Women Beat “Rape Politician” After Alleged Assault

    January 4, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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A group of women in India–the state of Assam–took justice into their own hands when they learned a local politician had been accused of rape, stripping and beating him in public before the police took him away for an investigation.

Congressman Bikram Singh Brahma was accused of sexually assaulting a woman while staying at her family’s home earlier this week; the rape was reported by her husband.

“He was staying at their house, and under what circumstances will be the subject matter of the investigation,” said G.P. Singh, the inspector general of police.

With so much unrest in the country right now after the gang-rape and murder of a young Delhi woman earlier this month, the pressure for government officials to crack down on accused sexual criminals is at an all-time high. The women who caught Brahma were joined by men who beat the politician with a stick and kicked him before police intervened. They say they have him in custody but have not made an arrest yet as they work to investigate the accusations.

Image: YouTube

  • Mary L. Ballard, MD

    It is unfortunate that the rape situation in India has escalated to this point, but the politicians have had many years to rectify the problem. Eventually, human beings will take to the streets to fight for their rights if they feel they are not being treated fairly by their govenment. Revolutions occur for a reason.

    • http://www.LauranChilds.com Lauran Childs

      The ‘rape situation’ is everywhere, not just India.

  • http://webpronews/gaming gin

    I think they should have cut off his penis shoved it in his mouth and shoved a flashlight up his *ss men that rape need to feel the pain and humiliation of being raped to understand what they have done. bet it was not the first time, and it will not be the last. no one does something just once this is a pattern in his life.

    • http://www.LauranChilds.com Lauran Childs

      I doubt it was his first time either and to think that he did it in the woman’s marital home and the husband reported it…


    • Hitchrk

      So if he’s found to be innocent, what then?

  • http://www.LauranChilds.com Lauran Childs

    Enough is enough.

    It’s great that both men and women attacked this rapist, I’ve long wondered why crimes against women go so unpunished (privately – I’m not talking in the ‘justice’ system).

    I hope this message goes out to every rapist around the world…

    • Hitchrk

      What proof do you have that he is a rapist? What if he’s innocent, do you still say it’s great?

  • Rod

    Good for them women . I think that should be like that hear
    let the punishment fit the crime. that’s whats wrong with are country
    we are too soft on the ones that don’t think they don’t have to
    follow the rules .

    • Hitchrk

      How do you know he committed a crime?

  • fred johnson

    Airhead chickypoos in USA dont carry and defend themselves, i.e. shoot the rapist, so that he can continue to rape others.
    Otherwise Clinton would be dead now.

    • http://www.yahoo.com SHERONICA

      Clinton didn’t rape anybody, they gave it up freely.

      • Snap N. McGarrett

        Tell that to Juanita Broaddrick.

    • steph

      this is in india idiot AND THEY ARENT ALLOWED GUNS. they cant even show their face they have no rights at all they are all mens cum dumpsters

    • KK

      Carrying a gun doesn’t prevent rape idiot, and I’d like to see any sort of statistics that it does. Also, Clinton didn’t rape anybody. Do you even know how to read or listen to the news? What a redneck dumbass.

  • Michele

    I wish the women had zeroed in on the testicles.

  • http://yahoo Ransom Cipher

    Any man who would committ rape is no man atall.But a worthless piece of crap.Who should be dealt with most harshly.Cut his balls & his dick off then put him in jail.!!!!!!!!!

  • http://yahoo.com country boy

    Our Native american counterparts have been subjected to this very act committed against them for over 500 years due to our colonialism and the repubs recently denied them justice and protection by not passing the Violence Against Women Act! Incomprehensible in this day and age….

    • teresa kimbley

      that is the spoils of war…..if u dont defend wants yours it will be taken…it goes both ways. native americans raped and killed just the same. and plus americans cant push laws on native americans in the the first place. so if they want portection for their women, stop saying ur native american and u deserve the same and if not more rights than than the rest. Its great that India is sticking up for themselves but have no reltion to native americans and what happen to them

      • zuya wanagi

        yeah we natives raped white woman?????? we killed for we were….and history shows white men love to show their dominace over non-white woman…history shows how you reptiles handle woman…look at what you do to your own woman…treated as property…instead of blessings..stupid amerikkkan…I am Native but damn sure dont considered myself amerikkkan…they built that on my ancestors murdered and raped bodies….

        • Hitchrk

          Your “ancestors” raped and murdered each other plenty before whites got here. I doubt you even know who your ancestors were.

          • Linda

            Here we go again. The argument of a 6 year old that states because the Natives committed wrongdoings, it was perfectly fine to slaughter them, oppress them, deny them opportunities and continue to abuse them in the year 2013. Grow up, please.

          • Hitchrk

            I didn’t say it was OK moron. Overall point is it was hundreds of years ago, all those people are long dead, it has no relevance today. BTW, most Indians that have gotten off the govt reservations are doing quite well in society, it’s cry babies like you who keep them down.

      • Linda

        They tried to defend themselves, but it’s not much of a fight when women and children were being gunned down. Spoils of war? Thanks for your compassion, Teresa.

    • http://yahoo curtissmith

      These people have a lot of nerve calling themselves native Americans. Just because their ancestors came to this country before my ancestors does not make them any more native American than I am.

      • zuya wanagi

        curtis your more like a Naive amerikkkan….Thats all need to be said…we are the Natives curtis you gung-ho’s are the amerikkkans……violent hypocrites…witha a bible in one hand and assult rifle in the other silly reptiles

      • jaguarsister

        curtissmith :: please read the article. These are Indians from the country of India.

    • Adria

      Give me a break! VAWA is nothing more then feminist agenda. The majority of the funds go to training judges and other official on woman’s rights issues, not on actual services to victims. I work as a service coordinator for victims of domestic violence, the majority of services provided to my victims come from funding by non-profit and religious groups. Not VAWA.

      The worst part of VAWA is that it is historically ineffective. There is no evidence that it has made an impact of any significance on the problem of intimate partner violence. It is simply a law enforcement tool, legislating mandatory arrests and restraining orders. It’s wasted money, providing no real service to victims.

      This law is all about builing the feminist agenda, not at all about victims.

    • Hitchrk

      Dude, what century do you live in? That crap was hundreds of years ago, maybe someone forgot to tell you it’s 2013.

  • Patty

    If I were the woman’s husband, I’d beat the hell out of him myself. As with that culture, nothing will happen to him. He’s a “man” and she is just a “woman” with no or fewer rights than someone who owns a goat, a cow or a pig, no pun intended.

    • Hitchrk

      So if he turns out to be innocent then can his family come beat the hell out of you?

  • Steve Grady

    For the most part the above posters are a bunch of idiots. Rape IS a horrible crime, and rapists should be severely punished…….AFTER due process and a trila. What if this this guy is innocent? Is that not possible? Does anyone remember the Duke lacrosee player rape fiasco? As it turned out,the accuser in that case 100% fabricated the story, yet the school and the press tried and convicted those kids in a few day in the paper. Nobody should be happpy or impressed with mob justice……..

    • Cringe

      well actually that case fell apart because the prosecutor got in trouble by stacking and trying to create other charges and everyone did what we as a group do ‘well if that part is not true then the whole thing must be a lie cased dismissed’ the rape charges were never proven or disproved.

      • Leigh

        Hallelujah! Doesn’t matter if it fell apart. Sorry that it did, but glad they put shame on him

        • Hitchrk

          Yeah, you’re glad a bunch of innocent people were put through hell, taxpayers had to wasted 100’s of 1000’s of dollars, and the woman who made it all up got to go free?

      • Hitchrk

        Uh, yes they were. A prosecutor almost NEVER comes out and says the woman was lying, this woman was lying. Also, I don’t know if you live in America or not but in our system the burden of proof is on the accusser, otherwise anyone could just accusse anyone of anything. Some of you are scary with your rushes to judgement, I can only hope you are never faced with being accussed of a crime you didn’t commit.

    • Karl

      Well put.

  • http://yahoo Sydney

    Men who rape or sexually assault any woman should be MADE AN EXAMPLE in every country. They should be brought in public and women permitted to beat, strip him completely of his clothing and flogged in public until they can’t stand up any longer. Then before put in prison for life he should be genital castrated Then they can live the same SHAME, HUMILIATION and TRAUMA they force on women. Bet there would be less rapes and they would think twice before doing such a violent act to a woman.

    • Hitchrk

      Really? So what should we do to women who falsely accusse men of rape?

      • A

        That happens so rarely it is not even worth worrying or talking about. 99.9 times out of a 100 the man has raped the woman.

        • Hitchrk

          Yeah right, where did you get that stat from, MS. magazine? Do some research toots, it happens all the time.

  • Leigh


  • scott

    I thought the headline suggested that the politician was defeated in an election not actually physically beaten….good for him

  • Dave

    I would have liked to see a couple of trannys take him hard!!

  • jjax

    Really? Immigrants are the same as native people? How stupid can you be. And war suggests that both sides have an equal chance of winning (xmen, first class). The native Americana had no chance of victory after disease destroyed the population to a small fraction of what it once was. The plight of native Americans was even worse than the African slaves. The natives lost everything, including their lives for most of them. Don’t ever say you have as much right to this country as they do.

    • babygirl

      African Americans and the Native Americans how can you compare? Yes, they both suffered much, but the race of the African American was taken for their native home shipped thousands of miles to this country in chains in the hull of a ship with very little food and water. Sold on the aution block, seperate from their love ones, beat,hanged, and enslaved.

      • zuya wanagi

        both races suffered alot…but to say one race had it the worse….tsk tsk…but you see The Whites bred their slaves to be strong…while white slaughtered Tribes like mine for no reason but to get more land and minerals…Blacks were kept alive while they tried to put us ndns in distinction……..now we have whites, blacks and other countries claimin to be ndn…..all you see now is white and black…where is the redman…still in silence…so who truelly has had it the worse?

      • zuya wanagi

        both races suffered alot…but to say one race had it the worse….tsk tsk…but you see The Whites bred their slaves to be strong…while white slaughtered Tribes like mine for no reason but to get more land and minerals…Blacks were kept alive while they tried to put us ndns in distinction……..now we have whites, blacks and other countries claimin to be ndn…..all you see now is white and black…where is the redman…still in silence…so who truelly has had it the worse?

      • Ken

        Babygirl…there is much more to it than that. Yes, Blacks were mistreated, but the Indian was and continues to be living in sqauler (sp?). Blacks were not just ‘taken’ from their homes, a lot were “sold” by their Chiefs. A little bit of Americana, Irish were treated the same way and a lot of the jokes and cartoons about blacks came from the Irish jokes…just the names and heads were changed. The white man should hang their heads in shame…but they won’t.

        • Hitchrk

          Maybe because the “whit man” you speak of is long dead. I am not going to hang my head in shame for things I didn’t do, asking me to makes you a racist.

        • Mitch

          White man hang their heads in shame??? Really??? Hell Ken why don’t all white men committ sucide while we’re at it?! Wake up if you don’t see many “Redmen” your not looking hard enough my kids are 50% Choctaw meaning there is mom is a FULL BLOODED Native American. Black people in the US today have it easier than white people because companies have to have a certain amount of minorities working for them it doesn’t matter if the white man is more qualified or not. Look at the president for an obvious example!!! White, black, Native American, Mexican, and any other races could get along just fine without living in the past. Where you there when blacks were slaves or indians were killed? NO! Was I there? NO! Be proud of your back ground and move the hell on and let the past stay where its at. My head is held high and will never be hanging in shame for things that happened hundreds of years ago!!!

      • kuku

        slavery did not existed. it was a tale by the white and jew organized media. all african migrants came to the US and other parts of the americas as migrant workers.

      • Hitchrk

        Actually no, they were sold into slavery by their own people. You really think ole Colonel Sanders sailed over to Africa and started “rustlin up slaves”. Get real and learn some history.

  • DebbyJay

    Isn’t this a country where they cut off the offending part of the criminal? I believe in castration with sedation for any sexually related crime.

    • Robert Schrecengost

      If this polititian is to be found guilty in a court of law, then sentence him to prison, and put him in the general population so he can be gang raped over, and over, and over again.

    • Sara Jones

      How about castration with NO sedation?!!

  • http://yahoo Barbara

    Good for them! Since it seems to be his right to commit violence, it should be the same for him. Huh! Maybe they are people who “get off” causing pain to other humans, or even animals. So that, being the case if it is, is perfectly legal. Dontcha think?!

    • Hitchrk

      How do you know he committed any violence? Since when is an accussation proof of anything? I pray you never get called for jury duty.


    this is what should be done to all elected officals who think they can take the law in their own hands,espeically in the USA

  • Hitchrk

    Seems all of you missed the part where it said he was ACCUSSED, doesn’t mean he did it, any of you who thinks an accussation is justification for this behavior than fine, I accusse you, let the beatings begin….

  • JW

    Great. There should be more of this. My only question is why didn’t the woman’s husband & male relatives do this.

    • Hitchrk

      More of what? Attacking people who might not even be guilty? By all means, explain to me how you know this man did anything wrong.

  • A

    This story made me smile.

    • monica

      Smile, hec it almost made me…. myself.

      Its about time. And way past. Wish those women knew their own
      power and LITERALLY beat the living crap out of the man.

      I have many “complaints” about the United States, but at this moment, I’m glad to say I’m an American.

  • http://yahoo LadyD.

    Afer watching the video 3 times and reading some of the comments on here I thought I might as respond to what I seen…First I didn’ see a beating per say..More like love slaps..Yes it was an assault but it sure didn’t amount to what the headline lead us to belive had happened. And how in thw world did this lead to Native Americans and blacks and Clinton ? This took place in India.He is an India Indian.You know India ! Where Columbus thought he was so that was why he called them Indians when he came to this country.The reservations here in Mi.are nice and the Indians get checks each month from the casinos that they own.Only trouble is one tribe agaist another for the right to build.My daughter-in-law has a sis maarried to a native American and their home was brand new.Only trouble is by her not being Indian if he dies first she does not get the house even though she works at one of their casinos and makes house payments.It must go to the youngest son..There are other reservation in this country where they live in unbelievable conditions and that is not right but no one seems to care..They are not in Hollywood or a stadium making millions of dollars.Maybe Lou Diamond Phillips or Wayne Newton but they are few and far between.We do owe them as they are slaves..Slaves to proverty.

  • nathan

    I bet that was legitimate

  • cliff

    While I think vigilante justice, in general, is a bad idea, in this case it is justified and helpful.

    Something major needs to be done in countries like India that treat women like crap. In addition to treating women horribly, the rampant corruption in India is holding back their country from entering the 21st century as an economic power.
    India is really screwed up, and the more public protest and public outrage, the better. I hope it will lead to a better India, and better treatment of women all over the world.