Women’s Leggings: How To Wear Them Right


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Leggings are very stylish at the moment but not everyone knows how to wear them right.

Some people argue that leggings shouldn’t be worn as pants, and others choose to wear them instead of jeans, slacks or sweat pants.

If you are planning to wear leggings this season, make sure you are wearing them the right way.

Dresses And Skirts
Leggings are a great way to keep your legs warm when you want or need to wear a skirt or dress. Black and other neutral colored leggings can be matched with almost anything and solid colored skirts and dresses will look great over the colorful geometric printed leggings that are currently popular.

Cardigans And Tunics
If you want to wear leggings as pants, there is a simple rule that most people like to follow. The shirt or top you are wearing with the leggings should cover your butt. Luckily, long sweaters, cardigans and tunics are popular this season and look great when paired with leggings.

Boots are the perfect partner to a pair of leggings and if you are having doubts about wearing them, try them on with a pair of boots before you make your decision. Leggings fit nicely into boots, allowing your outfit to look flawless and put-together.

Not everyone can pull off leggings, but if you match them to the correct tops and shoes and add the right accessories, leggings can be a comfortable alternative to pants. Don't be afraid to give leggings a try.