Woman Has an Absolute Meltdown on Flight [VIDEO]

    October 11, 2013
    Josh Wolford
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Here’s what we know about this epic airplane meltdown that a passenger caught on film:

– The flight is supposedly traveling to Tampa
– The women had just lost her mother (or at least that’s what she told the flight)
– The passenger adjacent to her had been trying to calm her down for a while
– Flight staff instructed our uploader to prevent the women from trying to open any cabin doors

I mean, what in the world do you do in this kind of situation?

And of course, a redditor has already made his own “God you’re my savior” techno remix.

Image via Reed Stanley, YouTube

  • Yep

    A lot of people have meltdowns. Sometimes people just can’t handle things. Everyone has had a low point in life. Every single soul on this planet. I hope this woman is okay, no matter what is the circumstance.

    I am more mad at the people that tape this stuff. Twitter, Reddit, Smart Phones, and all that is not good for humanity as a whole. Privacy has gone out the door and that is not good. In life, just because you can do something that doesn’t mean you should.

    This lady is obviously struggling and the last thing she needs is for some moron to post her struggles on the internet. It isn’t cool and I think people that do the posting are people you could never trust in a billion years.

    • Ricky Bobby

      Buy that woman a drink, something strong.

  • Not Brainwashed

    Ain’t tax-dodging superstitious misogynistic homophobic teabagger christianity great?

  • Alex Williams

    I wonder how she got on the flight and what triggered her at that moment?