Woman Dragged Onto Subway Tracks By Assailant

    January 18, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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A Philadelphia woman was attacked, beaten, and dragged onto the tracks of a subway train by a stranger who initially approached her to ask for a light, authorities say.

36-year old William Clark was later arrested after police identified him by a rather unique item of clothing: a “Trump Taj Mahal Casino Resorts” jacket. The 23-year old victim was left with bruises and cuts after the assault, but thankfully managed to pull herself up from the tracks after Clark stole her cell phone and left.

“I started trying to fight him back as much as I could,” the victim said. “After it was over, the first thing that popped in my head was my son.”

The incident has sparked even more fear among commuters as just the latest in a string of bizarre attacks inside subway stations. The first one ended in the death of a New York man after an argument with a stranger escalated and he was pushed in front of an oncoming train.

The entire Philadelphia incident was captured on surveillance camera, however, and Clark was swiftly taken to jail. He is charged with aggravated assault and robbery.

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  • Diana

    wow sickening and scary, that is why I do not go out a lot and am happy to live where I do..so sad that you can not just live your life without having to watch your back every second, glad she survived this horrible ordeal

    • http://YAHOO MELLY


      • http://yahoo toooldsmart

        MACE would be nice, but uf thought for minute,, she moght be ARMED,I think t PSois wou not have hapened in the first place! PS BLOOMBERG NYC won’t even allow women to carry MACE! But his livein “girl”friend, has bodyguards- ARMED bodyguards!BUCK OFAMA and BUCK FLOOMBERG!

  • Richard

    Tie the guy to the tracks… Run him over a few times with a nice, long fully loaded train… Then require his family and friends to clean-up the mess – They know what he is… Maybe make a Cheesesteak with the remains, and print a poster of it with the story of what he did for every subway station in the world – “This sandwich was once William Clark. Don’t end up like this.” Philly – one of the nastiest places in the world… WC Fields on his deathbed was right, “I’d Rather Be In Philadelphia!” In other words, If HE had the choice of Death or Philly, HE would choose Philly… I died three times in 2008, Pronounced Dead the third time… I would choose Death given the same choice as WC… HORRIBLE Place… And Yes, I grew up near, and worked in Philly – so I know!

    • Marisa

      WOW, Richard! You’re really MAD!!! Calm down and get a grip. I know many people who LOVE Philadelphia. Sorry you had bad experiences there.

      • Richard

        Not mad at all! Fed up with all of the worthless “Humans” allowed to walk around… This guy serves no value or purpose to ANYONE, he is an inhuman psychopath, therefore he is a danger, and an expense in jail, to EVERYONE the longer he is allowed to “walk around”… I have had cancer for 40 years, 400+ surgeries to keep it in check… My life, OUR Lives are difficult enough without worthless dirtbags like this making it worse… You want to keep him around? When he gets out of jail, Keep him in your house and away from the rest of us. Otherwise show him no kindness – he would do the same thing to you in a Philly-Second without thinking about it twice!!!

        • Richard

          Marisa, This guy knew that he could have died in the attack – or he should have been aware of that. He could have been shot by her, or during his escape… So give him what he was willing to risk for a phone and a little money…

        • lovelymimi

          have to agree with you there Richard (altough I’m not sure about the part involving his family and freinds) they probably don’t like him either.

          I’m a mom of three with one on the way, My husband works full-time so when I go out shopping with the kids, it just us. I wouldn’t want to have someone like that around me!!! I have NO compassion for these types!!! If a train would have come, her son would be motherless!!!

          • Richard

            Lovely, This sort of mindset does not come on on its own – His Gang, Family and/or Friends know he is this way, and support it – quite possibly having the same, “Whatever you have to do to survive is fine” mindset… Otherwise they would turn him in, or throw him under the train, so that the guy they “don’t like… either” would not bring them down with him…

  • Me

    So thankful she’s o.k. He should be charged with attempted murder, not just assault. If the train came and hit her, she’d be dead.

  • Jay

    Aggravated assault? How about attempted murder? This guy is a scumbag–a low-life piece of sh!t who needs to be taken off the streets.

    • maryann

      and you want us to give up our guns?? this piece of shit bastard would have gotten his balls blown off for my opinion..yea, keep your laws up there, let him try it down here…scum is a good word!!!

  • kerry

    don’t…be out alone..women…always always have someone with you or be around others in public and in public places

    • lovelymimi

      Women are targets when we leave the house alone, but to say you will never go out of the house alone is unrealistic. Unless you have a personal bodygaurd (family member or freind) that is willing to travel with everytime you leave the house to and from work, school, shopping, doctors office, etc. Just isn’t realistic…

  • xboxo

    wow, just like that? He attacked her with no reason whatsoever, that is EVIL. he should face 20 year behind bar at least or he will strike again on society.

  • Almina

    The lady should have had a gun.

    • james

      The lady should have done nothing it wasnt her fault. guns guns guns . you idiots are as bad as him . kill kill kill.

  • http://yahoo toooldsmart

    Would it not be better to be ARMED ,than chpped up by a train?That sob needed killing!

  • kevin

    So we have to pay money to keep this degenerate behind bars?

  • Eve

    Attempted murder should be added to his charges…he tried to kill her by throwing her on those tracks. And violence against women should be a hate crime….flat out. This is pure hate and I’m sure he was looking to assault a woman.

    • james

      I so agree. I wish him the death peanalty. Poor girl. Let the world know his name so after the court let him out we can do justice.

  • Linda Singleton

    It is unsafe to be in the subway by yourself because people are crazy and brutal … there needs to be some type of security at these places where people have to wait … I am glad they caught this crazy idiot as quickly as they did … somebody needs to give him a dose of his own medicine and see how he likes it.

  • Bob

    How long are we as a free society going to let people like this POS get a hand tap and walk free ! I say people like this do no deserve to live ……… get rid of him and anybody else that harms or kills another person ! Yes we have freedom ……. but they have too much freedom ……!

  • Richard

    We have to get back to “Shoot on Sight” when it comes to animals like this… “Those who mind, Don’t Matter, Those that matter, Won’t Mind!”

  • half

    jesus would have forgave him and saved him from his sins


    Convicted Violators of this sort should be taken out of society and place into a Special Forces military unit. This unit should be front line of defense against grave threats (foreign and domestic) Survivals of this special unit should be educated to return to society.
    Non conformers will either live in the USA in captivity, or leave and live abroad as free criminals.
    Moses Smith

  • Alex

    I can’t wait for the New Black Panther party to raise all hell about the racist nature of prosecuting this fine, upstanding young African man.