Woman Burns Dog Alive, Brags About It on Facebook

By: Josh Wolford - July 26, 2013

[WARNING: Graphic images of animal abuse below]

In what the St. Louis, Missouri Animal Cruelty Task Force is calling one of the most notorious animal cruelty cases in its history, a woman has been charged with felony animal abuse and “knowingly burning” after she allegedly chained a dog up, set it on fire, and bragged about it on Facebook.

The incident occurred a couple of weeks ago when terrible human being Adrienne Martin tied her sister’s dog Brownie to a “short, heavy chain” and proceeded to light its face and body on fire. The Stray Rescue organization in St. Louis rescued to dog on July 10th, but the injuries were too severe and Brownie eventually succumbed to them.

“This is one of the most disturbing abuse cases I have ever dealt with,” said Founder of Stray Rescue Randy Grim. “It has stricken our community to the core of our hearts, but I am inspired by how swiftly we have been able to respond to these awful cases. Brownie deserves justice.”

Here are the Facebook posts that help lead police in Martin’s direction. They were posted publicly and are still visible today:


She later posted:

MF’s is killing me about this stupid dog ….keep it real…you didn’t take care nor like or love the MF…on the TV str8 lies …?#?laughingeveryday?….stop bitch..

After initially denying her involvement in the dog’s death, terrible human being Adrienne Martin eventually confessed, according to a probable cause statement just filed by the Circuit Attorney’s Office.

“We see a ton of abuse cases, far too many, but the way in which Brownie suffered really struck a nerve with everyone,” said Grim. “Our community is sick and tired of these horrific crimes, and animal abusers everywhere need to know their crimes won’t be tolerated and you will be arrested.”



Martin claimed that the dog had bit her son the day before, a bite that forced him to seek medical attention.

A few days ago, terrible human being Adrienne Martin posted on Facebook that she was “feeling sensitive today” and had the “jailhouseblues.com.” I’m sure there are plenty of people out there who wouldn’t be too upset to see her rot in jail and gain a little more sensitivity. Or maybe a goddamned heart.

Josh Wolford

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  • Allison Everroad

    sounds like we’ve got a psychopath on our hands. I bet she’s one of those dumb ones that hollers ‘Yolo’ every chance she gets.

  • leighann

    Seriously this lady is crazy how could someone ever think about doing such a thing omg I feel so bad for brownie :( someone should burn that b*tches face and body with a blow torch see how she likes it smh what is this world coming to

  • savannah


  • Tracey

    I say vigilante justice for her by every extreme PETA member out there. I would like to be one of the first in line with a torch in my hand.

    • Hmm…

      Yeah that solves things….. do more violence!!! When in doubt, do more harm!! Vigilantes are insane.

      • ivan

        with a “HANDLE” of Hmm… I really think you should think before you write anything. WHY you ask read the comments and your reply about women in prison not getting equal sentences. PRAY PLEASE TELL ME WHAT YOU WOULD DO?

    • Angela

      May I be at your side on that glorious occasion, Tracey?

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  • http://omgtens.com SAJID

    Oh My God… This is extremely cruel. We must deal with these kind of issue properly and try to stop animal abuse cases…:( Really sad

  • Mike

    One thing I’ve learned: People in prison hate those who hurt children, and they hate those who hurt animals. Something about animals in pain can awaken empathy in even the hardest felon….this woman will that find out the hard way in prison. Enjoy your stay, Adrienne!

    • Hmm…

      Been to prison? Most people don’t have a clue what happens in prison. They talk like they do, but they don’t. I doubt she will see much prison time. She is a woman. Women are not prosecuted the way men are. I wouldn’t wish prison on anyone. Anyone.

    • Angela

      I sure hope you’re right, Mike!

      Almost makes me want to go to St. Louis and commit a crime, just so I might get a whack at her myself!

  • Hmm…

    Sad thing is that she is a woman and will not get much prison time. I know two guys who did a similar thing and they got decades. She won’t get near that. Not so sure that sending her to prison is the answer. We seem to think that seeking revenge is the best way to handle things in this nation.

    • Angela

      Some things DESERVE revenge!

      A helpless dog…my GOD, if she would do that to a dog, she sure as hell isn’t fit to be a mother!

      She does not deserve to walk on the same planet I do.

      • Rachel

        You can search her on Missouri’s offender records. It’s called casenet. She has multiple counts of endangering children (I’m pretty sure she has about 6 kids). She is a P.O.S. I have no (appropriate) words for her. I encourage everyone to write a letter to the judge presiding over this case. This is just one case of thousands of animal abuse cases that happen every day but it can serve as an example of how much people want change when it comes to prosecuting animal abuse.

  • Angela

    This bitch is LUCKY as hell I do not live in St. Louis, and thus will not get to be on her jury. I would vote to have a chain put around her neck, then shoved out a window in the public square and then set on fire!!

    Animal abusers are the scum of the earth, this bitch does not deserve to live.

    Hey, Adrienne Martin, you horrible creature (I refuse to call you human) I hope they take your kid away from you forever…if you would do this to a dog, you sure as HELL are not fit to be a mother!

    I hope Satan has a special hot corner in HELL reserved for assholes like you!

    • ivan

      Angela I have a better way for this idiot.

      First, for this to work you need a dog handler are three with a rottewieller or 3.

      Secondly, A short length of chain ,two poles, a roll of barbed wire and lastly a strong metal bar of six ft in length that is attached to the 2 poles.

      now this is where the fun starts tie the shit for brains, with the HEAVY chain attached to her waist attach to the metal bar that is attached to the poles, the bar and poles will look like this !——!, have a dog on each side of the “H” one dog in front and the barbed wire behind the “H”.

      as I said now the party really begins and oh boy I would like to be one of those dogs

    • ivan

      Angela I have a better way for this idiot.

      First, for this to work you need a dog handler are three with a rottewieller or 3.

      Secondly, A short length of chain ,two poles, a roll of barbed wire and lastly a strong metal bar of six ft in length that is attached to the 2 poles.

      now this is where the fun starts tie the shit for brains, with the HEAVY chain attached to her waist attach to the metal bar that is attached to the poles, the bar and poles will look like this !——!, have a dog on each side of the “H” one dog in front and the barbed wire behind the “H”.

      as I said now the party really begins and oh boy I would like to be one of those dogs


    That murdering C**t lucky she lives in AMerica tie her up with chains and get someone to burn her… but she will gey off with a few years locked up in a mental hospital cos she says she heard voices telling her to do it she not sick shes just plain evil and needs to be locked away for good if she can do that to a defenceless dog she can do that to a child baby or another human being if she hasnt done so already MARTIN YOU ARE ONE SICK B**CH

  • Stefan Kozinski

    Dogs are our best teachers: they perpetually offer us the return to our own good nature, simply by living by their hearts, senses and sensualities: they have not lost their healthy wolf-instincts, and certainly make their intuitive peace with nature as immutable carnivores, i. e. no greed attached. They thus offer a reset of an ancient bond between wolf and human which only we humans have perverted with countless legends. Prokofiev’s PETER AND THE WOLF attempts to roll back some of that accumulated crap, showing a way to a bond between the boy and the wolf, the parent of our best friend – and dogs ask so little in return for the great lessons of love they give us – why must only the best deeds – in this case those of dogs – still be so punished? Stefan Kozinski, 60-year old American musician living and working in Bremen, Germany

  • Tony

    Another shining example of America’s more down to earth and brilliant subjects of the realm. May she have dog-mares for the rest of her life….that is of course if she has a life.



  • red

    there is a dog, crebrus,in hell that will surly be waitin for you scumbag he will with open arms stick a stick in yer a** and roastya like a marshmellow the good thing about it is its hell and it will go on day after day after day………………

  • Jeanette M. Curie

    I could not view the video of Brownie. I have however, read many tales of the abuse of animals. This woman is a dangerous and evil person, anyone who takes delight in the harming or outright torture as she did is truly a psychopath and her ability to make light on facebook about what she had done only reinforces my view of her. I wonder why her sister was unaware of her feelings towards this innocent dog and did nothing to help prevent this tragedy? She is a monster and must be held accountable for what she has done, torturing and murdering a helpless dog is no small matter and I only pray she pays a heavy price for her actions.

    • Lorraine

      Agree with ramarks about this mentally defective individual, who unfortunately took out her sickness on this poor dog. It is a shame no one around her was able to contain her behavior. She should be punished to the full extent of the law, and/or be locked away in a mental institution.

  • Wayne ecenbarger

    Burn the bitch to death !

  • kayleigh louise gibbard

    This bitch should rot in hell, the cruel BITCH!! I wouldn’t dare hurt my animals, you need to seek help you cruel cruel person, I hope you get done for this and I hope someone sets you on fire

  • Nancy curto

    First of all the first thing that should be done is TAKE THAT CHILD AWAY FROM HER IMMEDIATELY.!!! Ive heard that most murderers abused animals . This made me cry. I wish brownie could have been saved. What a painful death he must have suffered. She needs to be set on fire and suffer a slow painful death.May she also burn a second time in hell,.

  • Clifford Huntley

    Stake her out and burn this b—h slowly like some of the Indians used to do too many of the white men. It took days to die and you never stopped burning and screaming the entire time!!!!

  • http://red-viking@hotmail.co.uk Colin F Smith

    Let the punishment fit the crime, do exactly the same to her, see how she likes it, and then post it on facebook I for one would not shed any tears over this evil,sadistic bitch!

  • http://red-viking@hotmail.co.uk Colin F Smith

    Let the punishment fit the crime do exactly the same to her and post it on the web, I for one would happily strike the match for this evil sadistic bitch monster!

    • Darthy Emerson

      I raise Dobermans and this women should be put away as she looks like drugs might be a factor her child is probably in as much danger as the dog. I would like to say burn her too but could not I do it, if I could I would then be just as she is. Lock her up and throw away the key. She needs to be in jail in Maricopa Az. All our sheriff’s should be like him.If jail wasn’t so pleasant people might rethink things.

  • RJ

    ok its 2:30. got off about an hour ago. Im a 17 yr old dishwasher at sqwires restaurant and tonight we donated 30% of all income to the stray rescue that is directly behind our restaurant. The customers gathered outside(because of this case) with light candles and the dogs ashes to R.I.P that animal respectfully. it was an unusually busy wednesday night and when i was informed why, and what happened i was extremely disgusted. makes st louis look bad which it is not. i love my dog, lets all love our pets and make sure this does not happen again. dog murderer… and her family came to our parking lot and attempted to protest and say that the murderer did not commit the crime. athorities were called and now they all have been arrested.

  • JannaR

    Do the same to her, that she did to the dog.