Yahoo Mail Still Frustrates Users A Month After Switch

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Yahoo Mail Still Frustrates Users A Month After Switch
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Last month, Yahoo finally killed Yahoo Mail Classic, about six months after launching a major redesign for Yahoo Mail. During most of the first half of the year, users still had the option to use the old version, but starting the week of June 3rd, older versions went away, forcing users to use the redesigned experience.

No big deal right? Companies redesign their products all the time. Usually it’s for the better, and the inevitable complaints from users who don’t like change die down after a short time. Well, this time, the complaints have been fast and steady, and are still going strong over a month after Yahoo made the final switch. A lot of users really just don’t seem to be happy.

Do you use Yahoo Mail? Do you like or dislike the new version? Do you miss Yahoo Mail Classic? Let us know in the comments.

It was quite evident right when Yahoo pulled the plug on Yahoo Mail Classic that some were pretty displeased. We even felt it necessary to write about this back then because there were just so many complaints. An article about this we ran in the WebProNews newsletter still continues to get search traffic on a daily basis, accompanied by more and and more complaints in the comments.

Let’s look at a few examples:

“I loved it now I hate it. I cannot do any of the things I did before the middle of June 2013. When I reply I cannot use the spell ck the bold etc. I cannot edit something to forward it as I could before or just send a reply without all the previous conversations. If it does not get back to normal or better I will be forced to get rid of it which I hate as all my friends and companies have my e mail address. Who ever was the brain that changed something that was working well needs to be fired. Next time ask people if they would like the change. I guess because it is free one cannot complain so my next step is to move on. I hope Yahoo gets the message. AOL seems to be the best next default mail. Also it seems to be one long e mail of all the sent and resent things so if you want to keep some of it guess what you have to keep all of it pics etc.”

“I think the new Yahoo webmail is atrocious, it’s a crime to force people to use such a piece of junk. It’s slow, ignores clicks, seems to repeat clicks and delete items you were expecting to delete. In terms of design, it’s awful. The size of emails is no longer on the main list, so you can’t defer opening large emails until later. You cannot adjust the size of columns. The folder list rolls off when you scroll the email list. You cannot easily delete multiple emails from the main list at once — you have to go one by one…

“I’ve been having problems with my Yahoo e-mail ever since I switched over from classic. The biggest problem is that the e-mails don’t load correctly when I click on them, leaving a blank screen, and requiring me to close the message, and click on it again, and again, and again; in order to get the message to load. Often, after multiple attempts, I have to refresh the whole page and start over just to finally get the message to load.”

“Also, though there is a supposed procedure available for users to opt-out of receiving ads; when I tried to opt-out of all advertising, it did not work correctly, and gave me a message something like: You have successfully opted out of receiving ads from 84 providers, but the process failed with these 16 companies”

“The same thing happened with the Ad Partners opt-out… And so, even though I took the time to opt-out, I am still bombarded with annoying ads; and further, I don’t know what content in my e-mails they are scanning, but the ads are totally irrelevant to me, dating services (I’m married), credit scores (not interested), criminal background checks (I’m not hiring at this time), English lessons (LOL), the list of irrelevant ads goes on and on.”

“Yet even though I receive literally hundreds of e-mails per day from my horse racing website (clockerscorner.com), I have not seen one single horse racing related ad, EVER; which leads me to believe that in fact, Yahoo isn’t attempting to send me ads which are relevant to me (although it sounds good), but instead, Yahoo is just bombarding me with ads from whichever advertisers they have available at the time.”

“For all of the above reasons, I think the time has come to abandon my Yahoo account. The problem is that I have been using it for about nine years, and I have messages being forwarded to that account from other accounts, so let’s just say it won’t be easy to migrate away from Yahoo, which I suspect is what they are counting on, that they have 280 million users’ proverbial “nuts” in a vise.”

That’s just three comments with close to two hundred upvotes among them. There are hundreds more where those came from if you want to read them.

Even a simple Twitter search for “Yahoo Mail” returns a seemingly endless amount of people experiencing issues with the service or just complaining about it in general. Here are a few just from the past hour. Again, this is a month after Yahoo Mail Classic was shut down, and there are plenty more.

Suffice it to say, the Yahoo Mail Twitter account has been busy with replies. So has the Yahoo Customer Care Twitter account that the Yahoo Mail account has been referring people to. So has the Yahoo Mail Support team at the Yahoo Help Community where the Yahoo Customer Care Twitter account has been referring people.

Now to be fair, there are probably a substantial number of users who are fine with the changes. Yahoo Mail has a ton of users, and content users of any product tend to be less vocal about their experiences than disgruntled users. This is perhaps a sad reality, but it is the truth. That said, this is a lot of complaining to still be occurring over a month after a product’s final roll-out – a product, let’s remember, that has actually been available since December.

Even the guy who ran Yahoo Mail since 2009 left the company (he now works at Disney), and rumor has it that his departure was not amicable, and that he left because he didn’t see eye-to-eye with CEO Marissa Mayer on her decision to overhaul Yahoo Mail.

And we haven’t even touched on Yahoo’s plan to give away inactive account IDs and email addresses, which at least one noted security expert has called “moronic”. That situation has its own set of opponents.

On the positive side, Yahoo did recently add some new Flickr integration to Yahoo Mail.

Is the new Yahoo Mail an improvement over the old one? For any of you who are actually happy with the product, here’s your chance to speak up and counter the naysayers. Let us know in the comments.

Yahoo Mail Still Frustrates Users A Month After Switch
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  • http://www.powerweeder.com mal C

    yes to all of the above-i click on an email to delete(spam) and it opens it-i click on an email to read and sumtimes it deletes it, then i have to go to trash to find it.if i have to reply to a few emails i go to basic mail then change back after. i’m not quitting as i like yahoo, but i sure hope they fix it soon, or like many say let us have classic back as our choice???

  • R Guenther

    I have had it with yahoo mail I am quitting and moving to gmail.

  • Frank

    Till a few weeks ago I used the payed yahoo mail plus version for 7 years in a row. Yahoo lost a customer. I discontinued the paid service since I am forced to use the “new” interface. I don’t like it, there are things I cannot do anymore (like blocking entire domains, now only individual E-mail addresses can be blocked). The new purple interface also looks awful, tasteless. I used the they called “classic” interface for >7 years and was very happy about it, one of the reasons I chose yahoo as my main E-mail client. Now Yahoo mail has dropped in the dirt for me. It’s just like all others. Not to mention the scanning of the content issue. For me I don’t care as long as I could use the classic interface, but now they crossed a line of user unfriendliness. I am going to look for alternatives…

  • http://voidjudgements.net Jeff S.

    Don’t like it, at all.

  • http://Yahoonewemail Laura Smith

    Dreadful. Didn’t they test it first? One problem after another. Now cannot edit a forwarded email. Give us a break – we need a workable server. Not FRUSTRATION

  • melba Feemster

    The NUT that came up with the change ought to be FIRED!!

    and many , many Cuss words!!!!!

    “if it’s not broke don”t fix it”

  • G2K

    Luckily, I don’t use the web to view my Yahoo mail. I stopped after they started changing things around approx. a year or so ago. I use Thunderbird on all of my personal computers for all of my mail accounts including Yahoo Mail. On my iPad, I use Mail. Fortunately, I don’t really depend on reading the latest messages that I receive through Yahoo mail.

  • joe dohn

    every few years they do this, and it gets worse each time.
    They should send the programmers to, say, Siberia, I read that there is much labor needed.

    And the decisinmakers, too.

    I have a paid email account and am forced to use this crap?

  • Chris

    The new yahoo mail SUCKS buckets of ASS ! I want my classic back !

  • Augusta

    I want my old Yahoo Classic Restored !!! Why couldn’t the person keep the original format when upgrading???? What was He thinking ?
    The original was perfect. No complaints !! How can we get back the original look?????
    Augusta Simone

  • rishi

    I have been a regular yahoo user. I would say, the company is doing a WOW job. Sometimes these decisions are taken, like testing a new platform and there is a learning curve. We should not relate this to negative performance of Yahoo, but how Yahoo care for its subscribers.

    God Knows, you are going to get a new version soon.

  • J

    Melissa Meyer needs a overhaul. This new mail is the worst. Cannot read unread only no pages of emails I can look,through if I wish. It is the worst. Time like coke did to bring back claccic.

  • Glenn

    For those of us who access or organize by personal relevance, the Yahoo homepage is also a mess and obviously advertising revenue is driving some of this. For the first time I am considering a switch.

    EMAIL: I have used Yahoo for personal email since the Yahoo Startup. Navigating Yahoo email is more than irritating……it may stall frequently or it may not respond at all.

    Marissa Mayer may be building a better portal, but if Yahoo remains unresponsive to user complaints the exodus will start.

    • edward teyssier

      I don’t think that this change was an accident. I think Yahoo is trying to get people to move. I just wish they’d mad-up and say so before burdening us with this “switch”.

  • http://bahur.com bahur


  • Ginger

    Ugh! We now have ‘stars’ instead of flags and retrieving flagged/starred email is difficult. Just generally confusing and I’m NOT getting used to it. Emails don’t load properly and then time out causing me to reload.

  • http://webpronews.com r. walker

    I want my Yahoo Classic back now!

    This is the worst “improvement” in anything I have ever seen. It may look cool, but it is absolutely USELESS. Change back, or expect me to look elsewhere, even if I have to pay to do so.

    I positively HATE this change. The non-functionality is amazing. “New” is garbage if it is unworkable.

  • edward teyssier

    The new yahoo email is a terrible downgrade from what they had before. The only explanation is that AT&T doesn’t want to provide email services anymore so this change is to get everyone to start migrating to other internet providers. But, sheesh! Why not simply say so and then give everyone sufficient notice that you’re closing it down?

  • http://www.lizmoneyweb.com/ Lizzie

    I really had a hard time too. I just switched to classic view to be able to read my emails. The new one takes ages to load. Not only that, most of the time, it is just loading white/blank screen. I keep on refreshing for nothing!

  • Jackie

    I am having a horrible time actually getting any emails to delete. Very bad design.

  • edward teyssier

    We need a good article on how to get out from under the new Yahoo email interface. I really don’t want to change my email address but the new email version is unworkable. Can I transfer to a new email provider and keep my existing email address?

  • http://internetexpoler Joe Sigety

    the new yahoo mail suckes only had for a short time but,it not even close to the classic e-mail very slow very difficult to send mail to several address at same time lots of problems no good !!!!

  • Joseph M. Calisi

    Where do I begin to complain about the new Yahoo?

    When I checked email addresses, I could do ‘To’, CC and Bcc athe same time – now I have to do it separately

    I’m a photojournalist and have had to re-login while I was attaching images and start over

    Logging out is a problem as I’m forced to update a profile I don’t have

    I like using 12 point type – from email to email I compose, the size changes

    I can’t cut’n’paste email addresses from a previous e-mail to another new one

    Using Yahoo Mail is now a more laborious process than ever before

    Navigation is more difficult as I don’t always get to where I want to go

    The only thing I like is to drag and drop images into a new email

    There’s more negatives but I don’t remember everything right now

    The bottom line is – BRING BACK CLASSIC – It was much easier to use!!!!!!! I know the new version makes money for them but what a price as a user!

  • sharon

    I want my classic yahoo back. I don’t know why anyone would change to what we had & expect people to be satisfied with it. It is not worth crappppp. I hope who ever did this has the good sense to know that it is no good & changes it back.

  • lee surowiec

    I do not like , nor do I want the new email set-up …
    I want classic restored

  • Debbie

    I have not been happy with the new Yahoo at all. Sometimes, it won’t show me the email in my inbox and it will delete stuff I didn’t mark to delete. Sometimes, I can’t respond to emails. Other times I can’t edit. I don’t like the extremely limited fonts. I pretty much think it sucks.

  • Johnny

    I hate the new Yahoo. I had been subscribing to the Yahoo Plus mail for at least 8 years and was content with both the email format and the price. Now it is free but terrible. Slower, more combersome … just plain stupid.
    Scan THIS.

  • http://foxfire Betty

    I hate the new mail

  • Harry Marbury


  • Rick M.

    They have taken something “Awfully Simple, and turned it into something Simply Awful!”

  • dick timm

    Horrible, and the worst thing is that there is no redress. Its predecessor has been killed. Looks as if I have to move out of Yahoo to save my sanity.

  • http://www.pranavaj.net Pranav Ajgaonkar

    I no longer use my old yahoo a/c it is one of my oldest active a/c i hold.

    I moved over to gmail the 1 month when the new interface was introduce it was too slow and the experiences of quickness the classic provided was lost.

  • Norman

    I had Yahoo Classic until 7-8-13, when it wouldn’t work any more. I was forced to except the new format, which lets me read 8 or 9 E-mails before telling me to clear the messages which I don’t have. I have to reboot to resolve the problem. This is a time consuming process since I only have an old Gateway from yesteryear, as well as I’m old too. Why the bright programers thought this one up, must hate old people, want to get rid of us like some old pile of books. Find another site? I know, you couldn’t care less. But that’s just what many will do. Too bad, but then, we are only the little people who give the others jobs.

  • Donald Gaines

    NO, NO, NO I have just dumped them yesterday and will never go back. Formerly captaindon53@yahoo.com

  • Sullivan

    My two cents for the new yahoo email program is it is crap, crappy, crappier and crappiest! I echo everyone above and WANT MY CLASSIC ACCOUNT BACK!

  • ceebee

    First Yahoo! destroyed Flickr and now they have wrecked Mail… and behind it are changes to enable scanning of your mail to push advertising.

  • lexy

    It’s horrible I hate it. When will you listen to the voice
    of the people. Give me my old classic yahoo back. It was clean
    and easy to navigate. This piece of junk is disgusting.


    very displease. I guess I will just have to switch over to Gmail

  • http://internetexoyer pat

    I want yahoo mail classic back or I will go to some other mai

  • http://yahoo Nancy vernand

    I hate it. You have made it very complicated to suit your damn needs. You utt in to my personal business..suggest bullshit you have no business reading in the first place. Set up stupoid lists that I certainly want removed. This is my business and I want you out of it! This is a mess. Yahoo classic had class. This must saved you money or something. If you think for one minute you are going to play me like Facebook does, I am gone for good. Stay out of my business. If I delete something, I want to never see it again so get rid of it. Do not suggest any lists for me. Stay out of my business. This is very difficult to use..your e-mail sucks and he mos favorite words you use are OOPS we have encountered an error blah blah or We can’t locate the page you are searching for which usually means all e-mail and anything i have stored. Whoops, try again it will work again shortly….yeah you guys really blew it. All I can say is that this is the biggest pain in the ass anyone coold dream up. It is a hassle..always will be..No one likes it and it will not be long before you are gone and totally replacd by brilliance. and convenience. This sucks big time.

    • http://yahoo Nancy vernand


  • Dickson

    Very unpleasant with the new mail reader. It is poorly design with many “decision pull down” floating around the screen. The positioning is out of control. I choose basic instead of premium on the switching page. Many and many malfunction being experience to the extend not wanting to spell any further……… In fact i do not want to switch and was force to do so…… the new version simply does not work well. Of course it is yahoo place. Yahoo can do anything he likes.

  • john

    New Yahoo mail is very frustrating,slow,confusing,and riddled with annoying gliches.

  • Martin

    I agree with all the others. I LOVED Yahoo email…with them 15+ years/never considered changing/no way. Now I HATE it. I understand new systems are hard to learn/ where the right buttons are/people don’t like change. But that is not why I HATE it. The new system didn’t take the old one and make it simplier and add more to it. The new system does SO MUCH LESS than the old Classic one. Just read the comments of all the things mail no longer does.

    I am so frustrated. If the Classic doesn’t come back I am looking to go where has convenience of the old Classic email. It will be a big hassle to change email address but not as bad as trying to live with this new screwed up new email

  • http://www.technogadge.com Sandy

    New Yahoo mail interface is a complete failure. Lots of yahoo users hate the new version. Need proof? Since 2011 my article on switching to classic mail (http://www.technogadge.com/how-to-switch-back-to-yahoo-mail-classic/) received more than 1 million page views. If users love the new (broken) baby, why would they want to switch?

    Looks like they have orders not provide any customer support on this issue. This is wrong & will surely harm yahoo. They could have easily kept both the versions running. I moved my important mails to own hosted account. But that is not possible for all users. So other providers will get a share of the pie from this Yahoo drama.

  • http://www.opace.co.uk Internet Marketing Company

    I’ve never been a fan of Yahoo, with other options such as gmail it’s hard to imagine why anyone would go with Yahoo for mail..

  • http://www.easypaydayrevolution.com Gary

    For as long as I can remember Yahoo as always given the OPTION to use the new version or not. Why they would go away from this now I have no idea. I am ALL for moving forward and getting new things. But there should always be the option for those who do not like the new version to be able to use the classic version. I just do not see how this hurts or effects them in anyway at all? Why can’t we all just have our classic version back?

  • Georgia

    I’m sick and tired of Yahoo continually making changes that don’t improve a @%*# thing..Why does Yahoo continue to “fix” what is not broken?
    If the employees are so bored that they have to mess up what works..maybe they should just do their nails or drink on the job to kill time. Why change what works?

  • Martin

    The new Yahoo Mail is terrible compared to Classic and I can’t live with it. I contacted Yahoo’s Board of Directors and you should too.


  • Georgia

    This so called help community is absurd. I attempted to complain but when I was asked for my security questions, & jumping through their other hoops – just to make a complaint – when my ID and password should suffice. If this doesn’t change I’m leaving Yahoo.

  • Chuck

    Yahoo mail now takes forever to load, and often freezes in various browsers. Half of the content is hidden, such as the “from” email, so you can’t just copy and paste an email, it takes two extra steps. Nearly every time I use it I encounter some type of glitch. I absolutely hate it and after 10 years and migrating to my own proprietary email account. Goodbye Yahoo, your corporate reputation as idiots is well deserved.

  • Charles

    The new Yahoo!Mail stinks. Give me back the classic. The ew system is confusing and useless

  • Gary McGee

    I have a problem with yahoo’s new mail it seems that there is no more auto fill features (auto e-mail sign-in) etc. I get an invalid ID or password on e-mail accounts that I have been using for several years. This fix for this problem according to yahoo’s help site is so complicated that most users will never get be able to do so.

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