Xbox 720 To Feature Anti-Used Game System

    January 25, 2012
    Zach Walton
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Rumors can be strange and wonderful things, but rarely ever both. The new Xbox 720 rumors fall under both categories.

Kotaku is reporting that their sources have told them that the next Xbox, dubbed the 720 for obvious reasons, is updating everything about the console for a release in 2013.

The sources are claiming first and foremost that the next Xbox will do away with the DVD format opting for Sony’s industry standard Blu-ray format. A Blu-ray disc can hold either 25 or 50 GB and easily best the DVD’s paltry 9 GB.

The sources also claim that the next Xbox will ship with an improved Kinect sensor that would further Microsoft’s plans of having Kinect invade every living room around the world. They say that the new Kinect would feature an on-board processor, a feature cute from the original Kinect. This would allow the Kinect to detect motion more effectively while freeing up the resources of the actual console to do the heavy lifting when it comes to games.

The most interesting rumor to come out all of this though is the potential for Microsoft to equip the console with some kind of software that would prevent the playing of used games. This could either be done through tying each game to a person’s account or through something hardware related. It’s too early to tell and don’t take it as fact just yet. A move like that would be drastic and anger a large portion of the gaming community who rely on stores like GameStop to obtain cheap used copies of games.

Reports from IGN also indicate that Microsoft will be using AMD’s Radeon 6000 series of graphics cards to power their console. This would put the next Xbox at about six to eight times more powerful than the current Xbox 360 and two times more powerful than Nintendo’s Wii U console expected to launch later this year.

Fudzilla is also reporting that the CPU for the Xbox 720’s development kits are already going into production for a late 2013 release. Those within the industry are saying that Microsoft is on track to deliver Xbox 720 dev kits to developers as early as March of this year.

As with all rumors, especially the anti-used game system, take them with a grain of salt. If any of this is true, we should hear more about it in the months leading up to E3 in June.

  • mckinnley

    honestly, this is a move in the right direction. used game sales should be considered the exact same thing as piracy in my opinion since somebody can obtain a copy of the game and play it as much as they want without giving the developer a single cent.

    • Cowboy

      mckinnley you are wrong. If you buy a game, the developer already got the money for it. Its the same as buying a used car. You bought the car, if you dont like it, or need it anymore, you should be able to sell it. Same example with anything sold on craigslist.

      Devs only problem is that they dont want people with a used game to play on their servers for multiplayer. Which is why EA has online passes. Even though that game has been payed for once. It shouldnt matter, the games aren’t multiplying…its one game fully payed for at one point in time.

    • drew

      anyone who thinks an anti used game system is a good thing must have alot of money to throw away. if this was true there could be no more game rentals from blockbuster and you couldn’t even lend your mates game to see if its worth spending money on. i would hate to buy a game and find out its crap then not be able to sell it on to anybody because of some stupid anti used game system. elitist whoppers!

  • jarrod

    not the gamers problem make the games alot cheaper

  • jaredstar

    @mckinnley WRONG, The fact of the matter is that used game sales are not piracy they are the product of our free market economy. heres an example i find out that a friend of the family has a game i want. i convince him to sell it to me for lets say 15 dollars so on the appointed day we trade the money for the game (of which the developer never sees a cent) used game sales are simply a transfer of owner ship from one person to the next (with gamestop for instance taking the place of one of the people) tell me have you ever rented a movie or game or borrowed a movie from a friend then you good sir are a pirate (by the standards you seem to have set forth)

  • BlueTyphoid


  • Toast

    This information doesn’t matter, we’ll all be dead on Dec. 21st anyway.

    • jaredstar

      dude the decedents of the mayans say that this 2012 thing is crap. This world will end when it ends

  • pandaBear7109

    I don’t see how they could do used games hardware based, if my console broke and I had to get a new one then all of my games wouldn’t be able to work on the new console. They would screw over thousands of customers that would get faulty consoles (maybe even tens of thousands if they have another RROD disaster), if they did do this then it would have to be associated with the gamertag. Either way if it becomes true it’s a shit move by a company looking to maximize it’s bottom line.

    • Cowboy

      I’m sure xbox will do what they have always done, and tie it to your account. (such as license agreements, ect.)

  • gauthier

    Awesome. So if the rumours are true, you’ll have an increasingly difficult time finding a playable copy of games more than a couple of years old, but I guess developers all make enough money that they don’t notice when you don’t play the earlier games by buying them used, love them, and pre-order the next one. And I guess they don’t want money from the DLC you might buy if you like a used game you bought, either.

    As for gamers on budgets, it’s not like they generally buy used games because they can’t afford $60+ for a new copy of every game they’re interested in and know full well that many major titles often don’t see much of a price drop until the next installment comes out.