Yahoo Redesigns A Bunch More Of Its Sites

    August 27, 2013
    Chris Crum
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Yahoo announced today that it is rolling out a redesign of Yahoo Sports, Yahoo Movies, Yahoo Music, Yahoo TV, Yahoo omg!, Yahoo Games and Yahoo Weather.

“This is the next step in building a more modern, consistent and personalized Yahoo! following our new homepage design and redesigned Yahoo! News,” the company says.

It also follows big redesigns for Yahoo Mail and Flickr.

Personalization seems to be the main theme across the new versions of these sites. On Yahoo Sports, it will make info about your favorite leagues and teams more prominent, and include “premium” content from its staff, as well as from partners like NBC Sports. Yahoo Fantasy has also received an update.

Yahoo Sports

“Refreshed Yahoo! Movies, Yahoo! Music, Yahoo! TV and Yahoo! omg! provide entertaining, personalized and engaging experiences,” says Mike Kerns, Senior Vice President, Homepage & Vertical Products. “We’ve created an easier and intuitive experience for finding movie showtimes, now you can sort by theater or movie. We’ve also made it simpler to find more entertainment content, including movie trailers, tv episodes and music videos. The viewing experience for videos and photos have never been more beautiful — video screens are now larger and photos are more immersive, high quality and can be seen in full-screen.”

Yahoo Movies

New Yahoo Music

Yahoo TV

Yahoo OMG

He adds, “With the new Yahoo! Games, we’ve streamlined the site and made it easier for you to find popular games like ‘Slotomania’ and ‘The Godfather: Five Families’, discover new games like ‘Pirates: Tides of Fortune’, and get to some of your old-time favorites like ‘Gem Swap’ and ‘Dragon Mahjong’ to bring back a little nostalgia. And, we’ve improved tracking of your games history so you can get back to your favorite ones faster.”

For Yahoo Weather, Yahoo is adding some of the features from its recently launched Weather iOS and Android apps. This includes full-bleed photos from Flickr, showing current local conditions of the time and type of weather alongside actual weather info.

New Yahoo Weather

Yahoo has been changing just about everything since Marissa Mayer took over as CEO (even the logo), and shows no signs of letting up. That goes for the non-stop acquisition spree as well. This week, Yahoo acquired yet another company, IQ Engines, to make even more improvements to Flickr.

Yahoo is also extending its Yahoo Stream ads with the new redesigns. The company writes in a blog post:

With the refreshed Yahoo! Sports, Yahoo! Movies, Yahoo! Music, Yahoo! TV, Yahoo! omg! and Yahoo! Games launching today, Yahoo! Stream Ads will now appear across these sites to complement the new content stream format. This is an exciting step forward as we continue to launch more personalized, immersive advertising opportunities that are consistent across Yahoo!, as well as across desktop, tablet and mobile. The Billboard ad format, which offers fun and entertaining interactions like watching movie trailers or purchasing tickets within the ad, will also be available across the redesigned sites. Read more about our redesigned, more personal Yahoo! sites here.

Yahoo is also introducing Yahoo Stream Ads for Yahoo Mail on desktop and Android.

Yahoo, last month, became the top web property in the U.S., beating even Google, according to comScore.

All images: Yahoo

  • http://www.webpronews.com/author/chris-richardson Chris Richardson

    The logo is awful.

  • Dustin

    Some of those backgrounds make it harder for me to read the text. I do like that they are are trying new things though.

  • Justin B

    The overall design modus operandi is make everything as cluttered as possible. I continue to HATE everything Marrisa Meyer is doing to what once was a simple, boring, yet readable site. I don’t need to read tweets from yahoo’s fantasy experts on my home page.

    The news scroll is by far the biggest joke, it provides links of such varying quality that you’ll end up reading the same story from 4 different partner sites. Furthermore, stop trying to tailor my preferences based on what I click on! Just because I read one story on nintendo, the orioles, and pot legalization doesn’t mean those are the ONLY things that I’m interested in!

    Simplicity has been ENTIRELY ignored, and for a site that’s all about “customization”, there’s very little that it will allow you to change yourself.

    • http://yahoosports saby chico

      the new sports website is a joke. Why did you have to mutilate the previous website. Why the change. The previous website was so easy to read. Whoever made the change must have been doing drugs on the job.

  • http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/modsandmembers/ Brenda

    This is Nightowl >8#, remember me? Me and my group launched a collective effort to save our Classic Groups in 2010, and we succeeded.

    This latest new fiasco, well, it’s got them flocking back to the group and putting their heads together to stop this insane upgrade that has rendered most groups unusable, and is threatening to cause yet another mass Exodus from Yahoo to the nearest option possible.

    Did they learn nothing from 2010? They decided to choose who would be the beta testers, and they decided what the home page picture was, among many other things.

    They are teetering on the edge here, and I hope that they plan to rethink this disaster, or they may find that all the lifeboats have fled the Yatanic…this time for good.

    Nightowl >8#
    Owner/Moderator of Mods and Members

    • Robert Betts

      I agree totally I have come to despise Yahoo now for the destruction of my groups. They keep saying they are adding more band-aids to fix the fiasco they have now created. I now have no idea what I’ve read since links no longer change color when read. Threading is gone so I can’t tell what conversation I am reading. The only way I can read is by using the next/previous buttons. I want my old groups back if it requires lynching Marissa Mayer. She has taken over Yahoo with the very same arrogant, “we don’t give a hang about users” attitude she obviously brought over from Google.

  • http://spiritualoccultist@yahoogroups.com addy

    The new format group homepage for owners is made as cumbersome as possible; if this was the goal then you’ve succeeded.
    The ” new mail is sloooooooooow ” too, and Classic never froze like this!
    Is it possible the new managers are working for google, because more and more people are flocking there due to the myriad “improvements” inflicted onto previously happy yahoo users.

  • Katrina

    What they’ve done with the groups is the absolute WORST thing I have ever seen! You can’t do anything with it beyond some of the most basic things anymore! You can’t comment on photos, most owners and mods can’t approve messages, posts are showing up extremely late, IF they show up at all!

    I hope to God they put things back the way they were because this REALLY sux!

  • http://baseballgames.dreamhosters.com/ Butch7999

    Neo — another utter disaster from the arrogant, incompetant chimpanzees in Yahoo’s tech lab. With sentiment running about 1,000-to-1 for hating the entirely unnannounced, unvetted, massively malfunctioning new format, Yahoo’s boilerplate response is that anyone complaining “just hates change.” No, we just hate change that does absolutely nothing except to make things worse, slower, uglier, and overcomplicated, and eliminates what had been user-friendly functionalities.

    For further reading, see here:

  • http://groups.yahoo.com/group/eclectichealersandmystics Lily

    Hi, Yahoo:
    I appreciate that you guys want for 2 keep things easier for people to access the content most relevant unto them. However, not all of your customers or users play some of those things and some of us, like me, use your site primarily for running groups. We need some consistency–I have a lot of trouble with gadgetry as a whole–I use the internet strictly for social and research related things.
    Please reconsider the shifts you’re making to the website or make them a paid option.

  • Duncan

    How do you people even get to see things like photos, “the most basic things,” etc.? I can’t get past the Groups home page. My browser just freezes, the page shows ‘loading” forever, and none of the links are accessible.
    I have been using Yahoo groups for about 15 years now, but if Yahoo does not revert to the old groups format (at least until they can release a new version that actually works), I guess I’ll be going to Google groups.

  • white squirrel

    The new NEO format forced upon Yahoo groups by the ruling junta is about the worst pile of non functional crap that I have ever used. Home pages photos destroyed. Photos section mangled to resemble the same junkpile in flickr. Message are slow to load and screen often locks up. Can’t find messages thru keywords. Whoever redesigned these changes ought to be fired.

    • Steph

      You can search your group by using the top search box that is labeled “Search Groups”. It will pop up all of the messages meeting the criteria in the group you are in.

      My group lost all of the files that were in folders. They are ALL GONE! Approving messages on moderation requires that I refresh the screen each time that I look at one and and approve.

      There is no place to change your group homepage description.

      If someone joins via e-mail you see NOTHING on the pending page. Just a blank line. You can no longer contact the pending member either.

      This new update STINKS! It doesn’t work. Thinking of a new place to move my group.

  • SentPacking

    Yahoo’s NEO groups redesign is a complete and utter failure. As moderator of three groups with a membership of over 7000 unique users, I will be moving my groups off Yahoo ASAP if they don’t return to the previous functional version.

  • GeoffH

    Marissa Mayer!
    Instead of spending your shareholder’s money on acquisitions, spend it on programmers who know what they are doing.
    The MORONS you are employing MUST be 1st year drop-outs if the NEO catastrophe is anything to go by.
    In all my years using the Internet, I have NEVER come across something as truly broken as NEO is.
    I thought Microsoft was the king of change for change sake, but you appear hell bent on taking over from them.
    You are treating your users with total disdain, as is evident from the way you and your management are ignoring the growing mountain of complaints.
    Geoff – No longer recommending Yahoo

  • TedC

    I pity the thousands of small companies that relied on YG to provide an information and discussion resource for their customers. Neo is a disaster that will tarnish Yahoo’s image for years to come.

  • WarhamPark

    Yahoo appears to be wishing themselves the Death Wish of all Death Wishes … as with Neo they may as well take a gun to their head and have a shoot-out of what little is left between their ears.
    Yahoo has not even a jot of a clue as to what group owners and moderators want … but is giving them what they don’t want … a load of crappy Neo trash that fails to work, looks awful and with any luck, could kill Yahoo off if they persist in mending what’s not broken but failing to mend what is broken … the management and so-called designers who live on another planet at Yahoo!

  • Neffie

    I hate the the new weather page. Background too dark and busy looking, nowhere can I find the dew point anymore (the true indicator of how humid a day is going to be). It SUCKS!!

  • molly

    Yahoo seems to have shot themselves in the foot with their NEO groups. Nothing in them work. Its a total disaster. Do all these ppl look like happy campers? Over 36,000 ppl can’t be wrong…


  • john

    Hate it. how can i keep my old home page ? if i cant i will move on. f… you very much.

  • Carol

    Add one more very unhappy user. Maybe the clients should be considered and not the ego of some techies!!! It’s too crowded, it’s unfriendly, and it’s UNWORKABLE!!!! What more do you need to know, yahoo?

  • Susquehanna

    Yahoo has killed yahoo groups. Impossible to use. Yahoogroups users will be leaving in droves. What were they thinking? It’s a horrid mess.

  • Eric

    I’ve followed the Yahoo sports site for many years now and have endured changes along the way. But this is too much. Yahoo has turned what was highly functional and navigable sports site into a quagmire of distorted and jumbled text and images with little rhyme or reason. I’m all for a little change, but not for the worse. I will be going elsewhere for sports information now.

  • Paula

    The new format is total CRAP and after 10 years as a Yahoo Group Member, I am leaving.

  • John

    Yahoo! once again demonstrates that it does not care about customers. NEO is clunky, bug-ridden, hard to use, and Yahoo! crammed it down everyone’s throat without any warning or any explanation how to use it.