Xbox One Games Are Apparently Too Real


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With this latest generation of games, Microsoft and Sony are promising games that look and feel more real than ever before. Microsoft took this line of thinking to the extreme with a new trailer that's a little creepy.

In a new trailer for Ryse: Son of Rome, Microsoft creates an almost horror film-like atmosphere of where the events of the game have an effect on a person. When the player character is cut across the chest, the player finds that he himself now has a deep chest wound. When cut across the forehead, he finds a wound on his forehead. Not gonna lie - that's a little creepy.

Despite setting up what could be an excellent B-horror flick, Microsoft is just trying to say that games are only going to get more realistic from here on out. With support for Unreal Engine 4 baked into both the PS4 and Xbox One, hyperrealistic games could certainly be a possibility if recent tech demos are to be believed.

The above trailer wasn't the only video released today as Microsoft felt it needed to pat itself on the back for selling over 3 million consoles since launch. It's certainly a major achievement and should be congratulated. It just feels a little hollow when the company is tooting its own horn, but hey, accolade trailers are always like that.

Image via xbox/YouTube