World’s Largest Hips Measure 8 Feet Around

    January 23, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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Most women want to contain the size of their hips, especially after having children, when the body goes through some drastic changes. But one woman says when her hips spread after childbirth, she didn’t want them to get any smaller.

“I love my shape and I see no reason to diet because I don’t have health problems,” 39-year old Mikel Ruffinelli insists. “I love Mexican food, English breakfasts and chips. My husband finds my shape sexy and we have an amazing time in bed – there’s no position we can’t do! He tells me I’m beautiful every day. Men don’t fancy skinny girls, they like an hourglass figure.”

But we’re not just talking moving up a size or two in the waistband; Ruffinelli actually holds the world’s record for Largest Hips and, at 8-feet in circumference, they make life a bit more difficult. The mother of four says she can barely shower because she can’t close the door all the way, and moving through doorways requires her to turn sideways. It can also cause issues when she’s out in public, as people tend to be quite rude about her figure. But she always has her husband to back her up.

“When men disrespect her on the street in front of me it doesn’t go down well. I have to show them who’s boss,” Reggie Brooks says.

  • http://webpronews.com jc

    How can a person boast being a fat slob???

    • Jordan Burr

      Welcome to America! lol Here we make people famous for being fat, rude, dumb, rich, or hillbilly even.. Just look at our tv shows…..

    • t.p

      take a good look at her leggs she is large not Fat . she has a shape its her hips not her belly arms and leggs.

      • JEFF

        You just described Honey Boo Boo

  • Debra jacobson

    I believe Michelle is happy. A pretty woman her size is loved by her family love comes from inside out.

  • Becky Fraser

    Of course she feels healthy now. She is still young. The problems will come in her fifties, beginning with bad knees and hips.She’s fooling herself. The sad thing is someone will have to be paid to help take care of her one day, and that cost falls on all of us.

    • rev happjack

      this is very true… Her ankles,and knees will wear out very quickly! Many people who carry disproportionate weight on their normal bone structure frames, have already found out the painful truth! Also the circulatory system is put into a strain to pump Blood through extra layers of cellulite! She should seriously consider Her health in this matter of being proud of Her World record body measurement! But alas,,, She and her husband have turned a deaf ear to reason! I wish Her happiness, and health… and Her Husband to have extra financing abilities, to be able to care for the cost of in home medical and daily hygiene care…. ! God Bless both of You with Love of Life… and each other! This leads new meaning to have and to hold, in sickness and health,,, till death do ye part!

  • harleygirltnm06

    why does shakira’s “hips don’t lie” come to mind..

  • veela

    If she and her husband are happy, more power to ’em.

  • JA

    No matter what you think about how big she is, what’s important is her husband loves her despite her appearance. How many other husbands would do that?

    • John Scott

      He must have a Little kaputnik.

  • Lindsay

    It would be one thing if the size of her pelvis was abnormal causing her hips to be so large. It’s another thing entirely that her eating habits are abnormal causing her hips to be so large.

  • mjm

    If she sat on your face you wouldn’t hear the phone, doorbell or the stereo.

    • nikki

      If she sat on your face YOU’D BE DEAD

  • ?? doris

    if you feel good about yourself then you go girl!!

  • Joe

    If you can’t f@#@ the fat, fold the fat and f@#@ the fold.

  • hkinsey3

    If she is happy with her hips then something is wrong somewhere else in her body….her head perhaps?

  • Tim

    She could be the Poster Girl to foster male abstinence

  • http://yahoo Mae Sutherland

    I thought I would see a picture of Kim K.

  • http://facebook Ray J

    those aint hips the young lady is fat you want hips see venus williams that what hips are.

  • http://sda john

    How bad could it really be? Think of the possibilities!!

  • John Scott

    She got me with ” I can barely shower” No matter how you try to slice it she is Fat. However, I do like those two Girls she is sporting

  • Hmmm

    She says she’s healthy, but she can barely walk! What do I know but, it seems like it’s painful to move around.

    • rhaul3004

      I’m more upset at the negative, ill and rude comments that people are displaying on here. I bet a million dollars that most of you people ugly and unattractive. Its sad that people attack others and yet want to hide yourself behind your words. Sad!!!

  • Dave Dudley

    That is what we know as a fat slob!

    • Kevin

      synonymous for American.

  • Diana

    so sorry but that is so gross and disgusting, glad she is happy but I can not believe someone that size is totally happy, for her health and her children and husband she should try and do something about this. That is NOT normal in any way, I wish her well but please get some help if possible, or you will not be here long, not trying to be mean or hateful just stating the truth

  • Peach

    I’m embarrassed any woman, let alone a man, is ok with that un human size. what gets me is not only did she lie and say she was healthy, but went on to say men don’t want “skinny girls” but instead would want her. Her husband is not helping her but he will be the one taking care of her when she can move from the house period.

  • http://yahoo howard j

    if she is healthy and her husband is happy , why should we care. i like them myself

  • Dumile

    Look like the Grimace from McDonalds

  • http://yahoo kevin b

    If that is not the most disgusting thing i’ve ever seen, it has to be a close second. Different strokes for different folks i guess.

  • Lee

    Junk in the trunk? More like ships in the hips?

  • Denise

    Lose some weight. You look like an elephant. That’s gross and un healthy.

  • Denise


  • Hope


  • Da Booty

    Baby got back!

  • Daphne Blake

    If she’s confident about her body, and her husband likes it, then what’s the problem? Just because a few idiots don’t like it, doesn’t mean that there isn’t something there to like! You go girl!

    • Meme

      Rewrite your opinion after you get the seat next to her on the plane or need to get through the door that she blocked during an emergency.

  • Kevin

    Baby got back.

  • Mike

    She used to be a centaur, but ate the rest of herself…

  • dale leblanc

    she must be really proud she took the record from the first lady

    • Army Wife

      As my 12 year old daughter would say…. must be your upper lip. YOU ARE a PATHETIC loser. Hide behind your computer and use any opportunity you can to rip the First Lady. GET A LIFE GUY… :-/

  • http://yahoo BERNIE


  • Carlton Pratt

    I love her Spirit and the fact that she is still living her life despite her circumstances, and I would take her over all the Idiots that are posting mean spirited things on this post.

  • Peter

    if she wouldnt be married, i’d hit on that… she’s sexy to me, i’d love to lay my head on those hips…

  • mickey

    i hope dr phil sees this and tried to get her on the show.

    that one daughter is already huge… that is not good…
    she may be happy on the outside but when she is alone ..all alone and thinking.. i bet she wishes she could be much thinner… at least for her kids!!

  • http://none bottle

    don’t stop try getting get twice the size.

    • http://none bottle

      I meant to say. Don’t stop keep on going and get twice or 3 times the size.

  • Rachel

    Alot of men do like plus size women! I do believe she let herself go to far but it doesnt make her disguisting as a whole.

  • laura

    that is her choice. as long as we feel that way, this world will never change, we as individuals need to make a difference. we don’t need to criticise what other people do. that is her life let her live it. congrats to u lady.

  • http://YAHOO Liz

    She may be dealing with it fine now, but she WILL be having problems later in life, if she doesn’t take off some weight. Her heart, for one….

  • Nana Yaw

    She’s physically out of proportion, period!. There’s no way nature’s going to accept her stuff. Please stop bragging and contact a medical practioner for a genuine examination.

  • george ship

    That is FREAKIN DISGUSTING! Figures she’s black.

    • Ellena Navarro

      Wow what does her being Black have to do with anything. You are very rude.

      • Dee

        He’s not rude, he’s just racist. Typical American redneck.

      • Cecilia Harris

        There’s a young lady in Chattanooga, TN that looks like she has the biggest hips. She works as a teller at First Tennessee Bank in Brainerd. She’s small at the top and very, very attractive.It’s probably genetics.

        • That guy

          I would like to see that. While it is more common to see bottom heavy woman of color, a Caucasian woman that shape is pretty rare.

      • conor

        statistics show blaxk females make up 79% of the obesse women in america. no one is born with mega hips it sall by choice, look at every country that dosent have the smae luxuries as we do not one of them even have 4 foot hips
        , i say let ppl make do that to themselvs makes it easier to pick a woman the skinny ones arnt lazy, and will actually do something for them selves

    • Jon

      It figures there is always one in the crowd to turn a topic into a racial /skin color issue. – Look around you. There are women of EVERY color /race /ethnicity who are this large or larger. Obesity is not exclusive to any one group. Get a grip & an education.

    • Gonzague

      Excuse me! What does her being black have to do with anything?
      At least that woman still looks and feels good despite her size. Black don’t crack darling!

    • Jackie Lange

      Yeah, she’s african american. She’s also very beautiful and comfortable in the skin she’s in….. Seems that you may have a bit of a problem yourself….Are you happy?????

    • crystal

      So what if she is black !

  • http://www.webpronews.com/world-largest-hips-measure-8-feet-around-2013-01 theresa ebe okon

    wel is a grate suprise if you says your husband thus not complaim about your size. so dear i pray he should contunue to love you till the end cos is not easy

    • Lily

      Theresa I take it English is not your first language?

  • Army Wife

    That IS NOT by ANY means an HourGlass figure. That’s more like a gigantic kool-aid Pitcher….

  • Carolynn

    Hahaha I thought it would be Kim Kardashian.

  • nope

    #1 nice lady #2 If anyone want to see more just google “uniquely made diva” that’s her model name. judge her body for yourself. #3 I dont think she has the worlds largest hips. That would be one of her affiliates “superpear” or “pear bottom” you can find all three of them on “mercedes bbw” just google it. It’s an sbbw model site for those with the fetish.

    • KFD

      I think SuperPear is actually 100″. Ruffinelli models on the same site SP and Pear Bottom Do. I think SuperDome Booty is a close second.

  • Molly

    People dont understand and think it is just easy to look like Maria Carey and others. Leave the lady alone. It is not easy to get rid of those hips!

    • Paula

      Are you kidding it is called getting off your ass working out and eating healthy food in moderation. You apparently are one of those that are contributing to America’s obesity problem.

      • Don

        It’s easy to prevent yourself from getting them in the first place though. This lady is stank!

    • Peace Angel

      YEAH, especially after you have gotten so big, you cannot even stand up.

      It took her decades to get this big and her denial will keep her from losing it and she is headed for an early grave.

      Morbid obesity and obesity is costing all of us in insurance premiums and doctor and hospital visits.

  • http://yahoo spark-plug

    Just plain ole not healthy, i.e heart for starters, knees, ankles and feet (if only they alone could talk)…

    • Leigh

      Your comments dont add up. Did you read the story? God didnt make her that way. What she puts in her mouth day in and day out made her that way. As for switching shoes with her-she doesnt see anything wrong with her size or that she cant do anything for herself per say. In other words she doesnt want to switch shoes with anyone. What is sad about this is that she thinks that her body is on the side of the hourglass figure. If that truly is the case then there wouldnt be no need for her husband to step in and protect her.

  • Platnium Washington

    God made her just the way He wanted her to be. Who are we to say anything about it. Switch shoes with her for one day. How would you feel if you went through what she has to go through everyday? Don’t feel too hot! Stop all of the judgement because none of us don’t have all of the answers. Cut out of all of the stereotyping!

    • Peace Angel


      The woman is morbidly obese and very, very sick on the inside and in serious denial as is her husband. God NEVER made anyone look like this, EVER. It takes 10,000 calories a day for a decade to look like this.

  • Norm

    If her pet dog or cat disappears, or heaven forbid, one of her children, you know where to find it. Those hips take up a whole sofa! On a plane she would have to pay for four seats. Does she drive a car? Can she even fit in a car? Maybe squished in the back seat? I don’t even want to think of how she handles bathroom duties!

  • Ted

    She’s hurting herself by doing this. If her husband loves her, he would gently talk to her about dieting. One day this wonderful lady will die and it will not be pretty. Trust me, I held my baby brother in my arms as he was dying bc he had high b/p. :'(

  • http://facebook dorothy paruso

    yuck oh my god yuck!!!!!!!!!!

  • Paula

    That woman is an example of what is wrong with America she does not have an hour glass figure as she states she is simply Obese and needs to lose 100lbs. or so seriously it is truly disgusting.

  • Mark Evans

    She says She love Her shape and size. I wonder how much She will love that heart attach.

  • Peace Angel




    • Marc W

      You really should change your screen name, “Peace” has no business in your statement, nor does “Angel.” You represent neither.

      • Dee

        Amen Marc! Peace Angel is a joke isn’t it?

  • Amanda

    Watching this video broke my heart. She can tell herself that she is happy… Is she really? You cannot fit in a shower, you cannot walk through your hallway correctly, you cannot play a long period of time with your children? She really needs help physically to be healthy. I am not trying to judge her I just want to be able to have a long healthy life with her beautiful children.

  • Julian

    Anybody want to share a seat on the bus or train or plane with her?
    Glad her husband loves her but he will appreciate her a whole lot more
    if she loses 50% of those hips. She’ll also be alive 50% longer

  • Brenda

    I refuse to believe she is happy. I think she tries to make herself and others believe that. How painful that must be to carry around that kind of weight. It’s not healthy and she will most likely die at an early age. Not to mention that tax payers will foot the medical bills. She needs some serious help, both physically and emotionally. I hope she gets it.

    • Dee

      How do you know the taxpayers will foot the bill. Are you privy to her insurance situation? What a racist remark. You got to love Americans.

  • Porchia

    Uh, that woman is not just hippy, she is OBESE. Hips are bones, bones don’t spread that far. That is FAT. 8 feet of FAT.

  • garytheobserver

    An hourglass figure? Sorry but it looks like “time has run out”.

  • Kristin

    She doesnt have health problems?? She cant fit into the shower, I consider that a MAJOR health probelm. I do believe her hips could not have gotten that big without genetics, she is as big as she is because of diet which she has clearly passed on to her children. Nooone should make fun of her but hopefully someone will point out that it’s not healthy and she is not setting a good example for her children. She isnt curvy, she is morbidly obese.

  • charles m

    dnial,denial, denial. she wont live to be 49.

  • Marc W

    This is what is wrong with America, but it’s not her. It is the people who are so critical of others and make snyde comments while sitting comfortably behind their computer. For one thing, there is no one out there who has a perfect life, if you do, you are living the perfect lie. Now take that one aspect of your life that is no good, like your cigarettes for example, you might be thin, but you’re not exactly healthy. No, I would be willing to bet that everybody has one form of a problem or another. As far as complaining about driving up health premiums, blame your doctor and the practice of pharmaceutical companies getting away with billing items for far more than they should be. Take a look at George Burns vs. Jack Lalane. George lived to see his 100’th birthday and claimed he hated excercise, and smoked 3 cigars a day. Jack Lalane, the health and excercise nut, only made it to 95, he didn’t smoke, he excercised everyday, watched what he ate, and still had to have a triple bypass. Nope, just ask your life insurance company how many clients they had in 1930 that are still with them, exactly, EVERYONE DIES. Stop being critical of others, we all have our own problems to deal with.

  • Leeya Jackson

    I feel bad because she is obviously in denial about her obesity. But the fat-shaming on this website has got to stop. There are worse epidemics,like the cancer epidemic, that are a drain on taxes. Not to mention, comments like these spur anorexia, another drain and equally as unhealthy (but also more acceptable as beautiful if the fashion world has anything to say about). Unless you have once lost 200 or more pounds yourself, you have no rights to judge this woman or say that it is simple. Obesity is genetic, but if you don’t have the resources (time, money, costly healthy food, a personal trainer, not to mention fitness education) then its incredibly hard to combat your genetic code. There is a reason why wealthy people tend to be thinner, they have the time and resources to stay that way. And personally, I believe there is nothing wrong with her not hating herself, just because she is obese doesn’t mean she should be depressed. She’s not a murderer, she has a family (yet people act like being obese is the worst thing someone, especially a woman, could be and that they should be in constant shame and guilt). Bullshit.

  • Jaymes

    Well… someone likes tapping that

  • http://yahoo doug turner

    It’s not for me but I am happy that someone can look past all that and love her.

  • RS

    A heart attack waiting to happen. And she seems pleased by it.

  • Gary

    I bet that she never thought that she would be adored by the hippies lol. :0)

  • Tom Leykis

    Those aren’t “hips”. That’s lard, plain and simple. She’s corpulently obese.

  • Kevin

    I have no issue with her doing this to herself as long as there are no affects on her children (inability to do expected parental responsibilities) or if she is economically viable enough to afford the hip replacements etc. that are inevitable, and not saddle tax payers with the expense. Otherwise, if she’s happy…it’s her body.

    • Kevin

      however anyone that thinks this is genetic is a fool….this is torturous abuse of food for decades coupled with no significant exercise. they are definitely people with larger hips, that is not a point of contention. these are not genetic. its not always how much you eat…its what you eat.

      • Karin

        Her heart is working double or triple overtime just to pump the blood through her body. She should really not be so selfish and think about how her hard her body is working for her.

        • Kevin

          Ms Karin…her arteries probably do resemble clogged fuel injectors misting the heart with blood. also where does she buy her underwear? that aside Ms Karin, isn’t your break time over and you need to get back to banging out some license plates or playing the harmonica?

          • Karin

            Maybe she freeballs, like you Kevin. Don’t deny that the free fresh-air feeling isn’t the best thing since white bread.

  • Dan

    It’s too bad she let it get to this point. She’s pretty and she has a nice personality. I can see why her husband loves her, but she is just too fat. I’ll bet she would have a nice curvy figure if she weighed 175 instead of 400. And it would be attractive. Women don’t have to be thin to be sexy, and really, the female body looks nicer with a little extra, but this is just too much.

  • Jerelyn

    Ok there are a lot if judgmental people on here. I for one are a single mom of 3 and i consider myself over-weight. I want to be around for my kids so i changed my diet, went to the gym 3 times a week as well as walk 2 miles twice a week. Seeing no results is discouraging. Any suggestions? I do not condone what she is doing to her body, but its her body.

    • Jim

      I think you need to go back to grammar school. For your kids’ sake.

  • nette

    if she lyks it i love it!everyone has to die she just might out live all u jack***s! every thing cost tax payers& SHE pays taxes just lyk us. unless u have had a weight issue u dont kn& never will kn what a person is goin threw! some people are just f$$$ING RUDE! she aint yo wife,mother,friend,cuzn,or aunt people have feelings big or small if u dont lyk it CLOSE YOUR DAMN EYES!

    • Mykelle

      I like you because all these other dumb fucks on here are so ignorant i hate that people are so judgmental like

  • john lake

    I like her, I would like to date her, but she is married. I do wish I could meet her.

  • shadale

    What’s wrong with a man loving his wife inside and out? I thought that is what TRUE love is all about. Look at Halle Berry? As beautiful as she is with a perfect body to add had a cheating husband. Come on , we all know that we all want to have that special someone to love us for life. Truth of the matter is ……..many people wish they can find someone to love them like this couple love eachother.My mom has been married twice and she is a size 3, if you want to talk about weight. Weight does not keep a marriage together …… Love does!