World Record For Largest Observed Snowflake Celebrated With Google Doodle

125th anniversary

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World Record For Largest Observed Snowflake Celebrated With Google Doodle
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Update: More on that flake..

If you go to Google.com today, you will notice a new Google doodle celebrating the 125th anniversary of the world’s largest snowflake. Then, you might ask yourself, ‘Where does Google come up with this stuff?”

The doodle is animated. A flock of birds flies away as the giant snowflake falls from the sky, to land as the second “O” in the word Google. A cow looks at it for a second, then goes about her business.

According to Wikipedia, which Google presents as the top organic result when clicking on the doodle, it was this day in 1887 when the largest snowflake was observed at 38 centimeters (15 in) in diameter in Fort Keogh, Montana.

Those visiting Google might also notice a message that says: “We’re changing our privacy policy and terms. Not the usual yada yada. Learn more.”

If you haven’t been following, Google announced some major changes to its privacy policy this past week, which is essentially a consolidation of policies across Google services. What it boils down to is that you should consider using any Google product (other than a few select products) the same as using Google, because they fall into the same terms, and Google will use data across these different services. Here is some of our coverage:

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Google Privacy Changes: What Do They Mean To You?

Can Consumers Opt-Out Of Google’s New Privacy Policy?

Google Privacy: “The Real Story”

Google’s Policy For Government Contracts Unchanged

Google’s Privacy Approach With Danny Sullivan and NPR

More Backlash From Google’s New Privacy Policy

Yes, Virginia, Google’s New Privacy Policy Lets You Opt Out Of Sharing Your Data

World Record For Largest Observed Snowflake Celebrated With Google Doodle
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  • Reallynow.

    This is ridiculous, the article is on snowflakes & all you guys can think of is cussing!? Really now.

  • shayne

    uhn huj ya ok right

  • No Thanks

    “world’s larges snowflake”

  • krazeyval

    Linus and Lucy love to catch snowflakes on their tongues… one this big would knock em out! LOL!

  • Alandra

    I with everyone else who actually is using this web site as intended. Yes, it may be useless information that we all seem to hold onto but, it is interesting. However, people (immature people) have to ruin it for everyone else. I really don’t understand why the immaturity is even thought to be cool or funny in any way. If you are going to post anything that isn’t involved with the topic of the story, leave the site.

  • Alandra

    I am in agreement with the other people who are visiting this site for it’s intended purpose. Yes, this may be in the category of useless information that we all seem to hold onto but, it is interesting. I don’t under stand how people (immature people) find it cool or funny to post inconsiderate, crude, unnecessary, and ridiculous comments. If you are not going to use this site for it’s intended purpose, leave.

  • Lauren

    these comments r funny. How we get from “whoa big snowfflake!” to “stop cursing, u *****!”

  • Lauren

    O.o wow….how u got time 2 rite all of dat? get a life :/

  • Bren

    I find it funny you guys are fighting on a article about a snowflake. I just thought it was a LOL moment.

  • JosieM

    I once thought words were just words
    An expression only to be misinterpreted by the dull of mind
    Yet years have shown that it is I who was the simpleton
    Not knowing, not caring their true significance

    Just one word can break a person’s will
    A phrase or more much more damage still
    Yet most do not realize what pain can be caused
    From simply speaking before thinking of the reaction without pause

    So guilty am I of this vicious cycle
    Many things I have said with no remorse
    To hurt the ones I hold so close

    I look Above and pray for Grace
    To crush this heart of stone
    To mold the pieces of brokenness and hate into a Chalice to be filled with faith
    One day to be filled to the brim
    Then overflowing with love and peace as was meant to be

  • http://NA Barbara Doan

    As I was reading this, what came to mind is: Who is GOOGLE? Who are the owners, the board members, their vision, etc.? Please let me know. You have my email sooo I give you an out-of-order Thank You for your answers, in advance.

  • Yellow-snow boy

    My mom told me not to eat yellow snow. I’ve seen yellow snow before, but never a yellow snowflake. I think it would be in everyone’s best interest to also know the size of the biggest yellow snowflake.

  • Alandra

    Leave the site.

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