Yahoo Finance Gets A Web Refresh

    November 8, 2013
    Chris Crum
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Earlier this week, Yahoo announced the launch of a new Yahoo Finance app for the iPhone and iPad. Today, the company follows up that news with the launch of a new web experience for the service.

Here’s what that looks like:

“This clean new design aims to provide you with access to the stocks you care about, a stream of relevant business news, deeper data integration, and more,” says Yahoo Finance head of product, Emily Jipson. “One of the first changes you’ll notice is a list of stocks at the top left, which makes monitoring the companies that you care about easy from any page on Yahoo Finance.”

“The new Yahoo Finance Portfolio lets you sync your brokerage accounts for a real-time view of your performance,” she adds. “Now, it’s faster and easier to see your best and worst performing investments, right from the new Finance homepage.”

Yahoo has also integrated the Markets section with the homepage. There’s a new calendar feature that lets users see the day’s market-moving events. Trending Tickers lets users stocks that are trending among Yahoo Finance other users.

The release comes just as rival Google Finance has publicly criticized during the Twitter IPO.

  • mardix

    no good

  • abc

    It wiped out all my stocks i had loaded on my iphone… in the past 2 years ive had to reload my symbols because they just vanish…… deleted the app…maybe will look at later.. unreliable app. Great for pc though

  • gary

    Yahoo Finance head of product, Emily Jipson, I have used Yahoo Finance for many years. I have had my portfolio “erased” many times and my account deleted many times for no explained reason. I have also had many issues with Yahoo and how much control they have on their own products. For this to be understood, all one has to do is go to Yahoo Finance/DUK/message board and read the posts there. ONE person posts daily, 15 posts a minute, title only with no content, changing his post name by adding a number to it for the last year with hundreds of abuse reports. Yahoo can not even stop ONE denial of service attack at the IPS level, so WHY would we TRUST yahoo for anything at all. Emily Jipson, you are either a figure head with NO control, or, totally ineffective in your job. I suspect both. NO, you can not have my “REAL” account information. You can not control your product, at all.

  • jehus

    it fucking sucks where do I find ipo listings

  • JPSjr

    It wasn’t broken to begin with.

    By trying to fix it, you broke it.

  • Mark B