World’s Oldest Living Man Just Turned 115

    April 20, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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There are people who would pay a lot of money for the secret to longevity (more than a few of them reside in Hollywood, no doubt); it is merely a dream for most of us to live past seventy and still have our wits about us.

But Jiroemon Kimura, a farmer from Kyoto, says the secret is simple: eat small portions. Perhaps there’s something to that, since Kimura just turned 115 years old yesterday.

Kimura credits his eating habits as a contributing factor to reaching such a milestone birthday, and scientists do believe that certain foods–and the way we eat them–can help us prolong life by keeping us disease-free and restoring our anti-oxidant level. According to Diseaseproof.com, the seven best foods for ensuring a long life are black raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, flax Seeds, green leafy vegetables, tomatoes, and broccoli sprouts. The list of foods to stay away from includes butter, french fries, doughnuts, and sausage.

Kimura is not only the oldest living person in the world, he’s also been verified as the third-oldest in history. When he received the news, he said he was “delighted beyond words“.

He also added, when asked about the reason for his extraordinarily long life, “I don’t know exactly…maybe it’s all thanks to the sun above me. I am always looking up towards the sky, that is how I am.”

  • faith

    wow you go gramps hope you live to be 120!!!!

    • http://yahoo shana

      i hope he lives to be 200. that would be amazing.

  • freda mack

    This if fantastic! To able to live that long and become a part of history is fascinating! He can contribute this to God and good healthy eating. Live Long and Prosper :)! And hey, Amanda, i am from that area where you live! i grew up in Nicholasville down the road abt 30 minutes or so. My ex is from Lexington. Are the various feuds still going on between Lexington and Louisville:(? Peace out.

    • http://yahoo.com Andy

      You cant give this one to your so called “god” there isn’t some one up there moving his hands around and making this guy live that long he did it himself.

      • Vera

        You are fool of shit to say something like that. Who do you think put you and him on this earth? I pray for soul it is so sad that you feel this way. I feel sorry for you.

        • ukryan29

          i agree thats was one of the stupidest things ive ever heard i think we just become dumber foir reading it every morning when we wake u better thank our almighty he controls all things!!!

          • steven

            are you sure its your ‘almighty’ doing that? you seem pretty egotistical just to bash on someone because they dont agree. sounds like the work coming from downstairs. good luck closed mind.

          • Lynn

            If God controls who lives a long life and who doesn’t. Why does he let children and young adults die young..

        • Sr. Mary Therese

          I agree withy ou freda mack… When one believes in God, he is to be thanked for everything that is good because he is our Heavenly Father”, our creator. Those who do not believe, will naturally think this is “foolish”. Thank you for standing up for your faith and don’t let others put you down. We know who they’re following.

          • Sr. Mary Therese


      • nathan

        the person so called god is real and hes the only reason any of are living!!!

      • Jack

        You are a liar Andy! Living in a fantasy world because you would rather deny Gods existance because If you can convince yourself that he is a fantasy, you can continue to sin, and not be held accountable for your own sin.

        • Logan

          All you uber christians are the same. If someone disagrees with your ideals then you have to patronize them and then shove your beliefs on them. Answer this: If your god is so almighty and powerful then how come he puts us “non-believers” on earth with you guys? I cant wait to hear the responses to that question. Probably some ultimate test of faith right? Open your eyes and realize that not everyone has to believe like you and realize that if you spent half the time you do preaching your beliefs to other people, you probably could be well on your way to 115 yourself.

          • Charlotte

            We were all created by the same God. And had a choice to be a believer, or a non-believer. God gave all of us that choice. We are not puppets on a string. We choose who we serve, and some day that option of who we served will be made known. Until then we are given the freedom to believe or not believe. Me I am a beliver, because I would rather be and there not be a ‘god’, that to not believe and there be a God! It’s your choice, and we cannot not force Him on you. He does not force His will on us. But we will be accountable for our choice. Just as we are in every other choice we make. Think carefully.

      • stephani

        Jesus is real!!!

      • Julio

        there is a God. it is stupid to think that there isnt

        • John

          There is no god. It is stupid to think there is. See what i did there?

          • missy

            I am praying for your soul. Sad to say if you do not change your beliefs you will be going to Hell !!!! for all eternity.

      • nate

        he didn’t say a thing about his age being attributed to god. He said he looks up to the sun alot. you always love to shove your religion down everyones throats as if we’re all supposed to bow down to the invisible man in the sky. This man lives because he chose to live a healthy life and not live his life for some bullshit religion. Stop shoving your fake faith down other peoples throats. FACT: 90% of people that go to church talk about each other the second they leave church. Church going christians are the biggest 2 faces that walk the face of this earth.

      • John

        Thank you for thinking rationally, there are way too many people that blindly follow the greatest fairy tale of all. At least science continually tries to find the truth while individuals obsessed with religion do nothing but blindly follow and hope its true.

      • Ed

        Its amazing that people use news of a mans good fortune and long life as an excuse to argue over the existence or non existence of god rather than congratulate him and move on. However, since the conversation has already been taken there here are my two cents. Has anyone ever noticed that atheists are just as “religious” as anyone who does believe in a higher power or divine creator? They will rabidly Leap at the chance to preach their sense of reason or reality just as reliably as any preacher, priest, rabbi, or imam. How is it that everyone takes such offense at another person wishing another person well in whatever manner they think is appropriate? As if it was meant to offend someone?
        I would suggest rather than wasting time trivializing the sentiment due to content, simply accept it for what it is worth and how it was intended. Kind words and thoughts….. so offensive.

      • Concerned

        I agree but not as an anti GOD personal. It reads (the bible) that “Time and unforeseen occurrence befall us all”. We are responsible for ourselves and the choices we make. This man made the right choices and good for him. If God did this then what message whould he be sending to the rest of the world… That your not good enough? The person who dies from a drug overdose made the wrong choice and not that God did it!!

    • s

      There is no god! Do people still believe in these ridiculous
      fairy tails!? lol to all the people who ,because something is way too complicated to understand,they claim it must be gods work.
      I mean this computer i’m using must be gods creation because I sure as hell couldn’t tell you how it works,and I dont think anyone in the world could build one from scratch.
      People of faith think realistically. Has god ,at any moment in your life ever stimulated any one of your 5 senses. I didn’t think so, you see those 5 senses are reality! Religion:FANTASY It’s that simple .

  • http://webpronews katherine



      No ma am, u r not. u will start getting old if u live to be over 150. n the old time, people had lived 600-800 yrs old. come on now

      God bless

      • andrew

        LOL yeah and dinosaurs are a myth, and the world is only 1000s of years old. bible was written by a bunch of well meaning ignorant people that didnt have the benefit of science to explain natural phenomena.

        • Davina

          Are you serious? I think you’re stupid and very ignorant!!! The Bible is the word of God. The people who wrote the Bible were inspired by God.

          • Pokemon

            All religions are man-made, ancient fairy tales.

          • http://yahoo.com tyler

            Many stores in the bible were written hundreds of years after they happened so therefore, it could be common fairytale or its real either way its your opinion dont judge others

          • marbs

            your defenitely right!!! :}

          • salem

            The bible is certainly the word of man not the word of god. If you do not know this then I recommend that you read about this subject. The bible was written 300 years after Jesus. Another thing, be respectful, you have no right to call others stupid and ignorant just because they have different opinions than you. I know this foul language is part of your so calld ‘christian values’>

          • Adrian

            Salem, you took the words right out of my mouth. The religious think it’s ok for them to bash others, but ‘god forbid’ it if you insult them. Hypocritical sociopaths.

          • steve

            Theres a HUNDRED plus different religons and beliefs…many have a virgin that bore a child, many have books bibles to live by…but they all have one thing in COMMON.

            They all think there religon is the ONE….look at MORMON religon…KOO KOO

          • Derek

            whoa people!! what made this suddenly become science vs religion??? evolution vs creation??? cmon it’s about a 115 year old dude.. Why has he lived that long?? It could be by luck, will of God, twist of faith, or because the dude just lived and ate very well and kept stress out of his life.. (or he could merely be a 90 year old posing as a 115 year old, pardon my skepticism)!!

          • http://yahoo.com Andy

            There is absolutly nothing to back up your religion so he definetly is not ignorant. your the ignorant one for believeing in something so stupid. all you have is a book to back up your belief. thats like saying harry potter is real because the books that were written about him are true because i believe they are. it just sounds so stupid.

          • nathan

            the bible is not a fairy tale is the truth. it was wrote by gods chosen people.

          • John

            There is no God. “The people who wrote the bible were inspired by God”. Are you saying these people knew “God” on an intimate level?, because if you do, you’re making me question evolution myself.

        • razor boy

          Luke was a Doctor and an Historian.

          • Jon

            The bible was not WRITTEN 300 years after Jesus’ death and resurrection but was canonized at the council of Nicea. The books included in the New Testament had to follow a certain criteria and part of that criteria was that the author could be verified and that the books had to be written by someone who knew Jesus or was close to the circle. John was written in 70 AD which is within one generation of Jesus. If you really want to learn instead of spouting uneducated ignorance and furthering the collective darkening of the world then read. There are many secular works that speak of Jesus and are not written by Christians. Look for the answer for yourself instead of spouting off words with disrespect and no regard for others. If you want to know something then educate yourself by seeking the truth and if you do, you will see how easy it is to have faith.

          • Calvin

            right on Jon. Finally somebody who actually can quote a fact.

        • http://yahoo shana

          not true. dude… not true!

        • Dave

          What banged? The big bang? Nothing banged. If there was something where did it come from. You must be smarter than me because I can not figure out how nothing bangs or what ever banged where it came from. Please explain.

        • Michael

          You certainly have a perfect explanation for it however. Unfortunately science doesn’t explain everything and most theories are being disproven. I stupid comment on your part. Some people respect religion.

          • Adrian

            It’s not about ‘respecting’ anything, it’s about personal opinion Michael. Just because someone doesn’t believe in something you do and just happens to think it’s a fairy tale, like Santa, doesn’t mean they are ignorant, foolish, etc etc… nor going to ‘hell’ (which doesn’t exist).

        • Quarles

          Through out my years I have come to realize that those who argue that the Bible is not the Word of God and that it is not truth, have not taken the time to sit down and actually read it. Read 1 Corinthians 1:18-25. I dare you.

          • keymcg

            Hey U think Hell doesn’t exist? well, I believe there is hell on earth with many situations. We need the faith and belief in Jesus and God to pull us out of our hellish-epitomies!! Very Many Times, Oh, and please folks, do not deny this fact!

          • Eric

            Come on, people. Why does an article celebrating a man’s longevity turn into hatred and name calling? Are we so desparate for conflict that we have to create it even when we acknowledge something GOOD? We are ALL better than that. Christians, please stop telling the rest of us what to believe. The rest of us, please stop telling Christians what to believe. None of us has the right to force our beliefs, or lack thereof, down anyone’s throat.

            Mr. Kimura, thank you for your life, and may it be longer still.

          • Eric

            Oh, and Jesus never said a word about Hell. In fact, Hell is not a Christian concept. It doesn’t appear anywhere in the Bible. I’ve read the Bible, studied it in depth. There is no Hell in the true Christian faith. It is, in fact, an Islamic construct, taken from the Koran. The closest the Christian Bible comes is a single line in Revelation about a lake of fire. So no, I don’t believe in Hell.

          • Mark

            I just did. It doesn’t seem to amount to any sort of proof of the christian faith…

          • John

            Following your logic, i suppose david actually fought a goliath and noah filled a boat with all of those animals. I have read “Twas the night before Christmas”, does that make Santa Claus real?

  • http://webpronews katherine

    I meant, hello world!!!

  • Tim

    katherine u r 80. u r so old so u should think that u r

    • Jim


    • Charlotte

      Hey; Don’t you think you are being a little rude. From your comment, one would guess that you are quite young. How much have you experienced? Have you lived through the wars, loss of loved ones, and respect because you are growing older?? You should be so lucky. Not all are allowed to live so long. I for one am glad that young Katherine feels good,and is up on what is going on in the world. Instead of sitting in a corner, expecting someone to care for her. Rethink your answer. You go girl, with your attitude, you might make it to 115. Good luck.

    • Gabriel

      That was a wonderfully constructed sentence.

    • K

      Tim…..you are an idiot. Wow. Grade A, bonafide IDIOT.

  • katherine

    i am old as hell.

    • Jim

      enjoy your life :) it’s a wonderful age!

    • Charlotte

      Hey Katherine; Come on now, one lousy comment, and you are letting that get you down. Where is your spirit girl? Many people have not had the privilige of seeing all the things you have seen. Whether good or BAD. You are keeping up with the times, and what goes on around you. Many younger ones can’t claim that. Because they don’t care or it isn’t their problem. Your mind is good, and that’s the part that keeps you young. Hang in there. Just because someone calls you something doesn’t make it true. God bless you.

      • Jon

        The bad thing about social media is that anyone can post anything without regard for others. Just know that you are not judged by the thoughts of those people sitting behind a keyboard covered by the security of anonymity, you are judged by those who know you well. Don’t put too much faith in what someone says who is obviously lacking social and emotiona skills, rather be sorry that the person has no one to show them the way. Good luck.

    • Lisa

      Hey Katherine,

      Some people are just rude punks! I find it best to ignore them. You sound like a fabulous lady! I view getting older like fine wine…just gets better with time. Sorry for the cliche. Be well and have FUN!

      • keymcg

        Thank you Lisa bcuz people need clarity. It helps in life for future reference.

    • sandy

      nope, i’m sure hell is older. and you are only as old as you think you are. my mom is 85 and can keep up with my 11 yr. old

  • http://www.webpronews.com/ Amanda Crum

    @Freda Mack: Hey there, thanks for your comment :) I went to high school in Nicholasville. And yes, the feud is still on.

  • faisal

    That’s not the oldest living man, Larry king is the oldest living man/reptile.

  • http://Facebook Doris Werner

    Im 83 and would be a blessing from God to live that long and be in good health physcally mentally and spirituly.

    • http://www.iesbiz.com Kym

      Hi Katherine,
      Its absolutely wonderful that you acknowledge your beautiful, young age of 83years old. Its not how old you are but, if you have become wise with age. That child hasn’t learned that being young doesn’t necessarily make you smart. Its wonderful to hear your point of view and I encourage you to keep it up. Unfortunately I would have to say that there are just a lot of people out there just wasting there life being ignorant. I say TO Hell!! with them!! Keep participating Katherine. I hope to get through every year wiser and healthier than I was the previous year. If I reach 115 smarter, healthy, and wiser, know one COULD TELL ME NOTHING!! LOL I would know there was a Higher power that exist!!

  • Rebecca

    He survived 2 World Wars, thanks to his strong body and will or …he didn’t work hard!

  • http://yahoo.com mike

    happy birthday hope u have a lot more it is to some good news hope u stay healthy for along time still.

    • Ricky

      didn’t work hard???? he was a farmer, he worked hard!

  • Maddog

    Mr. Kimura’s secret is that he learned how to ‘Soul Travel’. So he didn’t get super bored doing the same things over and over,day in,day out,for 11 decades,on this earth plane.

    He visits other realms of existence.

    Good to mix things up cosmically!

    Always insist on the Very Best!

    • ken

      Can I please get some of what your drinking, smoking, or eating? Cause it seems to be some most excellent stuff! :)
      Congrats on 115 yrs old fella. I’ll be lucky if my fat rear makes it to 40!

  • Charlotte

    No comment

  • Go Boy

    I think this is just great. People are learning more and more that diet has everything to do with longevity of life. I wish I’d known about a raw/vegan life sooner, but I’m still young(ish) enough to get the benefits of it from this point forward. Before going raw/vegan, my joints ached 24-7, I felt sluggish and was overweight. Was irritable and had no idea that these thing were related to food. Everything reversed once I went 95% raw / vegan. It’s certainly not the only healthy diet in the world, but it’s a good one. Hats off to Mr. Kimura for getting it right and reaping the benefits!

  • jonathan

    2nd paragraph–Kimura is the oldest ‘man’, not oldest ‘person’. that distinction belongs to Ms. Besse Cooper, currently 115 years, 238 days, in Tennessee.

  • Philip

    This testify to the fact that truly man/woman was made to live eternally.So next time Jw knock on your doorto discuss how to have everlasting life on a paradise earth,just swing the door open because it is real.Hope to see you honest hearted ones there.

  • jake

    i hope he dont fart in a small place, he might choke on the dust

  • jake

    hey PHILLIP Jw can eat my %#$#

  • Mekkar

    there are many more people in the world than 115 years old in parts of Japan, Ural Mountains, and Lapland

  • Mekkar

    there are many more people in the world older than 115 years old in parts of Japan, Ural Mountains, and Lapland

  • ikihi

    he looks better than alot of 80 year olds

  • David S.

    The Japanese medical system may have helped here too.

    Also, and perhaps much more important, he didn’t sit at a desk all day
    like “salary men”

  • ikihi

    he was born in 1897

  • Kim

    Congrations, that is amazing. Happy Birthday and many more. I can imagine you have some inxcredible stories.

  • Micheal Onyemakonor

    That man is not the oldest man in the world, I have a grand father that is 118year.

    • Markus H

      Put it on yahoo!!!

  • Linda

    I think this is awesome! My dad is 89 years old and I keep telling him that he is going to see his 10 year old grandson graduate from highschool, well heck maybe college. I sure hope so, because I would love to have my dad around another 10-20 years. Love ya Pops! :-*

  • http://myopera.com/profmade/blog/ Made Sukahatya

    115 yrs is not the target
    Hindu scriptures (Veda) said man can live for 100 years or more with perfect health
    Now I’m in my eighties
    My target is 125 in good health
    Super Super Centenarian

  • Salad Spinner

    I wonder if he’s getting any?

  • Stephanie

    ^^^^ freaking hilouris is he getting any, love reading other people’s comments good or bad

  • http://hkvela@yahoo.com Heather


    • freak

      more bible thumpers! explain dinosaurs explain why the world is millions of years old.Explain HOW A MAN IS SUPPOSED TO DIE FOR EVERYONES SINS! DONT GIVE THAT JESUS IS GOD STUFF! WE ARE ALL GODS

      • derrick

        I think it is much more logical to believe that some higher being created us all. I dont know about you but i find it hard to believe that we just evolved from dust and organisms. Take the ocean for example, The world is 75% water. Now i’ve been out in the ocean. At any given time the ocean can wash away any land on earth. God gives boundaries to everything on earth. The way the Earth is the perfect distance from the sun to sustain life?? come on now, that isn’t just coincidence!!!
        Congratulations on this guys long life, may he live many more. And I pray that any non-believers are shown the truth.

        God Bless ALL!!!

  • cusiecat

    So he was like 77 when I was born and I think I feel old sometimes(?)!

  • Paulie Walnuts

    Looks like too many people have too damn much to say!!!!!
    Shed-ep already………….

  • http://yahoo shana

    you go gramps! only if you were to live to be 300!!!!!!! that would be cool1

  • Dave

    Happy birthday, I find it amazing that when something like this happens how many people make comments on god. Just amazing. For those that do not believe have comfort “for there was nothing and nothing banged?” Get real!
    The subject is his birthday his blessed birthday.

    May the lord bless you all even the bangers.

    Happy Birthday

  • Casey

    You go champ! God bless you.
    P.S Amanda you rock!

  • eddie

    There are people older than 115 in Nigeria, my grand mum right now is 105 and her husband (my grand dad) died at the age of 120. He was a Pastor and respected God till the day he died.
    The Bible is true is you read it and follow what is written you will live long and be in good health.

  • Adrian

    My grandmother turned 98 recently, and she is an atheist, and in amazing health. She said her Dr is amazed at how healthy she is, like she’s in her 60’s, in great health at that. So, your ‘beliefs’ have nothing to do with longevity, but how you eat, how much you eat (smaller portions as this guy said), and EXERCISE, which I bet he still does to this day as well, as my grandmother does daily, whether she’s vacuuming her house, cooking supper even for a full house, etc… btw, she always turns down help, though we insist still. Have a great day or night depending on where you’re from.

    • Ben B

      AMEN girl speak the truth

  • jon

    anything your mind perceived you can achieved it by learn how to…

  • http://yahoo Anton Kholi

    114 year older would have been extended if George W. Bush would not have blocked “Stem Cell Research”. His coup d’etat happened twice. Iimagine that with civilized people and his administration created and continue to creat havoc for Obama’s administrtion.

  • mike m

    Good job Amanda. Maybe we all have long and happy lives.

  • Ben B

    God, jesus and all those people are fakes, STOP trying to push that bullshit on people I dont give a rats butt who you think you are dont sit there and push this “god” bullshit on people.. Its wrong for you to even think about trying to tell people what to believe in I mean come on now everyone can believe there own stuff but scientifically its been proven that the earth was created by a couple stars colliding with one another and created a star that star later became a planet known as earth so all you bible thumping hoo haas can just go preach to someone who cares because most the people living today dont believe in god because his a fake… I mean come on now you god-lovers are so hipocritical theres soooooo many thing i can go on about on how everyone of you are fake but im not going to waste my time…. Do you think god is keeping this 115 year old man alive HELL NO, its the man doing it himself being healthy and not giving into all this processed crap we eat so before you go bashing on people know whats up

  • coupon_queen66

    Well now that everyone has opinion about this! let’s get down to why we are all here, it’s because of a man who has lived 115 years where most of us only live to be around 75. (give or take a few years) I feel sad for people my age (45) cause I’m the one who will have to deal with these misinformed people when I go live in a nursing home. Some time how I wish I would have been born in the 50’s or even the 40’s to be able to see what my elders have seen and been through. To be able to be in a time where life was good to each other all the time instead of wondering if I can trust this person or can I help this person with out getting hurt myself? Sit back for once and think about everything they must have gone through to get where they are today. Not where you wanna be for once!
    Just my thought of the day!
    Way to go Kimura!

    • coupon_queen66


  • Steve Hatton

    Why do so many people insist on trolling in the comments sections like this and detracting from the fact that as far as I can see a Wonderful gentleman like Mr Kimura has reached a milestone by living to such an age and is surrounded by such a loving family ! I think its wonderful to see picture of him holding his great great grandson on his knee what a wonderful memeory for that youngster when he is older ,and may i also say Mr Kimura if I live to be your age I only hope that I look as good as you do ! I wish you all the best

  • alexis

    why u people, u don’t consider developing countries whereby thesre are some old people who have 110-113 years old and they are living in tanzania.
    they are also the oldest people around the world

  • Hassan

    Congratulations old man. A few reach that age. It is true food contributes to age increasing. Congratulations again!

  • humble

    Creation of the MOST HIGH, PLEASE we were all created my
    ( GOD in English )( YEHOWA in Hebrew ) ( ALLAH in Arabic )
    I have study and can read and write
    ( the TORAH ) ( the Bible ) ( the Quran ) and all just
    comes down to one thing, We all have to follow
    ( Avraham , Abraham, Ibrahiem ) and we will all be safed.
    love you all.

  • humble

    The world has a language problem , and the MOST HIGH knew
    what he was doing thats why instead of finding comin ground
    as to his word the world is fighting
    Love you All

  • Josh

    God Bless you and many more years of your natural life! see you in heaven

  • http://www.livingsupercentenarians.com Kristin

    Great article, if anyone is interested in supercentenarians we track all verified living supercentenarians at http://www.livingsupercentenarians.com .

  • jon

    i’m on my way,too. not surprised he’s oriental. why do people keep eating junk food? americans eat one of the worst diets in the world & we still think we are so great.

  • Karoly Fuevessy

    Whe I turned 80 i said “dady i just turned 80 and i want 80 more years in “youthful exuberance”. The answe was a thundering:
    “NO PROBLEM”. I was in such a shock that all I could say: “Thank you”

  • Stephanie

    I’m always amazed how a wonderful topic/article can cause some people to be so hateful and meanspirited in their remarks. We are all free to believe what we want and arguing about it doesn’t change that basic right. You only show yourself to be foolish by the way you respond. A person who is full of love, life and joy will pour out that to others.

  • http://yahoo.com Margaret

    He eats nothing but small meals. We should all take a lesson from this guy.

  • Ulysses

    Goodness … Is anyone here educated? Seems that nobody knows how to spell or construct a sentence … much less conceive an original thought

  • http://reniestar123.webs.com renee

    this is obsurd he is so lucky he can live to be thiz old i will only live till like 89 probably or maybe 93 i don’t know im only 13 now turning 14 in june can’t wait he is so lucky i wish my dad could live to be that old

  • James

    What can we all take away from this man’s story. The 115 year old is telling us to take care of our bodies. Eat good fresh foods. We’re only given one small bit of this one man’s thoughts on his longevity. Do you accept his theory that eating right helped him live longer? We all know that people who eat healthy don’t always live a long life, and sometimes die at an early age. We’ll learn more about long life by caring for each other. Alienating each other by our bold or inerudite comments will do nothing to lenghten our lives. Long life has to do with many various factors. Healthy living being one factor. Peaceful living being another factor. Only together we can find real peace. If your willing to care about others as much as you do for yourself, you will live a full life, no matter how many years you have on earth.

  • stpetejohnny

    I have a chunk of cheese that’s older than that!

  • Bob

    Does anyone know the 2 oldest??… Yeah 200 would be cooool

  • cortnie

    It iz a blessing to be that old. God bless you and live it up to the fulliest.

  • J

    there is no god.. book written by a bunch of drunk prophets

  • jfull

    So awesome! What an inspiration to live well & appreciate life to the fullest!

  • http://littlebigband.biz Twila

    Jesus conquered death. All the other religious leaders are rotting in their graves. He’s coming back whether you believe it or not. What if I’m right? Is it worth your eternity to deny His love for you and His sacrifice? Isiah predicted exactly how Jesus would come and how He would die hundreds of years before he did. We deserve nothing but He offers us life eternal just because he loves us but we have to accept the gift

  • dan

    congrats on 115? would it be coincedence that his birthday was 420?
    hmm maybe he had healthy food and herbs:)
    420 yesterday was my wifes grandmothers birthday just turned 89 and still drives her huge caddy to the market everyday to buy fresh food.
    420 is also hitlers b/day…
    i usually don’t comment on these articles but what one chooses to beleive should be just that, but please don’t push your religion onto someone else. I beleive religions were written to answer the unexplainable. Doesn’t make me any worse of a person, I help my community, lend a helping hand to people and i don’t expect anything in return.

  • Adam agosto

    Just be happy for this man. Please don’t make this into a “thank God” reason. Show the truth, as quoted above, lol. Keep giving your money to your Church, and Beliving in something that is all hear-say, and will never be CONFIRMED.IT REALLY DOESN’T MATTER ANYWAY, the generations to come, fewer and fewer are believing in your so called rediculous faith. Then one day, it will be gone, and laughed at. Good scam tho.

  • ricky

    congrats on 115:)

  • ricky

    congratulations on turning 115 I hope i can live that long :)

  • Jack

    You are either a liar, or an ignorant individual! To say that Jesus never spoke of hell just proves how ignorant you really are.

  • Patrick Fitzsimmons

    That was a nice article, which only touched on religious variables to the point of the gentleman mentioning how he looks at the sky a lot. The sky can be quite beautiful; I too find myself looking up on a nice day and pondering things to myself.

    It is too bad that we had to take an inspiring story and turn it into a childish name calling debate about religion. It’s no wonder that more people have been slaughtered in the name of religious beliefs over the past thousands of years than anything else.

    For 20 years I attended church every Sunday and Every Holy Day of Obligation. I was an Altar Boy and I went through every religious ceremony that one can…except marriage, I haven’t found the right girl yet.

    My family is very religious, but we don’t go around talking about it. My aunt in a Nun, she was elected to the Position of Mother Superior over 7 states for enough terms that she had to finally decline to do work elsewhere, but you could meet her and talk to her and never know she was a Nun, because she doesn’t push her beliefs on people. Just like me, she believes that good people, no matter what their religion will go to heaven.

    I was raised around various Nuns and Priests that my aunt would bring to town with her to visit and my Parent’s were happy to have them as guests. I enjoyed their company as I grew up; they would play video games with me, jog with me…but they never pushed religious conversations, unless I unless I asked a question. That is how I learned their stances on other religions, “as long as they are good people and kind to others, that is what matters.

    I had to wonder why my uncle Joe who was a good man with a large family, died of a heart attack in his mid 40’s. It devastated my aunt and it was a horrible sight that I will never forget as she lunged over the open, but shrouded casket and screamed the worst things she could think of towards the God she spent her whole life praying to she couldn’t understand how any good god would remove a very good man from his children and wife who needed him and felt lost without him.

    So, the conclusion I drew after speaking to many of people of the Church helped me to gain a different perspective…we all have free will. As awesome as my Uncle Joe was and as much as I wish he were alive today, God doesn’t control what we do to our bodies. I recall that my uncle ate a lot of very fatty greasy foods and didn’t exercise. My parents are the nicest people in the world and I wouldn’t change a second of my childhood. However, my Dad didn’t have the best diet and he ended up having a quadruple bypass in 1997. I remember how bad it hurt to see him with all those tubes in him. He got through it though and he has worked out at a regular gym 3 days a week ever since. I was born quite late so my Parent’s are the same age as a lot of my friend’s grandparents. So my Dad is 78, eats much more healthy and when I came home from Columbia to KC for an extended period this Summer I worked out with my Dad a few times and he runs 30 minutes before he even starts lifting weights and he really hits it. He lays upside down for crunches and uses every weight on the lower back machine as he makes his way around to hitting every body part. He is a very strong 78 year old guy and his body is pain free.

    So, there probably is something to our lifestyle’s, beyond religion, that dictates a person’s lifespan. Could it be that God gave us enough intelligence to understand human anatomy and the effects that fatty and cholesterol ridden foods have on us? That smoking increases our odds of cancer? That consistent exercise has been proven over and over to lower our cholesterol, triglycerides, blood pressure, and resting pulse rate?

    We have one life and one body. It is pretty stupid not to take good care of both because that is the key to living a long time…so knock off all the religious babble.


    Patrick Fitzsimmons

  • carly

    Nicely said. I have worked with the elderly and I think he is right about the diet. If you think about it, the body only has to use a small part of its detox system and digestive system to process a small amount. A large volume of food is much more taxing. But, the most important thing I learned is tolerance of others and the recognition that every one has a right to their opinion.

  • John

    This is a very nice story. I think that really is all that needs to be said other than Happy 115th Birthday!

  • cv

    One Word! (Meteors) The reason of are Existence.

  • http://YAHOO vince melvin ransom


  • http://CommentCat CommentCat

    One old mans age turns into an attack religion discussion??? Well..
    Philosophers with time on their hands and No Ipods figgured the following: Believing in God would lead to good behavior,and an honest life.If God did not exist, whats the worse that could happen?? You would live as a good person. And,if you denied God and He exists, you
    risk eternal damnation…and lead a dishonest life with no hope of reward after death. Thats what they came up with. Most religions have a “good” premise. Chanting,praying,taking time to relax and meditate seems to help humans “recharge” and re-focus. All this reflection is benificial,if only to set a positive mood. Sometimes religions go ‘off track’ like the recent offshoot Muslim faction that preach hate and killing. That is not what the original intent of religion was supposed to be. You have to be wise enough to figgure that out.
    Dont confuse a politically based greedy battle with religion. They are not the same thing. ……..Comment Cat

  • Demetrius

    You are all equally retarded, talking about God. Nobody can prove he exist. Nobody can prove he doesn’t. You won’t know until you die. All you people who believe in God and say people who don’t believe are stupid are the biggest fools. If you DO believe in a God you should be more tolerant. IF he is real he gave us free will and the ability to think whatever we want. Don’t go bashing people for their believes, fools.

    People who don’t believe and sit here bashing people for believing in God need to grow up as well. It’s their opinion and they have a right to it. Until you can prove them wrong, shut up. That goes for both sides.

    The video is a good one about a man lucky enough to have lived 115 years. Not about your petty religious squabbles.

  • http://jds8592@yahoo.com Denver Smith

    Go dude im pushing fer u to make 120 yrs old im a suriver of a brain tumor fer 16 yrs tis May when i was told may have a yr r less to live. 16 yrs later im still here im hoping to stay alive long enough to see grand children.My son just turned 20. i asked God to let Me watch My son grow up & i try to bring joy to there heart r happyness too everyone i meet r atleast put a big smile on there face. My son was 4 yrs old when i was dianosed with a brain tumor, he just turned 20 so guess i been doing a good job at making people happy r bring joy to there heart.And here we have a Man tat all he want is too make it to 120 yrs old, well hes getting all My prayers, fer him to live 5 more yrs.I ask God to stand close to tis man & watch him grow to become 120 yrs old!!!! Amen!!!

  • kareena

    Thats very true! my great grandma lived to 101, and she would say the same thing!

  • kevin

    well logan. when god put us on this earth we were born into sin.he is basicly giving us life as a soul in body and letting us live among the living.he then chooses a path for you to go down to the point that when your time is up and you have abided and stuck to his word and kept yourself humble to him then you can come back through the gates of heaven and sit next to your father or creator.now if you do not keep yourself humble to his word through the book of christ then when he sends the rapture to take his people back then you will not beable to follow and be stuck on earth forever till you get it right but wait too long and perish while in sin and you will spend eternity in the pits of h**l! it is sooo real that you just dont know it till you have spoken to someone that has died and has come back. his story was so compelling that it would make you cry and then have you getting down on your knees and praising god over and over again!just think!!! you werent born in a testube so how do you think you got here and by the grace of god he watched over your mother until you were birthed and then he started guiding you. i think something happened to you in the past and you think god has forgotten you well your all wrong.he just took his hands off of you cause your probably sinning but he will always watch over you! this messege is not sugar coated. it is for you to read and hopefully you will understand where im coming from and realize that when you die… your journey does not end. it will just either get harder or easier for you. thank you for taking the time out to read my messege everybody. god bless!

  • Lord Anthony

    Anyone else wonder who the OTHER 2 older recorded people were?
    How old were they when they finally died?

  • kevin

    hey adam!!! there is a little girl on youtube from another country that had a near death experience and talked about it for a hour about having a good conversation with the man upstairs.she is a christian. so when you die just make sure that you ask god for forgiveness before you go,cause i talk to people all the time cause i work at the hospital and see the dead and the people that come back from the dead after and hour. nobody can tell me he is not real!!

  • kevin


  • http://yahoo.com shadry

    wish to see him turn 150yrs and break the record of this generation.Hey MR old man travel the whole world to see that you are still strong and health

  • francesca crawford

    WRONG,the oldest living person war GERTRUDE BAINES from Long beach,california,i met her and checked her documents she was 127 years old,so yahoo stop writing incorrect news,thanks

    • Jeff

      She is dead, he is alive. He is the oldest living person right now. Understand now?

  • francesca crawford

    wrong oldest living man lives in france is 122 yearsold jean calamette

  • Darron Vanman

    I appreciate everyone’s thoughts on this old bugger. We all know what it takes to live a long life. It is as not a secret but many of us choose not to live that way. We live for the moment. We live to be 115. I don’t believe that God decides whent our lives are over. There are diseases, deformities, natural disasters, bad craftsmanship, etc. That is what causes death, not God. I attended a funeral for a guy two weeks ago. Nice guy, only 49 but was very over weight. He died of a heart attack. But the preacher said that “God took him home.” BS. He died then because he was not taking care of his body. Simple as that. My grandpa is 92 and lives alone. He is very active and takes care of himself. BTW, hell is mentioned in the Bible. Where do you think Jesus went when he was crucified? Take care all and be better to each other. We share this planet. Let’s take care of it, ourselves and each other better. Ok?

  • Jeff

    The biggest assumption here is that all the Christians are thinking that this old man is one of them, and that his faith in God has kept him alive all this time. Nowhere in the article, or the news clip does it state he is Christian. He is Japanese, where Shinto and Buddhism are the two main religions. Christianity, Muslim, Hinduism and other religions are in the minority there. But 84% of Japanese people claim no personal religion at all. And according to one source 64% do not believe in a God at all. So how about all of you stop the religious debate, and just wish the old man good health for another 5 years.

  • Debbie Barends

    He really looks good for his age. I don’t agree with what he said though. He said the secret is in the foods we eat. I think in his younger days he is right, but now I don’t know about that. Anyways I hope he lives a lot more years. Again he looks good. He also looks happy. I think if your happy in your life it also keeps you going. God Bless you sir.

  • rod

    I’m sorry you all turned the joy of this man’s life into a religious debate! All One. Can we get back to the celebration?

  • Adam

    @ Kevin…these people came back because of their will to live. Not some all mighty god, LOL. When you die, you die. No one wants to hear your bullshit about forgiveness. If your church said today, that the tooth fairy and easter bunny were actually real, would you preach that to others too? LOL. I love the week minded. It doesn’t matter anyway, the business of religion is on brink of extinction anyway. New generations have become smarter and smarter, not allowing their kids to be subject to these beliefs, that can never be proven. Keep wasting your time listening to a priest who secretly probably fondled your children anyway. Cheers to that thought.

  • Grace J

    This was an article about the world’s oldest man. How did it become an article on a religious debate???? I will not post my views here as it is dishonoring the article. All I have to say is Happy Birthday and many more years to come!!!!