Windows Live Messenger Users Should Start Preparing For Skype Assimilation

By: Zach Walton - February 15, 2013

Microsoft announced last month that Messenger would be merging into Skype on March 15. That’s not exactly the case anymore as Microsoft has extended the deadline by a month. That being said, Microsoft really thinks you should start moving to Skype now.

In a post on the Skype Big Blog today, Microsoft says that it will start to upgrade Messenger to Skype on Windows desktop starting April 8. The extension gives the stragglers a little more time to make their peace with the dying service. The upgrade process will take a few weeks so those using non-English versions will have a few more weeks. The company expects to finish the upgrades on April 30 withe the Brazilian Portugese client being upgraded last.

For those still concerned about the move, Microsoft offers a reason not to be. All the same features you enjoyed in Windows Live Messenger will be in Skype upon your arrival. You will also get the added benefit of many Skype features that were not in Messenger, including:

  • Instant message conversation history
  • The ability to edit and remove instant messages
  • Being able to share files and contact information
  • Video calling and instant messaging with Facebook friends
  • Group video calling
  • OK, so that sounds pretty good. You want to migrate to Skype now, but you just don’t know how. Microsoft has cooked up this easy to follow tutorial on how to migrate your Messenger account to Skype. Check it out.

    Microsoft is sure to issue more warnings as we move closer to the April 8 migration date so you might as well migrate over now. It’s better than having to receive notifications in your Messenger client every day. Might as well welcome the assimilation instead of fighting it.

    Zach Walton

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    • Davide Di Prossimo

      Hello Zach,
      Well, it was about time to start thinking about that. I always thought: what’s the point of having both services, I mean messenger and Skype!? I have never used messenger before, but I use Skype since a long time and think it is great.
      You know I read somewhere Facebook now has a function (that I have not tried yet), with which you can call your contacts. Do you think video calling from Skype to Facebook is going to be useful to anyone? Maybe pointless? What do you think?
      Anyway Skype is a great tool anyway, I use it for work a lot.

    • DANIEL

      Skype does not have a feature where you can see if you are online on another computer, messenger did. I often leave my messenger on line at work. If I have a day off or messaging at night, i would like to be able to check if I’m online somewhere else and log out of other locations to ensure a private conversation. Not a major issue, but still one I think other people my find important.

    • praveenkumar

      how are you all