Wynonna Judd’s Husband Loses Leg In Motorcycle Crash

    August 21, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Wynonna Judd, who only recently married husband Cactus Moser in June, is now at his side in a South Dakota hospital as he undergoes painful surgeries to repair the damage done in a motorcycle accident.

The couple were both riding bikes in Deadwood, South Dakota on August 18th when Moser crossed the center line and struck a car, throwing him from the bike. One of his legs was severed at the scene, and doctors later determined they would have to amputate above the knee. He has also endured surgery on his hand. The driver of the car was not injured, and Judd was not involved.

“The outpouring of prayer and support from friends, family and fans has been a blessing to both Cactus and I,” she said in a statement. “Cactus is a champion. I love him deeply and I will not leave his side.”

Moser apparently didn’t have a license to operate a motorcycle and has been citied for it, as well as for crossing the center line. Judd, meanwhile, has cancelled upcoming tour dates so she can remain at her husband’s side. Her Twitter account hasn’t been updated since the day of the accident; the last post involves a contest for concert-goers.

The shows affected by the accident were scheduled for Canada this week; her regular tour schedule can be found here.

  • margaret heller

    i am so sorry to hear of this horrible accident. i hope he will be ok. and wyonna will be alright. many prayer’s will come and go, but i will say them as i go. god will be there by your side and walk you through these troubled times. everyone know’s only time will tell, but god will know when it’s to go. you be by his side while the day’s go by. for he will know you love him so. i wish the best for both of you while these times go by. many day’s will be hard you know but you will have to show that faith will glow. and god will take you by his side. may god be with both of you. margaret

  • Jim Smith

    I feel for the guy, however, being from South Dakota I feel just because you are married to a singer does not give you a right to ride in our state without a motorcycle license. The accident was his fault and he was putting everybody on the road in danger. You Hollywood types should take notice of this

    • teresa

      I am also from South Dakota but I have to disagree that it was his fault. Harley Davidson is at fault from Rapid City. Just because you are a star they shouldn’t have let them rent a motorcycle. They knew they didn’t have a license. They are at fault!

    • http:/janiceromney.com Janice Romney

      To every negative comment, I pray for the power of even greater sympathy and love to pour from heaven and from the hearts of every loving human being to Wynoma & Cactus. And for those whose words sting with criticism lets pray for their ignorance and superiority that fuels the destruction of what should be a country of unity, a world of peace, a people of open hearts that love – simply love.

  • debbie hardgrave

    i will pray for you and him i saw you many times in concert with your mom and with out you rock is your husband in highway 101 you did a show there in palm springs along time ago with them love you hope for the best for you both. debbie

  • http://facebook sandra

    I wish him a speedy recovery and hope he will learn from this terrible accident just learn to do the right thing especially after you been warned and like the true saying saids keep doing wrong and it will catch up with you sooner or later

  • Lori

    well she finally found a man that cant run away from her…

    • http://YAHOO TURNER


    • Kathy

      That was totally not called for. No one should make light of anyone’s suffering. Karma is a powerful thing.

    • http://google Arabella

      First of all,Wynonna and Moses,I am sorry about the motorcycle accident. The remark about Moses not being able to run from you,Wynonna,was a crude remark! Second,one of my Aunt-in-laws was a very large woman that was a double amputee. She was a very determined,stubborn one,if I should say so myself! Ruth learned not only how to get use to one prosthesis,but;two! Almost every day(Sometimes several times a day.) She would climb three(3)flights of stairs to get to the apartment where she and her husband lived. Three flights! Ruth was well over 300lbs. NEVER say NEVER because if a woman that large,with a double prosthesis, can do it;so can anyone else if they put their mind to it! Given the new,advanced technology,Moses will be up and
      running wherever he decides to go! Hopefully not away from you,Wynonna!LOL Almost 41 years ago I was hit,head-on,by an uninsured,drunk driver. I suffered major facial,internal,external and foot and leg injuries along with a spinal injury. Only a few hours was I given to live. On the same date,13 years later,I died briefly from massive blood clots in both lungs and my heart quit! 47 surgeries later(Mostly from the head-on collision)I still walk several blocks to town. There was a time when a cane was necessary,even a walker for awhile,but;with determination and God I live a fairly normal life except for a lot of pain and much needed,extensive dental reconstruction. Moses,get well real soon!You can do it!

    • ellie revert

      This is such a cruel thing to say.

    • pinkpan10

      You are a terrible individual.!!!!!!

    • Heathero

      Classy. Maybe you should get your facts straight before posting. She left her 1st husband and her 2nd husband molested a child. So your statement is inaccurate and shows how very ignorant you are. Not to mention it was a very classless thing to say. Hopefully God will have mercy on you and you won’t have something even more horrible than losing a leg happen to you.

  • katy springer

    I agree with everything Jim Smith from South Dakota says…I have a daughter who rides, and it is motorcyclists on the wrong side of the road that put us all in danger; as car drivers, we need to look out for motorcyclists…not only for their safety but also our’s! And to drive without a license says it all….there are rules to follow….for cars and bikers! He put everyone’s life in danger when he made a bad choice. I am sorry for Wynonna to have to go through this. I was on the back of a bike with my husband and we went off a mountain road; he hurt his ankle badly and it affected him his whole life….and he was a veteran of the vietnam war. I know how difficult it is to watch someone you love go through such trauma. Philadelphia, PA Please drive safely…everyone!

  • Carol & Ruth Perdue

    Just wanted to extend our caring for Wynnona & Moses as they travel the long road of his recovery! Difficult times can draw you much closer than you ever were. Hang in there with each other! I am a nurse
    and I believe, no matter what happened, compassion is so important to/for the patient! I cannot even imagine the physical pain he is experiencing, as well as your emotional pain, Wynnona, and we are praying for comfort and strength during this difficult time!

  • http://yahoo Ginger

    No matter what it’s a damn shame people have to learn their leasons the hard way ! My husband had left his helmet at home on the dresser and was hit and killed by someone. It was a hit and run and no investigation what so ever. I was left with four children to raise alone. God bless and wear your helmet !!

    • Mel V

      Please DO NOT let the law get by with no investigation, stay on them till they investigate. The person responsible needs to pay. Thats not right.

      • Christianne S Ash

        It was an accident! Only Cactus can say why he crossed the line. I pray that the Lord will lay His loving, healing and comforting hands upon Cactus and Wynonna and guide the drs to apply proper medical treatment, that he heals quickly, thoroughly and not suffer with pain(now and future) and Lord please keep Wynonna in your comforting arms as she gives of herself to her husband. I thank-you Lord for Blessing us with their talents and being their strength and healer. In Jesus Mighty Name, AMEN.

  • http://yahoo ellie bow

    So sorry and hopefully recovery will be easily managed, both physically and mentally..hang in there

  • http://WynonnaJuddhusbandmotorcycleaccident Bill

    Me being a motorcycle rider for over 40 yrs and have a rod in my left leg from an accident 5 yrs ago and still a very avid rider. The accident has nothing to do without having a license. Accidents happen in whatever type of vehicle. I wish him a a speedy recovery and all the best. I live within 10 miles of them and hopefully will see them around and personally give him encouragement. I am amazed all the negative comments ref Wy…this isn’t about her. God Bless them and praying for ya.

  • ann l dukes

    Wynonna and Moses…my thoughts and prayers are with you now…hopefully you will have a speedy recovery. I was a biker when i was younger…God Bless

  • Madeline

    I’ll never understand how some people can make jokes about others tragedies. This man is very lucky to be alive. These peoples lives are now forever changed in the blink of an eye. Recovery will be a long, and difficult road for them both. I don’t see the humor in any of it.

  • Mrs Wanda Boyd

    All my prayers go up for you Cactus and Wynnona and the family, you be better Cactus and up running in know time , what they do with artificail legs now is amazing, they have ones that out controled by little computor, I’m sure Wy will get you the best which is this one I am talking about, just take time and heal and do what doctor say, it might seem long to you both but not really, I ask the Lord to ease the pain your going thru now and you be back playing those drum’s, we love you guy, and Wy you hang in their gal, we know you can do it and yes it will bring you two closer with you by his bed-side, we love you both very much………will they be stat flying him home or what, God Bless You both as you go thru this tragic situation, forget what other hard heart people say, they need pray too. Hugs Wanda Boys , Louisville,Ky

  • Lilly

    I am so sorry you both have to go thru this. I pray for healing of your body and heart in this time.
    I do echo others peoples sentiments though about following the rules. If you didn’t have the license to ride the bike, then you had no business being on the bike. Because of a very bad, if not stupid choice made, the lives of both your families and the other driver and their family will be forever affected and changed.

  • Zee

    My prayers are with you and yours during this time of loss and gain. The loss is the leg; the gain is a new level of faith and unity. When you look at the overall picture, this is a minor thing. God has a plan and He is in total control. Rest in this knowledge and be at peace with Him. It ain’t over. The best is yet to come. You have each other, and God. That’s ALL you need!

  • http://facebook Sue

    I wish a speedy recovery for you both and the only thing that matters is that you get well!

  • Chris Hunter

    He did not have a license and had already been cited for it. He is very lucky he did not kill or injure anyone else as he crossed over the center line.

    • Christianne S Ash

      Sorry that yoou feel this way, I’m sure that he has been “disciplined” quite well. You don’t know the circumstances as to why he crossed that line. I highly doubt that a bike is going to injure or kill anyone else-unless the driver of a car overreacts. It is not up to us to Judge Nor Convict anyone, but remember Chris, YOU Will be judged. I hope God doesn’t quote your uncompassionate comment back to you when that Judgement comes. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Please remember- No one is perfect, not even you.

      • Chris Hunter

        Well, Christianne, let’s see who’s right later on. Their new marriage will likely now fail too as his middle leg is going to be cut off at the base too. Would you recommend the Ash will stay long time now? No more ‘love you long time’, you betcha.

  • BARB

    Praying for a speedy recovery and god guides you and him through this very difficult time. your in my thoughts and prayers. thinking of you both. hang in there girl!!

  • curt judah

    Its a sad thing, but all the suggestions of whoes fault it is even makes it more sad. When we do thing wrong knowing its wrong we are stupid, maybe riding a motorcycle you are not familiar with. Call it that you like, But in a two vehile wreck the two wheeled vehicle always looses. So if you young bucks think different, let me know how you feel when you been here eighty three years. so be carefull yall, And I really hope and pray that the JUDDS completely heal physically, spiritally and what ever they need.

  • Heathero

    I never knew there were so many perfect people in this world, and they have all decided to post here. Do you really think a piece of plastic in his wallet indicating that he was a licensed motorcycle rider would have prevented this? Should you have a license to operate a motorcycle? Absolutely! But it would not have made a difference here! Not to mention, he has paid a very high price with his injuries. I just hope you all have a license to ride your high horses.