Woman Set On Fire In Possible Domestic Violence Case

    January 7, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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A San Francisco woman suffered gruesome injuries over the weekend when she was set on fire, police say.

The woman–25-year old Starr Lamare–is suffering from “life threatening” injuries after her boyfriend allegedly threw flammable liquid on her and set fire to her clothes. She was able to remove her clothing, but only time will tell if she’ll survive the attack. Investigators have not released information regarding how severe the burns were, but the biggest worry with most burn victims is usually infection.

Police also say they have not arrested the man accused of the attack; however, the suspect in question has been named as Dexter Oliver. Police were called to the scene after neighbors heard a woman screaming, and have organized a search for him. Lamare’s family members say the two had only been dating for about six months but believe they had an argument outside a local laundromat which escalated. He allegedly took Lamare’s purse and ran off after setting her on fire.

“Most of her face is burnt,” said the victim’s sister, Precious Craig. “Just a little bit of hair is still there, but most of her face is burned.”

Investigators are currently checking all surveillance cameras in the neighborhood to gain clues as to Oliver’s whereabouts. He is currently facing attempted murder charges.


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    • jay

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    • Nathan Neideigh

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    • nicky

      I agree with the other response. YOU ARE AN IDIOT!!!! How can you blame the president (whether its Obama, Bush or any other) for the actions of an individual who excercised his own will to try and kill another human being. OMG!!! Your hatred is so much a part of you that you can’t be relavent. What about the poor victim!!!!!!!

      • Lolo

        It is truly sad that we STILL have people in our country that can not feel any empathy for a victim without having some sort of religious or anti-religious, political or racist comment. What does any politician have to do with the fact that a young lady is fighting for her life because some heinous creature set her on fire? Why does it matter what the color of their skin is? The blame falls on the person that committed the crime; even his race or choice of politician has nothing to do with his crime. How very sad that a person of the HUMAN race was harmed by another person of the HUMAN race.

  • Poop

    Starr and Precious? Gee, wonder if they’re white girls

    • sharon

      Gee Poop,
      Have a heart-no matter the race no one deserves that. Just imagine the horror that woman suffered. now, imagine it happening to you. No matter what color you are the out come is the same. I guess you side with the perpetrator. I’ll pray for you.

    • L

      Obviously they aren’t due to the pictures of them that are shown above……..you racist idiot. Does it even matter what race they are?? Would it matter if it were your relative that got set on fire?

    • amber

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    • Nathan Neideigh

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  • jay

    For about 20 years I have spoken out for a Heinous Crimes Act that would treble the penalty for any unusually cruel act. This would be one of them. But even a trippled penalty is not enough punishment for what this POS did . He should be set on fire to enjoy the feeling 1st hand of what he did to her. Only on this low life the fire should never be put out . Let it burn until he is reduced to ashes

    • Marina mar

      Good idea Jay, let the bastard burn!!

  • Robin

    Well here we go. This is the type of thing men do to women in Muslim countries, gas, acid, whatever they can find in order to hurt the woman forever, to kill her life, to take away everything from her as a woman. 3rd world mentality. This man must be prosecuted as though he intended to murder her, which is what his intention was I believe. We need, as a nation, to have laws in place that will prosecute profoundly people who do this type of horrible act toward another

    • Lisa

      I know, I know….hard to keep my chin up sometimes. People are violent, but so much has targeted women. We’ve really made a lot of progress but you read stuff like this and it feels like a “one step forward, two steps back” sort of pattern. I just hope they catch the guy and that she heals up as best she can. Truthfully he is probably the kind of person who would harm anyone.

  • amber

    what happened here is no joke. i dont find it funny that someone should make fun of bad situation here. this girl didnt ask for what happened to her no matter what race they are. racism is still just as bad today by the way you made your remark poop, and its people like you who cant let go and keep up the stupid grind. and as far as gas i can remember when it was 21cents a gallon. as far as all this being blamed on bush? welp it all first started with our forefathers and the problems escalated. each “new boss just like the old boss” get strapped with the same ole bs

  • Jan

    I don’t think this is what Alica Keys meant when she is singing, “This girl is on FIRE”. That must have been so painful. I feel for that woman.

  • Rob

    Am I seriously reading responses that are referencing President Obama, Muslim countries & race? A woman was burned, it appears her boyfriend did it. For whatever reason he did it, I DON’T CARE. It’s a crime. Period….. Using this story to help fuel some of your closeted racist and elitist ideologies is really low. Scum bucket low….

    • PamelaKay

      I agree Rob.

    • Lolo

      I agree also.

  • Irishpubclub

    If only she had a gun to defend herself with…

  • Dj

    If Obama had a son, this is what he’d look like!

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    • Tori

      Omg Dj ! Shut your dumb ass up ! This shit isnt a damn joke !

  • JTerianDeShandreJackson

    She would have avoided all this if she would have just called the cops when the guy was holding the gas can and lighting the match. No need for a gun. After all, guns are bad, according to liberals.

  • jt

    look up AGENDA 21 people. there are heinous crimes laws on the books, just need judges to do their jobs.

  • william

    Why is fire legal! Ban fire for the children!

  • http://www.webpronews.com Nadine

    This is one reason why we need The Violance Against Women Act renewed.
    They let it exspire in the beginning of the new year. No jokes needed. This is not President Obamas fault. This is Dexters’s’ fault. He did the deed.
    Pray for this young 25 yr old victum of our society who may lose her life.

  • PamelaKay

    This just horrible. God Bless that poor woman. I hope they catch that fellow soon before he hurts someone else.

  • Bump

    let’s set his mother and sister on fire (his choice but has to chose one)as his punishment instead of putting him up in prison for a supposed 20 yr sentence that he prob would only due 8? but this young lady will have her mind/body disfigured for the rest of her life!!! freaking animal!!!! and this is not a black or white thang!! cause i’m a black man!!!!!

    • Tasha

      Set HIM on fire so HE can live with pain/disfigurement and see how he likes that. Comparing this POS to an animal is an insult to animals. I disagree with setting his mom or sister on fire, they had nothing to do with this. You are right about this not being a black or white racial issue. Any POS (it doesn’t matter what race they are) who would hurt another human being that way over somthing so trivial should burn.

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    It saddens me when I read stories like this it happens more often than I would like.

  • Sean

    I just read about this Womans Violent and vicious attack. Will everyone who is fighting please stop. Fighting is what may have caused this attempted murder to happen. Please join me and hope for the best for Her and her family. Thank you.

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    This is the world we live in, there is just too much violence. Its probably that we are not fighting it hard enough.

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    This is very alarming, its not that it is new, but people let’s get wiser. If you don’t like your wife, divorce her, don’t set her on fire>(((