Woman Lives Biblically: Feminist Calls Husband “Master”

    October 18, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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A woman who decided to live “biblically” for one year and wrote a book about her findings is garnering heaps of praise and criticism for her decision.

Rachel Held Evans, who describes herself as a feminist Christian, says her end goal had everything to do with being a woman, despite what her critics are saying.

Evans says she wanted “To call into question that there is a single blueprint of how to be a woman. There’s no single model in the Bible – as soon as you think you have found it a woman comes along and breaks it. Everyone picks and chooses. There are verses that say ‘submit to your husband’, but also those that say ‘submit to one another’. The more women know about the bible the more they can respond when people try to silence them.”

During what she calls “The Womanhood Project“, Evans made her own clothes, grew her hair out, lived outside her home in a tent when she was having her period, called her husband “Master”, and sat alone on the roof of her home as penance after deciding she had been gossiping or nagging, which comes from the Bible verse “it is better to live in a corner of a roof than in a house shared with a contentious woman”. In doing so, she hoped to gain a greater understanding of the Bible and a woman’s role according to it, which is sometimes presented as contradictory passages.

Unfortunately, because her book, “A Year Of Biblical Womanhood”, contains the word “vagina” it will not be carried by Christian bookstore chain Lifeway. When asked about it, Evans said, “I don’t know if they were more offended by my vagina or my brain. The only thing I know is that my editor said, ‘If you leave this word in, there’s a good chance LifeWay won’t carry it.’”





  • Jesus

    She should’ve stayed in school.

  • Sandra Rinaldi

    What did her husband think before, during and after this project?

  • A. Stuart

    Living in a tent is not Biblical. They stayed in a separate room and did not interact with the family. They also did not prepare meals during their cycle – wonder if she followed that one.

  • Scott

    What does she mean by Biblically? Merely going by the words written in the Bible doesn’t mean living a Godly life.

    • Serena

      read the article, not just the headline. The details are therein.

  • Hiding Startup

    “They are only a matter of food and drink and various ceremonial washings–external regulations applying until the time of the new order.” – Hebrews 9:10

    It sounds like she missed this key New Testament concept and its implications.

  • Lenny Bruce Jacobs

    She is living like she is in the 12th century….so what?…the Muslim world does it every day….

  • Hiding Startup

    Or here “By calling this covenant “new,” he has made the first one obsolete; and what is obsolete and outdated will soon disappear.” – Hebrews 8:13

    and regarding Biblically “unclean”
    “For by one sacrifice he has made perfect forever those who are being made holy.” – Hebrews 10:14


    Has been done before here as well: http://www.ajjacobs.com/books/yolb.asp

  • Serena

    The most ridiculous item in this article is the fact that because she uses the word ‘vagina’ the Christian book store won’t carry it. I think she did what writers do. She found a topic she wanted to write about, did her research, and wrote the book. I’d like to read it, even if I wouldn’t follow the example to the letter, I think it’s an interesting perspective on how women are portrayed in the bible vs. how secular people perceive women to be portrayed in the bible. I’m interested to see how right or wrong the perception is.

  • H. Campbell

    I really like the idea of a woman—of ANYONE—taking the Holy Bible seriously. So, congrats to Mrs. Evans for doing this experiment for a whole year and then writing & publishing her findings. Good going, girl! And the philosophy that there is more than one blueprint for living also helps. As to the “Lifeway” bookstore chain & their refusal to sell Mrs. Evans’ book just because she retained the word “vagina” in the text of said book, I have this to say. Yes, a bookstore—ANY bookstore—has the right to choose what to sell & what to refuse. Okay. However, nobody has the right to spread ignorance, and nobody has the right to insist on focusing on the wrong thing. The “Lifeway” people need to see the larger picture that this book presents, namely, how to interpret Scripture in a way that is really useful & helpful in one’s life, and how to live the Biblical life based on that very helpful interpretation. Besides, “vagina” is the Latin term for “tunnel”, “sheath”, “canal” or “tube”. I say this last sentence for the benefit of the “Lifeway” bookstore owners.

    • Angela

      I wonder if they would have published it if she had called it a whoowhoo, or Vajayjay of some other stupid term. It’s a body part not porn.

  • Africaman

    My wife can’t live biblically for five minutes!

    • Pat Hardy

      Are you living according to the Bible? And before you answer yes, have you read every word?

  • Joseph

    The most ridiculous thing about this is that a dude already wrote a book about doing this. I love how creative she was with her idea.


    His book is great, her book is a complete ripoff.

    • Cheryl

      While we, as Christians,need to know the Old Testament to fully understand the New Testament, Jesus became the new and everlasting covenant. By doing so the laws of the old testament were abolished. The man should leave hid parents and cling to his wife, and women leaves her fathers house and becomes 1/2 of a covenant. The man is to be the “head” while the woman is to be the “heart”. Together they respect each other and represent a covenant unto each other. No master no sir no one higher or lower than the other. Equal parts. This woman really needs to go back and read the bible and maybe discuss it with some friends. Oh yah…and prayer for discernment.

    • Cheryl

      Wow! Someone other than myself knows The Book of Solomon or Solomons Song. There you find the answers of how men and women should treat each other. Kudos!

  • Bill

    Many passages in the Bible are poems and prose which are presented metaphorically. To take EVERY word literally is NOT living Biblically. Aside from that, I applaud her attempt and find her story intriguing. I would love to read her husband’s book, if he has written or will write one! Imagine guys being married to a true Proverbs 31 wife, one who fully embraces the beauty of Solomon’s Song. WOW!! You would be experiencing heaven on earth! :>)

  • William

    Several thoughts on this article. First, what she did hurt not one so whatever she wants to do is fine with me. Second, I would not raise my daughters to be this way. I am a Christian and I know what the Bible says about this matter BUT it takes two to tango. Any man that wants to be called MASTER in a marriage is a megalomaniac. In my marriage, I view my wife as more than equal. She is MENSA, she is intuitive, she is more talented than I. We approach life as a team and make our own rules as to how we conduct our relationship. To date, we are very successful. I look at the Middle East and the way women are treated there even up to the point of berka and head covering. If you take the New Testament book, I Corinthians, literally, then Christian women would follow this practice. Been there, got the T-shirt, moved on.

  • Betty

    Jesus left two very important messages, love God above all and love your neighbor as yourself. Because she chose to live as she did does not say her life was Godly.

  • giselle


  • http://iosdeveloperforums.com Scott

    When are we going to get pst the dark ages. Do people not realize that dark ages were a direct result of religious wars and dogmas.

  • Brad 34695

    Chasidic women live this way all the time. I’m not sure why this is newsworthy?

    • Frost

      It is newsworthy because most people aren’t Chasidic.

  • http://yahoo patsy olive

    I believe that she did this for praise and attention,and so she could
    write a book about it,beside when Jesus Christ was nailed to the cross the old testment was nailed with him and we are no longer to live by the old law, but the new one which is the new testment that we
    are to live by now.

    • dorothy

      That is not true. You have to take the bible as a whole. He came to fulfill the law now change it. We are suppose to go by the old laws along with new

      • Momma Rose


  • Jenni Murphy

    Why would you live according to the old testament?? If she wants to live bibically she should live according to how the New testament says to live. I think this is more a publicity stunt rather than really wanting to live like a biblical wife

  • kerry

    Well…why does she look crazy ? That smiles not normal

  • Amron

    Stupid is as stupid does. What woman in todays’ society wants to be subservient to men! That makes them no better than a dog. We are equal. In my opinion women might even be superior to men. I bow down to none! Religion is just a MAN made idea to keep the masses i check. Who needs it.

    • jose

      wow ,its o.k to feel that way,I hear they need people in hell.

  • Nick Ames

    Chill, people! Books like this can be Interesting, whatever style the person is doing. “Christians” who would exclude a book because it has vagina in it?! they should read Song of Solomon in the Old Testament….Shocking !!!

  • ShaVonne

    She did not live “biblically” she lived in way that sarcastically depicted scripture.

  • http://yahoo teri

    I feel the author was a little extreme, her bliblical living, could not have been very true to the period, due to our modern conveniences. For the person who commented women are equal to men, well, we’re not.
    We are not equal to men, men are equal to other men, and women are equal to other women. Men are anatomically different then men, that’s the most obvious difference. Our differences don’t indicate they’re better then us, it just means we are not the same. Women can carry babies, men cannot, another obvious differentiation. We are both resourceful in different ways and I am very proud to say, I have never compared myself to a man. There’s no comparison.

    • Martha

      Well said Teri!

  • Ann

    Such an extraordinary degree of missing the point as to what it means to “live biblically” can, obviously, only be deliberate. For example, how outlandish can you get balancing on top of a slanted roof as self-imposed “penance” for various “misbehaviors.” Her interpretation of the proverb is beyond bizarre. The proverb creates the image of a husband confining himself to the (flat) roof (an area of the house still commonly used today for as a kind of porch area on houses in the East) to get away from a contentious, unpleasant wife. This would be comparable today to a husband shutting himself up in a tiny home office or something to get away from his constantly critical wife. There’s no connection whatsoever between Ms. Evans’ facetiously self-punishing act and the message of the proverb!

    This isn’t “living Biblically,” it’s blatant mockery.

    • Melanie

      I agree completely. It’s exactly what I was thinking as I looked also at the mocking faces she gave in the pictures. The Bible teaches us to live humbly, not look as tho we’re on The Price Is Right while we’re making our clothes or hanging out in the “menstruation tent”. I hope no one seriously follows in her ridiculous footsteps.

    • mary

      so…if women lived separately and didnt cook meals for the family during their monthly cycle and all women in a household cycle together..stands to reason God says men can cook once in awhile, lol! :) I agree..the bible is full of contridictions, we are ment as humand to interpept things differently just as all people are individuals…example: bible says to stone people to death for their crimes, but also says let he without sin cast the first stone…temper judgement with mercy always..only God may fully judge.

      • jose

        you need to pick up the bible;it contridicts lol;shows how much youve read.they were going to stone a harlot woman,thenJESUS said let the first one without sin cast a stone abolishing that old testament law.whats fully judge mean,we are all sinnersjudged by god who sent his son to cleanse us.you are righteous through christ but i guess you have yet to read your bible…

        • Abe

          It is possible to correct someones ideas of the bible without criticizing them. Sounds like you are throwing a few stones in your response to mary just as you are explaining not to unless you are without sin. Better words next time might help her to read her bible more and understand what the true message is. God’s Peace!

  • Stefanie

    Who was she trying to prove something to? Well, it sounds interesting. I would like to read her book.

  • Brian

    I have mixed feelings about this. I agree with all about the publicity stunt attempted here, but commend the woman for wanting to understand biblical life. If the woman meant well and really was serious about this, she should have done this a different way. To enslave yourself to your husband and degrade yourself for a natual body function is pointless and unGodly. There is no human who is more superior than the other. Only God who is the most superior of all. I agree with william about going through life as a team. That is the whole purpose of a male and female. The two need to build companionship and love to bring each other closer to themselves and God. Both men and women have opposite abilities and personalies that allow life to be dealt with only when brought together. I want to believe this woman meant well, but the way she misunderstood alot of the reasoning of the past practices in the bible, and smiles in her pictures as if an audience were watching, I’d say this was all for publicity!

  • Esthella

    I wish I could do you. Maybe I would be blessed (I don’t know). God bless the husband you have because He understood. In this era, that marriage would not exist or he would really treat you like shit because he is that priviledged. LOL!!

  • Thomasina

    I agree with Ann and Melanie. I think this woman is NUTS. Thos pictures do look like she is on ‘The Price Is Right’ not like she is living humbly and biblically. What a publicity stunt!

  • Karen More

    A woman who lives Biblically is a Christ-centered, Christ-loving, Christ-obeying woman who (by the way) strives in everything she does to be pleasing to Him by her gentle and quiet spirit. Biblical living at its core is denying yourself, taking up your cross and following Christ. Until you have done that, you can sit on the corner of a rooftop or in a hole in the ground and you will NOT be living as a Biblical woman. Get to know Jesus Christ and then and only then will you experience REAL Biblical living!

  • http://Yahoo Nancy

    I think that the Bible is clear and states that a woman is her husband’s most prized gift.God created man and then made him a helper and partner called woman.. An honorable woman is a man’s greatest gift. So woman should be honorable at all times.. No matter what season she is in.

    • Virtuous LAdy


      I don’t need a book to tell me how to be submissive. The Bible speaks for its self.

  • Sandra.

    I applaud you Rachel H. Evans. You thought about it and put action behind it and made it happen. Many folks cannot say that. You stepped out seeking to prove something and I do hope that you received what you were looking for and that God was 1st above all else. Keeping Him in your every day walk you will be okay! Once again kudos to you and may God bless you and yours!

  • http://bornagainsaintsplace.com bornagainsaint

    this person has taken the scriptures so completely out of context,it makes me sad that a self professed christian can do these rediculous things and say it is Gods will! she recieves no rewards as she has now gotten her reward by writing this rediculous book.

    • tryagain

      and with your pronouncement of “she receives no reward as she has now gotten her reward by writing this ridiculous book” you have judged her, her motives and her reward. probably can’t find a verse in scripture to cover her writing this book, but one sure can be found about your post.

      oh…and by the way…”ridiculous” and “receives”. might want to take a little less time fitting the great pyramid into your theology and work on a bit of spelling.

  • Leah

    This is so ridiculous that this woman would do this. Why not just live your life and be happy and have your husband respect, honor and cherish you like he said he would when he said his wedding vows. It is disturbing that people who don’t know what husband and wife means and say weddding vows to each other try to redefine what it all means….shouldn’t that all be worked out and discussed before getting married?

    • Rebecca

      If you knew the relationship that RHE has with her husband, Dan,you wouldn’t have this question. RHE and Dan are an amazing couple. Dan has over and again proven his love and support for her and received her support for him … they have a precious relationship.

  • Nicole

    Thou shalt not judge! Hello? Ring a bell anyone? I applaud her, and anyone else who wishes to take on a journey that they believe will give them better understand in this existance we call life. What is good for one, is not always good for another. God made us to have free will, and with that comes opinions. So, take your own path, draw your own conclusions from life, and if you feel the urge to read someone elses journey to maybe better understand things you may wonder; so be it. No one asked you to. If it bothers you, just don’t bother to read it.

    • TA

      Stop judging us!

  • Bradley

    The Old Testament does not apply to Christians. She did not need to sleep in a tent when she was menstrating. As to calling her husband master, and the other things; either the translation of the bible she was using was wrong, or, once again, too much Old Testament.

  • Darryl

    wow, she wrote a book about this experience. don’t buy it.

    • http://yahoo! Andrea chisum

      There is certaintly not anything wrong with living bibilicaly. however she is living under mosaic law. it is not required for a woman to live in a tent while menustrating. you can still be in the house with your husband and sleep in the same bed. w/ out having sex. god wants us to live biblically but don’t misunderstand she put herself in danger sleeping outside god is not a god of confusion yes we should submit to our own husband. considering he is not stepping out of the will of god, or is going against your morals.

      • Salad Spinner

        maybe her tent has a mosaic floor. easy to wipe clean with a little clorox.

  • Tatyana

    Not all things available to read are worth reading.

  • Stacy

    Whether you agree or disagree, who cares? It’s her life, her decision. Let her live her life the way she wants it. It’s really none of anybody’s business. Go on about your own lives. I’m sure there are shortcomings you need to work on.

  • Salad Spinner

    Yay for Rachel. I myself have decided to live in the woods after reading The Wizard of Oz so as to better understand gullibility. Rachel, don’t forget to keep sending in those Sunday school offerings!

  • Ms. Thang

    She has gone too far.

  • tif

    awesome and amen! way to go! i wish i had the guts to do something like that. i often wonder what my role is as a christian woman/wife in todays world. i will so try to read it. i hope you were able to draw closer to the creator and lover of our souls by doing this experiment. and you know what? shame on you christians who are putting her down, we are supposed to encourage and uplift each other, the world is gonna hate any thing we do to try to get a better understanding of God, and satan will do his best to tear us down. but our brothers and sisters are supposed to be there for each us!!!!! so back off and shut up! back to the author of the boook, to God be the glory! great things he has done! im sorry the christian stores will not sell it, but walmart should have it. i will definitely look for it!!!!! <3<3<3

  • TA

    Funny this made news, Muslim women have been criticized for living Islamically for a long time now. That’s so weird that people would live their lives according to what their religion dictates. ?! ~ Proud Atheist

    Religion makes hypocrites of us all. ~ Queen Elizabeth I

    I hope one day all religion disappears and people become compassionate and logical.

    • Lynn

      What is you basis for compassion if you do not have a belief in God? Any reason you give can be directly linked back to God.

      • rubin triska

        Anything can be directly linked to your god when u you use that type of circular reasoning. Everyone is born without any knowledge of your god or the many other gods that have been created by ignorant humans. Humans created them to explain some things to which no one will ever have an answer. There are biblical tales and scientific theories but without first hand knowledge of how or why we exist the truth will never be found.

    • http://yahoo! Andrea chisum

      It’s not about religion a true christian is not religious we live by the word of God. christianity is a way of life you live 7 days a week. some people are religious but they are not christians. they may believe in Jesus but are they carrying their cross daily. that means submitting yourself to god’s will not our own selfish wills. you all better seek Jesus because he is coming back whether you belive or not Heaven is real but guess what so is Hell! where will your souls live!!!

    • http://yahoo! Andrea chisum

      Muslim woman have no say at all in their religion which is totally different from christianity so don’t you dear compare christians. muslim religions hurt and kill woman kisten the news about them not wanting woman to have an education and about the young lady they shot the muslim religion is false i only believe in The son of god, Jesus christ and him crucified. there is no comparison. God wants husband to honor there wives. it said woman submit to your husbands, and husbands love your wives, as how christ love the church that he gave his life for it. honey god is love 1john 4: 7-8 and john 13:35 love one another!

      • Ron

        And there is no comparison to real believers in Christ and evangelicals. Christ left the respsonsibility of caring for the poor and being kind to others you encounter. Evangelicals are so hate filled even with the poor, saying “They should go get jobs”. The republican rich have sent the jobs across the Pacific. Iraq was 911 in a different country commited by the U.S. But that was not condemned but glorified and whitewashed. It was alright to kill people who are different and believe different.

  • http://Bungholio.com SolydWun

    I love this…..I’m sure hollywierd libbys don’t but hey, they think Lady GaGa is normal. I have news for you Lady GaGa is the better side insanity and we have made her extremely wealthy for it. How contrite.

  • obiwanspicoli

    This would be great if it was an original idea. Too bad someone already beat her to this.


  • john fogarty

    Im all for her calling me Master and her living in a tent during her period but the rest is ridiculous its 2012 for gods sake!!!!!

  • Paul DiBenedetto

    If she was living biblically, where are the children? Isn’t she told to go forth and multiply? Her womb bore no fruit?

    She’s just a phoney attention seeking feminist. Don’t fund her.

    • Salad Spinner

      How charming and judgmental you are. Perhaps she is unable to bear fruit or her husband shoots blanks. As for me, I will stick to Fantasy novels, there are just as worthwhile as your fantasy!

  • not everyone gets it right

    I applaud her for wanting to learn and live as a woman the way the Bible teaches. However, by using the Old Testament she is trying to live as they did back then under the OLD covenant. At those times, people had to try to live by the law & had to have atonements and animal sacrifices to cover their sins. Back then people were also stoned to death for certain sins. When Jesus came into the world, He created a new Covenant for us. We now live under grace. The Old Testament has revelancy for teaching us, but there are things that have changed with the New Convenant and the Grace that we are all living in. Priests no longer have to make atonements for all the people, animal sacrficies are no longer needed, to name a few. Upon Christ’s death & resurrection, He gives those who believe His Holy Spirit, who will guide us and lead us in all truth. If she tunes into the Holy Spirit, He will guide her in areas that she’d need to change and guide her into proper scripture for daily living.

  • Arthur

    Well she must have had a very giving husband, to allow this…Giving up your equality is the dummest thing I’ve ever heard..If you want to know how people livied bibically, don’t read the Bible…Read old Aramaic texts, and read the Book of Mary Magdelene, Christ’s #1 desciple, and then tell why our “very prejudiced Nicene Council” left it out of the “Holy Book”…Neither men nor women, ever did this in Christ’s group, the Essenes of Kumran or Mt. Carmel..This is the last thing we need more intellectual speculation, without the slightest intuitive hint that you’ve put your head up where it should not be…Lady you got away with it, because you have a very good husband, many men as the poligamists, simply take adavantage and you are in a “sujective” relationship, not the “objective” one our hearts desire…Yes, our heart/ spirit, why did we write our constitution, dear lady…God is absolute Eqality btween the sexes, the Alpha and the Omega, honor your Father and Mother means just that…,not your physical parents…In the Aramaic texts, God is referred to as the Father/Mother God…., and we will get this back…No more lies, and Dark Ages…Please do some real thinking, and investigating,what the powers that be have put over on us is not Gospel…So your experience was not “Bibical”……..

    • cpr

      Arturo: You are reading too much Catholic crap and stuff that has been put out there to contradict the words of the true God. The books of Magdalene, Noah, Judas, etc. are all false!!! They have sort of appeared and don’t make much sense. Of course it is my opinion and you have yours. There is no equality between the sexes, and it is obvious in the beginning, and its the book of “Genesis”. Oh, I know, you are really an original woman turned…..

  • http://URL Maryjane Surico

    Looking at the pictures that Racheal posted,does not look like Bibical times a sewing machine ??? come on, she should have made the clothes with her hands and not a machine and a pop-up cozy tent, yea right, and it looks like she just came from a beautican, if your going to prove something do it the right way.

    • Salad Spinner

      just because she is not sewing with a fish bone does not mean she is not biblical. get a clue Maryjane….and take a few less hits of your maryjane! And furthermore Maryjane, being beautiful is not a sin. So shove it!

  • Lin

    Has American gotten so far away from God – that living “Biblically” makes the news, and is so unusual it’s worth writing a book about?


    Good for Her!! judgemental self rightious robots!!! She’s not hurting anybody. Let her do what she wants when she wants and if ya can’t say anything nice about it just shut the #@%^ UP!!!



  • Darin

    Too bad most people don’t understand that the guide to living in the Old Testament was issued under the Mosaic Law; something specifically set for the Jewish Nation of that time. Living by the law was designed to show that nobody could fulfill all of the requirements set forth. The yearly sacrifice by the High Priest provided atonement for infractions of the nation. When Christ died and arose, a covenant of grace extended to both Jew and Gentile. Meaning, the Law is historical, not practical or needed for atonement as Christ made that sacrifice for all who accept it. On another note, notice how the Law was set to protect the nation from many common maladies that are still present today but not the rampant issues of the day back then. Providing ways to health and hygenie, explaining how to deal with disease and proper food preperation was also a purpose of the Law God imparted to Moses and the nation. Just a thought.

    • Jason

      True the old testament law is somthing that we can not live up to, but so is the example set by Jesus. We should still follow the teachings of the law, and strive to live by them. The whole Bible the first half as well as the second is about Jesus. The whole plan invovled Jesus. We should look to the Bible “the whole Bible” as a guide to live our lives. Just because we can not live up to the expectation does not mean we should not try.

    • JenH

      Thank you for your insightful and positive comment. Hopefully people will take your thoughts into consideration when reading the Bible. Please everyone remember that you must rightly divide the word of God.

  • Susan

    I will contend that she was wrong to sit on the roof for being contentious. That point was directed to the husband and not to be taken literally. Not all women sewed their clothes. That example is shown in the New testament. Women had businesses since early Old Testament times. Christian bookstores are behaving wisely. They must have seen a lot more wrong with the book than just one word.

  • absaved

    James 1:27
    Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world. What her keeping polluted from the word is, will be different from others. The rest is pretty much straightforward: Help others in need.

  • Jen

    I don’t know why she’d call him master. ??? That’s very weird. She should have lived according to Proverbs 31 instead. HE then could have called her “noble” and “more precious than rubies”. She could have invested in some real estate and become a profitable trader. She could have done some charity work. Her children AND husband could have praised her. And others would have praised her …. “Give her the reward she has earned, and let her works bring her praise at the city gate.” Imo, this woman squandered a year of her families’ lives…

  • Matt

    This woman is an idiot! I can’t believe anyone would publish her book. Does she really think the stupid stuff she did is how the Bible instructs a woman to live?

    The proverb says “Better to live on a corner of the roof than share a house with a quarrelsome wife”. This means it would be better for the husband to be on the roof than in the house with a quarrelsome wife. What is she doing on the roof? I guess it would be best for the husband if the quarrelsome wife went to the roof .Solomon probably didn’t think that was an option. Lol

    Where does the Bible say a woman can’t buy clothes?

    Jar of “contention”? Do you think she means jar of contrition?

    • h2ok9

      Matt; “This woman is an idiot!”

      Matthews 5:25 But I say unto you, That whosoever is angry with his brother without a cause shall be in danger of the judgment: and whosoever shall say to his brother, Raca, shall be in danger of the council: but whosoever shall say, Thou fool, shall be in danger of hell fire.

  • Nomolos

    Are you not aware that “religious” [in appearance only] men convert the time in your lives into the capital which the system of corporatism operates on, and that they cannot afford to have anyone teach the truth which sets men free? It, the suppressing of this book from the eyes of the public, by this disease called “Christianity”, proves that these men, are indeed men of cunning who comprehend that “capitalism”, which is the Mystery Religion of ancient Mesopotamia and Babylon, involves the dumbing down of men, and the converting of their lives into the capital the system operates on.

    These men abuse mankind, not help them, through the selling of books, which contain a conflict of interest, resulting in more and more books on the knowledge of truth being used as capital.

    Their system of “capitalism”, first renders ignorant, and then capitalizes upon the one made ignorant. This is how it has worked for 6,000 years.

    This woman, Rachel Held Evans, while I do not think that she should be contributing to the “system” of capitalism by trying to convert truth into capital through the selling this book, or any book, has learned the truth of her husband being made in the image of Elohim, with her being formed afterwards, to signify that as Adam was to be an help meet to Elohim, WHO WAS ALONE, so woman was to demonstrate this in her life, by becoming an helpmeet to Adam, who was alone.

    This woman has been blessed with the knowledge of the Creator, creating man and woman. May it please Abba to bless her, and all who hear of these wondrous truths! Shalom Aleichem! [Peace be unto You!]

    This is why the New Testament/B’rit Hadasha states, “Likewise, ye wives/women, be in subjection to your own husbands/men;… Even as Sara obeyed Abraham, calling him lord: whose daughters ye are, as long as ye do well, and are not afraid with any amazement.” [I Petros/Peter 3:1a,6]

    Wake up people to the fact that Christianity as is the case of Judaism, and in fact all physical religions, are diseases upon man, which all utilize the fictional system of corporatism and corporations, which were called “harranu” in ancient Mesopotamia/Babylon, to enslave men to this system of capitalism.

    Stop buying these books that are being sold, and as one woman wrote in this blog, “All she needed was the Torah/Word!”

    • Valerie E. Young

      how can i get a copy of the book? I like to read it. I really do find it extremly challeging to live by the bible.

  • Micki

    Praise the Lord that He sent Jesus so that all who believe on Him are now considered clean and that I don’t have to live in a tent one week out of every month. No doubt this was an interesting experiment which had some rewards, but the purpose of Biblical laws was to show us we can never measure up to the Lord’s expectations, and that we need One Righteous One, the Savior, the Lord Jesus Who did live exactly according to the law at all times. In His unjust death all who believe are washed clean of their sins. In His glorious resurrection is our sure and certain hope of eternal life. Not in keeping the law because no one ever has kept the law except for Jesus. That aside, it is the man who should have been up on the roof, not her. It was never a law that a man should sit on the roof of his house, much less the woman. It is a proverb, a saying that expresses insight, not a requirement of the law. In sitting on the roof she not only misinterpreted the difference between the law and something profound, but she shows she had been contentious in that she may have sinned and broke a law. The law required animal sacrifices for sin offerings. I wonder if she took a dove to a Levi priest to offer up for her sin? If not, she didn’t live Biblically. Again, an interesting experiment, but one she failed at as did everyone who ever lived under Biblical law rather than under the grace of the Lord given to us as a gift when Jesus died for our sins.

  • http://URL Maryjane Surico

    Hey Salad Spinner, Just because my name is Maryjane, does not mean that I smoke pot, which I don’t but you must to even come up with a comment like that. I still stick to my comment, that if your going to live like your in Bibical times then do the whole 9 yards. Now go and enjoy a drag off your joint.

    • menachem

      I WILL enjoy my joint. As uptight as you are, sounds to me like YOU need a joint and to chill-out.

      Correction on your spellings.I still stick to my comment (no comma) that if YOU’RE (not your, that indicates possesion) going to live like YOU’RE in BIBLICAL times then do the whole NINE (numbers under ten are ALWAYS in letters) yards.

      If you can’t get a grasp of English correctly, then maybe you need to go back to school and judging from your judgmental comment, you are NOT showing a xian attitude, but a sarcastic one.

      • Dawn

        A bit picky about English aren’t you. Guess u ( ha ha I didn’t put you)don’t have anything better to do

    • menachem

      I WILL enjoy my joint. As uptight as you are, sounds to me like YOU need a joint and to chill-out.

      Correction on your spellings.I still stick to my comment (no comma) that if YOU’RE (not your, that indicates possesion) going to live like YOU’RE in BIBLICAL times then do the whole NINE (numbers under ten are ALWAYS in letters) yards.

      If you can’t get a grasp of English correctly, then maybe you need to go back to school and judging from your judgmental comment, you are NOT showing a xian attitude, but a sarcastic one.

  • Hugo

    It is amassing so many people have different comments, But it is her life it is her choice and she is happy, no body will change, and there are so many more like her, and they really enjoy their new life. So who cares. Let them to do things good for the change of a family, good she is not annoyting her husband any more, at least it is according to the bible. Some can call christian disease, but it is not christian style, it is bible style or some call stupid, nut,burro, etc, lets be mature. I will buy this book it will help my mom to stop yelling to much including my wife and others friends wife. we need support for a real woman like her, man I tell you, she is brave woman. I SUPPORT IT. 1 TO 10 IT IS 10+ UP AND A+++ –BUENO. you are sweet lady. Hey lady, you are close finish proverbs 31:10-31

    • Jester

      Uh Hugo, you do realize that she did this as an experiment to show the oppressive nature that women during biblical times had to face. She is not in agreement with it, but wanted to experience the other side of her belief system. She doesn’t believe that this is how women should have to behave or be treated. It’s easy to treat someone as less than yourself, it’s harder to want someone who is your equal. Real men want a woman who challenges them, the rest are cowards because they can’t handle a strong smart woman.

  • Hugo

    Before a comment, lets make sure we like the bible book, if not you better ignore it. I like the bible and I agree with her. What she is doing is clearly in the book of proverbs 31:10-31
    I know more women will do the same thing, it is going two be nice. New life, new family, new children, it will help to have a new generation. Real men and women, that is all about, no more annoy generation.
    It is responsibility. It is real change.

    • Sharon

      Very nicely put!

  • menachem

    When in the hell are people going to start thinking for themselves rather than follow some ficticious book?

    • Reager

      Thank you and I agree completely. For those who are willing to respond with your religious believes, one question that needs to be answered before you do, if “God” created the earth the why are we seeing stars that are older then his creation? Some stars that I see are over 2 million light years away. He has not been around that long, look at the bible.

      • kelly

        Read again…your missing it

        • ida_know58

          Reager, start on Genesis 1:1 of the bible and you will see that God was there/here before ANYTHING else. That includes all the other stars, universes and anything else you see when you look up. you first have to understand that God is limitless. He was there then at the beginning and He’s here now and in the future. It’s called being omnipresent. I don’t understand why people keep trying to put God in a box and neatly labeling Him. How can you confine God? He’s God.

      • David


        It’s so refreshing that you can say with certainty that the stars you are looking at are over 200 million lightyears away. That you can date a giant ball of gas that you can only see through a telescope. You can’t even be sure that the stars you look at are that old. The only way you could confirm that is to have been there when the star was born. Where you? Then how can you be sure?


        If the bible where a ficticious book please tell me who in there right mind could come up with such an elaborate tale spanding 3400 years and involving historical figures. That’s one brilliant master plan. Please show me the master mind that created a book with historical facts and show me the author that spent 3400 years of his life writing this best seller.

        Now for the two of you together, you can put your faith into a star that you say is over 200 million light years away, that you have never been too and can’t even determine its begining and yet you believe the bible isn’t real. Beliving that the stars you are looking at are millions of years old is by far more rediculous than beliving in the bible.

        • Zombie

          @David. The bible was written by MEN who said “God told them…”, just like the murders who say “God told me to do it.” Libraires are full of books with tangible facts. There is nothing in the bible you can prove with cold hard facts.

          • Paige

            try reading the Prophetic books.. we are living in the last days and it’s unfolding before our very eyes! You have blinders on, so it’s not your fault that you just don’t see it. there’s a Scripture that says the man without the Spirit does not accept the things that come from the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness to him, he cannot understand them b/c they are spiritually discerned.

      • KB

        This is the most ignorant thing someone could do, If you understand the bible and READ it, you will understand that the Old Testament was before Jesus came to earth and that was the way woman lived thousands of years ago, of course it doesnt make sense in 2012 and its ridiculous to want to see anything positive out of it. The truth is that she did it to prove the bible wrong but if you dont have the guidance of the Holy Spirit you wont understand the bible, man’s knowledge is nothing compared to Gods and therefore unless you have comitted your life to Christ and have Repented from your sins you will NEVER understand the word of God. This “she can be what she wants to be not what a book tells her to be” attitude is what is causing all this out of order behavior around the world and here in the U.S, people killing people for no reason, teenagers addicted to drugs on the streets etc.. Bottom line Man without God equals DISASTER for man turned againts his creator. The Ignorants are all of you who choose not to believe the word of God because it has laws and commands man must follow, and pridefull people dont want to be told what to do or how to be.

      • Paige

        according to the Bible, God has no beginning or end…He’s always been..

    • Janet Bennett

      The Bible is not ficticious and we don’t say you have to believe that but don’t give us grief on what we believe, it is our right to believe what we want!

      • karen

        Why are so many people so hateful against Christians? I think the stars could be billions of yrs old. Does that mean that God did not make them? I really don’t think this is what God wants us to worry about. Its about Gods Love and Jesus coming to ALL people to know him and Get the message. If your not a believer thats your right but please don’t be hateful. If your a believer you need to be careful of turning people away from the faith. If you are hateful, Why?

      • Zombie

        @janet bennett. Then quit trying to shove it down everyones throat.

        • FlaFreeThinkerII

          @ zombie…you are free to go, dead man walking; and you really don’t even have to comment…just go & write your book on ‘your beliefs’ & see how criticism of ‘your thoughts’ or ‘your passions’ will also come to pass for you. Good luck & ‘break a leg’!!!

    • r

      So you believe in the Koran

  • http://WebProNews Linda

    I would question if she really is living “Biblically” anyway, because she is following Old Testament traditions, which most people don’t adhere to anymore since the inception of the New Testament. A lot of those ideas are not in the New Testament.

  • D-Ray

    I think that she was doing something that she tought might bring us closer to God. She knows that no one but God could have lived by law. Even if some of the things she done wasn’t just right I think she was showing that even if we cant live up to the law that we most likley have a better life. (It’s your on call.)

  • SouthernBelle64

    Her life, her choice, her business…she just shared her experience. What on earth are the rest of you arguing about?

    • tamaeo

      That is the answer…it is what she had to do to understand what she wants and needs in her relationship with God.

  • Sharon

    I like the biblical era sewing machine.

  • ash

    It is actually interesting, to see a model of a lifestyle meant for a woman of thousands of years ago applied to a woman today. I personally am agnostic, but I have studied the bible cover to cover, and I don’t necessarily believe that I’m going to hell if I don’t follow every single rule–sorry, not sitting in a tent for seven days while menstruating! But I think her experiment will give a lot of women the ability to explore their own role, and feel they have more control in creating themselves into who THEY want to be, not who a book says they should or shouldn’t be.

    • Grace

      Salvation is by grace alone, and it comes through faith in the God of the Bible. Salvation has nothing to do with works, following any rules, Ephesians 2:8-9.

      Salvation comes when a person understands that he/she is a sinner, and is destined for Hell as a result. The person repents of those sins, and believes Jesus died for them and was resurrected. The person puts his/her full trust in Jesus.

    • http://yahoo al

      ash is there a hell? if you have read the kj bible cover to cover as i have several times and still dont get it as i really had trouble doing please read a book called three magic words by u.s. andersen. hell is a place in the human mind only if you accept it as such, happy reading al

  • RT


    • Glory

      If this woman really knew the Bible and the message it holds for the children of God and had developed a personal relationship with God, she would have never done this, and been so public about it. Its mochary and all for selfish gain.

    • mw

      The worst part about this is that she isnt very attractive. They should keep ugly people off of the internet and tv.

    • Zombie

      @RT. You don’t have to yell! Nobody cares what you think anyway.

  • hooter mcswooter

    Only those who insist on a literal interpretation of the Bible think it says that the universe is only a few thousand years old. The Bible actually contains many passages that suggest otherwise. To literally interpret the Bible is your freedom, but I think you minimize yourself, the beauty of the book and the awesomeness of God if you do so. We use figurative language all the time, why couldn’t the authors of the Bible?

  • Sarah Rodriguez

    I am a Christian and have been all my life. Rachel Held Evans, you are a gorgeous young woman who I suppose just needed to find out what it felt like to be a woman during those times and perhaps you did or you did not. It sounds to me like you had a wonderful experience doing so. I only wish I had thought of it first. What worldly harm did you do??????? I don’t think any, but you helped us at least feel a bit how those women felt except that we have a different perspective

  • ramona sudberry

    I just want to say that this woman has blind eyes when it comes to god, shes doing this for attention and show, my master is jesus the son of god who gave his life for the sins of the world, if we repent of all our sins he is faithful and just to forgive us of sin and cleanse us from all unrightiousnes and god will restore our relationship with him, and with christ living in our hearts as our personal lord and savior and friend we can do all things through christ who strenghtens us. god loves his children because we love and want to obey his word and stay in fellowship with him, thank you for saving me jesus from the power of sin in my life and forgiving me also giving me your strenghth to over come. thank you lord and i look foward to spending eternity with you always and 4 ever, love always your daughter ramona

    • J Abril

      Are you giving your thoughts about the article or are you just posting a comment just to preach?

    • Zombie

      @ramona. You, are a stupid over-compensating brown noser and should kill yourself so you can be with the one you claim to love so much. Just shows how much you know, you don’t even capitalize the name of the “God” or “Jesus” in your comment. Mabe you are just a stupid home schooled bitch that needs to be punished! Now just wait, you will recieve what you deserve, and it wont be what you think, Ramona!

      • Terri

        Yet another hater who cannot spell. Idiot.

    • Elsa

      Don’t worry about what persons say about you (spelling)
      You are His and Saved.

      • Zombie

        @elsa. You are just as bad! TNUC (hold up to mirror)

  • ramona sudberry

    i also want to say that i hope this young lady really seek to find out who jesus really is and to hopefully oneday know him as her savior, so that she can one day go into the world and save lost souls that donot know jesus, and in stead of putting on a show , she can reach out and tell others of the awsome love and forgiveness that god offers those through his son jesus. if we come to him with a sincere heart asking for his pardon of sin and be willing to turn from our wicked ways then will god hear us and gladly restore us and make us his own ( born in to gods family) and that day will be joy unspeakable to know that you a a child of god and have been born again ( god gives you a new heart and mind to serve him) old things have passed away behold all things become new in christ jesus. god saved me from hell and forgave my sins and i am forever greatful and pray that god keep me from stumbling and i never ever want to leave his side.

    • J Abril


      Did we read the same article? I believe you are wrong in assuming she is going against Jesus and it just makes you a hypocrite for being judgmental.

    • Cody

      How about you shut your envious, jealous, covetous self up? Sounds like you can use some of this woman’s desire to live biblically for one year.

    • http://yahoo Laura

      Ramona, God and Jesus should always be capitalized! Even if you choose to type in lowercase.

  • Cher

    All she needs is a berka. How is living in a tent for 7 days when she’s menstruating, sitting on a roof when she’s done something she thinks is wrong, and calling her husband master different from what some conservative Islam women do in the name of their religion?

  • Danny

    Living by the Word of God is a relationship with God not a test to see if this works. Your attitude is in the wrong place. Seeking God will open up knowledge and understanding. We No longer live by the old testiment book of the bible. Jesus came died and resurected, paid for our sins and delivered us from the law. Jesus left us a simple command love God with all your heart and love your neighbor/one another. If we fellowship with him we atuomatically start to love the way he loves us.seeking him can make us change effortlessly.

    • Jillian

      I think she may have meant, a woman of God.

  • chad

    It states pretty clearly in Ephesians 5:21-33, that the husband is the spiritual leader with Jesus being who he models himself after, thus passing it along to the wife… Feminist is no where in the Bible so to call yourself a Feminist Christian is confusing to me…

  • flafreethinker

    LOL, This was hilarious! As a lifelong atheist with several college degrees, reading this nonsense just reminds me how stupid some people really are!To believe in god is rediculous.To continue to flaunt christian faith as a virtue instead of what it is,a mental flaw, is just sad. Education is a wonderful thing. It is a pitty so many people still would rather believe in myth and superstition then science facts.

    • chad

      Science is only possible because of God… To think all of this just happened by accident or science seems ridiculous to me… I’ve been where you are, it’s pretty sad… God Bless

      • Jillian

        Science IS only possible because of God. What was there before the universe? Can Science explain that one? NOT! I pitty those who “think” they can explain it all thru education. I am extreamly educated, Christian and guess what probably more on the “up” that you ever will be Chad! I beleive in my God and Jesus Christ. It’s a shame you are that shallow that you have to have and “explanation” for everything in life that has ever and will happen. Good luck on that buddy!.

        • Anneliese

          I think you are replying to the wrong person. You and Chad are on the same side.

        • FlaFreeThinkerII

          Jillian…lighten up on Chad…it is ‘flafreethinker’ you are attempting to address. I too, would like ‘flafreethinker’ to know that i will be looking forward to him/her returning here to ‘grace’ us with your presence and answer a few basic, surely will seem ‘uneducated’ questions to him/her; however, we would like you to ‘expose’ your intelligence on here so that the rest of us ‘freethinkers’ will have a great new leader to follow (you know since we are so ‘stupid’ and impressionable)down your dead-end road. Once you truly ‘expose yourself’ with your brilliance, then we will have had a real ‘choice’ to make. Continue to be ‘sheep’ or follow your ‘goat’. Please respond ASAP…the True God (you know the one that Science ‘people’ like yourself can’t/won’t prove)has a few other ‘rewards’ for us, so you are holding up progress kid…get with the program & get busy leading us to your ‘god’. By the way CHRIST-IAN is capitalized, and it ISN’T ABOUT ME…IT IS about CHRIST!

      • Terri

        Too bad your multiple degrees haven’t helped you learn to spell correctly.

      • TAMMY


    • http://yahoo barb

      i’m an atheist too. i agree with you, but as you claim to have several college degrees, one would think that you would be able to spell.

      • rick


        I’m glad you are “extreamly” educated!! Sorry, but I just had to get you on that one!

    • JB

      After earning several college degrees it seems as though you would know how to spell ridiculous. You are right, education is a wonderful thing. Now go educate yourself.

      • Jillian

        Amen to that one!! :)

        • AC

          You may want to spell-check your previous post before agreeing. It’s extremely, not extreamly, and Chad wasn’t the one who posted the comment with which you don’t agree.

    • believer

      It’s naive to believe that because you learn many things natural (science) that disproves a spirit context. People, often even Christians, tend to argue God or evolution, spirit or natural. But why conclude the two are mutually-exclusive?

      If the same God created both the spirit and naturual, then they were created to work together, not one as opposed to the other.

      Given that Christians dedicate their lives to pursuit of something you have not, given that Christians study a subject matter that you probably don’t, how ’bout giving their intellect the same respect you expect.

      How ’bout you presume that because Christians actually read the Bible (many times through in many cases), they might actually know something that you don’t.

      • SW

        Thank you… you took the words right out of my mouth!

      • Paige

        Well said believer!!!!!!!

    • believer

      Athiestd don’t actually know what Christians believe. They arrogantly think they do.

      • Zombie

        @believer. Go lay on the railroad tracks and “belieave” all you want that a train will take a dirt road before hittin you. All you gotta do is pray and “believe” it. See what that gets ya!

        • Bernie

          @Zombie. It clearly states in the Bible not to tempt God. But if you were to tie said believer to the train track he could believe for the train to derail and hit your dumb ass…. But as a Christian it is better to turn the other cheek to people like you. I prefer to turn my ass cheek so you can kiss it….

          • Zombie

            @bearnie. Keep talkin. You driving my point for me.

          • Zombie

            Actually it says “for God cannot be tempted, nor does he tempt anyone.” Shows how much you know! Read the book before you go quoting it!
            James 1:13, for your reference.

    • Lisa

      College DEGREES and you still can not spell ‘ridiculous’…

    • http://yahoo barb

      the bible is a book made by man. it is obviously loaded with anti-feminist sentiment, purposely, to war against the powerful woman who lived in tune with nature and worked to heal the sick, teach the ignorant and had no problem with standing on their own. these women were purged in “witch hunts” and killed by the thousands over the years. the bible and it’s islamic partner the qoran are the worst things that ever happened to women. this crazy girl sitting on a roof, living in a tent during menstuation (um…what’s she supposed to do about a bathroom out there? or is she allowed to avail herself of modern plumbing and run back out to the tent????) using a sewing machine, not hand sewing her garments etc … half measures? she obviously is delusional.

      • SW

        Barb, With all due respect, if you have truly read the Bible for what it REALLY stands for, then you would see how ‘delusional’ your answer really is.

    • Sam

      I dare you to say the same thing about the Koran and Islam.

    • Heather

      Wow! Three college degrees! You are so intelligent! One would think that someone of your stature of intellectual ability would learn how to spell, or at least use spell check. In addition, education requires one to be open minded and learn to view the world in ways other than the constrictive, atheist view from which you so proudly hail. And, to add insult to injury, Christian is spelled with a capital ‘C’. It neither pitiful, nor is it a flaw. However, your line of thinks and criticism appears to be very flawed. Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones.

    • brinab67

      I’m a Christian, educated woman who feels strongly about her faith. I was a Christian before I received my degrees. After being educated, it opened my mind and helped me to understand the beliefs of others. Although I don’t necessarily believe I could do what she did, I admire her for being such a virtuous woman and showing that it can be done. Now if anyone is sad, flafreethinker, it would be you because education obviously did nothing for you. Education opens our minds to viewing other things whether we accept them as fact or not, not to call others beliefs stupid. And faith in God is not a superstition. I’d rather believe and find that He doesn’t exist than to not believe and find that He does.

    • RENEE

      You have “several college degrees” but cant spell “rediculous” YOU ARE RIDICULOUS :)

    • Sheri

      Hey Master of Degrees, it’s spelledpity, not pitty, unless your ‘fruity’

    • Sheri

      Pity, ridiculous, than. Learn to spell.

    • TJ

      , LOL is fine, so long as you understand that every kneww will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is LORD! And that, dear “lifelong athiest” includes you with your educated self…

      • TJ

        Make that, “knee”…

    • FlaFreeThinkerII

      @flafreethinker…LOL…YOU ARE hilarious. So funny i want to have a name just like you. Online of course. You hide behind your ‘flafreethinker’ name & comment on here, just to get a rise out of people. How do we know you have ‘several college degrees’, and if what you say is true; are you willing to share the details of your ‘education’, what brought you to the decision of ‘atheistic’ views & what is it that you truly fear; to the depths of ‘bashing’ people with different views as yourself?

    • countryboy

      Its called faith my friend, not stupidity. We’ll see how much your college degrees mean after you die. As far as flaunting Christianity —- you are flaunting your atheism by calling people stupid or ridiculous who believe in God and that we have a “mental flaw”…. that we are sad and pitiful. I dont believe she bashed anybody in her experiment nor did she ask for your “educated” opinion. I guess none of your teachers ever taught you manners. In the words of Hank Jr, you’re in need of an attitude adjustment.

    • joeortho

      FlaFreeThinker….All this bashing of you is not from GOD. He (GOD) only sends you love, grace and forgiveness. I hope you find it. All of the old “INTELLIGENT” people mostly believed in Christ and GOD. If you were to read the Bible “with an open mind”, I think you would see the TRUTH. Peace to you!

    • jerri

      One day you will no longer be and athiest. Just saying

    • http://yahoo Laura

      Hey, flafreethinker, those college degrees must not have included spelling, typing, and proofreading.

  • Millicent

    I think she got it all wrong. I have been a Christian for 38 years, married for 33, and a Pastor for 10. That is mostly not what Biblical living is about. The Word of God has been misunderstood here.

  • aimee

    Whatever her purpose of doing this-for attention or not-she has got people talking about faith in general!

  • Joshua Harris

    The thing is this… God has all knowledge and understanding in the world and no one can point a finger and say she is right or wrong. The lady who wrote this was moved my the spirit to follow what the spirit expressed to her while reading the bible… The only thing that matters is your belief in Christ. Ask yourself this, If Jesus was to write about something and you don’t too much agree, are you going to stand up and tell Jesus he is wrong in your eyes? I thought so too… Good job to the writer for doing her best to live her life according to what the spirit lead her to do… AMEN SISTER!

    Lt. Josh H
    Army National Guard

  • Jeff

    Absurd. The most sensible philosophy is Humanism. Look it up, please.

  • Leslie Owen

    I admire what you did! If I were physically able I would love to do the same. I would take it further though. In the biblical days women did not have such nice tents with sleeping bags & pillows. They didn’t have sewing machines to make their clothes either. I want to try it as they actually had to live but my illnesses won’t let me. KUDOS to you though for doing it! It must have been a wonderful spiritual journey! <3

  • OLeo

    I’m impressed by the integrity and duty R. Evans has committed to perform such works. The Bible and Christianity is about a personal relationships and not about religions or works. The growth and total surrender on what Christ has done is what completes our life. The add ons and subtractions we put on the Bible loses the simple purpose and duty we have as a Christian. The new life Christians are called to be of equal yoke and sharing each others burdens in her marriage, family etc. so there is a question on this article. Some comments redefines the Bible to fit thier self centered beliefs but the Bible’s simple Message is complete with many personal applications for freedom, truth, oneship and love we have when we accept what Christ has sacrificed for all in totality from Genesis to Revelation, we all have and are experiencing temporal and eternal life. All one has to do is choose.

  • Myra McQueen

    Well I am sure it is difficult to live by the letter of the Law, which is the Old Testament part of the Bible-ie,m when they read the Law in the synagogue(Acts 13:15)they read the Scriptures. But as Paul said that according to the New Covenant in Christ(Gal.3:28-“…there is neither Jew nor Greek,…there is neither male nor female, but ye are all one in Christ”) God is not a respecter of persons(Acts 10:34)and He does not expect us to be according to Jas.2.

    God has never been a respecter of persons. Eve was made subject to her husband because she led him to eat of the Devil’s Tree, not because she was a woman. Sarah was a prophet according to Paul in Gal.4:30(compare Gen.21:10). Anna was a prophet according to Luke 2:36-38, who preached Christ in the Temple. God inspired her to do this or we would not find it in the Scriptures.

    King Josiah sent the Temple Priesthood to a woman that was a prophet in Jerusalem in II Chron.34:22, in order to inquire about the will of God, at the same time Jeremiah and Zechariah also lived.

    God has never been a respecter of persons, but He does give grace to those who have faith in Him, instead of men and organizations

  • Dee

    I admire the author for taking this on. A lot of judging here from people who do not know her or her heart. It says much about the ignorance in today’s society when so many just don’t “get it” re: this book. (And the author does acknowledge she got the idea from the AJ Jacobs book.)

  • Christine

    The moment I got married my husband became a fanatic, or rather his controlling manners surfaced. He was very generous while we dated but on our wedding day he became a different man. He told me at least 3 times every day that I had to submit and that he is the head. I called him ‘Sir’. I was not allowed to wear makeup, I sewed my own clothing. He told me what I was allowed to say and how. He was the interior decorator and a hoarder. I was not allowed to touch his stuff. Every penny I earned belonged to him. He and his parents treated me as if I was the worst human on this planet. I had to ask permission for everything. You can’t change a control freak. Instead of fighting him I figured out how to make this work for me. I stopped cleaning the house, didn’t do his laundry, didn’t cook for him. His mother did the cooking, his laundry, grocery shopping. I quit my job and took care of the kids. I never wasted my energy trying to change him nor get into any arguments. He is a self-righteous bible thumping bully, totally delusional. I talked to the police, but they said if he doesn’t threaten me I can’t get a restraining order. Eventually he met someone and asked for a divorce. I could not initiate the divorce because of the kids I had to keep the peace. He would have hunted me down and made my life living hell. My daughter doesn’t want to have anything to do with him.

    • eric

      Glad you got away. My sister was in a similiar relationship with a man who used his faith as a justification for being cruel and controlling.

    • John H.

      Christine: I am glad you got away after many years, but really, you could have had an annulment immediately. It’s clear that he falsified his beliefs while you were dating and did not make his intentions clear. That is all you need for grounds for annulment. You said he would have threatened your life – then that’s where the police come in. So I say to any other women – if this happens to you, RUN. Don’t be afraid and don’t life a half-life. There are places that can be used as a safe haven as well.

    • Kimberley

      I can relate to that situation but, it was not that my now ex-husband was religious, he was deranged. We married when i was just 17 and he was 21. We had a great relationship until, he decided to ask me to marry him. After we were married, he changed into this other person, with a whole new attitude.
      Being that i was a little younger than him, he was very controlling. He did not want me to work, speak when spoken to, did not want me to wear any make up, wear clothes he picked out, chose my hairstyles, and when i did work, i had to give him my money..I felt like i was his slave instead of his wife, i did not feel like i was married at all. I had to clean house, cook, and do laundry along with ironing. I was pregnant 3 times and lost all of my children, which was a 6 wks miscarriage, 2months etopic, and last but not least i lost a baby that was a stillbirth at 8 1/2 months pregnant. He was a very bad control freak and watever else you wanna call it. I NEVER EXPERIENCE SUCH BAD MARRIAGE, he was also abusive, I finaly divorced him; my life is ruined because of him, i can no longer bear children because of him. Soo, what do you call that relationship?

  • Lovebug

    That is the way Christian women live. If a woman does not submit to her husband, there is a good chance of getting divorced. I do not think the Bible should be mocked nor do I think that women’s (Biblical) duties should be either. Many Christian women in the church do not live this way. The Lord should be praised.

  • William

    That woman knows nothing about the Bible she is just a crazy and troubled individual seeking attention. How sas.,

  • http://www.isistemple.org ckevn

    I think that living out historical times and events, and philosophies, by putting one’s self in another’s shoes can be rewarding and beneficial. As lord and priest of my own life, I study and ponder different philosophies but follow no religious dogma (I do not follow literal interpretations of ‘holy’ books, and the last bible I possessed was used for t.p. in college…!). Hopefully by studying as much as we can without bias we can realize our own individual ultimate potential. ~BB~
    note: for those who have fundamentalist leanings please look up Webster’s definition of the root word ‘fundament’…!

    • http://webpronews nurseneena

      This woman obviously didn’t read & study her Bible she just decided to do this for attention. If she had studied it better she would find the New Testament is our rule for living now. The Old Testament is our history & formation of what was to come; the Messiah, GOD’s son JESUS. When he was crucified the Old Testament & it’s conditions were taken away, “Nailed to the cross” & HE made sure we had everything we need to live the christian life. She did this for attention, not to “live the christian life” especially since she felt she could only do it for a year. There are numerous Christians today who live & attempt to live the life GOD wants us to live. JESUS was humble and was “a servant” not someone who wanted to draw attention to himself. HE came to do HIS Father’s will, not for false attention. Living the life HE wants is not always easy, however there are many of us who do our best to live it everyday~~not just for a year.

  • Betty

    Her actions were completely taken out of context. Christians who live by the Word, live in the dispensation of GRACE, not historic Bible. Jewish women in the Bible lived under the law, which required them to do the things she has portrayed.

    • Jeremiah

      i think you mean the TORAH, which is the Old Testament of the Bible.
      Leviticus has to be the most arcane book in the bible. it even mentions Indentured servants.
      Yeshua came to be the fulfillment of Mosaic law, not start another religion. He is also the lord of the Sabbath.
      Women have equal rights under Yeshua.
      But kosher still is important.

      • Ruthie

        What you may have meant to say must have been, women of that same exclusive club of religion are treated equally under Yeshua. Those of us who are of a faith other than the most staunch of Judaic descent and religion are perceived- and all too often, treated- no better than stray dogs. Creatures to be pitied, maybe shown some passing kindness, but not go too close to them or welcome them fully into your home, heart, life. It’s sickening to be made to feel this way in the present day, but it still happens! Yes, in the real world, women still occasionally step on the tripwire of being seen as “unclean” and getting hurt by the treatment of these people instilled with the “old ways” in their minds and hearts.

        So what I’m saying is that her results could weigh heavily on whether she was surrounded by people treating her according to the way other “biblical” figures like men and other authority figures treated women of the day she was seeking to emulate. Was she being spat on? Beaten? Shunned on an emotional level, to the deepest and most extreme level, was she despised when she was an “unclean” animal in the eyes of her husband and family? If not, she missed a very real and critical aspect of being a woman back then. It wasn’t about being cute and smiling for the flickr album.
        While I agree that this woman’s interpretations were peculiarly literal and in some cases women from “back then” would likely be appalled to see her doing these things in the way she is doing them in her photos. She’s not supposed to be taking pride in doing these things, smiling and posing, looking silly. She’s supposed to be feeling humble, small, in the case of camping out due to her menstrual cycle, she should be feeling like hiding away in SHAME because she is “unclean,” not beaming in anticipation of camping out in the front yard for the next few days. What we’re shown in this article and set of photos seems like a strange, almost perverse twist on what women went through back then. There doesn’t seem to be enough repression in her version of what she’s doing, but I suppose we’ll have to read the book to find out what is REALLY going on in the mind behind the smiles in those photos.

      • http://Facebook Joy Bailey

        Jesus Christ lived a “Perfect Life under The Law of Moses…He fulfilled The Law so never again would we have to do “The Impossible!” We no longer have to sacrifice “bulls and goats…or lambs” to receive “forgiveness of sin”…The Lord said that under “The Law”..we offend any part of it…than we have sinned against “ALL OF IT”. It was a Burden too difficult to carry…Now because Jesus was The Slain LAMB OF GOD on the cross..HIS BLOOD COVERS ALL OF OUR SINS.. and we live now under HIS GRACE..AND WE BECOME HIS DEAR CHILDREN..WHEN GOD THE FATHER LOOKS AT US HE SEES US COVERED WITH “THE RIGHTEOUSNESS OF HIS SON JESUS” WHO WAS CRUSHED FOR US”! “Under ‘GRACE’ GOD said “If we love The LORD with all of our mind…heart…soul and strength,..and Love our Neighbor ‘as much as we love ourself’ We have fulfilled all of The “LAW of MOSES”…The more we love our LORD…the less we desire to SIN.

        • Zombie

          Blah blah blah, BS. Go FiretrUCK some more little boys you bunch of perverts.

  • Scott

    I think this woman know very little on being a proper woman or the bible. I think before you mock something you need read it or about it first. Just like I did the Koran after 9/11 so I knew better on how to destroy the enemy. I read the bible daily and on January 14th 2014 when I see my families to the century mark it will be my proudest day.

    • Jeremiah

      hey man, muslism arent our enemy. dont let the Zionist media fool you. My family are Messianic Jews, and we do our best to educate others on truth about Yahwah, the Bible, whats happening in the world, and Yeshua’s love.
      the Q’uran actually contains 7 books written by Moses, that were removed from the Bible during the Nicene Creed.
      Problem with Islam is, each Mullah has the right to dictate what is correct from it, and they invoke Sharia law.

  • Jeremiah

    this woman is insane. shows you how the typical american woman cant interpret the Bible in the right way.

    my family is natural in all ways. we have church in our house. we eat vegetarian not meat. my wife has her rights, but she respects me as man of the house. and we dont take the Bible literally, but instead we get inspiration from it. and our children listen to their Father.

  • Vanessa

    Wait. Shouldn’t her husband have climbed on the roof when she was being contentious?

  • http://webpronews.com James Seahill

    The verse quoted from Proverbs about living in a corner of a housetop rather than with a contentious (argumentive) woman was directed to men in its’ proper context. Any man who has lived with an argumentive, angry or browbeating woman can probably say, “Amen” to that. It doesn’t refer to gossip or slander, although that can be a chronic problem with some people and a difficult to deal with in a live-in situation as well. Confession to those offended and a request for forgiveness from those affected by gossip or slander would be an appropriate response for those who’ve been carriers. Sitting on a roof does nothing to alleviate the situation once the damage is done.

  • http://webpronews.com James Seahill

    This proverb also recommends by implication that a person would be better off living in a more modest (and different) location alone rather than with a difficult person in a more comfortable accommodation. It doesn’t imply living in the same house at a different level.

  • Me

    I can’t believe I wasted this much time reading through all of the comments. Atheists are just as bad as Bible thumping Christians when it comes to belittling others. We all live on the same planet. What is SO hard about respecting each other as people?

    • j

      what is indeed so hard for us respecting each other?

    • Kathryn

      There is a difference in bible thumping christians and a true christian. a true christian loves you for all your flaws even if you stone them to death.

  • Patricia

    I had an older Christian woman mother in the Lord who lived in a tree house outside her house.
    Victory in Jesus! I hope to be able to sew also

  • Janet

    I find it curious that Rachel Evans describes herself as a “feminist Christian,” yet makes her point by living in the shadow of the Old Testament and its laws. Jesus came to fulfill those laws, not to crack a whip over us to blindly follow them. Mrs. Evans would do well to spend more time studying the NEW Testament!

    • Agreement

      Thank you for your insightful response to this article. I have never responded before but what you said sums it all up. Jesus came to take us all from the Law, not for us to keep following it. I do not lay in judgment on anyone but someone needs to read john 3:16 before following the Old Testament.

    • Susan

      Totally agree that she should spend more time reading the New Testament which gives us direction for how we should live our lives.

  • Jen

    Well that was a crappy way to end the article. Can we have at least a quote closing this up telling us whether she regretted it or loved it? Did her marriage strengthen or weaken? Why end on Lifeway unless the whole point of her project was to get in Lifeway; and if that’s the case, make that the point of the article. Who the heck is Lifeway anyway and who cares if her books gets in there? Lots of holes in this story.

  • Sheila Norman

    A mind is a terrible thing to waste.

  • Kathryn

    WTF she calls him master that is not BIBLICAL living. The husband should treat his wife as his most prized, and should never ever harm her. screw whoever thinks anyone should call someone MASTER!

    • Gunnar Larson

      OK! Your saying screw Sarah (Abraham’s wife) who called Abraham “Master”, Abraham who was called “Master” by his wife and the references to this (Genesis) scripture in the New Testament by the Apostle Paul. Your are displaying first of all ignorance of the Bible and secondly rebellion which the Bible calls “Spirit of Witch Craft”. If you don’t care anyway, then you’ll go to Hell. If you do – read HIS WORD, repent, believe in HIM and live.

  • Joe

    I suppose she doesn’t shave her p*ssy…?

  • Joe

    Wow…christians….are morons

    • AD

      What she did is just for publicity which is why this story is here and have no idea of how to be a christian woman. JESUS is not a moron and we HIS follwers are very far from the word moron. Unfortunatenately it is people like who misrepresent the bible that gets heard first in the world we live in.

  • Kaleb

    She has no understanding of the bible at all. Instead she tried to make a mockery out of everything which in return she will pay for it.

  • http://yahoo Laura

    Please, will everyone quit being so mean and judgmental. Hasn’t your mother ever told you if you can’t say anything nice to not say anything at all? How about do unto others as you would have them do unto you?

  • Garanduser

    Sometimes sleeping in a tent sounds good to escape my nagging fishwife. The roof even.

  • l.s.thomas

    I read through the article in the hope of meeting someone who had done something worthwhile. It was a huge disappointment and i read to find some little speck of a worth while idra. This was playing cops and robbers or baby games in the garden. Make some money any how.Good luck

  • Rob

    Lifeway not carrying this book has ZERO toi do with the author using the word vagina. It has EVERYTHING to do withnthe author pushing the heresy known as “Emergent Church Theology”

  • David W

    The three simple truths here that can be garnered from this article:

    1. Most of what modern Christians criticize is actually Biblical
    2. Most women (both inside Christianity and outside “looking in”) are either woefully ignorant or just looking for parts to justify themselves, which is wrong (men do it to, so it is not just women).
    3 A woman “living Biblically” would help her to understand the Bible more (as well as the Mind of God), but also is a mirror exposing the areas where she is blatantly in consistent opposition to Him, and the ones who would have the hardest time dealing with that are actually in the Body of Christ.

    • Helen

      Well she lived according to her and her consults interpretation of the bible,for example standin on the side of the street wearing pants with a sign about her husband is not biblical.

  • jaykay7

    Obviously, not everyone will like this…but I find it a worthy experiment in times where most of us arent’ sure how TO behave these days…the methods are a little out of the box, but this is a good woman trying something out that we can All learn from. good luck:)

  • Carol

    I think it was great experiment. It really hasn’t helped me any ,I lived that way for over 15 years, I still don’t have a husband, but this is old testament, after he died for I sins everything changed,no master, no super subserviance, This is what the muslims want their woman to do, we are helpmates- in gods eyes, “She gets hers and he gets his.”