William Shatner Headlines Salt Lake Comic-Con

By: Kristen M. Foster - September 8, 2013

Salt Lake City is hosting its first-ever Comic Con this weekend and it is sold out, with over 50,000 tickets sold by the end. Appearances by William Shatner, and a re-teaming of Adam West and Burt Ward, are special highlights of the event.

Shatner and West headlined a one-hour session on the journey each made toward pop culture immortality, adding quips about aging and the host state. West garnered applause with, “The two icons each have bad hips. But look at us, we’re still perfect.”

The pair revealed that they only ever worked on one project together, a 1968 TV movie Alexander the Great, shot in Utah. Shatner played Alexander, West played General Cleander, but the film failed to get picked up as a series. Both had already been playing the roles that made them famous, Captain James T. Kirk in Star Trek and Batman in Batman (respectively).

Star Trek premiered on NBC on this day in 1966 and Shatner gave a Tweet-out to the series that gave him his first big break:

Not to be outdone by sibling-Cons, the rest of the SLCC Special Guest line-up includes Kevin Sorbo (Hercules), Lou Ferrigno (The Hulk), Henry Winkler (The Fonz), David Prowse (Darth Vader, the body), Dean Cain (Superman) and a host of other sci-fi and fantasy icons.


Some of the celebs, along with SLCC organizers Dan Farr and Bryan Brandenburg, even took time to visit the city’s capitol building and Governor (Pictured: unidentified, Dan Farr, Kevin Sorbo, Gov. Gary Herbert, Lou Ferrigno, Claire Coffee, Bryan Brandenburg).

The weekend actually featured the GEEX Gaming and Electronics Expo, but organizers decided to add the flair—and probably added draw and sales—of designating it a Comic Book and Entertainment Convention.

Shatner is also breaking news with a fourth studio album, Ponder the Mystery, to be released on 8 October and for which he will tour. He joins with musician Billy Sherwood, formerly in the band Yes.

[Images via Salt Lake Comic Con Facebook.]
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  • David

    Dates are off, Shatner was in STAR TREK as of 1966 so he couldn’t have been in a 1968 pilot and then got the Kirk role afterwards.

    • Palmer Scott


      Try rereading the article. The “pilot’ filmed in 1968 was for a television series about Alexander the Great. The article even mentions that Star Trek began in 1966.

  • Kristen Foster

    Thanks Guys, you were absolutely right. Double checked, the dates were correct but the logic wrong.