World’s Best Lasagna: Want The Recipe?

    October 4, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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Many might think the “World’s Best Lasagna” might come from an Italian grandmother who has lived in Sicily her entire life and makes her own pasta. But they would be wrong.

According to AllRecipes.com–and its users–the title goes to John Chandler, a self-proclaimed non-foodie who lives in Texas and grills most of what he eats. When he posted the recipe nearly eleven years ago, he never imagined it would garner the attention it has received: 27,000 Pinterest shares, and almost 8,000 reviews, most of them rated 5 stars.

“I did not think much about it [at the time] and did not think it was the world’s best, but named it tongue-in-cheek,” Chandler said. “It’s a very simple, easy recipe that everyone can appreciate and that everyone has in their pantry the things to make this. You don’t need a masters in cooking.”

The recipe is still number one on the site and is featured on the home page. Chandler says that people have posted their own versions of it after adding or taking away a few things here and there, and thinks it’s wonderful that it’s become a way to bring them together.

“People have made it their own. They’ve changed it and added red wine or rosemary. It’s not just my lasagna; everyone has shared in it,” he said.

Image via Good Morning America

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