William Shatner, George Takei: Strange Quid Pro Quo

    August 17, 2014
    Mike Tuttle
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Over the years, the enmity between William Shatner and George Takei has popped up over and over again. The two Star Trek alum take shots at each other from time to time in the media. But no one is really sure why, other than just general incompatibility.

Even Shatner himself says he is clueless about why Takei hates him. He says he does not really know the guy. He would see him only briefly during television and movie shoots. Even on convention visits and such, they are often out on different days.

“He keeps saying bad things about me to everybody,” Shatner says. “I don’t know what he’s talking about. Rather than pursue it, I ignore it.”

Takei himself relished the opportunity to participate in the Comedy Central Roast of William Shatner, lathering on the animosity where most invitees tossed good-natured ribs.

“I can finally say what I’ve been waiting 40 years to say,” Takei told Shatner at the roast. “Fuck you and the horse you rode in on!”

“I had 40 years of material, and they only gave me four minutes,” Takei says. “I could have done the whole roast myself.”

The Takei portion of the roast was so popular, that Shatner wanted to use it as part of his one-man show Shatner’s World. So when George Takei wanted to include interview footage of Shatner in his documentary To Be Takei, a give and take was in the works.

“We had to bargain for it,” Takei says. “He wanted something from me, so he reluctantly agreed.”

“It was quid pro quo,” says Shatner agrees.

Documentary director Jennifer Kroot was surprised that Shatner would agree to do the interview.

“I never dreamed in a million years that William Shatner would agree to this,” she says. “I doubt any of these guys is losing sleep about their mutual dislike. On the other hand, they really just don’t like each other.”

But Shatner did agree, to only ten minutes of interview.

“He didn’t sugarcoat it,” Kroot says. “And at the end of 10 minutes, he said: ‘That’s it. That’s time. That’s the agreement.’

“They cannot get along. They are both human. I love Star Trek gossip as much as the next guy, and it’s hysterical. What can be more interesting than this media feud?”

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  • Realist555

    Shatner is cool. Sulu is arrogant from hearing him speak in interviews.

  • Larry Cook

    This bickering is nothing new to any that have memories of the show. It probably stems from the fact that most remember Captain Kirk, but the part of Sulu was a supporting role, and never really a ”star” part. It would be different if he had gone on in one of the many spin offs, and became a Captain of his own. And W. Shatner has gone on in other shows, real star parts, as in T.J. Hooker, but what has Takei starred in after Star Trek?

  • wotan237 .

    The only reason Takei is sopopular now is because he’s gay. Media is in overdrive to push fudge-packing acceptance, so now is Takei’s hour

    • Wlfbitn

      amen, and here here!

    • scmaize

      wotan: One of the most stupid and ignorant comments I have read in a long, long time. Take all your money out of the bank and see if you can buy some class.

  • Janice

    Takai probably had a crush on him all those years ago and couldn’t stand to see him with women! He needs to put his big girl pants on!!!

    • Suzonne Amerson

      May be . . .

    • Steve

      Nah.. Just because someone is gay doesn’t mean everything is related to sex silly woman. Im sure there are plenty of other reasons for Takei not to like Shatner.

  • msd

    Takei is a flaming gay homo and he wants Shatner’s big D. If you’ve ever heard Takei talk, he is arrogant. Takei never had a decent role outside of Star Trek.

  • lao78

    Both are cool guys, but just can’t stand each other, many characters like this through history. They are allowed to dislike each other, and have fans that like both of them. The beauty of life is differences, we all have them and we all manifest them differently, this is how they display theirs… Who cares move on…

    • Suzonne Amerson

      Most sensible post yet.

  • Obie One

    George Takei thought William Shatner did not like him because he was gay. he felt he treated him badly. Cast members also thought Mr. Shatner was egotistical. They used to joke that he really did think he was Capt. Kirk. He and Leonard Nimoy did not get along for a long time. That has all changed not. Maybe all Mr. Shatner needs to do is tell Mr. Takei that it was a different time and apologize. People seem to like their feud. I like them both.

    • Suzonne Amerson

      Makes good sense, Obie One Can Know Me.

  • daverg

    kinda of like america and that kenyan in the white house

    is it 2016 yet
    when we can throw out the trash for good and clean house ?

    • scmaize

      You’re a lying idiot.

      • daverg

        no ,you are.

      • daverg

        you are.

  • http://yahoo.com William Donovan

    SHATNER is better person

  • tarzanzardoz

    Maybe it’s because Sulu is “funny”

  • JB

    Fluff interview. zzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • jong

    George has a problem with being homosexual. He is arrogant and has been known to be violent. Shatner while having a ego has never been out right nasty or violent unless attacked first.

  • helen

    who cares……………………

  • Steve

    I love both of these guys but its common knowledge that Shatner was/is an ego maniac. I’m sure there is resentment from plenty of people who worked with him.

  • Brett Maverick

    George can’t get NEAR the claim-to-fame-for-HIS-name without Bill’s name being at least the fuel that drives the engine. And- after 40+ years, especially- having his sexual orientation being his marquee SOLO spotlight, strips his gears. Not an opinion, just a visage on the psyche of a “small” person.

  • Rayvyn007

    What they need to do for one season, is have them live in a house together and film it. It would be great television. I have no idea why they don’t get along because they both seem like great guys. Shatner admitted he was self-centered back in the days they did ST:TOS but all the other actors seem to have forgiven him.

  • constantine2007

    I also heard James Doohan ( Scotty ) despised Shatner. I guess it was over his ego but Shatner tried to mend fences. Leonard Nimoy used to be annoyed by him too but apparently they made peace. Sounds like it was a tense set with all that animosity.

  • Captain Sidney

    I love the work by both men, but it seems to me that Takei has spoken about his dislike at every opportunity he gets. Mostly because he’ll talk about it at the drop of a hat and Shatner mostly keeps to himself about it. I met James Doohan once and he had nothing nice to say about Shatner either. Did a lot of material in his con-visits about how much he disliked Shatner. Shatner has said on several occasions that he doesn’t understand why they hate him and has even apologized in his books if he’s caused hurt. (I don’t know if he’s had any face time with these folks) Koenig and Nichols have also on occasion spoken ill of Shatner. Takei seems to have taken it to a whole new level though. Maybe he needs to just get over it and be George Takei and not worry any more about Bill Shatner. JMHO.

    • Mel432

      What is Shatner to keep to himself? That he was self absorbed and arrogant? It seems all the cast members disliked him. Even before Takei started talking about Shatner, it was very well-known that the cast despised him (Shatner). It’s hard to believe he was so clueless how he came across to the other actors.