Woman Comes Home to Facebooking, Peeing Intruder

    March 26, 2013
    Josh Wolford
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I’ll say it once and I’ll say it again: if you don’t come home to find a stranger browsing Facebook on your couch, you haven’t truly lived the college experience.

CBS Atlanta reports that a woman returned to her University of Georgia residence hall living quarters to find another woman sitting on her couch, using her laptop to mindlessly browse Facebook.

When the woman confronted her unwelcome Facebooker, she reportedly “stammered and apologized” before grabbing her things and scurrying off.

Later, it was determined that the woman had also peed on the couch that she was using to browse Facebook.

According to police, the intruder was an 18-year-old UGA student.

A college student stammering, in the wrong house, mindlessly clicking around Facebook and pissing on a couch? Wait a minute, that sounds familiar. Oh yeah, that basically describes every single night of a college freshman. Sounds like someone simply had too many jello shots and wandered into the wrong house.

Or, we have something much more sinister afoot. Police say the investigation is ongoing.

  • uga student

    Hi, I am a UGA student and I would just like to let you know that I know you are reporting based on what was said in the articles posted online, but there is more to the story then what was in the initial report. The follow up reports haven’t been publicized because they are looking into a con artist and ABDUCTION. The girl did NOT urinate nor did she BREAK IN to use Facebook. She was dropped off at her dorm and was taken two miles away to this place and woke up with her phone dead. It was STORMING that night so it was NOT urination, it was rain water. There was a laptop opened directly in front of her and pointed straight at her and ON.

    I’m not mad at you because you only know what you read, but what you read was not the complete report and was NOT true.

    Just thought you should know because the initial report is making a victim of kidnapping look like a psycho.