected by this. End of story.

  • D

    I’m surprised the other girl stuck up for her and agreed that she shouldn’t be affected, it was stupid and uncalled for but I don’t think she intentionally chose her to bully she just saw the girls last name as a chance to be funny. I don’t think she should be charged but she should be punished another way, she could’ve cost the school a lot of money.

  • CJ

    Fault is with the proof reader not checking good enough.

    • godoggo

      good thing you’re not a “proof reader” CJ. You wouldn’t be “good enough”

  • Bryant Tucker

    Your guys were all losers in high school… This was a “PRANK” as the article states LOL sounds like she already learned her lesson.

    • nonya Business

      Nice spelling, your should be just you. Looks like someone didn’t do well in HS and has to act out behind his computer.

      • Craig

        Nice spelling of your name. Nonya, your a loser

        • Lunar™

          Oh, yeah? ***You’re*** the loser. le sigh

  • Fonda

    Who cares? Much bigger issues in the world!

    • Joe

      yea like kids shooting up other kids in school over this crap!!!!!!!!!!! what a fn idiot u have to be!!!!!!!!!

  • tim

    how is this a felony?

    • LeeAnneGreen (@angstrydenbytch)

      Because it is over $2500 in potential damages. THe cut off caries state to state, but the national average to make it felony status is $2500.


    It’s about time these idiots are held accountable for their actions. What would change had this young woman not have been punished? She would be doing the same thing at college or whatever job field she went into.
    Hopefully, this wakes her up.

    Bullying another girl in a permanent situation (a yearbook), is disgusting. She should have been made to pay for EVERYONE’S NEW yearbook. This would have taught her a lesson.

    • Dirk

      Lev, Tim did not say that this girl shouldn’t be punished. But I don’t think you realize the seriousness of a felony. If convicted she will never get a decent job, own a firearm or even VOTE. All for changing someones name to “masterbate” in a yearbook when she was 17?

      • Joe

        i understand it completely so maybe when we do start setting an example the parents will start talking to their kids and getting them to wake up! idiots like you amaze me!! if it was your child it would be a TOTALLY different story huh!!??? Did you ever stop to think the reason half these kids do what they do is bc they think they can get away with it due to their age???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Wake up you dam idiot!

  • http://s joe

    the girl might have been a huge bitch you never know, revenge like this is just plain funny. props to the girl who did it. you can’t just assume the girl who was “being picked on” is as innocent as she sounds

    • Joe

      really????? so you side with ignorance bc you “think” the girl being picked on was mean? OMG and its just amazing at the crap some well say!!??? pathetic

  • Neel

    i think it is hilarious and that our fascist government should fuck off. also i hope she sues the writer of this article and the paper for a few million. since when is it okay to put a minor’s face in the media- and certainly when the said minor has not been convicted of anything. long live humour and down with the prissy creeps who are running the country.

    • Joe

      your an idiot!

  • Tony

    Why do I have a feeling that there’s more to this story? A felony charge for being a bitch? If that’s all that happened, why not just fine her pay the reprinting fee? Stickers fall off eventually.

    • Craig

      If it was a felony to be a b&^%$ the world would end. With all the women in prison, no women available to bang and reproduce.

  • jeff

    Ehh, did she actually confess to it? what if it was auto-correct? I have seen way worse and on some very official documents at that. Auto correct can be a pain in the *** sometimes.

  • الكفار

    Oh boo hoo, cry me a river,build a bridge, an get the F*** over it. I did worse things in the kindergarten

    • Tired.of.Evil

      To Mr. “I did worse things in the kindergarten”….most muslim terrorists and bullies usually do, so I guess you would fit in that category. I have to agree with Joe and Angie, there should be some serious repercussions to someone who would go to such elaborate means to malign someone’s character in a yearbook. This means they were so callous and evil hearted, they didn’t care they were defacing a precious memory monument for countless others who will have to continue to view that type of bullying tactic. How evil is that, and the victim stated she barely knew her. Regardless of her age she needs to seriously be held accountable.

  • Cookie Crumbs

    The girl & her parents should have been responsible for printing up new yearbooks – no matter what it cost to reprint them! Putting a sticker on over the slur in NOT acceptable! WHEN are we going to start holding people accountable for their actions and make them pay for their mistakes? This to me is the ONLY acceptable solution and what I would have INSISTED on if that happened to my child!

    • Craig

      Look up slur in the dictionary please.

      • Mitch Rapp

        craig, maybe YOU should look it up?

        Slur- Noun
        “An insinuation or allegation about someone that is likely to insult them or damage their reputation.”

        Perhaps you are confusing this with the VERB use which means to speak incoherently or unintelligibly, like after too many drinks or when you want to look intelligent by attempting to correct their grammar on a public forum? 😉

      • Joe

        seriously??? thats your reply? and wonder why kids misbehave and shoot up schools!!

  • Neal Parks

    Are you serious? They are charging her for this? What kind of a spinless social bubble do we live in? I’ve dine far worse things than this to my closest friends while in school. It’s called haggling, teasing, pestering, etc. Everyone of us has done this while in school. Bullying is one thing, and should not be tolerated, but what ever happened to knocking the crap out of whoever is administering the bullying? We’d do just that to a bully and be done with it, nine times out of ten the bully ended up being your friend after you knocked off their block. What a weak, and stupid world we live in today.

    • Joe

      9 times out of 10 nowadays the kid comes back and shoots up the school! thats whats wrong retard!!!!!

      • WolfeMaiden

        I feel Joe is being paranoid, and is over-stimulated. 9 times out of ten is a generalization. You have stated your point of view, and it is obvious that you are not comfortable with the views of others. All are entitled to their own perspective, even you, and that is all it is, a view point. You have taken this platform to to disseminate your own views and attack all others who view it different from your own agenda, even going so far as to call them names. Really, are you any better than the one altering a name in a yearbook? Grow up and get a life.

  • gcohen

    Felony charges? Get real. It’s a bad joke gone awry. People in this country need to have thicker skin. You can’t even joke around with someone anymore without it being considered bullying. This country’s gone soft. Way to many lawsuits and frivolous b.s. clogging up our court system. Let the girl apologize and move on……

  • Nichole

    holy shit this is close to home, I go to Hickman and know both of the girls.

    But felony charges over a prank? Someone set a yearling deer loose in the parking lot as a prank and I haven’t heard anything about that one since!

    • Craig

      You haven’t heard? The deer is suing for emotional distress.

    • Joe

      a deer??? really a deer??? compared to mentaily absuing a person!!! other kids have killed themselves and others over this crap but you want to compare it a deer????? your worthless

      • Randi

        She also said she went to school with the girls… meaning she’s a teenage girl, the same as the victim in this article. You don’t think you bashing her and calling her worthless is bullying and might be thought of as “mentally abusing a person”? Hypocrite much?

  • Steve

    A felony is taking this wayyyyyy too far. Convicted felons have extremely slim chances of being hired for even a halfway decent job, her most important constitutional right, the right to vote, will be taken away, and this “felony” will haunt her in the little things throughout her ENTIRE life. I agree that this was a tasteless little prank but a charging her with a life altering felony for changing a few letters to make a “funny” word in a yearbook?! That is rediculous and the school should handle this instead of wasting the court’s time with a prank.

    • Joe

      so the next kid that it happens to gets mad and losses his mind and shots up the school all bc of this but thats ok! let the little losers that go around picking on them just keep picking huh!!! felony is NOT to far! set an example and get this kids to act respectful to each other! people like YOU are the reason we cant get this kids in line! you’re a moron!!!!

  • John

    Yes, this was a cruel prank meant to bully and cause embarrassment to another girl. But, I don’t think Booth should be charged with a felony. They should just charge her with a misdemeanor that could be wiped off her record when she turns 18 or 21, or however they do it. The prank wasn’t funny at all and was cruel, but the girl who was the victim doesn’t even think a felony should result. I mean you make one bad choice in high school that causes no physical harm, only embarrassment, and the whole rest of your life is affected with a felony record?? That’s a little far.

    • Joe

      just a cruel prank huh? yea thats all. i guess we are fortunate this time the little girl was able to handle the cruelty and not go back and hang herself in her room!!!?? Your such a moron. What school do you or your kids goto again???? i wanna make sure mine are nowhere near them!

      • http://webpronews cjf

        Joe, phuck off ..

  • Badger

    where is the 1st amendment. Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Press.

    And the girl it happen to doesnt even care. Sounds like some political panty pusher got his balls caught in his camel toe.

    • Eric

      So many people use our right to “freedom of speech” as an excuse. It is only protecting our speech that we use to critique our government. NOT to protect us from incrimination when we use it to attack others or damage others. While this may be a simple case of immature pranking, it is NOT protected by our Constitution. Hoping this comment will give some pause to the idea that our rights are protecting us from responsibility for our stupidity.

      • http://webpronews Lucy

        this was very immature and upsetting to many people. If the school just brushes it off as a “prank”, what is next?? maybe some sexually explicit pictures? where will it end? so I think people should have respect for everyone that is in the yearbook. If you really have to prank someone,don’t involve a lot of innocent people. how would the parents feel about this??? It could be worse, so what if it does get worse….Lets take time to do intelligent things and not waste time with childish acts

  • Albee Outinamin

    There is nothing wrong with masturbating I do it all the time.

  • Jesse

    you people are dumb, the girl was a junior, so it was just a regular prank, a stupid one but a prank nonetheless, and she said she was fine and thought the girl shouldnt be charged. nothing said she was previously bullied, and people do a lot worse things than something this stupid and nothing gets said about it

    • Joe

      oh yea so when we do catch them lets just let them off the hook bc others do worse and dont get caught….. your a dumbazz

  • Rose

    Another example of us protecting our children from everything under the sun.

  • phuctheright

    Here we go now let’s turn this political like all losers do. This has nothing to do with politics. They should make the girl pay for damaging the books and let her apologize and move on.

    • Joe

      yea just slap on the hand and maybe the next kid will blow her head off …….. your an idiot!!!!!!! wake up

  • phuctheright

    The punishment maybe over reacting but some of the comments here sound like over reacting to a situation that has nothing to do with anyone here. Getting riled up over someone else’s troubles and how they got punished seriously are your lives that empty.

    • Joe

      your damn straight I’m getting riled up!!! I don’t want some kid getting screwed with in my kids school and then he get ticked and start shooting everyone to include mine!!! what the hells wrong with you!!!??? YOU are missing the point! If its happening to her its happening to others! WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Name

        Calm down Joe. It is people like you who do the shooting.

      • Paul

        She is a dang kid and does not need this following her forever. Ppl need to suck it up that’s just how life is. So u got picked on so what grow up and put your big boy and/or girl pants on

    • Joe

      You should be getting passionate over these topics bc it’s the ONLY way it can be stopped!!! These kids picking on others (whether the other ones ok with it or not) has got to stop!!! Every heard the saying you’re going to do that to the wrong person some day!!! I’m in NO WAY condoning what some of this kids have done bc theres something wrong with them in the first place to make them want to kill other innocent people however PEOPLE like youdont help!! you see these troubled kids and what they do to others yet when the BULLIES come out and are punished and tried to set an example with then everyone gets mad about that as well. Well I say get mad all you want!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t want another troubled kid getting mad and shooting up my kids school bc of some dumbazz girl that thinks its funny to pick on him or her!!!!!!!!!

      • Angie

        Joe ~ I’m reading about this story days later since you first commented but I have to say, you have a sister in spirit on this one, brother!! Completely agree with you and all comments. Couldn’t have said it better. Our children (across the country) matter because they are our country’s future and I care about what happens to all of us. Enough USA bashing, enough pretending families and children don’t matter…enough, enough. We have to start holding people responsible at these early ages so that when they grow up they are the outstanding adults we expect them to be when they inherit this country. We are trying to make things better because somewhere along the way things got off track. Stay strong in your views!! I’m with ya

  • Harvey Mushman

    suspended from school for a time. Pay the $41,000.00 for new books and write 41000 times “I will not change names in the year book again.” Done, move on!

  • Dick

    Actually I am interested in who actually pressed charges, cause if the victim didn’t press charges, the only one left would be the school. Also this does seem rather heavy handed by any standards.

  • Amber Brush

    I think the major point here is being missed… Who is responsible for the final proof read of the yearbook? Wouldn’t that be the schools responsibility.

    • Jaelyn

      I wonder why the company that printed the yearbooks didn’t question it? Surely they proofread it too.

  • doria

    Not only did Miss Booth commit felony damage, $41K, she has taken away the right of Miss Mastain to be able to sit down with friends in the future and share pleasant memories of high school. Instead, she will always need to explain the sticker placed over her name, keeping this insult always alive.

  • Joe

    I’m sorry but this is just absolutely amazing to me to read some of these post! Some of you are ridicules!!! Have you even been watching the GD news lately!!!!! All this kids shooting everyone up and doing the horrible things they do! WHY??? well for one reasons is bc of the insensitive sorry azz lame excuses for children that some wanna be called parents raise!! This kid deserves everything she gets! ALL OF IT! THEY NEED TO SET AN EXAMPLE WITH HER AND EVERYONE ELSE BC SOONER OR LATER THE KIDS WILL UNDERSTAND THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE! She put it in the dam yearbook you idiots! Might as well have slapped her at her senior prom as well!!! Then again this is even worse! yea they covered it up but what good is that!? if in 10 years she pulls out her yearbook then someone sees her name covered they will of course ask why????? The school at the very least should have reprinted her personal yearbook. And for all you morons saying she didn’t mind your so f’n pathetic and half of you are probably friends and goto the school with the girl who did this! Of course the other girl is saying its ok and no big deal! she’s being polite!!! unlike the other pathetic excuse for a kid!!!! As a parent if you put that crap in my kids yearbook I can promise you this wouldn’t end here!!!!!!!! Learn to raise your kids to be respectful to others !!! A prank is one thing, picking on a kid bc of his glasses is normal behavior to me but this is way too far!! What if this little girl did get upset and hurt herself or others!!!??? Then what ??? CANT HAVE IT BOTH WAYS PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Name

      People like you Joe cause more problems than you solve.

      Making an “example” out of this girl is not going to stop anyone from shooting up a school. All it is going to do is ruin a girl’s life.

      Put down all the stones you are throwing and find a way to bring about healing not more harm.

    • KB

      ‘Ridicules’? Is that Hercules’ cousin?

  • matty

    Hey Joe, for someone who claims to hate bullying so much, you sure do an aweful lot of it on this thread….

  • Name

    Many people have no idea what it means to be sent to a prison, yet so many self-righteous people want to send a person there at the drop of a hat. Many things that are crimes today would not have been 20 years ago and many people are serving long prison sentences for very minor things.

    Destroy a girl’s life and give her a felony that may result in her going to prison? Prison is a horrible place. People are beat, robbed, and stabbed. People die in prison all the time. Imagine going to prison for a “yearbook crime” and then getting killed. Really does that punishment fit the “crime?”

    Here is something all the self-righteous people don’t want to hear but it is the truth: The “good” people of this world simply aren’t that good and the “bad” people are simply not that bad. Christ knew this and this is why he told us to not judge, forgive, and turn the other cheek.

    Look at this situation for what it is: it is a prank and no one was hurt. Let us support the girl who was made fun of and forgive the girl who did the prank. Let us not create more harm by destroying a girl’s life and help bring together both girls.

    Let us do what Christ wants us to do: show mercy, forgive, love each other, and create healing.

    • Jimmy

      Good god!!! she is seventeen and if she has a clean criminal record she will not see a prison. Probation and community service at most. Geeez get real!

      • Name

        You would think that is how it works but what people think about how our criminal justice system works and how it actually does is two different things.

        Plus, she will still be a felon with just probation and community service and that will follow her around for her whole life.

        So, Jim. Get real.

    • Yoli

      Actually Christ taught if we would judge ourselves, we should not be judged. Matthew 7:1-2
      1 Judge not, that ye be not judged.
      2 For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.

      We have that responsibility to judge ourselves and the world…but with righteous judgement. In addition The Holy Bible teaches that we will judge angels, so why are people paraphrasing the Word and quoting it incorrectly. It reads from the KJV…

      John 7:24 Judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgment.

      1 Corinthians 6:2 Do ye not know that the saints shall judge the world? and if the world shall be judged by you, are ye unworthy to judge the smallest matters?

      Read your Word people, it is very self-explanatory and will help keep you from sinning against GOD.

  • Susie

    ok…lets be serious for a moment here….yes what that girl did was over the top, was a terrible joke, and caused some temporary anguish to the girl whose name was changed as well as everyone who had to receive an edited yearbook. ITS NOT THE END OF THE WORLD and her entire life shouldn’t be messed up because of it. For those of you arguing that it will reek havoc again and again when the victim goes to show her yearbook off – c’mon. How many of you even know where your high school year book is and pull it out to show people?? Its not the end of the world and certainly not worth a felony charge. The girl should pay for and physically cover the name in every yearbook with the corrected stickers but the punishment of felony certainly does not fit this joke of a crime – no pun intended.

    • Jimmy

      This felony charge if turned into a felony conviction is just life welcoming this young woman to the real world!

      • mitchell

        Very funny!


    • Carla Ackley

      It seems simple, but it really isn’t. All the school did was print stickers and place those in the yearbooks. What they haven’t fixed is the fact that all this stuff is digitized and in databases, which will follow the victim/target all of her life. Her parents should force the school to pull it all, and then the bully needs to work it off and pay for it. Forget the felony, make her pay for reprints.

  • Scott

    Joe, I say this with all sincerity, please seek therapy as soon as is humanly possible. To insult someone for simply disagreeing with you is childish. I will assume you are over the age of 7 so, again, I ask that you talk to someone about your anger. If you feel so strongly about something that you are unwilling or unable to hear a view in opposition to yours, it is socially unacceptible to simlpy call that person names. I feel that felony charges are unwarrented and way, way over the top. I await my insult now. Douche-bag.

  • Alan becker


  • Don

    From someone who was relentlessly bullied in Jr. High School until my rage boiled over and I attempted to choke one of my tormentors to death in the heat of a fight, it’s an issue that needs to be taken seriously. Sure, the victim said “no big deal,” but someone else could just as easily go on a shooting spree over being bullied and pranked. End disrespect and violence in our schools.

    • Tony

      end disrespect and violence in our schools….

      Says the self-admitted violent offender

      • Darren

        Tony, he fought back. Which is the right thing to do at some point. I tell my daughters never to start it but don’t take it either.

  • Lori

    It looks to me that it is another group of young kids having kids and letting them go loose and be idiots. I say Kaitlyn Booth deserves everything she is going to get. Where will it all end if we don’t stop it somewhere? The “kids” now-a-days are OUT OF CONTROL. She should pay to have new yearbooks reprinted. She is the one that caused the problem. Make her pay in every way so she won’t EVER think on doing something like this in the future. How would she feel if her last name was changed to Butthole? What a DUMBASS!!! I blame the teachers, as well, Kaitlyn was probably a problem a L O N G time ago and it was swept under the rug. Just keep pushing her to the next grade and let someone else fix the problem. Well, now we have a major problem that will follow Raigan Mastain for her entire life. Give Kaitlyn the MAXIMUM!!!

    • mitchell

      Disagree it went too far

    • mitchell

      Disagree it went too far Lori

    • jaslyn

      Strongly disagree, and you are way out of line, Lori.

    • Angie

      Lori, I completely agree with you!! Kids today, aka “the millennials,” lack respect for this country and its ideals; have no sense of decorum; they disrespect themselves and others on social media constantly and, unfortunately, their authority figures (including teachers) aren’t setting very good examples for them. As that WW2 generation dies out, this country is sinking and sinking farther down the hole. We’ve got problems and you’re right we have to start drawing the line somewhere otherwise we’re all in trouble. Stupid move by the girl, but at least there are actually repercussions…and that’s a good thing.

  • mitchell

    I would stuck up for her I mean bullying won’t be stopped

  • Tanker10

    Why did’nt the printer proof read it first and then check with the school about a name like that . I would not print a name like that until I had checked it out first .

  • Sonny

    The school should be sued for not replacing the books.

  • jennifer

    wow thats crazy i dont think they should take her to jail for that

  • james

    This case isn’t about the bullying. Its about the money.

  • nonbeliever

    Putting a sticker over it will not correct the problem,it will only be a reminder of why it was put there .. The girls parents evidently did not do such a good job of raising that girl.. send them the bill for new yearbooks.

  • John

    If she gets a felony conviction for this it will most likely ruin her life. She will have a tough time getting hired for any but the most menial jobs, college degree or not. She will always have to check the “Yes” box when she fills out job apps.

    What I don’t understand is why her brain didn’t say “Hey dummy, this is not a good idea!”

    • Peter

      What brain?

  • THE_goat

    LMFAO! Props to her having a fucking sense of humor. This is what america needs. pull the iron fist out your asses and “masturbate” =)