Wii U Titles Going For A Pretty Penny At GameStop


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Did Nintendo's E3 press conference excite you to no end? Can you not wait to get your hands on NIntendo Land? Worry not, brave Nintendo fan, as GameStop has 20 Wii U titles available for pre-order including certifiable hits like New Super Mario Bros. U and Pikmin 3. There's only one little problem...

Wii U Titles Going for $100 At GameStop

As you can obviously see, GameStop seems to think that Wii U games are going to cost $99.99. Unless every single on of these titles is a special edition, I highly doubt that is the case. It's obviously an error on GameStop's part, but it's still pretty funny nonetheless.

Amazon on the other hand has removed their pricing from the Wii U games they have listed. Previously, Wii U games were going for $49.99, but that price point is obviously still up in the air. I would wager that Nintendo is taking a broad approach to pricing on the Wii U letting publishers set their price. I wouldn't be surprised if first party titles went for $49.99 while third party titles like Assassin's Creed III went for the usual $59.99.

Going into paranoia mode, maybe GameStop knows something that we don't. Maybe Wii U games really wil cost $99.99 each. There will probably be people insane enough to buy such a thing, but such a scenario is not going to happen. The last time I paid for upwards of $99.99 for just a game was when I spent $70 for a copy of Jet Force Gemini on the Nintendo 64. Discs are not as expensive to produce as cartridges so gamers have no need to worry about exploding prices come time for the Wii U launch.

While $99.99 would be a little expensive for a game, I would gladly pay that much for that fake Majora's Mask trailer that showed up before the press conference yesterday. If anything, I would pay to wipe away the painful memories of being forced to watch Nintendo shovel my dreams into the trash bins of Nintendo Land.

[h/t: Game Podunk]