• Bright C

    The shape of the window is alright, I love the colour blue, and how you can change the colour if in ur PC, but I’m concerned that it destorys the image and the universial view of Windows, a good logo is a logo that EVERYONE recongizes, maybe people will get used to the new Windows logo soon, since millions will by it within the first few months, but Windows will lose the instant reaction of seeing the original design.

    BUT, maybe it is a good thing, increasing amount of people have viewed the Windows logo as a reminder of a dead PC; they see the logo as the makers of the failed Vista and Windows Mobile, which is why Windows Phone’s struggling, maybe with a new logo, which was put on a newly developed OS (I do hope they include the new logo on Windows Phone 8), people will forget about the old Windows, and see Windows’ new look with fresh eyes again.

    Overall, I support the change in the Windows Logo, but I do suggest to add the original Windows Colours back into the logo, to stop people mocking it as a Finland flag

  • Karthick Roy

    Bland, insipid, uninspiring, and old-fashioned (as old as hundred years. Very restricted imagination