White People’s Day: Chris Rock Joke Sparks Backlash

    July 6, 2012
    WebProNews Staff
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White People’s Day took place on July 4th, according to comedian Chris Rock, who tweeted a joke to his legion of followers that has not settled too well with a large selection of the populace. Since the former “Saturday Night Live” cast member is no stranger to the world of controversy, Rock seems unfazed by the extreme amount of backlash his biting observation has generated. From what I can tell, he’s ruffled quite a few feathers with this one, which usually indicates that he’s touched a nerve most people don’t want to acknowledge.

If you missed Rock’s tweet, here you go:

In response to Rock’s joke, several people have taken to a wide variety of social networking sites to express their disappointment with the comedian, going as far as to say they intend to swear off his movies entirely. Others took their anger and fashioned it into a micro-blogging response of their own, many of which you can find at the bottom of this article.

Of course, not everyone was deeply offended by Rock’s message. Actor Don Cheadle and Zach Braff both thought the joke was just that: a joke. If anyone is shocked that Rock issued a racially-oriented tweet at the nation’s expense, they obviously aren’t very well-versed in the actor’s brand of biting, hot-button comedy.

Elon James White, host of This Week In Blackness, spoke with The Huffington Post regarding Rock’s controversial comment. His insight into the matter is pretty spot-on:

I find this Chris Rock backlash absolutely ridiculous. Really? Someone tells the truth and you mad? I’m American. I never claim otherwise. I never give the “We didn’t land on Plymouth rock” speech unless its in a really funny way. But part of being American, to me, is that I have to acknowledge all the bullshit that comes with it. Basically some folks came over, stole other people’s land, killed them, then started a country on the backs of my people, while killing them, and then at some point they freed the slaves but then oppressed them and killed them some more. Do I have the ability to do things here that I wouldn’t in some parts of the world? Yes. But my family paid the price for that in actual blood, sweat and tears. If more people were like Rock and acknowledged the truth maybe we’d be in a better place as a Nation.

If you’re curious to see what others think about the “Pootie Tang” mastermind’s Independence Day-related tweet, you can sample some Twitter reactions below.

  • DaSpanka

    Can’t we all just get along? RIP RK.

  • Todd C

    I think Chris Rock is hilarious. I’m a white man and I’m not offended by his statement at all. I think we choose to forget what really happened and hope that everything will be covered in roses, but history never dies.

  • laurafield

    u suck Mr. Rock…….jump off your local bridge …we have to deal with Martin Luther day….so whatever…dick face

    • Pam

      “deal with” Martin Luther day? You mean Martin Luther King, Jr. Day? What does that even mean, “deal with”? You do realize the Declaration of Independence was signed over 100 years before slavery was abolished, don’t you? And whoever said that the US did away with slavery in 100 years is wrong. If you would like to educate yourself (please do) here is a really good book: http://www.powells.com/biblio?isbn=9780156008549

    • yh8thetruth?

      You do know that Martin Luther was a white European, right?

    • myhumble1

      Wow! “Deal with” says it all. Some white people are hilarious. You want us to simultaneously assimilate and disappear.

      Martin Luther King, Jr. took a non-violent approach to pursuing freedom for ALL people. He sacrificed his life for ALL Americans and you feel that a day out of 365 is too much to deal with. Proof of the ongoing problem . . .

  • brooklyn4life!

    Chris, the borough of Brooklyn has officially disowned you. Dueces!

    • yh8thetruth?

      I guess BK hates the truth…

    • Myesha24

      I think this is sad! No matter how you get around it and try to call him racist, the truth is Black people were not freed during that time! While we are trying to get past it and still have room to grown, we also need to acknowledge the fact that it did happen, Slavery is a fact in this country’s history!

  • Seexxyme

    Why are we so hang up on the little things. If you are white and we call you white – people are offended. If you are black and people call you black you are offended. If you are short and we call you short you are offended …. the slaves were not free so they had nothing to celebrate – it was not their independence so why be offended by what was?????

  • david

    You got it right Chris, This country was built partialy on the backs of your people, but not yours.

  • Pam

    He’s right. There really is no argument that can be had by anyone who knows anything about history.

  • Sabah

    And the truth shall set yall free..he only tells the truth..why do people constantly want to sweep our history under the rug..it happened and July 4th was not OUR independence!!

  • Sabah

    READ..the ICIS papers

  • glenn barnes

    Chris Rock makes his living telling jokes – If he had said something about ‘Amos & Andy’, everyone would laugh – Give us all a break and discuss something worthwhile like unemployment, the economy, Iran – let Chris continue to “Rock” – I’m white, by the way

  • stu

    As a club regular, I just think this stuff belongs on the stage and not in the public forum. White, I don’t take offense at his comments because my family wasn’t even in America. As well, a lot has changed since that time in history, whether or not anyone wants to admit it. I’m all about people being people, which is why me, my family, friends, neighbors . . . don’t blink an eye when they see my interracial family walking down the street or coming to family reunions. Whether or not you want to believe it, much of “white” America is over it. Admittedly, much of it is not. But, these sort of comments, when thrown into the public arena, are going to get a response, like it or not. What’s funniest, though, is that the comment comes from a guy who’s made his money, done well in America, much of which came from skits of him playing stereotypes other races have of black Americans. What’s most amazing to me is that this comment gets all this press, while guys like Paul Mooney have been saying stuff 10x as hateful, some of it true, for decades. Again, I go to see his shows, because if you don’t take the time to learn from other people’s perspectives, you’ll die an angry and misinformed man.

    • yh8thetruth?

      Thanks, Stu. On this note I will leave the forum. You get it, others don’t. Spread the sensibility, bro.

  • Seexxyme

    By the way he make jokes on Black people day too and the whites laugh at it … so why be so uptight — it was a joke and the pendulum swings both sides lighten up people…. we have to have a sense of humor about ourselves. The world needs laughter.

  • lnjtzjr

    There has not been one race, country or human i history that has not been oppressed in w-one shape or form. When are these people going to let this go? It’s been over two hundred years. This is not the 1940’s any more. I wasn’t able to go to school on a United Negro College Fund. I had to join the military and work up to my arm pits in helicopter grease for four years to earn the money to pay my way through college. Asian people don’t have their own history month…

    YOu want to be reated like every one else? Shut the fuck up and quit bitching like a bunch of little school girls.

    • yh8thetruth?

      What did Asians go through over here? Funny thing. Whenever the misdeeds of whites are ever brought up, white people want blacks to shut up and quit whining. You DON’T treat blacks like everyone else, so blacks don’t expect everyone else to understand, and do the speaking up for us. THAT we will do for ourselves. You sound like the person in movies where the spirit of the person that they killed is haunting them, and they want the spirit to shut up and go away. BOO!

    • myhumble1

      OK Injtzjr . . . WHAT are you talking about? You do realize that MLK was assassinated in OUR generation – the 60’s? You need to check your 200 year calculation.

      UNCF funds are for use at traditional black schools – where people of all races are welcome. Read about white students attending HBCU’s here:


      If you wanted to attend an HBCU you should have applied. If you wanted to attend a non-black school, you should have applied for financial aid – or any of a variety of private scholarships. Did you not utilize the G.I. Bill?

      BTW- Mark the month of MAY on your calendar: Asian-Pacific Heritage Month

      Oh, and don’t forget these . . .

      NOVEMBER – Native American Heritage Month
      SEPTEMBER – National Hispanic Heritage Month
      MARCH – Irish -American Heritage Month
      OCTOBER – National Italian-American Heritage Month

  • Jay

    I like Chris Rock, and what he said was true.
    Amazing how this got peoples panties in a bunch?
    Pissed off people who who probably don’t believe in evolution and believe that America’s founding fathers where christian (they were not)

  • john

    thats history should be glad it could be like that now

    • Cracker

      Mr. Rock,
      For the past 29 years of your 47 year existance, you have been riding on easy street. You sir are completley disconnected from the real world. You live in the fanatasy world of Hollywood and have no clue as to the changes and heart ache of todays world. Alot has changed in 29 years since you have been riding on the backs of white executives and the white public that along with the blacks, yellows, greens, purples and however many other “colors” there are, have all kept you living in your Alpine NJ mansion and driving your Bentley while we are all wondering how to feed our family.Yes it is your talent that got you there but dont knock the system, however right or wrong it may be, that keeps you living high on the hog.You wanna make comments about our country then trade for 1 week with an unemployed family living in Alabama or Mississippi and see how hard it is. Then you have the right make your comments. Dont degrade the very system that you count on to put gas in your Bentley or pay the electric bill on your 10000 sq ft. home.

      • myhumble1

        So you’re angry that he’s wealthy? You feel that he didn’t earn his money? And now that he’s wealthy he shouldn’t speak with historical accuracy? He’s a comedian. This is the type of stuff that other (white) wealthy comedians might say . . .ex. Janeane Garafolo, George Lopez, George Carlin, John Stewart, etc. Why are you taking Rock to task?

        How are his comments hiring unemployed families? The more we speak in truth, the more inclined we’ll be to open our eyes to the plight of “fellow man.”

        I gotta tell you that your comment is coming across as, “You should be glad that this white country lets you have your fancy house and car.” Maybe you can clarify . . . ?

  • Eileen Ward

    How about the UNITED WHITE PEOPLE COLLEGE FUND, There are poor white people too, but if anyone tried to establish that fund they would be called racist. Something not fair about this


    • Wanda Woodson

      Have you did your history on why the United Negro College Fund was established. Blacks could not afford college, student loans,they were denied, turn down for financial aid, etc,. Why? They had no money, look who got and still getting Scholarships.I am on a scholarship committee, we are also giving whites scholarship based on their GPA, Please do your research on this and you will understand why the UNCF was established.

      Chris made a reference to history and he was able to use it as a joke.

      • Erin

        And it is NO LONGER NECESSARY and SHOULD be dissolved. DO YOUR HOMEWORK WANDA. It’s hardly a joke when the grand majority still rails about segregation that was dissolved yet is still perpetuated to your benefit.You cant cry about what you yourself do in present day as compared to what was not perpetuated on you PERSONALLY.

        • yh8thetruth?

          You need to open your eyes and take a REAL look around ERIN. As long as there are people like you around, then racism will continue to be what it has always been. Still here.

    • Casey

      Ms. Ward . . . I have heard this criticism from people over the years who have no actual understanding of the UNCF (United Negro College Fund). Not long enough ago, African-Americans were forbidden to even READ . . . As time progressed African-Americans were allowed to pursue education . . . but not allowed to do so in “white” schools . . . SO in the growing desire to learn, African-Americans were forced to physically build their own schools.

      Those schools are now known as “traditionally black schools” or HBCU’s. By all means – if you know a “poor white” person who wants to attend an HBCU you’ll be shocked to know that white students have been, are and always will be welcome there. I know several white people who’ve attended HBCU’s. What ONE EARTH is racist about creating a fund to enable students to attend an HBCU? The HBCU’s wouldn’t EXIST but for the hatred of (some) white people and the apathy of others.

      The funds are not GOVERNMENT funds. They are private funds. That is a huge misperception that’s is fueled by modern-day racism – and ignorance. In fact, President Kennedy donated monies from his Pulitzer Prize to the fund.

      Several private organizations NOT affiliated with UNC (ex. DAR – Daughters of the American Revolution) have scholarship funds. Take a look at one of the various scholarship clearinghouses. Additionally, any student in the U.S. can apply for financial aid – to include Pell Grants which President Obama has made more available to students.

      Feel free to read more on UNCF:

    • Erin

      I have said this since I was a child and heard of this fund. RACIST!They railed against segregation yet embrace it fully when it is to their benefit! Shameful and disgraceful behavior.Black music awards black pageants . If you cant compete in an across the board all inclusive competition then there should be separate ones for each national origin. See how stupid that is? You all keep segregating yourself and crying over something that you yourself did not endure. Rather than use it to tear asunder,..use it instead to heal and bring ALL together. You dont see the Irish acting like this and they were persecuted and treated as if we were the same. Yet through showing by our actions to be worthy were accepted By contributing DESPITE the treatment,not expecting a free ride to be continually catered to and then being a POX on the very land and people who righted this wrong. Dutch traders brought you. You were treated as uncivilized due to the lack of development found in the majority of your homeland. BUT it was righted,.so but that in your crack pipe and smoke it.

      • yh8thetruth?

        Enabling children that were turned away from white schools to go to college is racist? If you notice, The black music awards and pageants are for music and people that a lot of whites don’t consider mainstream. Artists that are up for awards were NOMINATED. The artists just don’t decide to compete. Picture life outside of your box. People are allowed to help other people. Whites have helped whites for centuries. It’s ok for blacks to do it, too. Let’s just help each other while we’re at it.

      • myhumble1

        “BUT it was righted . . . ” Describe how “it” was “righted.”

        Also . . . are you also annoyed by the Latin Grammy’s?

  • Roberta

    People, read your history, I haven’t heard anything about the indentured slaves who were white.People who were going to have slaves didn’t care what color they were.MY family were never involved in either buying or selling any other people.

    • myhumble1

      Indentured servitude was a foundation of this country . . . but the practice was entirely different from slavery . . . branding, breeding, etc. You could buy yourself out of indentured servitude. Indentured servants were not delineated as “chattel” in the Constitution. Indentured servants were not stripped of their culture, denied the right to marry, denied the right to learn how to read, etc.

      Believing that your family never bought or sold people seems to make you feel better. What’s important here is that since there was never an intention to free the slaves, there was no plan to do so in an organized or civil manner. Is it fair or civil to “free” someone who has no money, no shelter, no education, etc. . . . and then terrorize that person for the color of his/her skin, refuse that person work (or pay him the lower wage of a convict?)

      Trying to generate positive outcomes from “bad acts” will involve some “bumps in the road.” We’re in the bumpy stages. While you didn’t own slaves, the best thing you can do is have an accurate historical understanding, a kind heart and an open mind. Every new black person you meet is just that . . . new to you. We’re not just one big stereotype. The stereotypes and assumptions feed the hatred.

  • SoftRockDD

    If they can’t take a joke then they shouldn’t follow him. He is right! Blacks were not freed on that date nor were they included in the writing of this country’s constitution. Those were the facts! We’ve come a long way but we are not there yet! Leave the man alone! He certainly is NOT the most hateful racist person! Some people are STILL in denial if they don’t think/and believe that racism is not a problem here and all over the world! WAKE UP!!!!!

    • yh8thetruth?


    • Erin

      Not EVERYTHING is about them . Thats a total joke. Thinking the world revolves around them. GROW UP>Its about this nation. Who ever implied it was about them. Its our NATIONS Independence day . The marking of the founding of THIS NATION/ To all whoever fought for ANYONES freedom. GET A CLUE>Just goes to show they have been catered to for FAR TOO LONG> They need to act as they wish to be treated.

      • myhumble1


        You literally don’t get it. The beauty of the joke is that it’s absolutely historically correct. Catered to? You JUST stopped legally lynching us . . . literally.

  • http://www.yahoo.com Tired of drama

    Personally, I am saddened by the history of slavery but had no part in it but am more offended that we have a Mr. and Miss Black Pageant in Kentucky. What would happen if we had a Mr. and Miss White Pageant….Food for thought. Racism comes both ways and it has affected my children so when I hear comments like that, it only makes my children feel less than and they haven’t deserved that. My son’s first girlfriend was black and I’m trying to teach them that we are all equal and we are but then somebody has to act stupid and make sure that they are educated about someone elses prejudice. Thanx for ruining all the hard work I’ve done to create a loving environment for my children.

    • Tex Guy

      What I have found is that “racism” is acceptable in the good old “USA” as long as its the minority against the majority. They consider it payback for the hundreds of years of slavery, which I had nothing to do with.

      As a Hispanic man (non-black), I find this racism a roadblock to total Black acceptance into the mainstream of our society. It is very confusing. Blacks are upset that they are looked at negatively, yet perpetuate the negative stereotype with their reverse racism ideology. Don’t they get it? I guess not.

      • yh8thetruth?

        And do you think that you don’t sound “racist”? There are good, bad, bigot, non-bigot, smart, ignorant folks in all races. I find your use of “they” to be offensive (not really). The actual tweet was not a racist statement. If you study how America was in 1776, then you wouldn’t even comment. What were Hispanics doing in 1776? Did your ancestors ever go through any type of oppression? Lighten up. Most blacks will see the humor in the joke while most whites will see tension. You see a “racist” comment. Why is that? And why do you only see blacks as the “minority”? You aren’t a part? The Chinese? Korean? Puerto Ricans? Your word for today is: BIGOT.

      • Erin

        I agree with you tex guy. Although Reverse racism is a misnomer as it its just racism. it isnt just white vs Black . Racism has always been a flaw since the dawn of time. How much better we all as a whole,.all human beings would be served if we did not hold tight to past infractions and put the time energy effort into moving forward for the good of all.Not drawing lines in the sand casting dispersions and acting CIVIL. The have spent more time trying to go FORWARD IN REVERSE THAN ANY OTHER>

      • Casey


        Of all you’ve said . . . the most disturbing phrase is “total black acceptance.” What you don’t get is that this country never had any intention of FREEING us . . . That takes “total acceptance” out of the equation.

        As for “racism” within the black community . . . Having been black all my life, I don’t know any black people who think they’re superior to white (or any other) people. The black struggle has been to prove that we’re just as good as, worthy, etc.

        The hatred of black people in America is based on lies. How do you counteract lies that people WANT to believe? These lies are an American comfort zone.

        As late as the 60’s Southern whites were claiming that blacks had “tails.” Really?

        This country transitioned from legalized slavery to legalized discrimination . . . to illegal discrimination. Having a black President doesn’t mean that America took the red pill. America is still “plugged into the Matrix.”

        Case in point . . . I don’t know any “thugs.” Period. If you read the comments of white people on sites like these, you’d think that most black people are thugs. The kids on Jersey Shore can act like total fools without reflecting on the ENTIRETY of the Italian community . . . while one negative image of a black person is seen as “how they all are.” It’s all about maintaining the comfort zone, in spite of the realities.

    • Erin

      Agreed. As long as they perpetuate a negative attitude they are now the very thing they rail against. Hypocrites.

      • myhumble1

        “They” language is so telling.

  • Tricky

    Slaves were also freed at the end of the Revalutionary war for service in the war for colonys, thousands as a matter of fact.

    • Erin

      Yes they were at through the spilling of WHITE peoples blood.Some gratitude for the sacrifice instead of racist snide comments are due! People have to stop clutching past wrongs to their chest and beating the drum to insight riot and civil unrest. Stop crying foul and start treating others as you want to be treated. Crying about not being treated the same yet being a racist yourself shows a less than deserving mindset. How many cries have been issued about segregation and negativity and when you are treated civilly you act boorish and beneath civility. Stop drawing a line and crying about spilt milk. It is only through total release of animosity civil behavior and living the way you wish to be treated will any wounds heal. Or maybe you like crying and getting special attention for simply being.

      • Casey

        Erin . . . Don’t forge the “spilling of white people’s blood” into a badge of honor. It’s simply proof of how far some white people were willing to go to keep their slaves and their cotton. Both the slaves and the cotton were perceived as simple commodities, by the way.

        We all know that Lincoln was quoted as saying that if he could have ended the civil war without freeing the slaves, he would have – even though he knew that enslaving people was wrong.

        The Civil War was not about altruistic Northern whites trying to free the slaves from the mean Southern whites. The slaves were freed in order to gain advantage over the southern troops. It was a tactical move, with the assumption that the freed slaves would fight for the North – once again, as a commodity. Are you kidding me with that “some gratitude for the sacrifice” line?

        Whoopee – we freed you . . . now we’ll kill you if you learn how to read . . . we won’t give you a job . . . we’ll kill you for walking where we don’t want you to walk . . . or for lookin’ at one of our women . . . and there’s no severance. Now you’re no longer a slave . . . you’re competition. Congrats! Oh . . . and your new name is BOY!

        Had there been a sense of decency in the “freeing” of slaves, there would have been some sort of transition created . . . There would have been no government tolerance of Jim Crowism, no toleration of the Klan, etc. You do realize that Dr. King was assassinated in RECENT history, right? It is taking white people just as long to get over emancipation as it is for black people to get over slavery . . . Oh – and please don’t get me started on the treatment of Native Americans in this country!

        As for your comments about civility . . . , What kind of black people do you encounter on a daily basis? I am an African American female. My father fought for this country in two wars (Korea/Vietnam) – combat wounded. My brother served during the Iraqi invasion. My mother is a coal miner’s daughter from West Virginia. I’ve never engaged in any of the civil unrest you speak of. None of us have been arrested, drug addicted, or enamored of thug life, etc.

        My family and I have been too busy working, serving man & country, studying ministry, owning our own businesses, etc. to engage of any of the boorish behavior of which you speak. We know our neighbors and speak/wave when we pass people on the street.

        Goodness knows there are plenty of white people (rich & poor) engaging in “boorish” behavior, but I suppose your head is turned when that happens? No crying here. Just sick of white people using the election of Obama as some mystic proof that racism no longer exists in America.

  • Mark (caucasian)

    Damn when did all of you fellow (Caucasians) turn into such a bunch of wussies? It was a joke and yes it has some truth to it. Frickin babies

    • Erin

      Perhaps you should learn to let things go Mr Rock. As for it being a joke,..perhaps you should stick to calling fellow African American “Nigga”.Remember something, YOU were not a slave. And slavery was brought here to the Americas by the dutch.Also Remember FREEDOM is something that was EARNED not handed to someone just because of the color of their skin. I suggest you read the book “No Irish No blacks No dogs” When The Irish first came here they were treated horribly. BUT we EARNED respect by being civil decent well mannered people who brought aid to all via firemen orphanages hard work and CIVIL BEHAVIOR> Not by acting like the world owed us a living and being thugs. There are many cultured members of the African American community,.I suggest you look to them as to how to properly conduct yourself.Try not to be so “COOKIE CUTTER” and base. learn to rise above and earn your respect,.after all it IS earned and NOT bestowed.

      • Casey


        No one tells Jews or Native Americans to “let it go” . . . and no one should. We should all remain mindful of atrocities in an effort to break the cycles that destroy us.

        The African-American struggle does/did not end with the Emancipation Proclamation (google “Juneteenth”). You’ve conveniently skipped the LEGALIZED terror of Jim Crow and general prejudice.

        We are well aware that freedom was not HANDED to freed slaves. Freeing the slaves was not a moral imperative on the part of the US gov’t . . . it was a tactic to win the Civil War.

        I am well aware of the treatment of the Irish . . . as well as the Italians, for that matter. Black people were not the only people lynched in this country. What you fail to mention is this . . . Color prejudice is deeply ingrained in this culture. To be BLACK is an entirely different visual can of worms than being Irish, Italian, etc. Black people (with certain physical exceptions) . . . are ABSOLUTELY aesthetically identifiable – and therefore more easily targeted.

        Please don’t fool yourself into thinking that black people did not “work hard” post-slavery. We’ve built schools, invented traffic devices, surgical procedures, etc. Consider the list of African-Americans (many of them women) who have held political office in this country. I won’t engage in a soliloquy about the contributions of black people in America.

        I’m going to invite you to watch the film “Freedom Riders.” You’ll have the opportunity to watch well-behaved, well-dressed black (& white) college students being pitched into jails . . . for simply “trying to sit at lunch counters while black.”

        Let’s not blame anything on the Dutch. Did the Dutch force the US Gov’t to hire “Buffalo” Bill Cody to kill buffalo in the effort to kill off the NATIVE AMERICANS? Good ol’ Christian white (American)people made a point of describing us as “chattel” in the Constitution. The Dutch didn’t make plantation owners brand, breed and sell black people. Remind me . . . how many of the Irish were sold into slavery? And how many Black people have united to do harm to Irish people?

        As rude and uncivil as you seem to think Black people are . . . we do NOT corner the market on racial hate groups. Black people have not taken the time to organize ourselves to: systematically hate other people, rise and take this country, eliminate all non-blacks, etc.

        You do realize that the number of white supremacist/hate groups is on the rise since Obama’s inauguration, right? The more successful black people become in this country . . . the more uncomfortable the weakest white people become. If the racist “mantra” is that we’re inferior, then we become a danger to the MYTH when we succeed!

        As for Chris Rock’s comments . . . Consider his occupation. The comment is one that Redd Foxx or Richard Pryor would have made. It’s biting, insightful and . . . spot-on. Lest you forget . . .

  • FreedomSpeaks2U

    Your comment shows an embedded hate for white people and a lack of real decency. Maybe you should spend more time building racial bridges instead of blowing them up…!!!

    • Tlalnamikwiliztli

      Building racial bridges under whose terms, as Americans? Because most European settlers on Indigenous land (U.S., Canada, Australia, and New Zealand) don’t even realize they are the beneficiaries of white privilege, which pretty much denies any work toward coalition building.

  • cwood

    I think that all this fuss over comedian’s (plural black and white)jokes is just stupid. It just gives them more attention , and power they wouldn’t have otherwise.If the racists in the country didn’t cry fowl every time someone made a joke, racism would die a lot sooner.

    • Tlalnamikwiliztli

      When European settlers recognize they gain from the occupation of Indigenous lands, when we stop eating food picked by migrant workers who we continually insist need to become American citizens (Assimilate= act white) or else leave, and when we recognize that American culture is base white male hetero-normative oppression, then we can begin to talk about eliminating racism. Are you willing to stop driving cars that contains oil taken from other countries and destroys present day Indigenous homelands? Are you ready to eat food that is not picked by workers who are earn slave wages? Are you willing to give your material lifestyle to those who have less? Remember in order to have American values and lifestyles, we needed to try and eliminate Indigenous populations and enslave others in order to build the foundation of our economy.

  • greg

    i’m white and this is really no big deal to me. it’s funny and it’s true. chris rocks comedy takes the difference in blacks and whites and asians and hispanics and shows many of the stereotypes in a funny way that reflects many truths about how people think. i would much rather listen to his comments and observations about this than others such as louis farakan or the kkk who have zero tolerence for any view but their own.

    • Tlalnamikwiliztli

      That an interesting point

  • Sandy

    As a 50-year old white woman, I found that joke hilarious and true. He’s a comedian. He makes fun of everyone. Including himself. His family. His race. Our race. The world at large. Maybe if we all had more of a sense of humor and could laugh at a joke the world could be a better place.

    • Myesha24

      I agree Sandy!

    • yh8thetruth?

      Thank you, Sandy, for being sensible, fair and full of humor. Jokes are jokes.

  • Tex Guy

    Look at all this. A Black guy makes a joke that upsets people and now he’s flooded with comments both positive and negative. This will encourage him to stop? No way! Chris Rock will continue to be “controversal” because it keeps his name in front of the public.
    As far as I’m concerned, Chris Rock is yesterday’s news. He’s not on my radar as far as I care about what he says. After a horrific movie career and a comedy tour on the downside, he does what he can to keep his name in front of us. As the famous philosopher, “Mr. T”, once said, “I pity the fool!”

  • John Stevenson

    Get over it Chris Rock is an equal opportunity offender.

    • myhumble1

      SO true! LOL

  • Jason

    Black people are just as racist as white people. Slavery ended over 147 years ago. I still don’t get were you get 400 years of slavery at. You be mad if a white person said it.

    • Tlalnamikwiliztli

      This is a reference to the effects of slavery (historical trauma) which including slavery equals up to 400 years, and now 400 years +. The comment about Black people are racist is true, everyone no matter their race is racist to a certain extent, to deny that would prove your point. However, making a comment such as “Blacks are racist too, implies white guilt.

    • yh8thetruth?

      It take monetary power to be racist. However, anyone can be a bigot. As far as being “mad” if a white person said that, I think that you are wrong. It was a joke that had a lot of truth in it. I would have laughed and cheered that someone had the balls to say it. Just as I’m doing now.

    • myhumble1

      Just out of curiosity . . . why are white people intimidated by black people? Black people represent 12% of the population. We’re outnumbered.

      We’re not in a numeric position to hire/fire white people on a daily basis. We don’t have the monetary power to pose a threat to white America . . .

      How can we be deemed as racist (by dictionary definition) when we have to look to white America for jobs, shelter . . . virtually everything. how could we possibly feel superior to the hand that feeds us?

      Mind you – I’m not talking about handouts . . . I’m saying that when we apply for jobs, buy homes, apply for loans, etc, the faces we see (the decisions makers) typically don’t look like us. We’d really be “reaching” to feel superior to the people who hold a tremendous part of our destinies. You hold the wealth – and you feel threatened when we aspire to attain some of that wealth.

      BTW – take your 147 years and subtract from that the years of Jim Crow and legal discrimination. Civil Rights legislation was not passed until the 1960’s . . .

  • http://mycountrymyass.com John

    Someone should mention that we’re ALL slaves now.

    • Tlalnamikwiliztli

      Yes we are. Its true

  • http://Yahoo Mark

    What is the problem..Whites dont have their own channel or own Miss America contest..you dont hear them Bitching

    • yh8thetruth?

      I guess that you don’t realize that 95% of t.v. stations are white, or that the “black” Ms. America pageant is for black women that are not quite right enough for the regular pageant that is 90+% white, up from 100% years back. Infringement would be the only thing to bitch about.

    • Tlalnamikwiliztli

      lol, thats funny. Ill have to remember that one.

    • Myesha24

      They don’t need their own channel, most all the channels show their life. BET is there to show the black perpective, ABC, NBC, FOX all are white channel, with and occasional sprinkle of blacks or Hispanics.

    • Casey

      Mark – that argument is so often used and so darn transparent. When you’re in the majority, EVERYTHING is yours . . . so why “cry” when someone adds a black or hispanic channel to your cable system. All the other channels were created “of, by & for” you.

      It’s easy to make such “flip” comments – but when you’re 10-12% of the population and you’re raising children . . . you want them to see themselves on television and movie screen, on magazine covers, etc.

      On one hand white people in American have said, “If you don’t like it build/write/produce/create/film your own.” when we do that the retort becomes, “Whites don’t have their own channel . . . ” We’re damned if we do and damned if we don’t.

  • Tlalnamikwiliztli

    Someone takes a stab at white privilege and the settlers get shook. The European settlers who trip on Chris Rock’s comment obviously are the beneficiaries of white privilege.

  • Roger Starling

    What an ASSH@LE!

  • Dasa Hasa

    If a Caucasian even thinks the word “boy” or says “Negro”, even out of context, he is labeled a racist and needs to be fired from any job they might hold.I guess I shouldn’t hold my breath waiting for the Liberal Media to apply anywhere near the same standard for Messrs. Rock & White.

  • Roger Starling

    What a dick!

  • malcolm

    what chris rock said I have mentioned among my friends and associates along time ago.

  • Als59

    What the hell Chris Rock we gave you clowns the whole month of FEB. so can we the WHITE people have JUST 1 day?

    • http://yahoo Blessed

      Sometimes its best to not say anything, that way people wont know how foolishan dumb you really are. I hope you are not as dumb as you sound that would be sad.

  • http://www.soundcloud.com/2Geezy Greg H

    Who cares? I do love that show “Everybody Hates Chris” though.

  • Skunka

    We should never forget history, but does it constantly need to have the scab ripped off? We’re never going to heal as a nation with statements like Chris Rock made. Blacks seem to think they were the first to ever be enslaved. Fact is, almost EVERY people experienced that type of oppression. You don’t hear the Jews whining about their enslavement and subsequent slaughter.

    • myhumble1

      Actually Jews are rightfully ADAMANT about remembrance . . . as a means to prevent the past from being repeated.

      “almost EVERYpeople experienced that type of oppression?” Whaaaa?

  • Roger Starling


  • Tony Montana

    Why can’t some people just move on & let the past remain there.All this p.c b.s allows anyone whos forefathers had it tough to jump up & bwaa ha ha. News flash people history shows that 99% of all countrys had the same issues as we’ve had yet they move foreward & use the time to improve & not look back.Its so lame and pathetic if your’e that hard up that you have to suck everyone into your’e miserable abyss of “poor me”! get a f#@$%$# life !!

  • Angelo

    Yeah Chris, you are a funny person, and are practising what the “black” people in South Africa are doing, REVERSE RACISM. How would you like the “WHITE” people to call Martin Luther day BLACK PEOPLES DAY. Sometimes you can really be a funny arsehole, more arsehole than funny!!!!!

    • radio

      If you just listen you will hear monkey month,coon day, and all of those. However I do find them ignorantly funny because they are said in anonimity unlike C.Rock said it with openess and the possibility to be caled on it. Men do that. Cowardly ticks like you do it without the option to know who you are and confronted face to face by those same people. Know lets go there Biatch!
      Good Day Sir.

    • myhumble1

      Angelo . . . black South Africans don’t have the land, power or money to engage in REVERSE RACISM. Their journey and game of “catch-up” is just beginning.

      MLK Day is NOT about black people! Argggghhh!

  • Mike

    He can say whatever he wants to say. It’s called Freedom of Speech. It’ one of the the things that makes our country great. However,it is disappointing that someone who is wealthy and famous is so disappointed with the country he lives in.The country that helped to provide that wealth.

    I’m sure Iraq, Iran, or Yemen would be happy to take him in. If the U.S. is so evil why don’t you relocate Chris? The best part is, if you decide to stay you are still entitled to your opinion. See? It’s not so bad is it?

    • L Klatt

      Freedom of speech only applies to certain people these days and its not the white people!!!!

    • myhumble1

      So your point is that once someone becomes wealthy and famous, he should stop caring about other people . . . OK.

      So . . . next week we’ll flip-flop and criticize wealthy/famous people for “being out of touch” with the plight of the average American, right?

  • jose

    Bunch of thinned -skinned people


  • L Klatt

    He failed to mention who sold his ancestors into slaverly ….his others ancestors….Blacks sold other blacks into slavery. That isn’t brought up much….hhhmm I wonder why??

    • myhumble1

      L Klatt . . . It’s actually brought up a LOT . . . and it’s a lame argument. Do you really picture a bunch of Dutch “businessmen” courting black Africans, booking them on first class voyages to America where they viewed the auction blocks, branding irons, slave quarters, etc . . . Do you really think that Africans had a notion of what was going to happen to Africans pulled into Atlantic slave trade?

      Slavery is not exclusive to any particular racial or ethnic group. The European/American “brand” of slavery, however, was particularly heinous. Now, . . . YOUR ancestors deemed Africans to be savages . . . but these Bible-toting ancestors of yours engaged in the commerce of PEOPLE. O-kaaaay . . .

      Your question is right up there with . . . “but what about black people who owned slaves . . . ?”

  • j

    Imagine it’s the blacks who founded America and whites were brought over from Europe to be slaves? We’d have the same argument in reverse. But I do think whites, blacks, hispanic need to chill, we are all in this together, chill, get along, you only live once on this earth. Peace.

  • Luke

    Ok lets see theres no white history month theres no white entertainment television I can see no problem with white peoples day or even just the comment itself.

    • Stra8-Up

      thats because you all have the rest off the days of the year.

      • Stra8-Up

        White folks have the rest of the days of the year.

    • myhumble1


      America touts itself as a “melting pot.” If you are uncomfortable with Black History Month are you also uncomfortable with Spanish language channels AND:

      Hispanic Heritage Month
      Native American Heritage Month
      Asian-Pacific Islander Heritage Month
      et al?

  • Bill Smith

    What Ever……..it ok for BLACK people to celebrate MLK Day and it is ok for BLACK people to wear the African flag, it is ok for BLACK people to scream BLACK Power, but let ANYONE say ANYTHING about WHITE and they are call a RACISTS. Put the Stars and Bars out and you are a RACIST. I believe in equal rights and I live in AMERICA because I can be free. but I am SICK and TIRED of everytime you turn around someone is yelling racists, or someone says my rights were violated. You have to right to remain silent and the right to move to another country if you dont like it here. I would say, go to China and complain about your rights.

    • myhumble1

      Bill, if you don’t know the difference between ethnocentrism and racism . . .

      Why wouldn’t ALL people celebrate MLK Day? It’s not a “black” holiday. the fact that you can’t embrace it . . . and embrace Dr. King’s contributions to the entirety of the American public . . . speaks to the problem.

      People come here from a variety of countries and fly a variety of flags (Puerto Rican, Jamaican, etc). Speaking of “moving to another country” . . . This country isn’t even offended by the flying of the CONFEDERATE flag. What other nation tolerates anyone flying the flag of the side that lost??! If you still want to secede, . . . left, right, left . . .

  • Nick

    You are right cris, the slaves weren’t free. I guess that’s their tough shit huh? Maybe they should have ran a little faster.

    • kade madison

      Of course they were not free you moron, because they were not even here in 1776!!!

      • http://webpronews theresa

        Uh, go back to school & take some history lessons, there were slaves here in 1776, moron!

  • Terri

    really is that what the 4th is all about , hmm I thought it was about being a proud american and thanking those overseas that we get to be

    • kade madison

      It’s about celebrating our independence from the British. That is what it means. Period.

  • J.D.

    I like Chris Rock. The only thing I’m offended by is the fact that it was the easy joke. It could been easier if somehow farts had been worked into it. Historically it is acurate, however, it does point out a tendency for non white americans to think of themselves as some demographic first then americans second. Blacks and whites must get over the past and hispanics and asians must actually become americans (that means learn and use the language) if we are to survive into the next century.

  • kade madison

    Great Chris. On Martin Luther King’s birthday I will just call it black people day. The problem with his so-called joke is when this country was founded, you didn’t see slaves here.

    • redman

      That’s because there were no rich people here yet that needed slaves, the first people here had been virtual slaves in their own country.

    • Lonnie Hunter

      Yeah you did, you moron..

      The were called “The American Indians”, and they were enslaved by lots of you White Devils…the Spanish, the French, the English…

      Sometimes I think that America is too stupid to go on..

      • myhumble1

        Lonnie . . . Your last line is classic! LOL

        So glad you mentioned Native Americans. I’ve been interested in volunteering at a reservation, so last week I took to the web to seek out opportunities. At one reservation the work to be done by volunteers includes . . . building OUTHOUSES . . . WTF?

        I am flat-out ASHAMED to say that I was SHOCKED. No running water, no indoor plumbing . . . really? In present day? That says it ALL.

        How must it feel to be aboriginal and pushed aside to THAT degree . . . in the “free world!” Maybe we are too stupid to go on . . .

    • Red Dragon

      Coming from a Black person… I don’t like his little joke myself. I’m just tired of EVERYTHING being based on race! But you don’t have to stoop down to his level. I feel good about not stooping down to people’s level that SAY or DO things hateful for ANY reason. I’m choosing not to spread hate, I hope you do the same, because the children of this country are watching.

    • sexybeautiful


    • sexybeautiful


  • Mike

    I have to suffer through an entire month of your Negro bullshit, the least you can do is suffer through one day for us crackers,

    • myhumble1


      What kind of suffering are you enduring in the 28 days of February? God forbid you might learn some AMERICAN history . . . you know, the America you want US to embrace . . . the America that you want to be unified but not diversified? You can’t have it both ways . . .

  • http://aol El Geko

    It’s about time we got something totally white without Al, Jessee, and the rest bitching about racist bull. I glad Chris pointed this out. I feel overjoyed.

    • myhumble1

      El Geko,

      I’m stumped as to where you think you’re seeing Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson all day? What are you watching?

  • Stefanie

    The blacks have all these black magazines,channels. but if we did all white channel we;d be roasted alive! What he said was racist but what do u expect bfrom him?

    • Jeff

      Y’all do have white channels and magazines..all of them except for the few black 1’s

    • myhumble1

      “The blacks?” Oh, boy . . .

      We have these channels, magazines, etc. to speak to our lives, culture, hair, history, etc. You don’t want to see us on or in your magazines. We’re 1/10 of the total U.S. Population, so we can complain about not seeing ourselves on tv, in magazine, etc. . . . or we can start our own networks and publish our own magazines . . . and we don’t do any of it in SECRET. There’s no conspiracy.

      If you wanna watch decorating, watch HGTV . . . if you wanna watch golf, watch GolfTV . . . if you wanna watch Black people watch TVONE, Centric, Aspire. Are you just as annoyed by Hispanic channels?

      I’m amused that you’re implying that 12% of the American population is “bullying” you in some way . . . [shaking head]

  • Staurt Kent

    same old double standard; be white, tweet the reverse and balck americans will be on the street in protest, jesse jacskon, AL SHARPTON…ALL MAKING IT A BIG DEAL,REALLY? Everyone wants to be treated the same, then stop asking for special treatment, the field is even, you have to want to play on it and that means hard work and no handouts, why is it that Asians come to America, dont speak english and open a business, other folks just complain they cannot get ahead? REALLY? You have to pay the cost to be the boss!!!!!

    • myhumble1

      Stuart, since you asked . . . Asians arrive here with their culture intact. They (typically – not always) have a strong family unit . . . and a plan.

      Black Americans didn’t “buy a ticket.” They were brought here, stripped of culture, blended with people from other tribes (adding to the confusion) . . . forbidden to marry, bred like cattle, etc. In many instances people’s children were sold off to other plantations. You’ve got to acknowledge that slavery contributed to the breakdown of the black family unit.

      You can’t simply compare any other immigrants to the descendants of African slaves. It’s an “apples to oranges” argument.

      You also have to factor in the fact that many Asian immigrants arrive and join other members of their families . . . or others who share their culture . . . so while they don’t initially speak English, they have a community structure that speaks their language and shares their culture. There is a HUGE sociological and emotional positive difference there.

      Black America’s “emancipation” process has been a long one . . . and has been (intentionally) hampered by . . . [wait for it] . . . racism in America. 600 years of Atlantic slave trade has f’d up quite a bit of the planet, from a social standpoint. Heck, at one point Brazil “recruited” European colonists in an effort to “whiten” Brazil. Haiti has never gotten on its feet since the successful slave revolts. Guyana is still dealing with Indo vs. African hostilities. What we’re dealing with here are the consequences of “bad acts.”

      Black Americans own businesses . . . and are perceived as “not like the rest of them” . . . but when Asian-Americans own businesses, it’s considered “typical.” Stereotype works both ways. Your comments speak to that.

      Add to that the fact that white people are more comfortable dealing with minorities they DIDN’T outright enslave. You’re so convinced that we want you to feel guilty . . . that we want/need handouts or “special treatment” . . . etc., that you can’t get over yourselves.

      It’s kind of like a couple that divorces and can’t attain an amicable relationship. You want us to “go away” and “get over it.” You’re the majority. You call the shots . . . and you’ve left us nowhere to GO! Back to Africa? Yeah, right . . . White people have “planted a flag” in every “nook & cranny” they’ve “discovered.” It’s all yours . . . in your eyes . . . and it’s justified . . . in your minds.

  • CC

    As a whitey, I’m not offended at all by Rock’s comment. It’s kinda funny, but not that much. Rock has been funnier. And there is some truth to it. What I don’t like are other races telling me how I should feel. How would you feel if I told you not to get so uptight? Not good, and it would be wrong for me to tell you. I don’t walk in your shoes. But, if we are talking about “reality” and how people don’t like it, why don’t African Americans fix the fact of black on black crime. That is the issue of NOW and not an issue of the past. And why are there only hate crimes against minorities, but it’s never a hate crime on whitey? There is something wrong there. Double standards are really adding up but everyone is afraid to identify them.

    • sexybeautiful



    • myhumble1

      CC . . . hate crime laws are not one-sided. Hate crime is hate crime. Numerically, you won’t find as many incidents of black-on-white hate crimes as you will white-on-black . . . and unfortunately in past years the number of hate crimes committed based on gender preference have been a huge concern. Statistically white people comprise 62% of hate crime offenders.

      Here are some 2009 stats from FBI:

      As for African-Americans being held solely responsible for eliminating black on black crime . . . well . . . your question speaks to the problem. We all know that the influx of drugs into the black community is a huge part of the black-on-black crime challenge. When have you ever heard of black people smuggling drugs across the border? Where are the “Nigerian Drug Lords?” [laughable] If the drug trade were really ONLY financially benefiting black people . . . the drug war would have been waged and won a long time ago.

      Truth, CC . . . Let’s stick to truth – present day truth.

  • Brandon

    Funny how it’s only racist if its the other way around. Just my two pennys.

  • shari

    How do you like this, I was in a biracial relationship, I have 3 beautiful children from that relationship. We married and then he passed away. So lets talk about racisim, I believe those that take a joke as racist are the racist, also listen to yourselves. please are world is severly messed up and then we have grown people going at teaching their children a thing called racisim.I know we all bleed the same color, this is not just white peoples country, this is everyone that lives in this country their’s too. no matter if you are black, white, brown or even yellow. So stop stressing yourself out over a funny ass joke, live life fully and just imagine the way you are makes your children the same.

    Love and Peace


  • Toby Gregory

    Just like my opinion, Chris’s opinion has no real effect or meaning , Chris is not THE JUDGE , so he cant offend me unless i allow it to happen

    • Racer-x

      What ticks me off is so many blacks and whites really try to get through the prejudice barriers. Ok the damn racist barrier because we WANT to be friends and get along, but then we have idiots like this Chris Rock that just keeps stirring up bad feelings between blacks and whites. I hate his attitude; I don’t hate him because I don’t really know him, but I despise his freakin attitude. When will the hell ass holes quit stirring up racism between blacks and whites. YES slavery has been around for 1000s of years. Hmm has America been around that long?!?!? EH I don’t think so. So black people in this America CANNOT blame it on whiteys!!! I also hate it because I’m hated for what happened 100s of years ago at the start of this country. Please don’t hate me because my skin is white! I had nothing to do with that sick idea of slavery. I’m old enough to see that if people don’t quit racist sparks like this, well then whites and blacks will freakin always have negative feelings toward each other. Now to me that is FU—– WRONG!!!! So I say to the whites and blacks that stir up this negative propaganda “GROW UP and GET OVER IT!!” A person cannot blame failers on anybody else. They should just look in the freakin mirror.

      • sexybeautiful


        • http://www.yahoo.com Tired of drama

          Nobody thinks that what happened was right. As a matter of fact it makes me cry because I love people but you have toi stop blaming the white people that live today….we were not there and neither were you. If you want to feel sorry for somebody, feel sorry for the Indians who are my anscestors and have been pushed into a small village by the same people that I’m related to….Those of us living today didn’t make any of the worst decisions in history and I’m one person and can’t change a thing. If it helps any, then I’m sorry for the past but all we can do is make a change or we can repeat history and keep fighting…if we keep fighting then we aren’t any better than those who made bad decisions in the past.

        • birchbowman

          Get over it already

  • Dyz

    “African”-Americans do more to perpetuate racism than anyone else. Let it go. You weren’t a slave. Your parents weren’t slaves. Their parents weren’t slaves. I don’t care what kind of propaganda Chris Rock or Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton spits out, I will never feel guilty about my ancestors past transgressions. Stop whining.

    • Jeff

      You’re probably white for this comment you made!! A white person would never know the persecution we attain on a daily basis. It’s either by your scary ass actions, or your sniffing everytime we walk by. Too damn bitch made to say something.

    • myhumble1

      Why put African in quotes? You forgot where we came from? Can’t find your receipt?

      Now, tell us what to “let go” of . . . Slavery, Jim Crow, prejudice? Your rose-colored glasses view of emancipation is ignorant, at best . . . self-serving at the least.

      After slavery was the bigotry, prejudice and ORGANIZED effort to kill us. You know . . . white sheets, cone heads, burning crosses. When hard-working, well dressed, well intended people like Medgar Evers and MLK tried to fight for equality they were hunted like animals . . . Evers was literally shot with a hunting rifle.

      You were perfectly fine with us being here as long as our grandparents and parents were servants. If you haven’t noticed, we’ve reached present time here. If WHITE PEOPLE had and would let emancipation go, there’d have been no racism, no placement on the back of buses, no “separate, but unequal.”

      Now you sit in theatres and watch movies like “Mississippi Burning,” “Freedom Riders,” and “The Help” . . . then head back home . . . entertained. You’re right, let’s forget past transgressions . . . but let’s talk about the CURRENT racist jokes about the President . . . the current complaints about traditionally black schools, etc. Let’s talk about present-day hiring managers who weed out applicants with “black or hispanic names.” Denying that racism exists doesn’t move us forward. It’s a decidedly backward step. Nobody’s asking you to feel guilty. Guilt doesn’t pay my bills or feed anybody’s children.

      Just be decent. Apathy is as hurtful as out-and-out racism. Denying that slavery was wrong is hateful. Denying that Jim Crowism took place is hateful. Refusing to acknowledge present-day discrimination and stereotyping is self-serving.

      Respond with “hello” when I wave or speak to you on the street. Don’t look so shocked when you hear the King’s English come out of my mouth. Don’t assume I won’t leave a good tip when you wait on my table. Stop watching negative portrayals of me on stage and screen . . . and cleaving to the hope that all that garbage is representative of the majority of us. Step outside your comfort zone.

  • Jeff

    Chris Rock wasn’t wrong with his tweet although he failed to include the other 364..sometimes 5 days out of the year.LOL #Truth

    • Relliott256

      To jedr3…
      first off you do reallize that “white americans will continue to control a system of government and economics that allows and affords them many luxuries and benefits in life that the african american would never enjoy without their permission.” totally discouts the fact that the POTUS is african american,, and has just given you healthcare that you don’t have to pay for, because I do, longer unemploymenyt benefits so you don’t have to work, and I do, they renamed the foodstamp program again, that you don’t pay for, but I do for you. As a white guy I am empathetic to the struggles that your ancestors (maybe) 300 years ago, and even those that are a little closer in the time frame 60s and 70s had to go through. Fact is it was horrible, but you can say the same thing in any country at anytime in history there have been one part of a population being subjugated by another, its human nature. Funny how the “white racists” of the 60s fought that human nature and were able to put things “right.” They were able to put public services in place which as white people we receive only contempt 50 years after the fact.
      to Soulflower2: you do realize that close to 1 out of 12 of all marriages last year were interracial marriages…look it up its a fact so you are looking at a trend where in 1969 after is was legalized there were 3 out of 100 were interracial marriages. thats not counting the “dating or courting” population

  • http://yahoo.com dave

    blacks need to get over the slavery issue if they ever want to be taken seriously in society. Using it for a crutch every time life seems unfair only keeps one from working harder to achieve ones goals. The fact is that many races in the world have been slaves at one time but it is how they adapt and achieve goals after that fact that make them great, look at the chinese for a good example. Pick up a book and get a better perspective on the world, not just your own problems.

    • http://webpronews theresa

      THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!

      • sexybeautiful


        • chaosgirl1313

          Thank MY ancestors?? How many of our “white” ancestors were actually here way back then? None of my family made it over on the Mayflower, and if any of them were in the war it was probably (gasp) on the British side! But my “white” family is such a mix a German, English, Irish and I-don’t-know-what-else that I hardly think they can be collectively blamed for the darker side of American history. *WE* are Americans – all of us. And what America is TODAY matters, tomorrow even more. This is what we ALL built. Let go of your anger and blame, it’s just another day in Paradise!

    • Mr Guy


      The Jews were kept as slaves in Egypt for hundreds of years (longer than African blacks in the New World) and again by the Babylonians after the time of the early nation of Israel in the Holy Land.

      It is important to remember your history and celebrate your victories, but you cannot let your struggles be the only context you are defined in. We don’t live in colonial America anymore. We don’t live in 19th century America anymore. We vilify wealthy Americans without realizing that their wealth had to be built somewhere in their family’s past … it didn’t always exist. Instead of lifting them up and following their example, we call them fascists and try to tax them into economic equality with the rest of us. As long as we define ourselves by our past struggles and socio-economic standing, the longer we will perpetuate them. The first step in rising above those struggles is saying “I am more than my struggles,” and doing something to change the course.

      • Talib

        This is the greatest lie on earth. There is no historical evidence of the Jews in bondage in Egypt for 400 years. A outright lie.
        Since we have successfully shown that the Jews perpetrated a fraud by posing as the people who served 400 years in bondage in a foreign land, we want to further prove that a Jewish Exodus from Egypt did not occur, neither was Ramesses II’s Eldest son killed at a young age. (As demonstrated in Cecil B. Deville’s movie, “Moses and the Ten Commandments”) As you can see, we do not want to leave no stone unturned. Genesis 15:13-14, refers to Afro Descendants of slaves and a future Exodus from America. Was Pharaoh Ramesses II’s Eldest son really killed by a 10th plague?

        According to Archeologist Kent Weeks, the author of the Lost Tombs, “Amun-her-khepeshef was a GENERAL who fought in battles recorded on ancient inscriptions. However, in the Book of Exodus, this son is the victim of the 10th plague, a supposed death of the first-born son wrought by God after the pharaoh refused to let Moses lead the slaves out of Egypt. But the skull shows that this man DIED from a crushing BLOW to the back of the head, probably a battle wound from a (rod or club) mace.”

        “A major problem is that no reference to the Exodus exists in any sources except the Hebrew Bible and the Holy Koran. The absence of references in Egyptian texts is understandable: why would the Egyptians record for (generations) posterity such a terrible and humiliating event? It would be better to (cut out) excise the story of the plagues of Egypt and the Exodus for the countries collective memory.”

        Cornell University historian James Weinstein elaborates: “There is no archaeological evidence for an Exodus such as is described in the Bible in any period within the second millennium B.C.E. Perhaps there was a migration of Semites out of Egypt in the late 13th or 12th century B.C.E., but if such an event did take place, the number of people involved was so small that no trace is likely to be identified?”

        • FED UP

          DUDE what are you talking about?

    • Deb

      Crutches is right! Get the heck over it. My great great grand parentson my maternal were American Indian. Tell me they didn’t get screwed! Quit laying blame for your life on something that no living being created. I don’t see the white people having their own TV station, we do not have exclusive beauty pagents, we don’t have a month dedicated to our heritage. As long as there is blame there is division. Frankly I am tired of hearing the “race card” thrown out. So what if there is a day of celebration. Do you think the American Indiana feels like it is a great day for them? GTFU

    • http://yahoo Pam

      My people are taken seriously in THIS society or everyone wouldn’t be going freaking crazy over one tweet. I have never used my race as a crutch to do anything or not do anything. This “one” and many other “ones” have achieved SEVERAL goals. I am sure people in other countries didn’t get up this morning and worry about a twitter statement and whether or not it would stir up “dem people”. Give me a break.. and THANK YOU!!!!!!

    • jedjr3

      get over the “slavery issue?” do you know how ignorant you sound? one doesn’t get over his history. not when he lives in a land where his ancestors were the only group to be corporately enslaved with the backing of the law of the land for a number of years… and lets not even talk about jim crow and segregation in the south… slavery may have been abolished many years ago, but the supremacist mindset of white americans, many times sub-consciously, has all but disappeared. Until that disappears, african americans must never let go of the “slavery issue,” lest we become ignorant of the fact that white americans will continue to control a system of government and economics that allows and affords them many luxuries and benefits in life that the african american would never enjoy without their permission.

      • deja1229

        ”not when he lives in a land where his ancestors were the only group to be corporately enslaved with the backing of the law of the land for a number of years”

        This is simply not true. There were white slaves in America too and they were enslaved with the backing of the law of the land as well. I am an american, my ancestors include the native american people who owned this land long before any others came and laid claim to it. One of my earliest white ancestors, a Danish man, came to this country as a slave. Shipped here from Newgate prison in England, where he was being held as a prisoner of war, and forced to work on some British owned sugar plantation. Another of my white ancestors came here from Ireland to escape starvation as well as political and religious persecution. In Ireland, as a Catholic, he was prohibited by the penal laws from owning land, from leasing land, from voting, from holding political office, from living in a corporate town or within 5 miles of a corporate town, from obtaining education, from entering a profession, and from doing many other things that are necessary in order to succeed and prosper in life. Do I hate the British for what they did to my white ancestors? Do I hate the white immigrants for taking my ancestors’ land? No. I hate no one. I am a american. I was born here. This is my country and it was built on the blood sweat and tears of my ancestors. It may not be a perfect nation, but it is much better than many others. Political reform would make it even better. Vote for congressional, senate and supreme court reform. These positions should all have term limits! Our government should be for the people of this country, not for fat cat politicians who keep race wars going in order to keep the people of america distracted while they, the politicians, plunder and pillage us all(red, brown, yellow, black and white)in the name of lobbyists and corporate greed.

        • Mr. M.

          Great point. I wish there was a documentary or movie that focused on the non-black slavery that took place.

          As for C. Rock, I agree with him. It is what it is. I would have been 3/5ths, and in the fields as the cotton pickin’ champion.

          At least some people got gaming casinos. For all the protesting, marching, beatings, and dog attacks, we earned… Drugs in the black communities that turned us against us, more trips to prison, and a wonderful stereotype thanks to the media.

    • Debby

      Get Over it???? Really. It is obvious that you are someone who has NO IDEA of what our ancestors went through. We are not supposed to talk about it, Jewish enslavement is discussed in high regard, (don’t you dare say anything against the Jewish community!) It is because they control the money???

      Our history was purposely removed from educational materials. Or only briefly covered. Our school systems are designed to remove any type of meaningful learning. Post-secondary education is all but a dream, and even with such education, we are still discriminated against.

      Look at how they disrespect our President! The African American is the only race that is STILL Discriminated Against, laws were written to keep up from being human beings let along citizens of America. Now, they enslave us by creating laws to keep our young men incarcerated. Whole cities are created around a prison, whose primary population is the African American male. That is unless you are an Athelte or Entertainer, then that is a “good ole’ nigg….” providing entertianment for you.

      Every other ethnic community comes into the African American Community and sets up shop (stores, restaruants, etc) and makes money, however, we cannot do the same in other communities, hell, not even in our own community, housing, predatory lending, you name it.

      Yes, you are probably a person of priviledge, who has had everything handed to you on a silver platter. Perhaps you should pick up a book. I’ve got one for you to read.. ROOTS by Alex Haley.

    • http://Yahoo Eugene

      Have u ever watched the movie “White Man’s Burden” starring John Travolta? I wonder how things would be if the races were reversed? Could the white people who think like yourself handle getting the shaft in every aspect of life from equal employment opportunities to every other races of people looking down on u like you r some kind of animal. True slavery ended a long time ago, but what people like u don’t realize is that parents can pass on their racist attitudes onto the kids’ and so on and so on. Some of those kids probably don’t even know why they hate other groups of people. All they know is that my granddaddy was a racist, my daddy is a racist, my uncle is a racist. U got it backwards black people do work hard, extremely hard and for very little pay. Whatever gains blacks do get u always got those kind of white people that like to be underhanded and mess it up, but to take the blame off of themselves, they will put it on black folks. Then other races of people will me mad at african-americans and not the real source of the problems.

  • Rob H

    Why do they always leave out the part about how black African slave traders sold their own people to America. I’m not saying that what America did was right but come on it’s not all our blame to take.

    • Joyce

      Someone can’t sell something unless someone is in the market to buy it.

      • Mr Guy

        But African tribes had been selling each others’ people off around Africa for hundreds of years prior to the Portuguese landing on the Ivory Coast. The reason they didn’t think anything of selling slaves to the Portuguese is because they thought it was just like what they had already been doing, only with boats taking them away over the ocean instead of being walked away on land. There is a deeper history here than just “whites are racist, blacks are victims.” It must also be noted that it was white Americans that were fighting for emancipation even as early as the American Revolution. You can’t paint everyone with the same brush. That’s the kind of thinking that perpetuates racism.

    • Eric N

      Because what African tribesmen did to people in Africa is a separate matter from what European people did to Africans in the US. Fact is, those black slave traders wouldn’t have been in business if the white slave owners didn’t own slaves.

      I’ve always seen the “they sold their own people to the slavers” as a week attempt to excuse the behavior of white slave owners. As if the fact that a few black people were opportunists somehow makes the whole slavery thing less wrong? Is that what you’re saying? I mean, really, what purpose is served by making this a point of discussion? Justifying slavery is the only one I can think of, and slavery is never justifiable.

      • mack

        Well spoken Eric N You are so on point.

    • sexybeautiful


    • FED UP

      Rob you are absolutely correct their were African slave traders and that too was wrong. And I do blame them also.

  • http://webpronews theresa

    F’ing racist!!!! Boycott Chris Rock!!!

    • FED UP

      How is he racist because he gave a historical fact? So if a Native American says, Darn white people stole my land… Are you gonna go up to their reservation and call them a racist.

  • Robbie

    I am white and I am not offended at all. It’s a funny joke. However, I think in the same vein, that there are an overwhelming amount of black people that get get offended over things far less ‘offensive’ than Mr.Rock’s joke. e.g. that Disney movie Song Of The South. What gives?

  • Denn

    I think it is sad that everyone wants to dwell on the past. Sure, slavery was brought to this country, but remember the slaves were bought from their own people. Also, the double standard that exists today is that, if any white person makes a comment in reference to any ethnic group, it is racist, but if anyone makes a comment about whites, it’s a joke.

  • LadyVaga

    Give me a break, if a white comedian had broke the same joke, there wouldn’t have been an issue. Come on people, spend your time on things that really matter!

    • CJ

      Classic white response to any mention of slavery and America’s rocky history: “Everybody was doing it then.”

      Not a single person can deny the truth in his statement and its obvious by the “backlash” that the tried and true statement “the truth hurts” still applies today.

    • sexybeautiful


      • damon clark

        whose ancestors were full of shit????? who were yours!!!

      • jUsSayin*

        you might be “sexy” and you might be “beautiful”… but you
        sure as hell aren’t smart. just sit there and look good.

    • Glenn

      Here, here.

  • This guys’ got jokes?

    Chris Rock, I had nothing to do with slavery, please stop painting me as a bad person simply because I’m white. Every nationality, religion and being has gone through some sort of persecution or another but you don’t hear them holding grudges. Try coming up with some witty and original tweets that are actually funny and not some garbage that promotes racism.
    Respectfully, Some white dude that you think is racist simply because he’s white.

  • Robert Miller

    why dont we have a white person day theres a whole month to coloreds and mexicans. hell every race in the world has its own holiday in some form not a white one chris rock talks about racist all the time hes more racist than bill cosby and as bad as quanell x. in my opinion noone has to like anyone for any reason thats our right as americans while we can still enjoy that so be proud to be racist and say how you feel if people really knew the truth this country would be in a better place.

    • Dana

      Get it correct….we are Blacks or Africian Americans. Please do not call us colored, that was a word used years ago in not so good way. We have Black History because we are minorities and what we contributed really doesn’t get attention until Feb (which is the shorted month if the year). I think that Chris Rock should not have said this, but we start to blame each other as a whole instead of the individual when things go wrong. Stop it because unlike most I have black, white, mexician and chinese as family and friends. So calm down.

      • KB

        Dear Robert Miller, Every day is White people’s day including the months reserved for the “colored and mexicans.” Think about it, during Latino history month, or Black history month, we learn about their cultures, and their history…Well every other day (including those months), we still learn about “White History”…In school we learn about the Renaissance, golden ages, colonialism, etc….Just cos you don’t call it White history month does’t mean it’s not…

        Any way, i hate getting into topics likes this..People need to calm down. Chris is a comedian. Like all other comedians black, white, indian, Latino, etc…they make jokes. I don’t think this joke was meant to be so offensive.

    • Michael

      “coloreds” really? and you don’t think you are racist?!?

    • FED UP

      Robert Miller you are hilarious and I am so happy that you own your racism. It must have almost killed you when they gave Martin Luther King Jr. his own day. I wonder if you take that day off at work. You have the whole year and so what if minorities have one month. What exactly do you do during that month go hide in a hole?

  • Dan

    Rasicm in any form is not funny.If This was a white person in a reverse scenerio he would be hammered by Al and Jessie.Where is justice now.Chris Rock you are a rascist.

  • george

    People care about what Saturday Night Live actors have to say? or shall I say “tweet”? lol lol hilarious

    • Charlie

      Why would anyone care what an idiot like chris rock has to say.
      Why not ignore him and maybe he will go away.

  • Ronald Gatlin

    CR needs to give up the racist remarks and he is adding to racism in this country. He thinks who he is and his ignorance grows daily. Shut your pie hole…

  • DJ

    Everyday is black peoples day, according to them. I dont feel bad the Whites have one!

  • Joyce

    The man told the truth and people got offended. Why can we not accept the truth of how this country was built? I totally agree with Chris Rock. America is called a melting pot, because so many different people from different countries call this home, but the african americans are the only people that were brought here against their wills.

    • Chris

      Then go back to Africa if you don’t like it here.

      • sobayshaw

        Africans sold their own to European settlers in America, you keep skipping over this fact. So you can re-phrase that to; ” they were sent here against their will”
        Its not like the sympathysers havn’t tried making it up too the blacks that are still whining for the way their great great great grandparent got into this country.
        Look at it like this, Africa-Americans have made a quantum leap into a world of prosperity and freedom by the move to the USA. Keep playing the card it seems to work for you all, but if you really feel like you are not getting your “freedom” then so sorry.
        One of the best things about this country, Is there is always a plane leaving. Get your happy ass on it and kick rocks!

    • HM

      Actually Africans were not the only people shipped to the states against their will. There were white slaves that were brought here in the 1600’s as well as criminals. there were areas in North America that the Britain’s used as Penal Colonies. However, it wasn’t in abundance, as long, and most likely not as cruel,but you can’t say African- Americans were the only ones brought over against their will.

  • Rob H

    Funny the Jews never play the race card. Probably because they have more pride.

    • Anonymous

      That’s because it’s not a race, it’s an ethnicity. And what does that have to do with anything?

      • Jason

        what does slavery have to do with you, fucktard. quit wining you big baby big lipped moon cricket

        • mack

          don’t know what stupid school you attended but they taught you well….lol

    • FED UP

      Umm have you ever talked to a Jew?

      • Anonymous

        Who is that question for? And what do you mean by it?

  • Amanda

    I also think Chris Rock is hilarious. The reason it is so funny to some is bc it is a true statement in relation to history. I think its great when Black Americans gain strength from their history instead of letting it be an excuse to keep them down.

  • Soulflower2

    The response to this is AMAZING. We were enslaved here for many years from about the 1700s when Africans were brought here en masse. Oppressed legally for about another 100 years. Then from about 1968 forward, people still HATED us. PEOPLE TODAY don’t want to talk to, live near, intermarry, date, etc. Black people. OUR PEOPLE WERE NOT FREE JULY 4, 1776. Yet, people think this man is wrong? Unbelievable. Facts are facts.

    • Jason

      You werent a slave you shithead, quit crying, maybe you still should be, we would all be better off. Keep pissing us off and it may happen again

      • mack

        not a chance jason to many will die for sure……..

    • Smoke

      The past is the past…you weren’t there, I wasn’t there. We are all PEOPLE no matter the color of skin with the same rights today. Stop whinning about the past and look to the future…
      What happened in the past was horrible, but there is nothing that anyone can do about it today! Whites should have no more or less rights because they enslaved another race over 100 years ago. Blacks should have no more or less rights because they were enslaved. It’s history…leave it there…it has nothing to do with today!!!! If everyone treated their neighbors as people and not a black person, or a white person, or whatever…this country would be alot better off.

  • Shawn

    Crazy that this keeps coming up about all white people, the facts are that over half of this countries white people fought for you to be free but are never acknowledged and this was so long ago that none of you were ever slaves. The only people passing on the hate and racism are the ones who have to bring it into every little thing that comes up, like the 4th of July?? Give me a break.

    • FED UP

      Give you a break! Haven’t you already had your breaks. Have you ever been beaten just because of your skin color? Have you ever been sprayed by a water hose because your skin had a pigment that you could not change? Yeah, it’s true that none of us were traditional slaves but we still are treated as such. Some white American won’t even give our President the respect he deserves as President of the United States just because he is BLACK. So come off it, with the ‘give me a break’

      • noyb

        were YOU personally beaten or sprayed because of your skin color?

        • CJRRRR

          Uhmmm Let’s get the record straight. It has nothing to do with the President being “Black”, It has everything to do with the President being a complete IDIOT…

      • JohnQ

        Yeah, well you were never beaten because of your skin color and I’m betting that you were never sprayed with water because of it either! There is no doubt that atrocities were done to blacks in the past, but to say that you are still treated this way and repressed is total bullsh#t!

        Blacks have every opportunity to succeed and excel as any other race. In fact, American blacks have far more options than most Hispanics have. To say that you don’t is simply a convenient excuse for not working hard to avail yourself to those options…and an excuse for not doing what it takes to succeed.

        Everyone has grown very tired of hearing the excuses and whining about things that were done to PRIOR generations of blacks by PRIOR generations of whites. Frankly, I have no respect for blacks of my generation (I’m in my mid-40’s) who continually complain about the past. I don’t care…it didn’t happen to you by me or anyone in my generation. Enough with the excuses…time to stop the whining and step up.

      • BS

        You are not treated as slaves and I can tell you that from experience. In the work force I seen the blacks get away with a lot of crap because of their skin color. If we are all supposed to be equal why is it that the black can have Miss Black America but we can’t have Miss White America? The 4th of July is a special day for all Americans. Why does Chris Rock make a joke of this? If a white comedian would make fun of Martin Luther King day all the blacks would be upset. Where is Sharpton and Jackson when something happens to the whites?

        • KTM

          How long ago was it that the guy was dragged behind truck in Texas?

      • jUsSayin*

        wow really? you havent worked a field in your life or been beaten with a whip. spare everyone the drama. if it was a white man acting the way he does, he wouldnt get respect either.

      • get real

        Have you as#hole no I don’t think so. Respect is earn, not handed to you, If you quit crying and complaining, you might become somebody worth taking serious, until then stop writing bullsh##, like that

    • Melody Madden

      “…half of this countries white people fought for you to be free…and this was so long ago that none of you were ever slaves.” Then wouldn’t this ALSO be so long ago that none of YOU ever fought for us to be free? What an oxymoron. Try to at least make sense of what you’re saying before you post it.

      • JohnQ

        No, it’s not an oxymoron. The comment that was made never said that HE fought for blacks to be free. It said that “whites” fought for it…which is true. It would only be an oxymoron if the person who made the comment had said it in the first person and then went on to claim that blacks of today have no right to complain.

        So, I’d say that it is YOU who should think about your comments before laying claim to others not making sense!

  • doug

    At least we have one day and not a whole month.

    • FED UP

      What Chris Rock said was totally true. Slaves were not free when “Americans” (the same Americans who stole this land from Native Americans) were freed from the British. I think that it is so amazing that White Americans are so touchy when it comes to slavery and do not want to be reminded of it, and want to act like racism does not exist but some of them still call our President a monkey. When whites make a joke they said that blacks are being too sensitive but when blacks state a fact, they are racist!

      • Angelina

        You actually have every damn day you moron.

        You’re the same people who complain about minorities having their own channel, ie, BET/Hispanic/Arabs when every damn channel is a WHITE channel.

      • Angelina

        You actually have every damn day you moron.

        You’re the same people who complain about minorities having their own channel, ie, BET/Hispanic/Arabs when every damn channel is a WHITE channel.

      • get real

        state a fact, you wouldn’t not know the truth if it bit you on the a##. Guess we want have the sharpe man making a big deal when it is a blackman making a f###ing joke. I to agree,with one thing we do need a White Month.

    • jUsSayin*

      @ doug: hahaha i know thats right damn.
      p.s the whites arent the only ones with racist societies “mack”, what about those blank panther mother f***ers? bet they got pastors in that little circle of friends. bet it wont be just southerners you’ll be calling out before too much longer. everyone/anyone with a back bone will get tired of those little comments sooner or later. chris rock is obnoxious. bet if itd been a white man talking about blacks there would be hell to pay. i get sick of this S***

  • WTF

    Why are Americans today being blamed for what the English, French and Spanish did to African’s hundreds of years ago? They came here set things up, our people fought back and won (including free blacks in the north at the time). It took less than one hundred years for the same people to free the blacks from the tyranny of the old ways that were tought by the Europeans for centuries, yet we’re still to blame. We American WHITES are getting real tired of this sh*t!

    • mack

      oh really. tell that to the good ole boys in alabama who are having kkk meetings this week. they call themselves christians led by a so called pastor.

      • Angelina

        Oh puh lease. I don’t know what planet you’re from but it’s obvious that your knowledge of the actual history regarding slavery is lacking especially when you’re trying to make Americans look like misunderstood saints instead of the evil sinners they were/are.
        Take a black history lesson instead of the watered down one where everything is being whitewashed to make white people seem like they are sugar and spice and everything nice.

    • EJFudd

      The only reason Lincoln freed us was to turn the tide of the war. If the north could have won the war without freeing us he would not of done it and slavery would still be alive and well. It matters not that you are tired. You made me now you got to live with me.

  • theresa

    Chris Rock has a point….

  • Paul

    White people are racist, black people are racist, real historical fact….blah blah blah. Tell me alicia sanchez gill @aliciasanchez, did the slaves you’re defending see the fireworks, or were they watching as we closed in on fighting for their freedom?

    Everyone needs to shut it, and deal with it. Chris Rock, from what I have seen isn’t a racist rather than an absolutely hilarious comedian/actor. I can’t for the life of me imagine he meant anything racial by this. I am assuming it was a joke misunderstood by EVERYONE!

    Happy Independence Day everyone, I am glad we’re all here…together.

    • Dana

      Very well put, Paul!

      • monkeyfree111

        Growing up I noticed black people did not vote because they knew that later they would be forgotten about after the election was over and that seemed to be the feeling in history for most blacks.
        So he is saying the 4th only meant something to some and meant nothing to others because if you were a slave it was nothing to you. But if you unless you could see maybe into the future and know there it was good thing and beginning. But few can see that high when you are so down. I understand why he did it because growing up in NC I saw that there where no laws that protected a black person so I knew I had to be careful what I said or did if I wanted to be heard from again. A white person could even do what ever he wanted to a child, and the police did nothing about it, that could make one fell attached from this country. That was even in the 70’s. I understand why he did it but things have changed a bit so maybe he should not have did it. Maybe leave it be…We all say the wrong thing sometimes. Calm down folks. I like Chis and even when he makes a mistake,I do sometimes myself. God bless you all.

  • Soulflower2

    To Rob: Jews are White, however much a few people tried to pretend like they weren’t in the past. There are still idiots who believe their is some “Jewish Conspiracy” but largely people accept and like Jews, at least here in the United States they do. And that is a good thing. But people HATE my people and always have, even in the past when we couldn’t and didn’t do anything to anybody. Hate for no reason.

    • Ben Steinhauer

      i don’t hate you or your people.quit throwin a ridiculous, blanket statements out that supposedly cover an entire race…
      black or white. Chris Rock is funny. What he said was true and funny. everyone needs to relax a little

  • Bobo

    Jeff Schreiber……Dittos!! Good call!!

    • zacfoster1991

      Exactly right, that was the realest reply on there! Totally unbiased and true at the same time.

  • Bill

    I guess every(white)body hates Chris!

    • Goep

      I don’t. I think he is funny.

    • matthew.gadbois

      Now that’s funny.

  • http://yahoo Jerry C.

    It’s amazing how white people have no sense of humor when the joke is on them. Just note the bigots below. Oh, I am a white guy!

    • Richard Williams

      Ain’t that the truth! It is a true statement and it’s classic Rock. I love his stuff!

  • Soulflower2

    This has nothing to do with racism and everything to do with a historical fact. Again, BLACK PEOPLE WERE NOT FREE JULY 4, 1776.
    It can be said that this is not necessarily a holiday for Black people conscious of that fact.

    • Smoke

      If it’s not a holiday to the black public…I bet there is no complaining about having that day off…or about lighting the neighborhood up with fireworks….

    • f hammond

      I agree entirely – no black person signed the Declaration of Independence, nor had any input to it. Mind you, neither did white women!

      • http://yahoo.com patty healey

        That was then, this is now! Good idea to focus on what is happening; and acceptable Today…NOT yesterday. It’s all History… Two steps forward, one step back gets you no where. This comment is in respose to f.hammond TODAY, anyone should feel welcome to celebrate the 4th of July. I sincerely must say that I do not believe that any individual should judge another based on being “born that way”! People have no choice when it comes to being born…”Can’t choose your parents/family”etc.FACT!!! Go forward; NOT backwards. Make the world a better place; as it can’t get much worse…Peace

    • JJAY

      We have black history month, but not white history month. I do not care. I celebrate when my children and grandchildren are all together. Who wants everyone to be equal? I do, in fact we are. We also make good choices and bad choices. I came from a large, low income, hard working family. I should have made more of myself than I did, but I’m much better off than my parents, and my children are much, much better off than me and my wife. All graduated from college and all paid for with student and parent loans. Well, not paid for yet. Show me someone who says they can’t do better, and I’ll show you someone who did. BTW, I said I was white, and I have Black and Hispanic in-laws, nephews, and I’m more Native American than white. You are either part of the problem, or part of the solution. I also went to college after my Military service. The world isn’t perfect, so make it better.

    • Lakisha

      I just went and spent all my money on fireworks. No who gonna feed my babies this month. Didn’t know black folk won’t suppose to celebrate the 4th.

  • Mr Guy

    I don’t get the backlash. I am white and I’m not offended in any way. This issue was something that caused great turmoil from the very beginnings of the republic … how do you establish a nation in the name of freedom while actively denying freedom to slaves? Chris may not be the most tactful person, but the truth is the truth. The unfortunate thing is, so long as black Americans allow their political figures (like Sharpton and Jackson) define and constrain them as little more than former slaves, that mentality will continue to hold them down. Yes, history is undeniable, but slavery was eradicated more than 100 years ago and the Civil Rights struggle was answered affirmatively nearly 50 years ago. It’s time to stop looking for 10 acres and a mule and start redefining the future of black America by getting out from under the public funding dole (“please Sir, may I have another?”) and using the vast resources the black community in America has to draw on to reshape that reality.

    • jimjunk75

      very nicely said. Happy fourth!

      • IcaroSatsuma

        i thought it was 40 acres, not 10

      • Tanya

        The unfortunate thing is that all of this happened hundreds of years ago and people are spending so much time complaining about it that they aren’t looking at the real issues of today!!!
        Yes, History is important to know and learn from so that it is not repeated, when it should not be, that is! However, dwelling on it only makes it worse. Still today, racism is such a huge issue in our country. And why!!! BECAUSE OF THIS KIND OF CRAP!!!!! Who cares what color we are and maybe we don’t all have the same religion or believe in the same God or believe in God at all!!! But I do believe that we all bleed RED!!!! If we all could remember that instead of what color we are on the outside and what happened hundreds or thousands of years ago then maybe our world and our nation wouldn’t be such a mess!!!
        As far as Chris Rock goes, “He is who he is, there is nothing that he can do about the way he was born!”

        • http://yahoo.com patty healey

          Comments like that re: “White Day” from Chris Rock show that he is a racist. Read “Tanya’s” comment. It is well written. History doesn’t have to keep being repeated by ‘Comedians” who find this to be funny material. Doesn’t matter what color the comedian; as long as he/she insists on pointing out negative historical facts; that serve as an ex.of “Some things are better left unsaid”! How @ this one…”Sometimes the fewest words are most Eloquent”!!! My father use to enjoy quoting this one. He was a man of good character; and taught his 7 children well. In closing, again I’d like to share with you my father’s thought(s) on mistakes. “As long as you learn something from the mistake; and don’t repeat it, it’s O.K.” Hope Chris Rock; and others take this advice in a constructive manner versus a destructive manner! This world needs to increase kindness; and try not to hate! This world needs all the TLC it can get…Peace

      • lnnnnnnn

        Well said! however since slavery lasted a lot longer than 100 yrs, and we have past (living) generations who still have the civil rights movement fresh in their heads, its going to take a lot more time to grow out of these grievances. Especially since I have grandparents (living and dead) who were mutilated and beaten almost to death (some to death that I wont get to meet) by the KKK. I totally agree with you, but its going to take a lot more time unfortunately :/

      • JWise

        Shows how disconnected you are from true history.. and the failure of white America to recognise the truth! Its 40 acres and a mule by the way! So hold true to your promise America . Selective memory sounds like to me. And for your vast majority of resources! Get a clue….
        America has not fullfilled its initial written promises, what makes you think they are fullfilling the current ones.

        • jared

          history is just that history. i have no claim to what happened 236 years ago much less 50 years ago during the civil rights protests. and its not just the blacks i see native americans to this day being profiled in my town. i will say that i have lived in both very nice and very rough neighborhoods and unfortunately it has made me prejudice against african americans due to my own personal experiences and dealings with them. It is a prejudice that i am not proud of and would like to over come. i dont like judging people before i know them and thats just what it forces you to do. this country was founded on absolutely wonderful ideals. the constitution and its amendments in their most basic form will still work to this day. it is the constant molestation of those ideals that will cause this country to fail. those ideals give me the opportunity to believe in my god, speak my mind, own my firearms, own land, raise a family and reach for the stars in my business ventures. and it allows “bob and mary” the same right to choose to fail at life. i love this country and what it stands for on paper and i believe its possible for us all to work for the greater good of this country and embrace those very ideals.

    • bonestacy30

      thats on the spot and am a black man

      • Ace White

        It is real funny, ha ha ha as long as Chris Rock stick to making jokes about black people, soon as he say something about white people, ohh he’s a racist, he’s not patriotic, etc. I tell you what’s unpatriotic and racist. People that voted in droves for republicans in 2010 to hurt an American President just because he is a Black American. Isn’t that both UNPATRIOTIC AND RACIST.

    • Martamar

      Thank you! Very well described. I am glad you focused on taking a higher perspective from now on, and leave the old behind, not to forget, but to process that painful past, and establish a solid present and continue to construct a better future. The jokes are just that … it’s alright to have a sense of humor.

    • Roger

      Mr. Guy, I appreciate the thought you put into your comments. However, I believe the 300-year history of slavery followed by the 100-year history of the Jim Crow South have done much to establish a course of dealing which still affects race relations today. Consider that, in 2006, a study was done in New York State revealing that a black man with a college education here has a tougher time finding a job than a white man with a criminal record. Also, years later, it was reported that many bars were strictly enforcing dress codes against African Americans while not enforcing them at all against others. Neither slavery nor Jim Crow-era institutional discrimination ended as suddenly and cleanly as your comments indicate. But I applaud your comments as forward-looking and focused on solving the problems that remain.

      • WhiteMan

        I dont blame the bars or the employer for holding the black man to a higher standard since somebody has to do it for them. White Power!!

    • mdubb

      while some of your comments may be correct, slavery has evolved from physical to economical and social slavery. sharpton and jackson do stir up a hornets nest sometimes, but I think somebody needs to speak up for people who are affraid to. african americans make up a small part of the population so who is the real champion of welfare? every black person is not on it but the public and the media like to polarize it like we are all deadbeats and have sense of accomplishment. You can usually see in the job market when 2 qualified individuals black and white apply for the same job this where the country has its problems everybody is not color blind and if you got motherfuckers driving around with KKK bumper stickers on thier car what can you tell me I would be in trouble if I had I hate white folks on my car other countries have evolved as far as racial equality has gone but this country is still stuck in neutral yes we have a black president but not for long, they gave him the job when the country was busted up pretty bad and now somebody elses wants the credit for it when it rebounds its been a depression, recession before him and it will be one after him the next time it happens maybe they will elect another african american to take the blame.

    • Sheila

      You are making too many assumptions based solely upon your own lack of knowledge. First, you assume that ALL black people hang on the every word spoken by Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton–they don’t. Second, you assume that ALL black people are looking for the proverbial 40 acres and a mule–they aren’t. Third, you assume that 50 years of Civil Rights can eradicate the wrongs from centuries of white privilege–you obviously haven’t read your own history. Fourth, you assume that black people comprise the majority of individuals receiving public funding or government assistance. If you crunch the numbers, you’ll find the poverty percentages represent the percentage of blacks within the black population–think about it, blacks only represent 16% of the total U.S. population. The largest percentage of individuals in poverty are white. By the way, even white scholars that study multiculturalism and diversity in this country have written time and again that white Americans need to take responsibility and accept that they have benefited greatly from the atrocities of slavery.

  • Learn History

    It’s sad that growing up in America does not teach you of the African slaves that were sold by their own tribe leaders into slavery to the white man. Before African slaves there were white slaves. As well as having African slaves there were still white slaves. If so many blacks think its true then why do they celebrate it along side the whites? For all the whites complaining that its racist, in a way it is but remember this; the 4th celebrates this nation becoming free from another nation. It’s not to celebrate whether your ancestors owned slaves or was a slave. We don’t have slaves now and nobody owes anyone for the slavery. America truly owes the Native Americans all thier land. So if we want to celebrate anything how about we all go back to our own native lands that our ancestors are from then we can complain about what goes on there.

    • noephishing

      “we all go back to our own native lands that our ancestors are from”
      Mixed ancestry, French, German and English…Where do I go? France? Germany? or England? I think I will stay RIGHT here where I was born, my mother was born, her mother was born and her mother was born.

      • LJ

        Now that’s the million dollar question noephishing! Where do people like us fit in? My mom is Irish and my dad is Black/Seminole… Who’s side should I take? Maybe we should start Mixed People’s Day or better yet F_ck Everyone Day! I still think it’s funny to see so many people on either side get mad and then claim not to be racist… It’s Jokes people damn!

    • brogers8257


    • coneygirl

      Well said!!

    • http://yahoo Donna

      Very well said!

    • shelly

      Right on! There are so many facts that are not taken into concideration when people talk about slavery. The way I look at being racist…its stupid. I cannot help what my ancestors did nor what anyone elses did. We were not there and we have no impact on what happened before we were born so why hold grudges about it? It doesnt make any sense. I dont owe anyone anything and nobody owes me anything because of anything in our history. It white and black want to fuss over it, they should look a little farther back in history and see that the NATIVE americans were the ones who were truely damaged. They were wiped out from who they used to really be and stripped of everything they owned and loved. There are many many things in history that are not pleasant at all but the only thing we can do is try to make a better future. Who cares that a comedian made a joke or comment? We got freedom of speach so we have the right to use it. Im white and his comment didnt bother me.

    • Olivia

      Chris Rock did not make a joke…. he is using that as his cover for his racist ass!! Before we all forget – it was the black rich people in Africa who sold your black asses to us. I am so tired of the White people taking the blame for every little thing that occurs – Black people want respect, you have to earn it! It’s time to quit the “poor us” act and get on board to be true American’s.

      You had it 100 times better than the Native Americans. Answer this — given the chance, would you go live on a reservation? We white’s wish you would.

      • Candi

        You could be the poster child for ignorance.

        Slavery in Africa and in other parts of the world was different from slavery in America. In other parts of the world, slaves were seen as servants. And Black people have earned the respect of “True Americans.” Who invented the traffic light? the pacemaker? performed the first open heart surgery? rock n roll and jazz?

        So how about you and all your ignorance go live on a reservation. The rest of the country would greatly appreciate it.

  • Robin

    Chris Rock makes jokes about EVERYONE… whites, blacks, and everybody in between. This backlash is a reflection of what crybabies and whiners people are these days. Most of the classic stand-up comedy from 20 or 30 years ago couldn’t even be performed today because people bitch and moan and complain these days about everything. Eddie Murphy couldn’t do “Delirious” today and if Richard Pryor were alive he couldn’t do 99% of the jokes he used to do. It’s unreal.

    • brogers8257

      So if a white comedian makes jokes about white people, then he is clear to make jokes about blacks? You know better than that. The only reason Chris Rock makes jokes about all races, is so that he can get away with white discrimination.

      • SKnepper

        SO TRUE,

        But You are talking about the double standard race of ALL TIME

      • e

        your an idiot.

        • granny guru

          Grammatically incorrect. It is YOU ARE an idiot. Read more it may help you.

      • c

        Daniel Tosh makes jokes about black people; so does Seth McFarland. They’re jokes people. Sometimes, a good little satirical joke can spark conversations about real issues.

        And I’m puzzled how saying slaves were not free when the DoI was signed is racist? I still comprehend that one. It’s a true statement.

        • c

          sorry…typo. I still CAN’T comprehend that one is what I meant to write.

    • SKnepper

      Honestly In This country It is only Racism If The white guy is the offender since we live in a country that REFUSES to hold African Americans to the same standard they demand

      • H King

        You are right on target with this comment. I think Chris Rock along with most black leaders are racist and live off the back of the white population.

        • http://webpronew/life ruth

          Let us remember the black picked the cotton and made the white people rich and white american rich are still living off the backs of all poor the people not just poor blacks but poor whites too. Remember many blacks have money too.Remember this racism is a small person way of power!

          • Nat

            It was not only the blacks that picked cotton. Believe it or not, some whites picked cotton, too. Some of my ancestors did it. Another thing is that when somebody looks at white person, they shouldn’t automaticall judge that person to be “white”. I have blue eyes, fair to medium skin and was light blonde as a child. However, my Native American ancestry makes up almost half of my DNA. My ancesters were victims, too. I hate that slavery happened, but I was not or every could be party to it. Just as African Americans do not like to be judged by the actions of some, whites don’t like it either. At what point will civilization stop blaming the current world for the sins of the past? Slavery has been around since the world began. The story of Moses is one example. Earlier Jeff Schrieber said that slavery has around 2000 years before this country existed, yet we abolished it when our country was less than 100 years old. The sad thing is that Niger still practices selling people into slavery. Prejudice will exist, no matter where you are. It is human, even though it isn’t right. Isn’t it at least a little prejudice to hold the current white population for the sins of earlier generations? How can we ever REALLY fix it? If that is the correct way to feel, who shows grudges against the black slave traders? Many of my ancestors lost land and lives at the hands of some of my other ancestors. Who do I side with? I blame those who wronged the Native Americans, but I don’t blame their descendants. The race situation has gotten so out of hand. We can never go forward if anybody, not just the blacks, hold grudges for history against current populations. Again, we can’t take back what was done before. Believe it or not, most of us wish we could. Not just because it is the right thing to do, but because we don’t like being blamed for something we didn’t do. Racism will always be around, no matter what kind of rainbow brite world we paint. The DoI was written at a time when the world thought it was okay. They were not perfect, but the majority of us would have been a lot worse off if they didn’t write it.

    • Angelina

      People need to chill out and stop being so sensitive about the damn truth.

      These are the same people want politicans to be truthful.

      If anything it just proves that certain white Americans still aren’t capable of handling the real truth.

      • http://AT&TYahoo Kevin M

        Then perhaps we should discuss the whole truth, that black Africans helped to enslave other black Africans in the 17th and 18th centuries. And that tribal genocide continues to this day in parts of the African continent, while white people send aid and military assistance to those locations. Let’s not gloss over ” the truth “.

    • Troy Daniel

      Anyone who gets offended because Chris Rock celebrates his cultural heritage needs to get a life. White people or the dominant race in America do deserve some respect as they were the primary influence on the USA when it was being developed. Now that being said other races also contributed, so we call all have a degree of pride. If another cultures pride bothers you then the problem is inherently thiers to contend with. I applaud Chris Rock.

    • ssbert

      Chris Rock is an uneducated a$$hole. But blacks are lying when they say comedians make jokes about everyone and that makes it ok. Michael Richards or Don Imus make one little joke all the Jackson Sharpton Minstrel is out in full force. What a bunch of black crybabies and whiners!

      • Polidis

        For you to call him and all blacks names because he stated a fact and included a couple phrases to try to get a laugh makes you sound like a crybaby and whiner. And not sure about your education level b/c that can be manipulated, but your reasoning skills clearly arent up to par if you think the Michael Richards and Dom Imus things are analagous with stand up comedians. Nutty!

    • Romo

      Well said.

    • Jermane Washington

      I celebrate the 4th of July for the Freedoms that I have in the United States now!! If you don’t want to celebrate- don’t!! If I don’t like the United States I can leave!! You can too!!

      Everyone that blames someone else for thier circumstances today needs to take personal responsability and make a change!!

      Go to school, read a book, don’t kill each other, don’t blame each other!! Don’t say everything is racial!! Be proud of who you are and take advantage of your opportunities you have in the United States of America!!

      Jokes by any race about any other race benefit who?? History also tells us that black kids kill black kids!! It’s not funny!!

      • Charlemagne

        Jermane: Where have you been hiding all of your life? White kids kill White kids, Japanese kids kill Japanese kids, Korean kids kill Korean kids, Mexican kids kill Mexican kids, and so forth and so on of all nationalities. People who kill, kill the people who they’re around. Who else can they kill? If you’re Black, you can’t even take a peaceful walk in a White neighborhood without being stopped by the police. Regrettably, I have to dumb-down to your level to communicate with you. However, I dare you to compare the number of Black People killed by White people to the number of White people killed by Black people in America. If you’ve got the intelligence to do that; try also taking a look and the vast number of many nationalities abroad that White people kill, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and soon to be Syria and Iran all in the name of democracy, which, obviously, does not work in America. The bombs don’t discriminate between military personnel and civilians!

        Chris Rock is a comedian. I don’t recall ever seeing or reading anything about him being politically inclined. Comedians tell jokes. Apparently the man was joking. Have you no sense of humor.

        The enslavement of many types of people have been around since virtually the beginning of time…typical of man’s inhumanity to mankind….and I’m sure that it will endure until the end of time.

    • ed

      Chris Rock is a rascist nigger.

    • charles

      As long as people like Chris Rock are around stirring things up, black and white America will never be able to live together in peace


    HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHHAHAHAHAA……OH CHRIS….YOU CRACK ME UP! And for all the white guilt turning into black hate, cut it out. Its an observation of historical fact. I’ll bet if your people were enslaved en masse like that you’d still have a problem with it.

    • Learn History

      Why would whites have guilt about something they had no part of. That was over 100 years ago. Don’t you feel guilt for considering yourself African-American but you don’t live nor have ever lived in Africa neither have you been a slave? Your just as racist as the white people your making out to be. I’m Asian by the way so don’t try to say it’s because I’m white that I comment about it.

    • Jason

      I didn’t realize we were one kind of people and you were another. Hmmmm…I wonder why there’s still racism today? Could it be because people like yourself segregate yourself by classifying yourselves as different from white people? Here’s some other historical facts for you: YOU were never a slave, YOUR PARENTS were never slaves, YOUR GRANDPARENTS were never slaves. YOUR GREAT-GRANDPARENTS were never slaves. You have no place to speak simply because you happen to be black. You don’t see the Jewish people all over these boards complaining about the Holocaust although those people are more likely to have been directly effected by those events than you were by slavery back in the 1800’s. Also, when you get a chance, take a look at the crime rates by race in this country, and trust me when I say “your people” are killing plenty of white people.

  • http://Yahoo Anthony

    Chris Rock is funny, but he is uneducated.

    • johnathan ridley

      we need to withdraw ALL race days and months from the american calendar. as the races blend, soon we will all be one race in this country: american!

      • Jess

        nice dream isn’t it?

  • Sieben13

    He should have said that its 365 days a year

  • http://WebPro JP Jones

    It was a joke, did it change anything? No! life goes on

  • streven

    oh here we go with the reverse racism malarkey, we have one day to celebrate our independence, not even related to white only, and we get ridiculed by a guy that has his own month….. not to mention a black only scholarship program, at some point it goes to far. but we cannot stand up and say anything because then we would be in the wrong for bringing up.

    • Jess

      what did he say, that was untrue that made you upset??? you say it didn’t have to do with “white only” but slaves weren’t even considered human beings in this country back then, let alone citizens. they were property, nothing more. so i ask again, why are you upset?

      • streven

        what makes me upset is im far from racist, but i hate reverse racism against white people, was way before my time when slavery was around, my view on it is if people want to be equal why have black only, or white only, it sets us back as a whole.

  • jake

    Chris Rock is dumbest arrogant piece of trash on TV …white people should stop listening to these garbage including black rap musics…will put these arrogant trashes end-up back into garbage..where they belong.

  • jeremy

    i see nothing wrong with what he said i think its funny and i’m white people need to learn to take a joke and yes chris rock alone and i willn’t be boycott him over this joke keep up the good work chris

    • http://webpronews theresa

      spelling & punctuation, retard!!

  • Soulflower2

    WTF: Who is blaming anybody? Did he say “people today are at fault for xyz thing”? Did the current President say anything about slavery? I thought he was talking about the election and the economy?
    NO. BUT JUST LIKE EVERYONE ELSE we have a right to remember our ancestors. NO, they were not free then and NO I don’t like that.

  • P Ferrell

    Chris Rock is crazy! The truth hurts! Can you feel the love!

    • Jay

      White folks have been taking the joke for a long time…. Now go pick me some cotton! Don’t be gay! Oh wait, you’re free too…..so it’s NOT only white heterosexuals who should celebrate their freedom, huh? Those African ancestors of yours that sold their own to the Portuguese….. do they get a li’l smack on the fingers too? Never hear much whining about that…..

  • http://yahoo ern

    It is this “white peoples” country that gave Chris his great success…if he hates the people that developed the freedoms he now enjoys then maybe he should go to the country “his people” came from, and see how “his people” have progressed in their country! I did not vote for Obama, but when he became our president I supported him as our leader, but after almost 4 years in office I can see he has proven he is not capable of doing the job! I have never been prejudice till Obama became our “commander and chief” but since then many Black Americans have become outspokenly racist.

    • Bunnie

      Excuse me, did you miss the RNC with all the bananas and sambos? How about all the monkey caricatures constantly floating around the internet? Oh, and let’s not forget the clip showing Redd Foxx and LaWanda Page in Sanford & Son supposedly demonstrating how the Obamas are going to age in office? Oh, and that lovely bumper sticker, the one that says don’t Re-Nig in 2012 that was all over Facebook? And you think BLACK people are more openly racist??? Heifa please!

    • bobby

      news flash wasnt america the indians country and the white took it from them so maybe we all need to go back where we came from cause this was the indians land first

    • Just Me

      Please note that if you “just became” prejudice when our President took office…you only failed to look at yourself. Prejudice has nothing to do with who the President is, or who has been outspoken, for its something that lives within. Your issues are those of your OWN, so OWN them. There was a time when whites were “outspokenly” racist, I think if you compare the two I think one is not racist, just a matter of opinion. Black people will say what they feel and still embrace that of another race. Regarding our President and his job I wish you would list facts to prove he has not done his job. What days did he refuse to go to work? What deadlines did he miss? The fact is the President is doing and has done his job, for its the acts of others who refuse to accept his leadership for whatever reason that places such matter, confusion, and non compliance to his agenda. This is the first President who actually cares for the people, but the people are giving him their ass to kiss. Case in point this acticle had nothing to do with our President until your comment.

  • debtiffany

    Did he tweet this while he was at the Black Entertainment Television awards??

  • Jeff

    This is America, and yes, America has made mistakes. It has also paid a price for those mistakes. It has acknowledged its mistakes by making social and legal changes. If Chris Rock can’t give America the benefit of doubt, then why doesn’t he get the f*ck out!

  • Soulflower2

    WTF: I DO NOT BEGRUDGE ANYONE WHO WANTS TO CELEBRATE THAT HOLIDAY. GOOD FOR YOU. Even the comedian isn’t doing it. It is YOUR DAY. That is what he is saying. MY PEOPLE WERE NOT FREE ON JULY 4, 1776.
    PERIOD. Nobody thinks of my ancestors (though they do think very highly of everyone in the Confederacy) BUT I DO. THEY WERE NOT FREE ON JULY 4TH. A FACT.

    • WTF

      Ever heard of Prince Hall and his followers? Not all blacks in America were slaves on July 4th 1776. Know your own history and stop being a racist!

  • jj

    Relax people. It was a joke. He had a white freind one time so he’s not racist.

    • Jess

      LOL! His best friend even.

  • joe melendez

    in very poor taste! i never liked chris rock or these trash the usa.using comedy as a tool.i personlly didnt bring you over.things would certainly not be what they are they didnt.blame this generation for all past woes.th wings in the motherland hasnt faired too well.so of us dont make the rules.my skin may lighter than yours but should we make that an issue.look at the big picture we acknowledge it this country has become a superpower because of past struggles.had things not change could we live beside the indians etc.and be where we are ready for the coming diasters while dwelling on past inhumanities.look around the world a see histories atrosities.maybe we should have let this great country to go to pot.i guess if we cant work things out we now have the freedom to come and go as we like.we can dwell on the past injustices.all the wars.the civil war north vs south brother against brother to try an correct the mistakes of OTHERS.yes of the same race but at a time in history when laws were not enforced or monetary gain came first.why chose the 4th of july???

  • JDK

    It was a factual joke. Some people (Rock’s detractors) are such friggin crybabies.

  • P Ferrell

    Just because their was no record of slaves don’t mean there was none!

  • Soulflower2

    JEFF: OH LORD. Who cares about America’s mistakes? Humans are humans and they will make more. HOWEVER, I do not teach our child that the whole country got free on July 4th. Native Americans had already been confronted and their way of life disturbed. Our ancestors were not free. There is nothing to discuss. It is YOUR holiday and I hope YOU always enjoy it. It is just another day to me.

  • Jimbo99

    I don’t think he’s hateful and racist, it’s his pathetic schtick. No talent, tired, not funny any more and all he has is a race card. I mean if Andrew Dice Clay and Sam Kinison have long passed on , the Eddie Murphy/Chris Rock racism jokes are long since played out. I mean Eddie Murphy was really the end of “good old boy, ni**er humor”, only the talentless ones looking for an easy in/opportunity to advance on someone else’s slavery and civil rights deprivation. Today’s negro doesn’t know civil rights deprivation and 30 years after that movement, most anyone that lived thru that time, including the civil rights activisits themselves are old and on death’s doorstep from old age. Stick a fork in Chris Rock, nesxt generation of funny is a welcome sight.

  • Kevin

    So white people get a day yaaaay! Black paople get a whole month. you’re welcome

    • phil

      I thought Christmas was the “White” day…White Christmas..duh

  • cooper

    Amazingly all those folks who had slaves are DEAD, DEAD, DEAD and I live in the present

    • Bunnie

      But the people who killed blacks for sport during Jim Crow are still alive and so are their kids. You don’t get a pass because you personally didn’t own a slave. Your comment here is proof that ignorance still exists.

      • YeahISaidItSoWhat?

        Ignorance…not only does it still exist, but some think it’s bliss.

      • Jason

        As is yours Bunnie. I’m actually from Connecticut. You know, the North. You know, the ones who actually fought for the freedom of all people. You know, because without that, you probably wouldn’t be able to even post in a forum like this. The white people are whining? Black people haven’t stopped whining for 200+ years, even though everything is handed to you on a silver platter, unless you think affirmative action is fair. I know I “totally” agree with not hiring the best candidates, but rather, hiring the minorities just so we can say we did so. Give me a break.

        • myhumble1

          Jason . . . Affirmative action is not a “quota system.” It’s about ensuring that QUALIFIED candidates of all races and genders get “access” to the interview process. No one is required to hire someone for being black, hispanic, female,etc. It IS absolutely about hiring the BEST candidate based on qualifications.

          The North did NOT fight to free the slaves. Lincoln freed the slaves in order to win the war. The notion was that the freed slaves would fight for the North. In his own words:

          “My paramount object in this struggle is to save the Union, and is not either to save or to destroy slavery. If I could save the Union without freeing any slave I would do it, and if I could save it by freeing all the slaves I would do it; and if I could save it by freeing some and leaving others alone I would also do that. What I do about slavery, and the colored race, I do because I believe it helps to save the Union; and what I forbear, I forbear because I do not believe it would help to save the Union. I shall do less whenever I shall believe what I am doing hurts the cause, and I shall do more whenever I shall believe doing more will help the cause.”

          As for things being handed to black people on a silver platter. If white people behaved “fairly” there would be no programs like Affirmative Action. BTW – WHITE women have benefited greatly from Affirmative Action.

          I could say so much more, but I fear that you aren’t actually interested in hearing the truth. My mom is a coal miner’s daughter. My father was a soldier, I’ve never been on welfare[knocking wood] . . . attended college on an academic scholarship . . . own my own business. Where’s the silver platter? I don’t see it.

          America’s nasty history is not as far in the distance as you’d like to think. Dr. King was STILL “fighting for the freedom of all people” when he was killed.
          My mother and my two older brothers were staying at the Lorraine Motel when he was assassinated.

  • P Ferrell

    What do Obama have to do with this?

  • Bill

    Why is it, if a Black man makes a comment like this its okay. But if a white man would have said this, everyone would be calling him a racist ??

    • Bunnie

      Oh whatever. Like white people don’t call blacks all sorts of names behind closed doors when they don’t have to appear to be so nice and sweet.

      • WTF

        And black people aren’t taught that white people are the devil from the time of infancy.

  • LamontYouBigDummy

    Full disclosure, I am African American. Personally I thought this was a funny joke, no more no less. Calm down people! This is typical Chris Rock humor: a joke based on the truth! This is the same man who got grilled on 60 minutes by the late Ed Bradley about his “I love black people but I hate N****s” bit (which is brilliant and hilarious I might add). This man is not a racist, he makes fun of everyone, including his own people. Maybe if we were not so sensitive about our history and embraced it for what it is, we would realize that it made our country stronger. Unfortunately, this goes to shwo we have a long way to go before we are truly accepting of one another and not just “tolerant” or “politcally correct” as we are now.

    • YeahISaidItSoWhat?

      In my Aunt Ester’s voice, “AMEN Lamont!”

    • Jess

      look at some of the blogs referring to Chris Rock and his comedy. most the white people find the “I love blacks, but hate niggas” so freaking hilarious!! now they want to feign the “vapors”. enough hypocrisy to go around.

    • Code

      Thank God for at least one reasonable response within this manure filled comment section.

  • Bob White

    Chris Rock is an asshole. A racist asshole. None of us had slaves.

  • YeahISaidItSoWhat?

    How does Chris’ speaking the truth make him the bad guy? PS…Whinning, bitching, white folks, would you want to trade places for let’s say, the next 250 years to make America’s history even?

    • TW

      Relax. I’m sorry…were you a slave? I don’t think you were around for all of that so let’s move on.

      • Bunnie

        He didn’t have to be a slave. Having relatives that lived through Jim Crow was harsh enough.

        • Jess

          you got that right, and they are still alive and breathing today!

      • YeahISaidItSoWhat?

        See, I threw a truth rock into the pack of dogs and the one that got hit (you) barked!

        • YeahISaidItSoWhat?

          @Bunnie: Exactly!
          @TW: So scroll through the comments and continue to bark when you’re hit with the truth because now we know it hurts you.

  • BLO

    C’mon! Really? Use your brain for gods sake! Your OWN people sold you to the WHITE man! All the WHITE man did was take advantage of a good BARGAIN much like “SOME” take advantage of our generous government programs! You need someone to blame? Look up the mastermind that thought it was a good idea to sell his brothers for a dollar!!!!! Its getting old man….. really gettin old!

    • myhumble1

      Riiiggghhhtt . . . Our own people held “scary spears” to the heads of poor innocent Bible-toting white people and ORDERED them to . .. . [wait for it] . . .”Take our Black People! Unga Bunga, blah, blah . . . ” Then once they had ’em the good white people decided that it just made good sense to stack ’em like sardines, put ’em on auction blocks, breed ’em, forbid ’em to marry or read, sell ’em off at will, go back to Africa for more of ’em, etc. Made sense . . .

      What EVER man. And as for those “government programs?” How is it that you think that 12% of the U.S. population is draining the system? Even if every black person in America were on public assistance, we couldn’t drain the system.

      Moreover, there were plenty of poor black people before Roosevelt. It was only when WHITE people began to struggle from the Depression that public assistance programs came into existence.

      I do believe that you are absolutely correct that “it’s getting old” for white people to “hear about themselves.” As soon as Obama took his oath a lot of white people drew a line in the sand and decided that it marked “the end of black people’s right to accuse anybody of racism.” No matter how many racial epithets are used to describe Obama, we must remember, that there’s nooooo mooore racism in Ameeeeerica . . . [Stepford drone]

  • Happy Observer

    He should not worry. He makes enough money to be happy. Maybe he needs to count his blessings. Maybe we all should count our blessings. More than once!!This is still the land of the free. days…

  • http://yahoo william

    As bad as slavery was…it’s a fact, that if not for slavery, Cris Rock would be doing his thing in Africa.

    • YeahISaidItSoWhat?

      …and what’s wrong with Africa? Please fill me in since I’m an expat from the Horn.

  • TW

    Who cares! The 4th of July is about our country’s independence, not to acknowledge or celebrate slavery. It’s so funny how a black comedian can make a “White” remark like that and get away with it. However, if a white comedian made a “Black” remark it would be considered racist and the NAACP would be all over it. Give me a break…ridiculous stuff!

    • myhumble1

      It cracks me up that (some) white people get offended by American history. LOL Rock didn’t make a “black” remark . . . he made an historically accurate remark.

      You got one thing for DARN sure, though . . . black people are NOT trying to “celebrate slavery.” [eye roll]

  • Darell

    Chris Rock is the worst kind of racist. He keeps racism going by never getting over $hit that happened in another lifetime. Let it go already, Jesus Christ!!

  • TLM

    What a way to bless America……What an idiot. Do people really think this guy who talks like he has trash in his mouth,is funny? PU you stink.

  • Connie

    Reverse racism happens all the time.There is no White history month.MLKs day is black peoples day.thet have their black entertainment channel.Could you just imagine the uproar if we did have equality in these places~like the white entertainment channel~white history month~white power~HA!Double standard!He is just another dumb ass shooting off his mouth.He can just go back to Africa if he thinks so badly against whites.

    • TLM



        Your response is very funny. Whites are celebrated EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. We get a month wow, the shortest of the year at that. BET (the black peoples channel) exists because other channels were not diverse at all. Out 500 channels on air we have 1. Wow. I’ve know about white power since I was a kindergartner in Gadsden, Al. I experience white power= white supremacy= racism everyday. I hope that you never experience explaining to your child (at this day and age 2012)that someone who knows nothing about you or your family or your entire existance thinks you are worthless, inadequate, uneducated and lack common sense and manners. Thats a hard but very necessary conversation to have with a 9 year old. (in my chris rock voice) P.S Affirmative action only helped white woman lmao… lynch me.

    • http://Yahoo Deborah Diagne

      Why don’t you go back to where you come from? You’re ignorant!

    • GJ

      your outdated comment is as unresearched today as it was 30 years ago when all the White Supremacists started saying it publically…

    • http://yahoo.com Anthony L. Tracy Sr

      Connie listen to what you just said (go back to Africa)I think he was born here.How many channel are there on TV oh by the way a WHITE man owns that station.How many holidays do we have here in America????You don’t have a bunch of NUTS running around saying WHITE POWER and killing black people.What aren’t saying is you should thank us for saving your WHITE ASSES along with every other race here.Connie how STUPID are you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • http://www.yahoo.com MR_$3xxxyC00L69

        Bafoon Entertainment Tell-US-LIES/Vision is owned by Viacom which owns CMT/MTV aka Maturnity Television/vh-1 owned by u guessed it White men. It’s amazing when Chris Rock talks about blacks vs. Ni**az all KKKrackers are laughing up a storm…in white ppl voice oh u tell em chris that coon is so funny but when it’s reversed u wanna get all emotional. I have studied and ppl watched White ppl since I was a kid and I noticed u all can’t handle when u are the butt of jokes but when hispanics , blacks ,asians , native americans all of which u have screwed over at some point u like those jokes just can’t take when the shit is about ur @ss. Now u go back 2 bland ass pasty Europe bcuz as Puff Daddy says ….WE AINT GO N NOWHERE WE AINT GOING NOWHERE THIS BADBOY 4 LIFE!!!

  • http://yahoo sherry

    my skins white,but im native american,italian and irish,people just want to fight and by the way white children were slaves back in the day so dont even go there.

    • History Buff

      That has to be the dumbest comment I’ve heard in a while…white american children were never slaves…at most they worked in factories and mines because their parents made them…get your facts straight!…I’m a history professor and see how people say things that they hope can justify or minimize things…it’s sickening!

  • Jess

    Now, when this man makes all kinds of jokes about the stupid things black people (he calls us “niggas”) do, they laugh their a$$es off. Now he makes a joke that is basically true, black people were not free back then in the United States, it’s kinda hard to swallow. Joke about everyone else, and it’s funny though right?

  • Soulflower2

    P Ferrell: Oh yes, there were records. Although many slave owning families got rid of paperwork during the 1960s and 1970s, there are still private archives, museums, libraries, etc. that hold the information. There are mass graves and old graveyards. There are letters of government officials and “business records” (because slaves were of no more consequence than cattle). There are laws on the books. Liars cannot deny slavery existed, though they will try and are trying.

    • josh

      they dont deni slavery but for those of us that lived in the north and didnt believe in slavery only hear your complaining also. More White people have died in history for the freedoms you have now. Africa has tribal issues still to this day causing starvation and strife, maybe US should of owned it instead of Britan then they would have a little better than they do.

    • blackeveryday


  • General Electric’s BIG DOG

    So white people get Independence Day, huh? Black people get a whole month. Stop complaining Chris Rock.

  • joe

    It’s about time we had a day. I don’t mind a little humor. Hell, the blacks get a whole month.

    • melissa kirby

      a men babe…….respect the white folk we a human too and should be able to celebrate that………

  • melissa kirby

    AND….SO WHAT CHris Rock! you MOTHER FUC*** black folk got an entire MONTH,…..SO what the 4 is “white peoples” day…..and why shouldnt we get one? After all we 1) FOUNDED THE COUNTRY YOUR DARK BROTHERS USE AND MISTREAT, 2) BOUGHT YOU AND BROUGHT YOU HERE AND TRAINED YOU HOW TO ACT LIKE WHITE FOLK NOT LIKE THE AFRICAN SLAVES YOU WERE MENT TO BE, 3) we inventer the aid checks that YOU GUYS use us for….If You dont like our country and its hloidays go back to africa. where you will NOT get half the rights you abuse here…

    • Jason

      Would you be so kind as to provide me with your address so that I can do the country a favor and rid it of your stupidity?

      • jordan

        Gurl plz shut the fuck up about that racist shit cuz your the one who is being racist right now . plus your kind was not the ones who founded america. it was a European man by the name of Americaus look it up christopher columbus just landed somewhere else and called it America just like the dumb ass you look like. plus half of whites where slaves as well and for you if we all went back to “Africa ” as you put it then you lazy ass whites wouldnt know your ass from your mouths . we were the ones you guys learn shit from so as for you look up your damn history bitch!!!! :)

    • Happy2BNappy

      Its funny and true. @Melissa Kirby, get a life and a dictionary! LOL

    • A Black Person

      I can just imagine how many white people cringed when they read your “intelligent” comment…

    • bob

      melissa you are right on he is nothing but a stupid nig

    • http://www.yahoo.com MR_$3xxxyC00L69

      A month really?U call the coldest month of the damn year “our month” and 4 the record we were kidnap what if I came 2 your home and separated u from your family and changed your name to Chembuku Abakao just think about what if AmeriKKKa was reversed and we did 2 whites what they have done and continue 2 do through the financial,educational,Just-Us systems,through PolitricKKKs,media outlets, we are not in charge of any of these systems WHITE MALES R sorry White women but u have 2 stay in the background while u MASTER tells u who u can and cannot date or be with . I am not racist at all unlike most whites bcuz my kids are half white and yes I sleep with,date white women this coming from a black man but I find it funny Chris Rock is just saying it’s White PPL day which EVERYDAY is white ppl day even during so called Black History Month. U all make racist comments all day about OUR President calling him a Monkey, baboon, coon, all kinds of racist shit and Chris Rock’s comments were not even racist it is fact and now some white folks aka KKKrackers want 2 get all emotional. I LOVE CHRIS ROCK’S humor. Yes I live in AmeriKKKa but I never get it twisted and think I don’t know who is number 1 on the food chain of life. It’s White men then maybe white women if they act accordingly to what their Master the white man tells them….then their dogs, cats, parrots, etc. then after all others blacks we are right b4 the slug on this food chain called AmeriKKKa . I loooooove this KKKunt..try called AmeriKKKa.

      • Frank


      • Frank

        By the ways, did you get your history facts, or are they history fictions? How about that spelling?

      • http://yahoo WTF

        now you are a black man doing what and commenting on what you need to shut the f**k up. You are the monkey and the baboon,coon. You have nothing to stand on not even your race.

    • SnowMan

      exactly right Melissa , there are so many special “black” people rules,law’s,holidays etc. what do you think would happen if we had a Miss White Beauty Pageant or a college fund just for white people or maybe a white entertainment television channel. truth is nobody living today had a damn thing to do with the slavery era. time to get over your ancestor’s (black’s) history. i’m part cherokee but you won’t see me getting any extras or special law’s. a black comedian can make racial jokes about any race but if any race makes a joke about a black and that’s racism! GET OVER IT FUHKRS!!!

  • josh

    the fact is without those white racist people on July 4, 2012 cris rock would be a slave in Australia or Japan or Germany. or probably wouldnt even been born. If I was an angry Black guy I could be a comedian also for the atmosphere we live in now.

  • Soulflower2

    Sherry there were White indentured servants but not slaves. Indentured servitude was thankfully brief and ended well before slavery did. I am glad other people were not enslaved officially here in the US. Define back in the day? This was a discussion on the context of what a comedian said so what does YOUR skin color and ethnic makeup have to do with anything?

    • Tracy

      Many indentured servants were denied freedom, and many died before they attained it. The normal term was six years, but this could be extended for a variety of reasons. Indentured servants (and their children) could also be sold, which started the six years over again in at least two cases that I read about. They were beaten, raped, and accused of stealing and other crimes to extend the bondage. You just don’t hear about those stories because they were white and no one today cares about that.

  • http://Facebook Pamela Bunting Lewis

    Well I am Irish and do not consider myself the same as someone who is of German origin or of Welsh origin or of British origin although I am one part British. The Italians, Hispanics, Israelis, Greeks aren’t really “White” more olive or tan. So, in this MELTING POT nation, what would be considered, “White?” I consider myself Caucasion with Irish roots and my one part British for the formality and politeness. Why is it though that the Black population has emerged as the most prejudiced? Seems to me that they are. Maybe they need to return to their roots and perhaps I should now return to mine and we can then return this land back to the Native Americans. God Bless and may He continue to bless America. Pamela Bunting Lewis July 6th, 2012

  • Rich

    Behind every ‘joke’ there is some truth. Here’s one for you Chris “the recist” rock – take your sorry BLACK ass back to Africa where you belong!

  • Niki

    No one in America today is responsible for what happened in 1776. Get over it!

  • Brian

    Lets flip the roles here. If a white comedian tweeted Happy Black People day on Martin Luther King day, the black community would be up in arms running around playing the race card, forcing sponsers to drop him, NCAAP would be requiring him/her to quit, death threats, etc etc… Now, the tables turned, YOU PEOPLE see how it feels. It is our turn to knock down one of YOUR PEOPLE for a rascist slur. IF you don’t like what is happening, I suggest you hippocrits stop doing it yourself. Hell, we have to suffer a black history month because you all have your panties up in a bunch. And lets try this.. If you all are okay with the joke and think it is spot on, lets just call it White Peoples Day. Ohh, hell no, they rascist, they all about whitey blah blah blah. YOU PEOPLE would throw a fit about that if some white comedian suggested it as a joke. What a joke you all are. Leave the effin country if you don’t like it.

    • http://www.webpronews.com/author/chris-richardson Chris Richardson

      So how often have you been persecuted as a white person?

      • blackeveryday


        • damon clark

          u want banana???

    • Steelman

      Exactly. White people need to be proud of their heritage. We founded this country so every other race and religion could live here together. Every nation had it’s trials to be apart of America, We’re just the ones who made it possible. There should be a white heritage appreciation month.

      • History Buff

        The sad thing is that you’re serious? All races, religions, and walks of life have made major contributions to make this the country that it is. By not understanding that and feeling that white americans (who are all from different countries and are immigrants themselves) should take all the credit only shows your ignorance…

    • fireworks

      Right on! At least black history month is the shortest month of the year.

    • Jason

      Lets get one thing straight here. You people DID NOT found this country, you stole it from MY people by killing them off and sticking them in little Reservations. My ancestors should have let you idiots starve that winter instead of trying to treat you like human beings.

  • Steelman

    Yea he’s right, most black people were slaves back then. That’s how they got into america. You weren’t a free person unless you were a white male. That’s just how shit was back then. Thank’s to America’s history though, the world is a much different place now. America had to fight it’s for its independence from England. How many white americans still hate the British now-a-days? Exactly. We corrected ourselves. Why is there no month to celebrate white history? I would say the white man has accomplished alot, woulden’t you?

  • http://Yahoo Silence

    Certain people are getting all upset about this tweet – though it does have truth in it; not to mention it was just a joke; yet those same people had no issues when Phil Mushnick was attacking Jay-Z with nothing but hate and bigotry in his heart when he said he should call the new Brooklyn Nets the “New York Niggers” and those people say he speaks the truth???? Do you see the double-standard??

  • Mary

    People of all races have benefited from the independence of America from England. It is a wonderful, family day – the remark was crude and uncalled for.

  • Joe

    Rock has no problem taking the white devil’s money.

  • Mary Jane Music Nashville

    I mean it is a true historical fact. I hate that slavery happened too and he could have maybe refrained from the remark but truth is- it is the truth.

    • blackeveryday

      where’s bush? racist racist

  • fireworks

    Where is Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton? They always show up and make a huge deal when race related comments are made! Oh wait…the wrong race is being attacked. But wait white people are way too sensitive and easily offended that’s why they are always pulling their race card and bring up history.

    • Frank

      Fireworks—race card? Really? Huh, didn’t know we had one. I’d have to get with someone else and see if they have one I can borrow.

      • fireworks

        Frank don’t play the idiot. No, you are correct, they don’t literally hand you a card, but you get covered under affirmative action don’t you. You can not deny the fact that some are given opportunities based solely on their race. Find a white neighborhood you can’t go into after dark and I’ll find you a hundred black neighborhoods whites can’t go into after dark and be able to leave without a problem. Whose racists?

  • Frjtz

    All Cris Rock is doing is supplying himself with job security. Since his sole theme of all his acts is raciism, he has to fuel the controversy, by further dividing the races. If there is harmony between the races, he has no material. As long as he attempts to divide the races and succedes, there will not be harmony.

  • James Miller

    Hey, As a nation we need to grow up,there are people that are worse jerks than Chris Rock who will ply any trade just to fill their pockets with money. We all have the right to speak up for what’s right and just,most of us use it for good cause. What’s nice is that we don’t have to listen to a little prick like Rock if we chose not to.

  • Larry

    Jeff Schreiber is an idiot. slavery still exists in the USA and the world…..

    • Robert

      Actually you have your facts wrong it was Shaka Zulu who started slavery in Africa and it did not start here In America.

  • Miles G

    Fact: Slavery has been around since the beginning of time. Slavery based on race started in America, thus making American Slavery the worse in the history of the world……. Fact

    • Bo

      “Slavery based on race started in America” is incorrect if slavery has been around since the beginning of time. And it’s the “worse” in the history of the world? Have you been to India or the Sudan or any other place besides the comfort of your internet-equipped bedroom?

    • http://webpronews Brad

      Slavery based on race did not start in Amercia! Are you that stupid or just lying? And by the way, it is Independence Day as in Independance from British rule. Whites were not slaves to the British so this whole argument is apples to oranges. By the way, thousands of slaves sided with the British and then got on British boats after the war was over. Sounds like treason to me. Stop letting your self-hate spill over on the people who created the greatest nation in history.

      • History Buff

        Actually in other countries slavery was subjected by religion…but to your point America is one of the few countries that define race by the color of skin and origin of country. How can you say slaves siding with the British treason when THEY WERE SLAVES and were promised they would be free. And remember all minorities, immigrants (in which white americans are immigrants too), etc. made this the greatest nation!

    • sonsofguns

      well that’s just like your opinion man

  • http://yahoo Georgia

    People ….It is a JOKE! As a white person, I found nothing offensive. I laughed my butt off. Get off your high horse and take it as it is…..a funny joke. If you don’t like it, don’t listen to his tweets. I love Chris Rock and love his sometimes abrasive humor. It is a historical fact that we took the land from the native americans and did enslave the african americans. Both was wrong. It is now a new time and I think we should all just move on.


    Chris Rock is right. We were slaves and Indians were on reservations not by choice. Slaves were not freed on this day. So who’s day is it.
    Yes it was a joke but the reason people are upset because truth hurts. I have nothing against white people some are really good friends, but who really was freed on this day? Think about it.

    • Frank

      R U retarted? July 4th is a meant to be an Independence over British rule in America. The British made us all slaves to the English Empire. That is what July 4th is all about. You should realy get into some history books. This was taught in school, like maybe the 5th grade in some states.

  • Backwards

    Here’s the problem… White people exist all over the world. July 4th is only celebrated in the United States. Maybe Happy White American Day is more appropriate? Truth is he is just trying to get some shock attention, nothing new for comedians. Simply, his thoughts are not as profound as he’d like them to be.

  • doug

    You could change Thanksgiving to Illegal Immigrants day. Celebrating some illegals thanking god that they gave the natives small pox after the natives had cultivated the land and left the seed.

  • Susan

    It’s way past time the Blacks stop throwing the slave card at White Americans about an issue that ended over 150 years ago. None of us were participants and we are tired of being held responsible for the behavior of White people who purchased Blacks from their own people who captured and sold them! The government has more than made up for slavery with many entitlement programs and legislation that is predjudical towards White people. By the way, my ancestors didn’t come to this country until well after slavery was abolished!

    • History Buff

      Please get your facts straight…the slave was freed in the 1940’s in Texas…and don’t forget sharecropping, segregation, and other justifictions to rename slavery was well after the emancipation. Don’t ignore common sense…nothing is going to just go away when a whole lifestyle and way of living is just passed by law…Please stop justifying and minimizing history!

    • http://www.yahoo.com MR_$3xxxyC00L69

      Ok we will let go of slavery when u let go of Mike Vick, O.J. and stop blaming President Obama 4 everything from the economy to the Kennedy assassination also please stop blaming blacks 4 what is wrong with this KKKunt…try called AmeriKKKa.U all have contributed 2 the decay of AmeriKKKa waaaaaaaaay more than we could ever dream of doing. Blacks can’t start wars,nor bring disease nor make man made disease try’n 2 reverse nature etc.clonning cows sheep and other B.S. Loooooooooooong Live Chris Rock!!!!

  • Ty

    I think what get’s white people a little upset is that black comedians like Chris Rock can joke about whatever they want when it comes to race. White people are not allowed to say anything controversial or they are castrated. Whites can’t even have an open dialog about problems facing african american’s without being labeled stereotyping and racist. Whites can’t even oppose a healthcare law or other policies of a black president without being called racist by famous actors like Morgan Freeman just recently. Hey if you oppose him you are racist. It just get’s really old having to be the ones with thick skin all the time. We can’t go back in time and take back the atrocities committed against blacks but we will be paying for it forever no matter what. I never owned slaves but I might as well have. Many blacks go to church every Sunday and preach hate whitey to include our own president until someone realized and spoke up. Have you ever heard a black person being called a racist by the media in the last 10 years..? There is no such thing in today’s society as blacks being racist. It’s totally justified that they hate whites. But whites need to stand with open arms as we get spit on the face. Maybe that’s why little tweets like this from Chris Rock get a few folks rilled up. And black people can’t believe why anyone would get upset..? Remember the race riot that almost started when OJ was about to get convicted for murdering a couple of white people. His DNA was everywhere at the crime scene….but the cops planted it like they had pints of OJ framing blood on hand. He got off and blacks celebrated as if to rejoice in the murders of two white people. You can sit here all day long and tell me how racist white people are but I won’t listen unless you acknowledge the fact that blacks are equally as racist as whites. That is one freedom on this 4th of July that both blacks and whites share equally…the freedom to hate eachother.

    • Tresean

      they do not stir it up. The situations keep it alive…Rodney King…Sean Bell…Trayvon Martin. Those are just some of the ones you have heard about

  • http://yahoo sherwood perkins

    Chris Rock is an idiot. He’s beating a dead horse. Let it go! This is how people like al sharpton and jesse jackson stay alive; by stirring up trouble. I never thought Rock was funny anyway…

  • clara bell
  • MalcolmBrowne

    Well, the “Pootie Tang” mastermind was a very, very, white man by the name of Louie C.K. Chris Rock was just a part of that movie, not the creator nor director. As far as the comment from Chris Rock, we are two very proud Caucasian people and see nothing wrong about this tweet. Hell, we can honor the emancipation proclamation as Black people’s day, more fireworks and we get another day off from work!

  • Brian

    A black guy and a white guy and a hispanic guy find a jeanie bottle, rub it out out pops a jeanie. Grants each of them a wish. Black guy says, I wish for me and all my people to return to our homeland in Africa. Mexican says, I wish that our country wealth and safety restored and all of us return to our homeland. White guy says, well wait a sec, your telling me that all the blacks are back in Africa, and all the Mexicans back in Mexico? The Jeanie replies, yes. White guy says, hell, I’ll take a coke.

  • Alisa Bigstaff

    You tell it like it TIS Chris Rock…you know what? Chris Rock…Rocks! That is the best joke I’ve read or heard all year!!! LMAO…

  • tjh

    LOL. The truth always makes people angry.

  • Bret

    Chris Rock, youre a No talent ass clown.

  • Soulflower2

    Josh You are confused. The confrontational wars with Germany would come much later than 1776. I think you mean he should kiss butt to WWII vets. I am not sure Australia was even a full-fledged nation in 1776 but I will look it up.

    And you are not a prophet and cannot say what would have happened without the American Revolution, and I can’t either.

  • Alex

    He’s a comedian. The joke is on those who’s head still lives in a past, in which they never knew or knew anyone who did. Further, laughing at those who let words rile them as if it was directed squarely at them and that’s all it takes…from a well paid comedian.

  • bobby

    indians land not black or whites land we all should go back to which we came

    • Frjtz

      Indians migrated here from asian a long time ago. With that premise everyone should leave.

  • krzywolf

    Good GAWD! Get over it people! It was a f*ing joke!

    The negative reactions are just another example of political correctness gone haywire. It’s sad that we can’t even laugh at ourselves anymore.

    • Really????

      Are you serious? White people are the ones that are overreacting regarding political correctness? That is pretty f’ing funny right there!

  • JarHead

    Their is a lot of truth to what Chris Rock tweeted, as a veteran, the country has made progress, but the path is not complete. Everyone should lighten up, and take it for what it was, a JOKE!

  • soozy

    HELLO He is a comedian and he does speak the truth

    • Tresean

      It wouldn’t sound horrible to you because you do not have to live with every day racism

  • TunnelRat

    96% of the black vote went for Obamyth in ’08. That’s because all niggers are racists. I am, too. To deny facts in order to be PC is foolish and stupid. How many niggers have won the Nobel in physics? How many niggers are in the NBA? Look at reality and drop your PC bullshit.

  • Soulflower2

    TJH: Yes, the truth makes people angry and the truth is that Black people weren’t free 7/4/1776 and that it is other people’s day.

    • Really????

      That is the dumbest thing I have ever where were you on 7/4/1776? The celebration is about the freedom you enjoy now! You live in a country that allows you to get on the internet and complain about 236 years ago. Doesn’t sound that horrible to me.

  • harry

    The people who talk about slavery act as if they lived through it.
    Their parents weren’t slaves, the grandparents weren’t slaves.
    Here is an interesting thought, I their “people” didn’t sell their
    great great grand parents as slaves way back when, they would not now be in America to take advantage of the various opportunities, if they were still in Africa(where child slavery is a reality),things would be a lot worse for them.

  • Robert Hyman

    If there were no July 4th…..there would be no America. So there would not be white americans or black americans.

  • Kathy

    Chris, You need to stop this my friend. It is when you stop looking at yourself as a black man then we all can move forward.

  • Just An Observer

    I know you make a living with comments like this. You might be careful to not piss off the “white folks” too much. You need their financial support – movie attendance, dvd purchases, ticket purchases etc.
    Normally people that make comments like this are some if the biggest racists around. Consider the source.

  • tjh

    BTW, please let me know how many black people signed the Declaration of Independence. Thank you!

    • tjh

      None, that I know of. That’s why he called it white people’s day. I think it was a funny and true joke.

    • Really????

      Independence Day is a day to celebrate our freedom as a nation, and all people living here benefit from that freedom.

      Q. How many black people live in the United States currently enjoying the independence and freedom of the nation created under that Declaration of Independence? A. 43,884,130 (as of 2011).

    • Tresean

      Not racist just ignorant because you have had limited experiences and probably education as well.

  • Cheryl

    I see alot of “its the truth” being thrown around, ok. The truth is it was the blacks own people who captured them and drug them to the shore line to SELL to white people. Also if the slaves faught for American independence they were given their freedom too, thats also history. I’m 59 yrs. old, I have worked beside many a black person in my day, I can honestly, truthfully say, except for two, they were all lazy. Well thats the truth, can ya handle it or am I a racist?

  • chris nyander

    tired of all the race card playing, if someone white says anything remoetly racist all hell brakes loose if its the other way around its okay. all you i think i know our history its independence from great britian for starters and the slaves were sold by there own people so blacks blame your selves, and there were white slaves too and poor white people. like i always if you r balck and dont like it move back to where your from no one forces you to stay in america. go live in africa, ive been there 3 times and every time all the black marines said hell no im not from here this place is a shit hole.

    • Jimbo99

      Love it, sounds like sour grapes because their own people didn’t get enough for them as slaves in the business transaction. I figure if anyone wants reparations, go to those African leaders and stop bothering the rest of us. Mankind really needs to look at the wealthiest of African’s to see who profited most in the slave trade ?

  • streamfollower

    Way to go! Good sense of humor. We take ourselves way too seriously. We can’t change the past but we can accept it and move forward. It seems that Chris Rock is part of the solution. We really could use a little more levity and laughs!

  • Sensible1

    FIRST OF ALL, will someone tell me what was RACIST about Chris Rock’s statement????? SECOND, was it a TRUE STATEMENT or NOT? THIRD, Africans who knew they were coming to America did not think they were coming to be TORTURED ETC. FOURTH, FOR THOSE, who do not want to bring up THE PAST. A-B-O-L-I-S-H INDEPENDENCE DAY!!!

    • Really????

      FIRST – what is racist is that he claims that Independence Day is a WHITE people’s holiday. SECOND – It is not true, we all enjoy the Independence of living in the United States of America, regardless of race or creed. So no it is not a true statement. THIRD – Africans who came to America were sold by their African Slave Traders and bought by people in several places including the US. Was it wrong, yes, there is no question there. FOURTH – I am not sure that I draw the line between slavery and Independence Day? I am sure that my ancestors where not here in the beginning of the nation, however, I am here now and am proud of my country. I enjoy the freedom and independence that is afforded me to live in this country. That is all that Independence Day represents.

  • Jimbo99

    alicia sanchez gill

    just read the @chrisrock tweet and am constantly amazed by how deep white people get in their feelings about a real historical fact.

    LOL, one day to celebrate the historical Independence from England & birth of this nation. Sorry it doesn’t mean the same to you as the rest of us. Unfortunate that someone had to do the more menial jobs in 1776, then again not sure any job in 1776 was sitting in the air conditioned offices we have today ? Of course, just like the Civil War, the white folks died for this nation’s freedom in war, so I guess taking the risks to earn the rewards doesn’t count for anything ? Maybe if these white people you are amazed at, if they took an entire month to celebrate it a couple times a year your tweet would have some validity. Maybe you might want to brush up on your slavery history ? Slaves were sold by their own race in Africa, very few white people initially started the transactions. But hey, since Africans were selling slaves, maybe they were 2nd best ? I mean they were prisoners fro tribal wars in Africa, the slave trade got the losers, not the winners from those wars. Try not to make anything more out of a business transaction. I mean if you really look at it African tribes/chiefs were the new car manufacturers. By the time the slaves got to the Caribbean Islands and Continental USA that was the equivalent of a dealership and if the slave changed hands, that was like getting a used car ?

  • lester

    And the 150 year old “pity party” goes marching on. The blacks love to talk about slavery that happened 150 plus years ago. This gives them a “excuse” as to why their race in general has never accomplished much out side of sports and music. It’s even the reason that they kill one another over colors and drug turf. They even kill each other over music, east coast verses west coast. I wonder why the Jewish people do not kill one another, what they endured as a “race” was a thousand times worse that what the blacks endured?

  • Martin

    I don’t understand why black people get to be racist but no other race can. Why are they complaining? Would you rather still be in Africa, the lamest, most underdeveloped place on earth. Perhaps they forget that it was their own people selling them? What exactly has Africa accomplished?? Blood diamonds? Landing Pads for flies? Even Australia, a country made from exiled criminals has gotten further than the sad black people of Africa. You were not a slave your parents were not slaves your grandparents were not slaves and most likely your great grandparents were not either, so keep your ignant ass comments to yourself.

  • http://none jesse salyer

    that’s great i live in eastern ky an we have white people day almost every day it’s great thanks chris

  • jenny

    really?? do people really take this bull serious anymore. life is a joke just friggen roll with it my gosh.

  • josh

    And how come his only good movies are ones made by Adam Sandler A white Jewish guy…… ouch

  • MonkeyMember

    A black, an indian, an eskimo, and a german walk into the revolving door.
    Which one walks out first?
    (The Hungarian)

  • Soulflower2

    Susan: It is typical for someone with your mentality to feel that talking about the history of MY ancestors is somehow about you. Chris Rock is not talking about your ancestors whom you say “arrived well after slavery”. Mine did not, were slaves, worked hard and could not even vote. It doesn’t matter. His was a joke but I am serious. My people were not free then and only WE WHO CARE about the slaves can remember them. July 4th is another day. Coincidentally, it is my grandmother’s birthday. But that’s all it means to me.

  • Tom

    blah blah blah…

    We still have black history month don’t we? We have a white history month? Is there or is there not a Miss Black America pageant? Is there a Miss White America too?

    You can either claim exceptions or bitch about inequality. You can’t do both.

    • Tresean

      There would not be a need for exceptions if there were no exclusions in the first place. We can complain about it if we want to. Once again white people trying to tell black people what they can or can not do.

  • jack ptnam

    stupid people say stupid things

  • michael

    Ignorant people did you know a white person named abraham lincoln saved the blacks. I guess we forgot about that

    • Daniel

      no, god did. he was merely a vessel. Followed with another white man killing him for it.

    • CL

      Abraham lincoln did not free slaves because it was the right thing to do, freeing the slaves was a biproduct that went along with the politics of that time. Having to do with free labor….. maybe you should read before you post.

  • Brandon Marks

    Chris Rock is a total racist, he makes racist jokes for a living and when we call him out he acts like it is the truth. I am tired of black people acting like whites are the racist. We all know about slavery and it was terrible, but there has been sufferage in every country and every race. I will never watch his movies or standup anymore!

    • Daniel

      So What. He didnt care if you did or didn’t.

  • Piper

    I don’t think he really said anything that wild, other than maybe he implies that minorities today can’t participate in Independence Day as it exists today. It’s up to the discriminators to try to make minorities more welcome today than they were at the first Independence Day that Chris Rock is referring to above, and it is also up to the minorities to recognize and appreciate those efforts when they are sincere. Otherwise racism will never diminish. And what difference does it make if your ancestors personally owned slaves or not? Slave ownership is not the only racist thing that has ever been done!

  • Soulflower2

    Martin God gave us mouths and brains and hands. NOT YOU or people like you. You won’t censor the nasty comments that your celebrities make more frequently, and view them as free speech. This man simply tells the truth, no slur added, and you dump on him. We can say whatever we want and it has nothing to do with you.

  • SJL

    I’m white and I think it’s funny. Calling Chris Rock “racist” is stupid. That’s what comedians do. There are plenty of white comics who make jokes at other races expenses. Get over it already.

  • len

    I think the race card needs to stop being played. It’s getting old, real old.

    • Samantha Hall

      The truth is the truth. Whats REALLY being over played is you people saying’the race card’ need to stop being played. This is a racist country…

      • thetruth

        and people like jesse jackson don’t help “your people’s” cause! you all praise him like he’s the next malcolm x or dr. king. those men were REAL fighters against racism…you’re so called anti-racism leaders are more racist than any other person in this country!

    • mel

      I agree with you len. So the white ppl should stop dealing out the race cards so they can stop being played….

    • Tresean

      Not the same thing.. MLK day is the celebration of what one person contributed to the nation…July 4th is the celebration of freedom for a nation. Personally I would not be mad if Larry or any other white people said happy black people day in the form of a joke. It is true MLK wanted to bring all people together but the marches which included black and white people for the equal rights/treatment of black people so yeah…black people day I like it.

  • bertha curry

    Chris ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • http://yahoo john

      What if it were Martin luther king day and, lets say larry the cable guy said Happy Black peoples day? I will tell you. His career would be ended. As I recall Dr King wanted all races to come together. It all has to stop at some point. we have a black president. Do you think only black people put him in office? Hell no! If it is ok from one race then it should be ok from all races until we all grow up and stop this nonsense. The truth is we all bleed the same color and god knows that there has been too much of that from all sides.

      • Tresean

        Not the same thing.. MLK day is the celebration of what one person contributed to the nation…July 4th is the celebration of freedom for a nation. Personally I would not be mad if Larry or any other white people said happy black people day in the form of a joke. It is true MLK wanted to bring all people together but the marches which included black and white people for the equal rights/treatment of black people so yeah…black people day I like it.

  • Samantha Hall

    I said the EXACT same thing that Chris Rock said. What did he lie about? And why is he RACIST? Because he told the truth. African-Americans were NOT free so therefore it was a white holiday. The truth is the truth! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    • Cochiti

      White People (Griego’s) get over your selves. Chris Rock told it like it was.

  • Soulflower2

    Tom, whatever. There would never be anything separate and Black if our people had been treated FAIRLY in the first place and were treated FAIRLY now. Since neither is the case there are separate things. People like you never complain about Asian TV/pageants/etc, Spanish-language, or anyone else. You specifically pick on us, which is very telling.

  • joanne

    what he said was not WRONG was it? Check the facts WP

  • http://Yahoo Jeffrey

    Yes I know the stuff about the slaves is true but How would the Black people like it if we said Black people day. They would scream Racism. Lets all get over our selves and live together peacefully without all this hate. Its people like Chris who cant let go of the past!

    • http://yahoo.com Anthony L. Tracy Sr

      Jeffrey you don’t see the news,internet,or listen to anyone talk in America do you.Who’s putting out all this dumb stuff about our President.

  • Soulflower2

    Len: Actually, the term “race card” is getting old. It is hackneyed. You are entitled to your opinions but people like YOU should get a new term. It’s a creative issue. CREATE new reasons to be mad at us or new ways of talking about it.

  • Joe Castelli

    Chris Rock has always been a loud mouth racist that unfortunately gives a bad rap to the rest of the African American Community. He really should seriously look into another profession because he is just down right, rude, arrogant, obnoxious and especially, JUST NOT FUNNY. He is still young and maybe look into some other profession that is not offensive to everyone he tries to be humorous or funny about. Comedy just does not suit him well at all.

  • Daniel

    you folks get mad everytime the truth is told, yall are setting your selves back 100 yrs because you guys just can’t face or admit what you’ve done and are doing. Open you eyes every now and then. P.S. did you enjoy ya happy white folks day?

    • cyndi

      I worked all day. I bet Mr Rock didn’t.

    • Chris Gentry

      Open your eyes you say? You are just as ignorant as every other racist… and you keep setting your self back 100 years. White people havnt forgot it, we read about it. BECAUSE WE WERENT THERE. African americans sold “their people” to the english to be slaves… but yes white americans are still to blame. I receive much more racism from black people then I have ever seen a white person spew out. I don’t owe black people anything, just like I don’t owe white people anything. Its the 21st century man.

    • tim hern

      You are obviously black beacause your lack of education shows. I am nowhere near 150 years old. and none of my family is either. I did not do anything to you blacks other than support them throughout the civil rights years. I was very sympathetic t until I became a teacher and realized blacks dont want (or cant) to learn, dont want to improve themselves dont want get off welfare.
      Yes I enjoyed white peoples day because there were no blacks in sight with there pants hanging down below their dirty, lazy black asses.

  • crazy eight

    white’s day black’s day you have to admit white people founded the country if you forget they brought the black man to this country against there will so that makes us both native to this country. think about this soon it will be mexican day, india day, german day, hell the whole world is taking over my little piece of earth you damn people dont have anythinfg else to worry about than the crap other than whats going on in the world and on your front door steps get off your lazy a’s and make a difference instead of attacking one another peace !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lester

    Chris Rock and all of the rest of the “pity party” brother and sisters need to do a little research. They will find that their black brothers over in Africa still go to war with each other, tribe against tribe. And most of the time the losing tribe is taken into slavery. This is how the blacks got to America in the first place, the winning black tribe took them as slaves and sold them to the white man. Funny how that part of the story is hardly ever mentioned.

    • Daniel

      dummy, in the black community its always mentioned. wp never hear it because they are afraid to face it, so its ignored. Believe me, we know our history. Yall refuse to acknowledge it.

    • Tresean

      UH really.. the civil war was not a fight for human rights but instead economic value. In other words the north did not like the fact the south was making so much money. This was due to the fact of their free labor. The blood had been shed because they wanted to “do the right thing” for black people then we would have never had Jim Crow…oh and by the way a lot of blacks lost their lives as well in the civil war…they too fought on both sides.

    • Achieng

      Lester you need to educate yourself, I am 34 and African, and first slaves only came from west Africa so do not group the whole entire continent as a whole. And yes tribe will fight against tribe just as clan will fight against another clan. Just like a brother will fight against a sister BUT THERE IS NO FREAKING SLAVERY EXISTING IN AFRICA TODAY!!!!!! EDUCATE YOUR IGNORANCE!!! We might be poor and yes a little backward but brother will not own another brother. You are so so ignorant….too much tv that’s all I can say..

      • lester

        Black tribes in Africa are still taking each other as slaves to this very day! This has been going on for hundreds and hundreds of years!

  • mike sproull

    How many white people died fighting the Civil War?…slavery wrong,debt has been paid in full with the blood of white civil war solders…..so cut the crap about who did what to who and who “owes” who.

    • Tee

      Your crazy

    • Just-ice

      Are you really that narrow minded. How many blacks died during the civil war, died at the hands of their so called “masters” and at the hands of evil white people after slavery was abolished. If you believe the civil war main premise was to abolish slavery, then you truly need to brush up on your history and look a little deeper.

    • http://yahoo.com Anthony L. Tracy Sr

      how many blacks died after the Civil because of what that idoit Connie said

    • Phil

      debt paid??? this has nothing to do with owing it has to do with owning and if you’re going to own all the great things that the forefathers of this country have done then you must own the bad as well. I don’t blame anyone alive for slavery in this country nor do I act like it affects me but it did happen. and as you stated the war also happened but don’t forget that half of the people that died were pro slavery not to mention that there were black men who served and died in the civil war as well. This was a building block that helped develop the country that we all know and love today. America has her issues but we continue to get better but let’s not act like what happened didn’t. We can’t change the past but if the man wants to “joke” (or talk about) it than that’s his right and it’s your right to disagree but “debt paid”, was the “debt paid” for the Holocaust victims or the 911 victims or the soldiers at Pearl Harbor? You can’t repay a debt for hundreds of millions of lives brother.

  • jane

    If he was really so concerned about black slavery he would focus on the current slaves in Africa.

    • Tee

      His concern was the history of the fourth of july. This is HISTORY not present. And I’m sure that in his general statement, he was mentioning that the fourth did not give blacks as much freedom as it gave whites.

  • Ann

    For one thing, I’m offended that people get lumped into groups such as black, white, etc. I look white but am multi-racial and was told as a child I had Chinese eyes, whatever that means. Yes many of us Americans are multi-racial and I’m using this to make that statement. My grandmother on my mother’s side was Peruvian & Chinese and she married a German. My father’s people were English & Irish. Why can’t we all just be people, humankind, folk?

    • motun

      nice to say, but we are different. veryyyyy different. Go back and look at HISTORY. not the crap u learnt in school (lies). i mean real hository. we are different. not the same at all.

  • dreameroflove??


  • http://yahoo senseofhumor

    I thought it was comic genius. Kudos Mr Rock!

  • Rob

    What he fails to realize is that those same white people that brought and built this country on the backs of “His People” and made his wealth and lifestyle possible in “this country” And as far as “His People” … are you freakin kiddin me, that was how long ago and their your people??? Their about as close to your people as are the first people to walk upright… And What about all the “White People” that were slaves too?? Oh wait, they aren’t the same color skin as you so they aren’t your people. Quit being racist and blaming things on something that happened hundred years ago, realize we all have issues with our past, just some seem to move on better than others.

    • motun

      Yahoo. needs to stop lying. im not mad at chris rock. he stated a historical fact and anyone mad at his comment is a guilty idiot. and ROB, dont be an idiot. yes black people from long ago are still our people that were treated shitty by savages . Great job Chris rock. remind them everyday.

  • thetruth

    i think it’s funny that all the comments from the african americans support his shit…but if a white person said something, every last piece of shit would cry racism! fuck jesse jackson, fuck sharpton, fuck all the people who say they are for “equal rights” but all they do is bash white people. you’re right, slavery was the worst mistake ever made…if it never happened, you dumb fucks would still be in africa. feel free to go back any time!

  • Thameris
  • Tresean

    Stating a historical fact in a joke is not racist. You should not forget history that is how it repeats its self and the fact that white people do want to pretend it never happened is the reason why black people still experience racism in different forms on a daily basis…therefore we can not forget.Jewish people do not have to complain because their enslavement did not lead to 200 years of oppression… If racism no longer existed and did not still exist today there would not be the need for “special” considerations for black people. Example..the reason we have to have black history month is because they refuse to include it on our everyday American history in schools it is the only time our children get to hear (outside of their community) the great contributions their ancestors made to make the nation what it is. White people make up the rules and pick and choose when and how to include/exclude us and then get mad when we point it out. You should be celebrating the fact that we are now able to joke about it some extent… that IS the sign that we are moving on and getting better. To ask us to shut up and get over it and claim we are wrong for still talking about it in any context is just another example of white people’s feeling of entitlement that they can tell us how and why we “should” feel a certain way. It is almost as if you are saying by talking about it we are ungrateful for what we have now and we should be “thankful” to white America that they have “given” us a chance to have their same opportunities and if we mention history we hurt their feelings and that is more important then what we have to live with on day to day basis. CLASSIC

    • lester

      The Jewish people were scattered in every country in the world from 70AD till 1948 —— They were hated every where they went and persecuted every where they went. In Russia they made them live together in what was called “GHETTOS” every so often just to keep the population down, they would come in a machine gun down as many as 10,000 at a time. In most countries they could not vote or own land………………, wipe your tears from your “pity party” and learn the facts!

      • motun

        Sorry, we dont have time to seperate white people form jewish people. All the same to us. and dont u dare compare jewish situation to what happenned to black people. if you want to learn facts. Go do real historical research and not just cherry pick bullshit written by people like you.

        • Tresean

          Yeah like you said they “were” they are not still having to suffer the same fate over and over and to motun that comment was because In an earlier post someone stated that we do not hear Jewish people complaining and they too were enslaved. apples and oranges… Lester you check your history

        • Really????

          Lester, no matter how messed up the road was, you currently live in the greatest nation on the planet. In doing so you have freedom and independence. That is what Independence Day is all about, not what happened 236 years ago. If your ancestors hadn’t sold you to “whitey” you wouldn’t be here. So you can thank them!

  • Realistic

    Did he tell the truth? Yes this is a part of American history… You can not over look it because its convenient. This is the real funny thing, most American settlers left England and came to an already occupied land to escape British rule because of religious, social and economic oppression. Came here and did the very same things that they suffered in Britain.

    The point is that Rock points out the other side of the coin,… Not everyone was free on July 4th. Seems to me, he is a realist not a racist.

    I know that this is not a popular sentiment but its the other perspective… He is a comedian, most comedians use politics, history and real life to shed light on truth and make us think about the whole picture.

    • Really????

      They may not have been free on July 4th, 1776, but they are free now and enjoy their Independence! That is what we are celebrating. They didn’t come here and do the same thing that was going on in Britain. That was the whole reason for coming here. Are you not able to go to whatever church you want? Are you not free?

      He is a comedian, and he is free to say whatever he wants, however, people are free to react however thay want as well. Let some white guy say something about black people and he will be fired and forced to move to small town because the Black Panthers will put a bounty on his head, but thats okay.


    I suppose the other 364 days is black people’s days.

    • motun

      No. no day is black people’s day. Dumbass. Clearly your brain is injured.

      • Really????

        Are you kidding me? Don’t black people get their own month? What do white people get? This whole black people are oppressed is a bunch of BS. With “Affirmative Action” the only people who are being descriminated against are white people. Companies hire the best person who fits the color they need, instead of the best person. If we are going to eliminate racism then lets do it.

        Now back to the topic at hand, what is racist about you having freedom that is celebrated on Independence Day?

  • Tee

    Chris Rock isn’t racist. he’s being truthful. The only ones who disapproves his post are the ones that are racist. They hate when blacks acknowledge the truth and today they are even making attempts to cover the history because it makes them look like the bad guys. If our ancestors go through anything, we are of them so we go through the same thing as well. July 4th, I went into a store and every white staff member was drawn to my area as soon as i stepped foot into the store. Other whites were shopping too but I had to be observed by 5 staff members. They literally surrounded me. Why do you think that happened? Racism is still going today. Only cowards ignore it.

    • lester

      You want the truth? You want to acknowledge the truth? Look at Africa, its one of the oldest places on planet earth. Yet “YOUR RACE” has never developed the place. In fact, “YOUR RACE” is still living in tribes that go to war with other tribes and take them as slaves. Moreover look at some of these tribes, bones in their nose, rings around their necks, plates in their lips, drinking pure blood out of a scull………………., There is the “TRUTH”

      • motun

        Stop making excuses for your savage race. People like you F’d the place up. Why? because they were savages. When it comes to evil, nobody can compete with white people. NOBODY.

      • Tee

        Its actually funny to read your tone of anger…While I can go into deep conversation about africa I choose to stay on the current subject at hand…AMERICA! America is the country that we are referring to…remember? or did you purposely forget that like you are purposeless trying to forget about the history of blacks on America??? While you decide on your answer, I have another question for you, Would you call your self racist for stating what you say to be true facts? or would you proclaim yourself to be a realist? Rock simply post facts. His post is no where as offensive as yours so who is the real racist here? If there was so much freedom of speech, why is he getting so many scolding remarks for expressing a fact?

        • Really????

          What fact did Rock state? I do not see how people are connecting Independence Day with slavery? No one here is a slave and are all enjoying their freedom and independence. So you are damning your own Independence because there were slaves 150 years ago? Slaves that were sold by black people. The same black people that still have slaves. So complain online about life not being fair as you type away on your smart phone drinking a cup of Starbucks and walk into a grocery store full of food. Life is so tough in the US, especially if you are black.

          • Tee

            Are you intellectually Blind? or is this an act?
            Its crazy that you guys continue to write against Rocks fact when truthfully , you’re only proving his point to be right. But you all are too decieve to even see it so why even post here?

  • steve

    blacks and other races are as much or more pred. then whites, fk. all you sob,es

    • Tee

      Actually there’s an amount of “pred.” in all races. But let me take you down your history lane since you are obviously suffering from the whole Clueless Syndrom and all…its good though I’ll inform you… who enslaved blacks….whites did. who were against jews… Adolf Hitler and his white nazi party. who enslaved the indians…WHITES! who created the laws of segregation…Whites. who killed Martin luther King (a BLACK fighting for rights of equality for all) ….James Ray… A WHITE GUY! to be honest I cna go all day but I think that you get the picture but

  • hewhomustnotbenamed

    ya know it’s truly a shame that people cant forgive others and move on towards creating a better future in life. Let the past be the past. We are much more educated now. yes we need to learn from the past so that we don’t repeat it. but dont dwell on it. I believe we can see who dwells on it, who has learned from it and who hasn’t. just read the comments.

    • wow

      yes,,, the portraits of the north american indian and south american indian are painted nicely with peace, harmony and reverence to the mother earth,,,,, NOT !!! The indians fought wars constantly with each other, captured slaves, cut out hearts, indulged in cannibalism and were generally for the most part mean as hell !!!

    • Clay

      There really are educated people out there. I grew up in a mixed neighborhood. We all played together as children. There may have been some name calling occasionally, but never racial names. Where does the hate come from…Dads, Moms, are you listening. You can make a difference!

      • Vintagedog

        Thanks Clay! You definitely have the most intelligent statement on this entire post!

  • MjG

    Hi, I’m PART Native American, so all of you please leave my land. Oh and thanks for killing most of my ancestors and taking everything that was rightfully mine to begin with.

    Oh but wait, I grew up in a place where I don’t have to throw spears at my dinner or eat flies for substinence. There public schools, affordable housing :), and, plenty of oppurtunity for ANYONE willing to do the work.

    Chris was right. Happy white peoples day!

    • http://none Jola

      It’s not your land and never was, nor was or is white people’s.
      Long time ago, way before white people arrived in this continent Indians killed, rape, hated, and enslaved each other from different tribes as well. Don’t give me this bullshit about ever lasting peace, love and more bullshit about being one with nature.
      AND….what are you or your people doing for nature now?
      Producing and selling more environmental garbage, gasoline, toxic tobacco, etc. more then ever.

      • Lin

        Jola, give up already. EVERYTHING you say is IRRELEVANT. Because all together, YOU ARE A F* RACIST! Anybody on here who talks like or think like you are racist. Soo go f* pick on another native american if that makes you feel any better. Or yet, pick up on some history yourself. Either way, NATIVES were here FIRST! Just like you white ppl would say and claim first

        • Vintagedog

          Lin, why don’t you just give up and do a little history examination for yourself! You’ll find it historically true that the smartest people always win, and the rest complain! I feel sorry for you you’re stuck on the side of the complainers. History might explain that to you.

      • MjG

        You totally missed the point

      • Tresean

        You poor thing you do not know any better. No comment needed. You clearly have not had a proper history class only the on you were given in your local school which is full of lies. I can tell you have a blissfull life because your level of ignorance is beyond comprehension

    • Jack

      Well if native americans were better fighters, they would still be able to sleep in their tee pees and kill each other and the white man would not be here. Get over your part self, you and Chris are both assholes. “rightfully mine to begin with.” what a tool you are.

      • MjG

        We should have seen it coming right. Just like the blacks getting themselves into slavery. Just sayin yall…

  • http://none Jola

    Oh please…..and…where does Ch.R. lives? Surely not between his black brothers and sister, or in ghetto, helping them clean up their streets.
    Hmmmmm….let me guess, he lives in all white, rich, quiet community, who supports him. And this black bozo have nerves to go against white people.

    • Lin

      He went against white ppl because he made a FUCKING TRUE FACT in a joking way!? White ppl didn’t get him where he was at. His fans and ppl around him did. You mad becuz of that joke but yet you’re the one sounding racist dont you think? Do you think CR GIVES A FUCK who supports him? No! But he does care about his true fans and what not. Anyways, if he so-called is where he is at because of the bs you say, why would he make that tweet to end his “HOLLYWOOD Life”!? Yep, doesn’t make since. I hope he continues to say more jokes about WHOEVER the hell he wants since WHITE and or BLACK ppl get offended. Get out your feelings :-)

  • Figures

    Monkeys will be monkeys… why is everyone still shocked by that?

  • Lin

    I found his tweet HILARIOUS! I’m an African American and didn’t get offended when he mentioned the word “slavery” like some black ppl would get offended by. He’s a f* COMEDIAN for crying out loud! Why do some or most of these white and/or black pp get offended by historical facts? The actor from Seinfield is a comedian and used the “n” word in a racist manner. I didn’t get mad because I wasn’t called that nor does that word offend me yet white people found it funny. But when CR makes a REAL FACT joke, he get hated on by the white people or whoever is offended?? Like honestly, the Seinfield guy joke was worse than Chris Rock’s. Can everybody of every race just GET THE F* OVER IT!? These are COMEDIANS and everybody wants to be in they got damn feelings!! Black people shouldn’t get offended by the “n” word and true facts because that was looooongtime ago and white people shouldn’t get mad over true facts or CR’s tweet. Chris Rock throw out more jokes :-)

    • Vintagedog

      Lin, here’s a real fact for you! White people own the Vaseline company and Black people keep them rich!

  • http://none Jola


    • Lin

      Please stfu! There’s no way he will ever live in the ghetto. Maybe you want to visit there sometimes but at least he makes more money than you..BY THE WHITE PPL lmao! *like you would say*

    • Lin

      And oh, if he should live in the ghetto, then white ppl shouldn’t be on this land because everyone knows NATIVE AMERICANS where here first! Soo if it’s boycott CR, then it’s boycott white people

  • mike sproull

    The innercity population needs to educate themselves and abide by the laws and become contributing members of society.
    Until that happens there will always be a divide.(all races included)

  • Leo

    I guess it’s true, although did they have good fireworks? Side note, they freed the slaves but black people retained the white slave owner’s religion, and are more devout to it than their ancestor’s masters in many cases. You wanna be free, understand what brainwashing is and ditch it. Until then, am I really gonna take you seriously?

    mixed race science type guy

    • Balok

      So go worship a urinal, for all anyone cares.
      You’re free to do so in this country.
      You can’t do that in most countries.
      The freed slaves likely saw that the country was founded on solid religious principals, that ultimately led to their freedom.
      Maybe they liked the ideas of Christianity.
      The only brainwashing going on here is from the modern left.

      FYI, the first true slave owner in America was black. He got title to another man’s life when that man tried to escape his indenture.

  • Balok

    White people are just fed up with being called racist, while the real racism existing today is anti-white. Whites are experiencing significant institutional bias against them, every bit as hurtful and divisive as the Jim Crow south. I could list many examples such as louie farrakahn, rev wright, legions of media and actors… etc etc.
    The bigotry extends deep into the roots of America as well. The Founders were slave masters, Christianity and all forms of religion should be expunged from the public square, capitalism is evil while communism is good…
    Blacks must learn to treat whites as equals, and put away the racism and hatred. Let go what happened 200 years ago. Drop the hyphen.
    We are ALL Americans.

  • Lyndia

    I am so sick of the “we owe you” attitude. We all bleed freaking red…get over the skin color. Slavery was hundreds of years ago. They’re all dead!”We” and our generation don’t owe you a damn thing. Stop making excuses and go back to the bond we had on 9/11 people! You’re letting the opposition win…and this is what they want and how we got hit so hard that day. we were all worried about who owed who. 9/11 was all about survival, not color…worry about saving your butt, not who did what for once…geez.

    • Debra Hunter

      Couldn’t have said it better….I am so sick of hereing over and over what I cannot change, and did not do. I treat everyone the way I am treated so please move on…..although I do still see alot of others being racist and it makes me sick…..the 4th is a time to come together so why take it there?

  • Kenny

    What’s the big deal? I couldn’t see anything that could offend anyone. I think some people just have to grow up.

  • ben cracolici

    If you check history black races had white slaves is chris trying to bring that back?

    • Tresean

      If you check your history most of the black people who owned slaves bought their own families because it was the only way to save them. They were not treating them as slaves. Once again taking a piece of history and twisting or excluding facts to make it seem okay…

  • sexybeautiful







    • White and proud

      Funny, white people want to get tan and black people want to get lighter, irony at its best.

      There’s black heritage month, BET, etc. God forbid if there was a white heritage month or WET.

      Stop your friggin whining…

  • Marj

    “The first response to truth is oposition!”

  • antonio rivera

    y don’t america celebrate killing the indians & taking their land day? now what!!!!


      That’s on thanksgiving, IDIOT!

    • http://Yahoo Tessie

      Read your history well. Wrong history up there Mr. Rivera..

  • Len Johnson

    Why don’t we get back to the real history of slavery… I believe it was one tribe defeating another tribe and then selling them into slavery… Yes slavery is bad, but the whites only purchased what other blacks were selling…

  • http://Yahoo Tessie

    Hey you all.Can we all get along.

  • C.J


    • MjG

      We’ll get right on that.

    • WTF

      Actually, it was founded and built upon the total opposite of what you said, and here you type today, free to spit venom as you please.

    • Vintagedog

      And you still want a free living off of it today! I never owned a slave and neither did any of my ancestors, so do I get a free pass from YOUR racism?

    • Tresean

      You mean like the one they teach our children abut our Thanksgiving.. sitting down with Native Americans and breaking bread. White people have always rewritten and intentionally excluded historical facts to make themselves feel/look better and expect us to go along with it and pretend it never happened.

  • the truth

    You people are all ignorant!! White , Black, whatever….July 4th is a celebration of the birth of our country and all those who keep it ours, i.e. our military. Without the 4th, you would all not have the freedom to say what u want and may still be a “slave” to someone else.

    • Leroy Champion


      • Vintagedog

        Try explaining that to Chris Rock, the racist.

  • Matt

    How about only white people get to celebrate the 4th of July? That’s the only thing I got out of that ignorant tweet.

  • http://yahoo Flyin’ High…..But Not in the SKY

    C’mon ppl…It’s a fucking JOKE!!! Obviously, you haven’t watched a second of Chris Rock’s Standup act before, or let alone, heard any of his “racial” jokes…..my gosh, Chris even bashes his own RACE ppl. YES, Chris Rock rips into Africn Americans during many of his standup acts!!! So where are the ppl crying foul when he bashes blacks, obviously, African Americans realize it’s just fucking comedy. If you’ve ever seen Chris’ act than you’re definitely not offended. However, if you happen to do find it offensive, then close the fucking website your reading, plug your ears, or just turn the station…..it’s not Rocket Science. Albeit though, I am a Rocket Scientist & Physicist, and by the way , I am WHITE!!!!! Harvard Class of 2005…Go Crimson!!!!

  • Fyrwf

    If a white comedian would make a joke about Black History Month,.. all hell would break loose. Blacks could walk through my neighborhood with no problem! Let my white, blonde self try to make it 2 blocks in a black neighborhood!! Trust me, It wouldnt be good. And that is the damn truth.

    • Leroy Champion

      sir you are walking in neighborhoods that scare you like you are scared walk like a man and you’ll have no issues , Remember sticks and stones , what someone says means nothing it what they do

      • Vintagedog

        Leroy, if you have the degree you claim you do, you should be intelligent enough to proof read your statement before posting it, especially in the day and age of spell-check! Is it possible your carelessness has anything to do with your job situation? No TV station will allow a commentator that “aks” a question!

        • Tresean

          oh please. You have nothing better to refute his statement.

    • sexybeautiful


  • Neil Rankin

    Sounds like a bunch of whiny ass people can’t take a stupid joke. There are plenty of racial jokes against blacks out there, but they are jokes, exactly that and no big deal. Get over it people. It is pretty pathetic to get so bent out of shape over a joke.

    • teresa.lambert0713@yahoo.com

      Shit! Black people get offended by anything white people say these days and they think they should be allowed to say anything. This country was formed by white people for the black people to have the freedoms they do today.

      • Lin

        Teresa, wrong!! This country was formed by NATIVE AMERICANS until those WHITE PEOPLE back then stole their land. Like you said, “black ppl get offended by anything white ppl say and think they should be allowed to say anything”, sooo why should white people be allowed to steal from native americans?? Teresa, your comment is IRRELEVANT :-) Case dismissed

    • Lin

      @ neil rankin : EXACTLY! Plus everyone is racist or has been racist. Even if it’s a little joke. I swear, white people seem more sensitive than they say about how black ppl are sensitive. Everybody including other countries are sensitive as hell! 😉

      • Vintagedog

        Lin, watch the evening news any evening and see which race’s young people had a party and an argument ensues, then some idiot pulls a gun and starts shooting! Check the color of the shooter! That’ll tell you all you need to know about gaining respect! Idiots don’t deserve respect. I don’t see color, I see fools. You call it what you want. You FOOL!

        • Lin

          LMAO! Either way, white ppl will cover up there ppl not to put on the news anyways. You always see blacks on the news because they mention us and never will mention the race of a white person. Some white ppl today try to cover up the bad things they do. Either way, you’re irrelevant because if you say black ppl are the ones who be shooting and killing eachother, what about the white ppl who kidnaps, rapes little boys and girls, the fuck?? it’s more of a population of y’all anyways so shut that irrelevant sh*t up!

        • Tresean

          okay so you have just proven your ignorance. The local and national news reports what they want. They are happy to report our crimes..when white people commit just as many just as heinous crimes..but never report are missing children. If you want to go toe to toe. Other then the DC sniper and the Atlanta Child murders how many black serial killers/rapist do you hear about. How many black Jeffery Dahmers. There may be many but the national news fails to report it…but the point is crime murders lazy good for nothings exist in all communities….After all it is how America first came to be. This is the land where the killers/rapist and thieves were banished to and when they came they started doing what they did best.

  • Paul Rambunctious

    I wish America would have imported slaves from Mexico, not Africa; then we wouldn’t have so many blacks sponging off the government while Mexicans are doing all the labor. Abe Lincoln, you were wrong!

    • Lin

      Actually, you white people are the reason why America is broke! There are MORE white people on this land (u.s) than blacks. Most of y’all are famous and greedy as fuck getting all money even tho there are famous black ppl too, but the majority of all rich people are white! So y’all get more money and don’t give a f* about ppl who need the money. Y’all are self-centered arrogant ppl! (not all whites) ..So Paul, stfu because what you said was irrelevant.

    • sexybeautiful


    • sexybeautiful


  • woody

    i am a blue eyed mixed native american.i can’t see beyound my racist self center place in the world.i see my brothers and sisters every where i look.so to you other people where ever you might be,take a break.your thoughts are valude and important, just take the time to be sure what you want you’re children to be.

  • Leroy Champion

    wow soon as someone famous says anything people show there true colors, it was a joke. I am a black man no children , no drama I am currently seeking employment in broadcasting . I have a degree and a high school diploma. I hear a lot of things people say and think in my profession most people are racist. I was an intern for a predominantly white radio station where the djs cracked little jokes here and there, I never once used the race card. I kept doing what I had to. Recently I was looked over for a broad op, for a fellow classmate , he was white still didnt play the race card . All i’m saying is look at your comments and think to yourselves ” Is what he said anymore racist than how you really think. BTW black history month doesn’t compare to a whole year. A @chris rock maybe from now on you should just tell your jokes on tv, nobody seems to mind that.

    • Vintagedog

      Just because you have a degree doesn’t make you any good at your chosen profession. I’m white, and my ancestors never owned any slaves ever, but I still have to put up with black racism. What makes me different than YOU? A small all white gathering in Alabama makes national headlines as racist, while the naacp and black caucus are overlooked and ok? I’d say racism is alive and well, FROM YOUR RACE! Great complaint in exchange for government handouts for life because YOU’RE OWED! How many shackles have YOU worn?

      • Lin

        LMAO! Vintagedog is racist and mad at every black comment someone makes! lmao! Go get a life and get off everybody nuts because you are, yet i say this again, IRRELEVANT! Go cry to CR if you are offended. You are a racist so stop it lol

  • Jonathan

    Everyone is blaming and looking at the WRONG ppl here to scapegoat. Has anyone read any history books as of late, huh. If there is someone to blame, his name is Christopher Columbus and he is the REAL culprit in all of this. If he never went to Africa and trigger the triangle then none of these issues would exist today. How come no one has tried to find his descendants to rip them apart for what this man did and it’s affects that linger today. As oppose to blaming random ppl without a single shred of proof backing up these claims, try sitting back and rethinking this whole argument in it’s entirety with strong and credible evidence to back it up with. And to think this country honors him every year with a holiday and parade. What a disgrace ppl, what an effing disgrace.

    • http://none Jola

      Christopher Columbus had to do what all those Kings and Qeens of Europe mad him to do, especially from England, Spain, French, Dutch. The guy him slef was drunk doing what they force upon him.

      • Lin

        UGh!!! @Jola please stfu!!! You steady trying to defend ppl and what Jonathan is saying is the truth!! There are a lot more other ppl to blame too, black, white, purple or pink!! If you look at yourself you’re sensitive when it comes to real history that YOU havent took the time of day to READ. Before you and your likes start judging, SIT THE F* BACK AND GRAB A F* BOOK! READ MORE THAN HEARING MORE.
        *Case DISMISSED :-)

      • Lin

        UGh!!! @Jola please stfu!!! You steady trying to defend ppl and what Jonathan is saying is the truth!! There are a lot more other ppl to blame too, black, white, purple or pink!! If you look at yourself you’re sensitive when it comes to real history that YOU havent took the time of day to READ. Before you and your likes start judging, SIT THE F* BACK AND GRAB A F* BOOK! READ MORE THAN HEARING MORE.
        *Case DISMISSED :-)

  • http://yahoo kathleen annon


  • Roger

    Im about as white as white can get and even I will say this. People really need to get a fucking sense of humor already!!! Chris Rock is actually one of my favorite comedians. Mainly because he bashes on EVERYBODY! White people out there who want to get all butt-hurt about a simple tweet, look up his bit “Black People vs. Niggers”. The only reason that I can see fit to get in any kind of an uproar about this tweet is that it, at the very most, demeans the significance of our nations fight for independence from Great Britain. But on the other side of that coin, one has to think “He’s a comedian. Comedy is SATIRE. It’s sarcasm. And that is what Chris does for a living. I for one am not offended by this tweet. People need to grow up, stop whining and just fucking laugh already. Life is too short to be running around looking for shit to bitch about.

  • Adam

    Come on people its funny,I’m white and not offended.Quit gettin your undies in a bunch over every little thing,that goes for everyone.We have way more important problems than being offended by something said by a comedian.This is what he does,the more response the more attention he get the more shit he sells.A white person can’t say anythimg about a Black or Hispanic and vise versa,get over yourselves and spend this energy on somethimg important like the fact that our country is being bought and owned by the other countries..

  • E

    This white boy finds it funny. That is Chris Rock’s humor.

    People are way to sensitive today. Enjoy the comment for what itt is worth. It was a joke

    You cam’t say anything today without offending somebody. Laugh at it and move on
    Chris makes fun at black folks as well.

  • Jeff

    I respect his freedom of speech , but if I were to try and start an actual white peoples day I would be called racist.
    refer to the article about whites only meeting
    you can have all types of black groups but put white in the title and its wrong

  • Rob

    I agree, stating a historical fact is not racist.

    In all sincerity, please tell me why people have to keep bringing up something that happened how long ago and use it as a crutch?

    And i mean using it as a crutch as using it as an excuse to sit on their butts, collect unemployment, live on welfare, etc. and simply say well The Nazis tried to wipe my race out, or the white man oppressed my ancestors hundreds of years ago, or my religion was repressed so I left and formed a new country, so I can’t find a job today. Why not get up and better yourself, prove as a person that you are better than that.

    • e

      for the effing record…White people are the #1 race receiving unemployment and welfare (majority race remember?).. Your ignorance is what Chris Rock is making fun of.If we’re on the subject of the past lets just forget Memorial day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, labor day, independence day the whole nine after all it’s the past why should we remember or honor the day. Just understand that Chris Rock can crush you with his wallet, while you don’t want to talk about remembering what happened “so long ago”. Read a book learn about history and how it repeats itself and then may you’ll understand why it’s important to remember the past you ignorant fuck

    • john jasper

      I am a 64 year old Black man and have not missed a payroll check since 1975, I believe in working for what I get. To characterize someone as looking for a crutch is very shallow. There are effects of slavery and racism that continue to play out from then to now. I am not one to blame someone for what their forefathers did, but when the descendents bask in ill gotten fortunes, believe their parents lies(out of convenience) about the descrepencies and continue to practice race oriented hirings and promotions, then I can understand the thin skinned response to a comedians remark.

  • Soulflower2

    Jeffrey: I have to admit, what you said was kind, and I never thought about it in those terms. I just need you to understand it has nothing to do with you or modern people. You are not at fault for that. I am sorry if it comes off harsh but I feel like people sometimes don’t want me to remember my own ancestors. No, it is not pleasant when I think about it, if someone said MLK Day was Black People’s day.

  • MinDSmalls

    I think your observation was hilarious, Mr. Rock. Too bad you can’t respond with a proper set of explicitives at my fellow caucasians that took you way to seriously. Please try to remember that white people are born with sticks up their bums and have to learn how to remove them to relax. Once this happens, we learn how to appreciate humor such as this. -A fan

  • none ya biz

    Well what he said sounds right to me. Like it or not, thats the way it was.

    • Lisa

      Note “was”, now get over it and move on. I am so sick of all the complaining!

  • Soulflower2

    Rob: Slavery isn’t a crutch for Rock. He used his brain’s creative powers to come up with a career. I work hard everyday. So did my parents and everyone Black I know. For me, I hate how people want me to forget about slaves. Many were my direct ancestors and they deserve remembrance as much as anybody they think of today to remember. For his part, I think he was just being funny, in the confrontational way he has. I hate, though, how people want to pretend like every thing was right or that it is now. But from what Jeffrey says, it is hard to hear this.

    • Antiomega

      They may not go on about it in Germany, but they do in New York!

    • Rob

      Soul, I don’t want you to forget about what happened in the past, actually just the exact opposite. Remember them, honor them, learn from them, be proud of who you are and what you have made of yourself. But in the same breath, you have to admit there are individuals out there that do use it as a crutch, as an excuse for what they have made themselves to be. And that is my point, bad things have happened to all of us in the past, that doesn’t make us who we are, but rather what we do because of it does.

      I wish more people, black and white, would realize that.

  • Justaguy247

    “more people were like Rock and acknowledged the truth maybe we’d be in a better place as a Nation.”

    Uhhhhh, no. If more people stopped harping on the past instead of learning that things are different today and stop harping on it, because it has no effect on today’s society, we’d be in a better place as a nation. I doubt Jews in Germany go on about what happened to them nearly 70 years ago, as much as black Americans do. They learn about it in school, learn from it, and move on. Blacks should do the same and knock off the racist shit.

    • Sean

      “I doubt Jews in Germany go on about what happened to them nearly 70 years ago, as much as black Americans do.”

      nowadays, I believe there isn’t that many jews left in Germany anyway…

      • lester

        What happened to the Jews in Germany was just the ending of what they endured as a race. They were slaughtered in 70 AD by the Roman Empire. From there, the ones who survived were scattered in every country in the world. They were blamed for the black death, they were murdered and forced to except Christianity by the Catholic church. In most countries they were not allowed to vote or own land. In Russia they were forced to live together in ghettos. Every so often to keep their population down, they would come in and machine gun down men women and children, as many as 10,000 of them at a time. What happened in Germany was just the “end” of what they endured as a race for 1,878 years! —– But look at the Jewish people now! They have taken back control of their home land. They have become wealthy! And they overcame as a race! They do not fill our prisons, live in a pity party, or murder each other!

        • e

          please don’t compare Jews and blacks.. “they do not fill our prisons” – you can look at laws for why our prisons are filled with blacks… pity party last time I checked there is a Black President of the United States. P.S. we all murder eachother stfu (p.s. I am black jewish woman I know about all my history I am proud Jew (but we aren’t a race we are religion)

    • e

      actually we have a day called “holocaust rememberence day” that occurs every year. Jews have a slogan “Never Forget” and Germany continues to try to sweep it under the rug. If you don’t want to acknowledge facts or drudge up the past you’re likely to repeat it. Take for what it is a joke.. But also understand he speaks the truth

    • http://freeyourmindonline.net/Blog/ Free Your Mind Online

      “I doubt Jews in Germany go on about what happened to them nearly 70 years ago, as much as black Americans do.”

      I also doubt Jews in Germany celebrate Adolf Hitler day by declaring it a National Holiday and eating BBQ Ribs while watching fireworks in his honor.

      And if there WAS a holiday declared in Hitler’s honor (like say… Columbus Day), they would be making a lot more noise than a 140 character tweet. Black folk are real docile.

      It’s funny how this country continues to celebrate and pay homage to all of the inhumane acts of oppression performed on Black people, while telling Black people to “move past it.”

      Chris Rock told the truth. It’s called Free Speech.

    • michele

      Uhh,yes..actually,Jews everywhere have commemorated it at some pt. annually. It’s easy to tell others not to talk about what still goes on when you’re not living it. Unfortunately, Black Americans have more than one day out of the year they experienced racism b/c it wasn’t just slavery..there’s history in the Civil Rights movement which is still going on in some states b/c of present institutional & violent racism that still occur as we speak..while some use it as a setback & excuse, many remember their triumphs, b/c their families who survived it are alive to tell their stories and are successful business men & women. Many didn’t learn about it much in schools, so they were taught by their family who lived it. Chris Rock is a smart, successful businessman..a comedian who makes his living joking about conversial issues. If racism were holding him back, he wouldn’t be talking & joking about it. He says whatever he wants to get you debating..it obviously worked!

  • robbie oros

    never cared for his ‘humour’….something didn’t seem right. when u have to use racism to be funny…than u will never be funny. so my only question is How Long has Chris Rock been a racist? He needs to be ramped up and fast. He obviously being BLACK skipped out on going to school like most young BLACK Males do…love my racism Chris? not funny is it…no its not. but the point is well made.
    Sorry ur so stupid and u play to a bunch of other stupid ppl. what happens to you when ur audience dies off? ur left with nothing but ur hate and ignorance and at that point its too late for any comeback.
    sorry ur arrogance gets in the way of your racist attitude. no wonder u and barack obama get along so well..both are racists, both have low IQ, i went to grade school and high school with a guy at that time called Barry Dunham. aka Barack Obama..he wasn’t bright in this all bright prep school and whites are the minority at this school, and ran into Barry at the U of Chicago…he hadn’t changed, still stupid, still trying to impress, the only thing that changed was his name which became Barack Obama. the guy is just pitifull…what President of the USA needs 23 aliases?

    • Larry

      What do you see racist in a true statement. Not in best form but a true statement. His comedy is based on stereotypes not racism. Part of the problem in this country is people hate the truth. And you comments about Barack are out of pocket since we all look alike.

  • ryan

    these are obviously people who never saw any of his standup in the past lol

  • Gene Hightower

    Don’t get mad about a simple joke that has a lot of truth in it! The fact of the matter is on Independence day July 4, 1776 blacks were still slaves and suffering all the evil atrocities that go along with it such as public hangings, body dismembering, raping of woman and children, tearing apart of families, inner division programing of house and field slaves, flesh tearing public whippings, and many other despicable deeds that I haven’t mentioned. So the joke is why is this day so highly celebrated when at this time and date all Americans were not truly free. Think about it?

    • Jennifer

      Yep, he’s grandstanding on something again. Not in the best taste, but certainly not in the worst.

      WHATEVER. We’re all free this year.

    • Hendog

      Actually Gene this county’s independence almost didn’t happen because slavery was so disliked by the northern colonies. Language in the draft discribing slavery as bad had to be scraped or the north would vote against independence all together. Yes, there were those who thought slavery was alright but our founding fathers, as a whole, knew that independence from England was only the first step in true independence for all. Without it we would never have been the country we are today.

  • mel

    WOW….Chris Rock has been doing racist, inpolitically correct jokes since his breakout stand up routine back in 1995. But his delivery is always on spot. He criticizes all races including blacks (remember the difference between a ni&&a and a black person story? Lol…) But anyway it seems like alot of ppl missed the point of this particular joke! All he did was state a HISTORICAL fact his “Chris Rockish” delivery! You can’t change history ppl, hell they even teach history in our classrooms. I guess some ppl just don’t like to be reminded of that particular time in history…but that’s ok because America’s history is not always pretty! I thought it was funny as hell myself. It’s unforturnate but racism isn’t going anywhere, there’s always going to be some kind negative racial undertone to this country. Sorry folks….

  • http://yahoo ct

    i am glad a black man said something like that because if a white man would have said something about a black day old jess and al would be crying all over the place and marching in the streets

  • Soulflower2

    To Rob: ALSO, Black people who aren’t doing well have problems. They don’t have the tools to solve them. You need an education and once you have loads of responsibilities it may not be easy to get.
    If you have a record, it becomes next to impossible to get a regular job. Black people who have addiction issues don’t have access to really good treatment programs, to get to the real reasons behind the addictions. And health issues are another thing. NONE OF THE “PROBLEM” BLACK PEOPLE BLAME SLAVERY. It never comes up. They just need a roadmap, a way to get out of their problems.

    • Rob

      Soul, not just black people have no education or addictions or records or health problems, it happens to all of us.

      Again, what happens to us does not make us who we are, how we react to it does.

      • Rob

        And to be sure, I am not lumping all the black people into the same group, most fight tooth and nail each day to better themselves…. Others do not, same with everyone no matter what color of skin you have.

        • matthew.gadbois

          That’s a truth I can hang my hat on.

    • MjG

      What’s the temp in Tennessee? LB is hot!

  • True Patriot

    Those who offended by America’s Birthday should report to work, not barbecue, not drink, not go to the lake, not see fireworks. Just go to work and shut up. But I noticed that a lot of people who hate America took off Wednesday, just like atheists report to work on Christmas, then complain that that there are no couriers, PC support, cafeteria personnel, etc and then file complaints to cancel the holiday. I am offended by people who attempt to change my way of life by banning it one element at a time. We will never adapt to your ways, for they are based in spite and revenge. And, learn to form a complete sentence.

    • http://webpronews.com maggie

      i for one am getting mighty tired of black people running their big mouths about being a slave ..if they could tell me one person here on this earth today that is a slave ill eat my hat and yours to..i also resent the fact when i am told black people are the same as me ..they dont look like me dont act or talk or walk like me . .dont smell like me .and most of them are not very ambitusios like me ..there are some wonderful black in my church and on fox news that i see every day and would not miss what they have to say for nothing but not one of them can say i was a slave ..so stop riding that band wagon..its all wore out

      • ls_mccreary

        Its not bout slavery it bout the facts 4th of July is for yall June 19 is for us. Again Maggie was yo grand pappy one of those Jim Crow MFs I think so. Its a Joke u only it mad if its bout u

    • cole

      No 1 said anything bout not liking America but it’s facts. Do you celebrate the MLK Holiday do u take that day off if so why??? Because its an American thing to do even if u dnt like the idea of it. True Patriot i believe at 1 point yo family may have been true slave owners. Is dat why u so mad is we talk’n bout yo pappy : ) LOL lighten up Americans we all need to b celebrating Native American Day anyways with r stealing a**es

  • cole

    4th of July is White people day…Deal wit it… hey yall gave us a whole month… Thanks

  • terrylm

    Slavery was wrong. But if you have chosen to make your life and fortune in this country, then you, too, should celebrate it’s birth. (I don’t regard Chris Rock’s “joke” as anything more than political commentary — there was no real humor in it.)

  • Robert Schoonover

    To all those blind folk who never even heard of “American History”: Chris Rock, you’re a fine comedian!

  • Lucifer

    I wonder if he would call out his jewish slave masters as they are the ones who ran the slave trade, they now run Wall St. He IS an over paid slave. Whites are being being framed constantly in the media that frankly very few had anything to do with. Chris Rock and his Hollywood pedophile jewish handlers (the biggest racists of them all) will never get a dime from me ever again.

    • lester

      Your a idiot, the Jewish people were in exile from 70 AD till 1948. They were scattered and hated in every country in the world. They had “ZERO” to do with the slave trade!

    • Jonathan

      Excuse me but I think that u need to check ur facts again. Jewish ppl were dealing with their own problems, and were in no way, shape or form involved with slavery. Nice try though ;).

  • coprophilous

    He didn’t say “White People’s Day”. He said “white peoples independence day”. Learn to read, people.

    That extra word is important. Since slaves were not free, they were not made independent on that day. Chris Rock has a point.

  • royalfuzziness

    Ok if July 4th is White Peoples day, does that mean black people have to stay home and scrub the floors,and tend to the house.

  • http://yahoo Janbone

    TO all Americans. That is what we are. We need to quit complaining about race there is alot of races in America. God made us all and we all should stand together and quit jumping on each others color.
    So what like the one lady said we all bleed red. Not white blood or black blood or brown blood. It doesnt matter. Wer should quit taking offense to every little thing.
    America just needs to get back to its root the church and act like somebody.

  • Gary

    He’s a comedian,if you don’t think what he says is funny,don’t laugh

  • C.J


  • http://yahoo laura

    Good Lord people! If you have EVER heard even one of Chris Rock’s routines you know that NO RACE is “safe” from his jokes…including his own race. He DOES COMEDY….that is who he is! Get over it already!

    • Bryan Tracy

      Exactly People need to lighten up. Beyond ridiculous.

    • MjG

      I don’t think this is about Chris Rock anymore…

  • ray swede

    But yet Jimmy the greek was fired for saying that the slave owners in America got a big black man slave and big strong women black slave to breed them and get a big strong black baby slave. He, as Cris Rock, was just saying the truth and the facts, bit Cris Rock did not get fired

    • Joe Blow

      Jimmy worked for someone else who was “scared” of the backlash from Al Sharpton
      Chris Rock does not.

  • Wise sage

    It is interesting that “white people” take such offense at the exposure of their political/social fiction of the white classification. It is an invention of seventeenth and eighteenth VA law, desingned for social control and class distinction – artificially created. All designed to forever oppress Africans in their indigenous land. In 1705 white people were invented – the secret’s out. Great insight Chris!

  • Honest Jeff

    People who are upset about the comment of a comedian are a sad lot.

  • TheBrain

    Every day is “White People’s Day” in America, Rock…

  • Linda

    I don’t know if anyone has seen the show “who do you think you are” but there were celebrities on there that were black as well as white and it showed that a couple of the black celebrities had no slaves in their family trees as well as there was at least one celebrity that was white that did have a slave in their’s. We are a melting pot of all races here in the United States. Yes we had a shaky past but our present and future depends on us getting along. 4th of July is a celebration of our freedoms we ALL share in the United States and how we have struggled to get to the place we are now!

  • Jonathan

    Oh yeah, I forgot to add something to my remark. And that is if SOO many black ppl are still urked that slavery existed here, then why not make that LOONG journey back to the Motherland. Why waste ur time here in the US when u could be back home, so to speak, where it all began. Good luck and I’ll see u in about a week when u return back to the US.

  • The Principal.

    The 4th of July has nothing to do with slavery. It is the day we declared independence from Great Britain. I swear people will find every and which way to turn around a situation and the “me against the world” mentality. The less we dwell on the past, the more we as AMERICANS can focus on the future. Trust me..if racism existed..Obama wouldn’t have been elected.

    • Jack Hardy

      You can’t seriously believe that racism no longer exists.

      • Rob

        Oh it does, but not just against blacks, there is a form of racisim against pretty much every race or color of skin out there.

    • http://yahoo Scott

      Thats just it though,The majority of the people stirring debates and arguements are ignorant to the facts about history and all that they know is what they have been told by family and friends and alot of people already have a conception of events before ever attempting to crack a book and actually learn the true history of America and their own heritages,And you are also right about dwelling on whats in front of us America has developed a country more of followers than of leaders and thats a sad statement albeit true,And last and foremost right on about the racism part how do they think we have the King ERRRRRR The President at present?

    • http://yahoo alphonso boddie

      What a dumb statement to make. Because we have a black president racism is over. You look at Congress and how they have treated the president. Some of the things Congress have did against the president since he been in office those things never happen to a white president.

      • matthew.gadbois

        You’re absolutely right. How dare congress question “The Chosen One”. After all, he wen’t to church and listened to all those godly preachings by what’s his name.. Oh yea, Jeremiah Wright. Let’s get this guy another Nobel Prize. Please.

        After all there is that old saying that you are the company you keep.


  • http://msn Curt Anderson

    I never heard of this guy. Who really cares what he says.Whites know who the real bosses are.

  • Jay Sulkowsky

    He is correct, we invented this holiday so his people could eat ribs, chicken and watermelon! Not any funnier when you turn it around either is it?

  • LamontYouBigDummy

    It would also be nice if we didn’t use the standard narrow-minded excuse to justify bigotry (ie “if a white person said that..” or a if black person did this….”). JUST STOP. Ignorance is ignorance and EVERYONE is called out on it. Also, stop throwing around what our ancestors did or did not do. History is filled with countless tragedies and mistakes and, unfortunately, we will continue to make them. We are human after all. Just be wise enough to learn from those mistakes and not repeat them. I don’t care what race you are, using our ancestors history to rationalize your ignorant views or as an excuse to be inconsiderate of other people and there heritage is cowardly.

  • Dan

    Don’t forget it was Rock’s ancestors that sold his brother and sisters into slavery.

  • BlackZiggla

    Hey yall you free to go!

  • http://yahoo Dgee

    It’s a shame to here all this bull from you white people and I love every body. I have a white in me and in the family. But WHITE PEOPLE you refuse to acknowledge that slavery ever exist and still does. Tv commercials or movies have maybe one black or person of color in it. Most politicans refer to the black and white vote. ( not the peoples vote). Police, stop more blacks and people of color then whites a know fact. Judges, give more blacks and people of color more years then they give whites for the same crime. When the police stop black people or people of color they give them a harder time. A policeman in Dallas stop my Nephew and took his license for wasting his time. That policeman should be removed from his job. He is nothing great, he was hired to do a job not to harrass people. If we start looking at the situation and educating those people who show tendencys of racism we could move forward. Yes, we were sold by or own people, but the events that followed for years and even now is what whites are guilty of. I will not take anything from the Jews being abrused by there people because it was sure unjust. Blacks were killed and raped coming to america, sold like cattle, raped by there masters, seperated from there fathers, mothers and child, beat for reading a book or even killed. Could’nt look at a white women but there men could rape black women get them pregnant and deny the children. Some states up north they were free blacks, but they had to live outside there state for so many years before they could even be cosidered to recieve papers of freedom. When they were freed they had to pay to leave the master house even owning a piece of property you had to pay a price. When blacks tried to have a community of there own, whites would destory them for no reason. Even now in the 21st century why was Obama showed as a monkey in a cartoon, if there is not racism, or Iraq’s called sand niggers. Stop talking from your ___. And gather facts maybe we together as a nation could over come racism but it starts with us all of us. CHRIS ROCK YOU ROCK WE ARE STILL TRING TO GET FREE. WE ARE NOT ALL RAPPERS ARE GANG BANGERS. WE WANT OPPORTUNITYS JUST LIKE YOU and not always have to go the extra mile to get it.

    • Jakobus

      Ohhh Waaah, do want some cheese with that whine, get a life and stop whining. Also I have news for you if racism exists today, got bad news for you, blacks are pretty darn responsible for it as a ton of them are whiney entitlement demanding pricks.

  • Outdoors

    This is utterly offensive. I have watched the last thing ever that has anything to do with Chris Rock. If something like this was said by a white man his career would be over.

  • Jeremiah

    What would the backlash be if a famous white guy tweeted Happy Black People Day on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, I bet they get dubbed as racist and never hear the end of it.

  • Amy

    Although it is the truth..it was still uncalled for. If a white comidian had made a racial joke like that black people would be all pissed off. Blacks do not like when they are the butt of a racial joke so why is it ok for them do do it to other races?

  • Too much

    I am sick and tired of all this chatter about race coming from you African Americans. America has done more for blacks than any Country on this planet. Yet you continue to blame us for everything that happens to you, past, present and future. Sorry you feel that way. I would also like to say that my family originated from Hungary, but I don’t call myself a “Hungarian American”. I am just plain old American like you should be calling yourself. Yes we are of different color, but that was beyond our control too.

    • Adry

      Wow! “Chatter about race”, huh? You scream racist without even saying it. I’m going to leave that alone as only God can judge you and no one can change you, but you. But hey, it’s great that you can tell everyone where your family originated from. I mean…right down to the very COUNTRY. When I call myself AFRICAN AMERICAN, I can only narrow it down to the continent my family originated from…(even THAT is a guess, though). You probably should have kept that comment to yourself. I’m just saying…

  • Dianne

    Chris Rock only causes controversy because he tells the truth. I am a very proud American but sorry – Independence Day has nothing to do with Mexican-Americans whose ancestors lived in Texas while it was still Mexico. But I’ll take the holiday – I get the day off from work and enjoy the fireworks!

    People – we could go on and on. Leave it alone already! There are so many people from different countries who are “Americans.” I’m sure everyone has been discriminated against in one way or another.

  • tony

    What did Abe Lincoln say when he got over a drunken spree?

    “I freed the what”

    LOL thants comedy folks!!

    • jen


  • Yvette

    It’s not that serious people. Really it’s not. Chris Rock is a comedien. He tells jokes 24/7. Some are fact based most are not. Get over it and keep it moving.

  • CL

    To all the smart people posting, answer this question, when a white person says something another race considers racist why is it said that HE is racist, But if a black person says something that another race considers racist it comes out as (black people) or THEY as a whole are racist or (here THEy go playing the race card)……. If one person from any race says something racist there are usely more than a few others of that same race that believe the same thing… But that one individual is the person who said it. An entire race is not responsible for an indivuals actions….. Take a look at yourself when you do that. Is that how you want to be judged also…

  • Gary

    Slavery has existed since before the Pyramids were built and it still exists today. The fact that the United Stated eradicated it in such a short time was a good thing. Do problems still exist? Of course they do, every society has issue, skin color, faith, etc but the United States is still the biggest melting pot of all those things and we are going a good job all things considered. Let’s all keep working on what is good and move forward together

  • phuk yoo

    blacks are the biggest racists in the world, for some reason unknown to me, it is acceptable for a black person to take pop shots @ white people & it’s ok, racism is a two way street & as long as idiots keep fanning the flame that fire will never burn out, why is it black vs white, can’t we just be human beings

  • Shane1212

    Just another black racist. So much hate can’t be good and it just makes him look stupid

    • jockamoe


      • Steve

        Shane dude it’s a JOKE relax.

    • jen

      i get that the comment was not necessary but it was simply a joke. but it also happened to be a fact. so his comment is just as bad as your comment calling him a racist black.

  • Everard

    Slavery Abolished by the Senate on April 8th 1864.

    88 Years after the official signing of the declaration of independence.


    I may be Canadian, but damn if American’s are that bad with their own history, comedian or not, I can see why Obama was elected in 2008.

  • http://yahoo whitey50

    chris Rock is a hilarious comedian that pokes at any group of people pointing out the redicoulessness in everyone he makes me LMAO hes probably not funny to people with racial issues, he likes tip over the applecart not because theres a whiteman pulling it he just likes to watch the apples roll down the street!

  • http://yahoo.com country boy

    Chris spoke the truth…why get so upset about the truth? Slavery existed but not here on Turtle Island as dominant society says in a vain attempt to ease their wrongful truths. Columbus did not discover this country and textbooks need to start telling the truth or people need to get real about the attempted extermination of entire races here as well as the other atrocities that were meant to oppress and defeat a People while seeking riches and other forms of artificial wealth….a People’s Spirituality is never conquered!

  • jockamoe

    F’n hilarious!!! If we didn’t laugh, we would all go insane! If that tweet bothers you, DON’T READ IT!

    • jen


  • George Haskins

    If truth can be funny, Mr. Rock has certainly found the right way to present it. I know he stated the truth, I’ve Scottish ancestry, and am LMAO.

  • Matt Tracy

    Chris Rock rocks! Good for you sir Rock. Some wimps got their feelings hurt. Such a pity. Cry about anything.

  • Steve

    Anyone who thinks Chris Rocks JOKE (although true) was racist was already racist his/her self. They’re using a harmless joke to spread their own bigotry.

  • Maria Borrero

    Keep it up Chris!! Always tell the truth!!

    • jordan

      In a way your right General ZOD but freedom does exist but we all should learn to get along and help understand what life is all about not attack one another over who said this and how racist that person is . what we really need to worry about is how to improve from our past because history due tend to repeat it self if we’re not too careful. and plus is this what we want to tell our children how to hate each other. what we really need to do is get off this dumb site and do something better with our selves because for everyone to waste time on this is just crazy.

  • General Zod

    This is why I left the US. I don’t think the US will EVER rise above racism because RACISM is BUSINESS there. For all the black jokes Chris tells, I am amazed that SOME whites would CRY over this. I’m not surprised but amazed at how BABYish some people are.

    Naturally, it’s not all whites, not even most. It’s just the FEW who allow themselves to be manipulated by politicians and the media. Is Rock’s comment REALLY that bad? I’ve heard him say far worse about blacks. Comedy is comedy. You HAVE to be open-minded to appreciate it. People who lose sleep over this probably can never be satisfied or happy in ANY way.

    I don’t know which is more pathetic, the dumb blacks who would sit and try to keep score of how many black, vs white jokes Chris has told, or the dumb white hillbillies who would cry racism and use this as proof. It’s LITTLE SHIT. Life is much too short for all the crying. STOP letting the Pisspoor American media control your thinking. GET OVER IT!…

    …….There’s no such thing as Freedom anymore anyway, for blacks or whites unless you’re rich.

    • http://yahoo Dgee

      very will said!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tony J

    I do not like confusion, but it is what it is. It’s not so much that black people are still angry about slavery. They are angry because slavery was not the end of the suffering for them. After slavery, worst things happened. Sometimes, it still happens even today (Trayvon Martin). If slavery was all there ever was, there would probably hardly be a mention of it. However, slavery was not all there was. Blacks have been being oppressed since they were kidnapped and brought to this country. For example, any individual from another country or maybe even someone in this country can get a loan to start a business for themselves. Many times, if a black person tries that same thing, they will be denied 9 times out of 10. Also, many times they are denied jobs, unless it’s a position in hard labor or something like that, and even then they are denied. However, when they are denied work on the basis of their race AND, lets not forget, the way they sound, everyone calls them lazy when they can’t get work, or get mad when they take to selling drugs. It’s as simple as that ppl. And yes, there are some people who would rather stay on the welfare instead of work but don’t act like blacks are the only ones on welfare. What about the Mexicans and poor whites? Poor Asians too. Come on ppl.

  • http://d'snuts.com derek

    get em pookie black people got mlk day burnt finger tips and red hot stems all day …hanging the stem men char boy and lighter girl


    The first Slave owner in America was a BLACK man who owned a WHITE slave and a BLACK slave. The Chinese and the Indians were also slaves. White people from Europe came over as indentured slaves who were freed after 10 to 20 years of slavery. Africans sold their slaves to he europeans who brought them here and sold them, it was the first time in eropean or american history that a slave didnt have to be freed. After the africans got tired of selling their slaves, the SPAINARDS began to steal any africans they found and sold them on the market. Salvery was apart of daily life, people born into didnt realize it was wrong, the governemnt said it was okay so therefore it was okay. Everyone has a right to be angry with the history of their ancestors. For me, my ancestors are still assholes who treat women no better than slaves in america were treated. But its not that way today, so get over it. Independance Day is a day to celebrate our freedome from monarchy and the begining of our democracy which is constantly fighting for the rights of every non white american so buck up and smile, Celebrate with us or go back to your beloved lands of Africa, Saudi Arabia, Iran, China, Mexico or whatever country unhappy people in this country thinks better than ours. I am an American, and I believe in American people regaurdless of what race as long as you Claim to be AMerican and believe in the constitution and belief system that this GREAT COUNTRY was founded on.

    • brian

      well said and thank you

  • http://yahoo swoosh_28_1999

    chris rocks comments historically accurate??????? I do not recall photos of blacks riding the boat with george washington while crossing the delaware..i do not recall blacks fighting the fight that inspired francis scott key to write our national athem..i do not racall blacks being labled as the minute men while the colonist fought the brits to gain their own independance,. i do not recall blacks responding to the call of paul revere saying the british are coming..however i do recall the blacks doing a wonderfull job in the fields untill a white man named eli whitney invented the cotton gin

    • proudblkamerican

      You probably don’t recall it because… you weren’t there. Do yourself a favor, watch the history channel whenever you’re not stuck on your playing World of War Craft on your computer. You may actually learn a thing or two. Perhaps how black people fought in the revolutionary war, you may even find out that there were some black enlisted in the minute men. However, if you’re too occupied to watch the History Channel… you could try the old googling method. The amazing things you will find! Cheers!

    • jen

      that is where you need to get your history straight.Wentworth Cheswell, black man who rode with Paul revere. Crispus attucs fought with America against the British redcoats and died doing it. black men & women had a large role in America’s freedom so get your facts straight.

    • jockamoe

      Blacks fought in the revolutionary war; Blacks fought in the War of 1812; Blacks fought in the Civil War (Buffalo Soldiers); Blacks fought in both World Wars; Blacks fought in Viet Nam, Korea, Desert Storm, etc. However, the “Midnight Ride of Paul Revere” was a poem, bka propganda, and not historically accurate. You must hate peanut butter, astrophysics, jazz, soul, blues, rap, rhythm, gospel, disposable syringes, A/C, 1GB processors, Super Soakers, Richard Pryor, Eddie Murphy, Cedric, Bernie Mac, Steve Harvey, Aunt Jemima, Uncle Ben, Uncle Remus, night time, cosmic voids, and showing a profit aka being in the black.

  • jockamoe

    doesn’t anyone remember that when it was written, “All men are created equal…”, that indeed was NOT the case, for blacks or WOMEN! It may have been 236 years ago, but we are from all being equal!

  • Dave

    Don’t get offended by this. Chris Rock is a comedian. Its like being mad at a clown for throwing a pie. Clowns do that. Now, if it was the Rev. Al Sharpton or a member of congress, someone who is a major national community leader, I can understand being upset. Now with that being said, does Chris Rock celebrate January 1st, 1863? The Emancipation Proclamation? Or is just another day?

  • Terry

    Glad to see Chris Rock can still be funny (i was starting to worry from his last several movies) Comeon People hes stating a fact. white people owned slaves! and it wasnt the Disney or the Gone with the Wind versions either. dogs were treated better than slaves were.
    ChrisRock messes with every race incluing his own. get a sense of humor1

  • josh

    there will always be race wars each thinking their side is right till the end of time unless we poke all our eyes out. truth is until we can love and care for everyone equaly like the brothers we are we all have the same color blood and breathe the same air and look at the same sky’s the world has plenty unhabited islands we as people need to stand up and stop the hate and put all the haters on some of those islands and let them kill eachother and do us all a favor drop dead haters of all race, religion,sexuality and soforth

  • Mary Bailey

    I am white (age 65) and I actually find his comedy specials on cable. His humor belittling white people is his “schtick” and I am not offeneded by it, as it is based on the feelings of a certain part of the white population. He also pokes fun of his own people. I hate to use “white people” or “black people” terminology as we are all God’s children and he loves us all the same. We are all equally “Americans”. I regret the atrocities that happened to all people in the past from the Christians persecuted and fed to the lions, the American Indian’s plight, all the way through the holocost, especially the slavery and murder of our own blacks by our own ancestors. Instead of concentrating on past atrocities, maybe we should be doing more as citizns of this great nation to prevent atrocities happening in the present. However, I feel all people are created equal and try my best to keep an open mind and follow the “golden rule”. I am tired of being included in the black population’s “blanket” racist attitude toward whites. I had nothing to do with the treatment of the slaves nor the treatment of blacks or segregation. Never forget the past, however, everyone should look to the future and how they can better America and put their present opportunities to work for them. I abhor any racism, black or white, religious, or sexual persuasion. I voted for President Obama, as did alot of other whites, so another obstacle has been struck down in the way of equality. I am not gay, but have a gayfamily member, and he kept his promise towards the gay population. There is more hatred towards this part of the population than the black population. When will people follow the golden rule and realize they are not judge and jury and that only God can judge us and his mercy is great. He will see what is in our hearts and judge us accordingly. Lets look to the future and go forward, not backward. God bless us all.

  • Wendy

    It wasn’t a joke, he was speaking the truth. I really don’t believe he is a racist, some of his words may be harsh, but the truth almost all the time is. BTW – I am white.

  • http://www.webpronews.com/white-peoples-day-chris-rock-joke-sparks-backlash-2012-07 Gregory

    Elon James White got it right! Rock’s comment was just a little fun with the truth. It does beg the question why so many people are so upset with the truth. The list of attrocities humans have committed to each other just goes to show how far from civilized we really are and just how ignorant and or blind we really are.

  • SPUC7816

    4th of July is “White People Day”? Great! I’ll take it! Come on really. Chris Rock makes fun of everyone and his comedy against Black people is equally offensive if you take it that way. I really have nothing to do with this being a European American whise ancestors fled Europe before World War I (Poland prior to 1914) for a better life because the Germans ans Russians were battling constantly. Everyday I am here I thanks GOD that they were able to leave with their lives and whatever they had in their pockets. Because I wouldn’t be here. The joke does not offend me at all. I love the holiday and will continue to celebrate it because Independence allowed my family to come here and survive before World War II again almost destroyed Europe.

  • http://yahoo James Pool

    I did not own slaves but still everytime blacks have a beef with celebrating independence day or columbus day. They need to get over this stigma that they have been wronged by the *white man* otherwise the black man will always feel that they are owed something by the *white man*. Blaming the *white man* for things of todays blacks is like beating dead horse does no good.

  • http://MSN.COM MSUTTON


  • NateTheGod

    Hahahahaha! Now that I think of it, only whites in America really celebrate the fourth of july. Why is that?

  • wowfactor

    @Curt Anderson: God is the real boss, but African-Americans aren’t racist, the tea party and people on here with racist remarks like this person: @phuk yoo and few others on here that are racist, internet tough guys who think that black people should be ok with the racist remarks thrown at the president and other black leaders who are trying to make a difference. #getoverit

  • Cal


  • LAW


  • juli

    i dont want to spoil anyones fun but chris has a new movie coming out…

    any publicity is good publicity.

    i have met him on several occasions and he is very good to his fans regardless of colour :)

  • Tony J


    I never thought I’d see the day where blacks were considered racist. Maybe prejudice, but not racist. I mean, don’t you have to have enormous power or rule a whole nation to be able to make racism work?

    • Robert A. Allen

      No. You don’t have to have power to be ignorant (racist). Especially in this day of instant media. LOL!

  • Robert A. Allen

    I think if you know anything about Chris Rock, you know that a-lot of his humor IS racially motivated. Is he serious about it? Who knows….
    But, I think that as a society, we need to get past the “playing the race card” crap. Regardless of who said what, directed at who knows. The “political correctness” going on nowadays is beyond idiotic. It needs to stop. People are far to concerned with whom they “might” offend. People are allowed their opinions folks. Deal with it. Get over yourselves and let’s move forward shall we????

  • Sean

    JULY 4th!!!! It is basically a ridiculous celebration anyway!!
    Independence Day!?? Independence from WHAT?? A country which gives you everything, from Bill of Rights to the Constitution!!! Majority of you come from Briton anyway and you speak English, don’t you???? Give me f***ing break!
    Have a meaning celebration day when you stop importing Chinese garbage and start employ your own people, and Call it real independence from Chinese Trash!!!

  • Bob

    Can you imagine if a white comedian called Martin Luther King Day, a black people’s day? The liberal media and all the enablers would be all over the person, decrying racism, etc. Where is the apology from Rock for this? Michael Richards, (Kramer, from Seinfeld) while doing stand-up a few years ago, made some racial remarks as part of his routine, but nobody defended him by saying, “he was just making a joke”. The problem is that anytime a black person makes a comment it is explained away by the apologists, and when someone white makes a similar comment, that individual is expected to apologize. The double standard of hypocrisy is strong in America.

    • sansibonne

      Whites do call MLK, Jr. Day a black holiday. If you know Chris Rock’s humor, he was trying to be funny; he’s like the Seinfeld of Black comics. His humor is very vanilla at times.

    • http://yahoo Buddy

      You hit the nail on the head there brother.

  • justin

    yeah you could call it white people day it you want. Was founded, built and designed by white people. The only people that should be mad is the native american cause white slaughter and stole it from them wrongly first off. I hear black people whinning about illegal mexican, thats odd to me. What makes me mad is my generation of family sacificed there lives for this land and now other can come here and benefit, when they havent contributed but just be a leech. If your heritage hasnt been here at least before World War One , then in my eyes your just a leech. The Native Americans should be the ones pissed.

    • kwaw

      mexicans are native americans — just thought you should know they were here way before a white person new what a boat was.

  • Jammy

    Lol,dont have a problem with his so called joke,just like a lot of young comics who’ve aged,he’s just not funny anymore.

    What I dont understand is how people know nothing about history,it’s as if slavery started in america.
    Do people not realise that the African tribes were trading their people for goods.African tribes had their own slaves,would raid other tribes for slaves that they could keep or trade.
    Unfortunately it’s always happened,but to isolate one period,and think of it as the only time people have suffered slavery,is dishonouring all people who have been slaves for thousands of years.

  • General Zod

    I dont miss the US at all. ALL you uneducated losers need to sit down and READ about what your corp. and govt. is doing to YOU. Are you saying that the slaves WERE freed in 1776? If anything, blacks should be more offended than whites should. Oh, I forgot, most of you aren’t ALLOWED to READ without having some type of CHARGES filed against you.

    WHat is FREEDOM anymore? Go buy some cough medicine and see how much INFORMATION they siphon from you for it. You call THAT Freedom?

    Is there a such thing as PRIVACY in the US?

    I’m amazed at how people hate the truth. But the BIGGER picture is that it’s just a JOKE. . . REALLY!

    Fortunately, I think it’s only a small percentage of whites or blacks who are “bothered” by this. At least I’d like to think so. Most of you are followers who aren’t even allowed to think for yourselves.

    The US govt. is so DIVIDED that the primary agenda is to smear the other party. The Reps said it themselves. “the primary agenda is to make sure he serves only one term”. Really? You people are filled with THAT much hatred that you can’t focus on anything better?

    THAT is why the US is going backwards.

    I don’t miss that bullshit at all.

    • Mark

      If you don’t miss the U.S. don’t worry about it then. Instead of trying to change the country you ran like a little girl, so keep running we will handle our own.

  • Mark

    The 4th is supposed to be about pride in our country, it has nothing to do with slavery. Chris Rock and others like him want to stand on the shoulders of people that endured more than anyone in this country today can fathom. Maybe if we just learn from our past and move on we can stop this ignorant crap and work together for a better future. I don’t think that will happen though because as terrible as slavery was some people in this country still want to identify themselves by that terrible time. Chris just enjoy the fame & money that you have and thank those that came before you that made your life possible!

  • Sampler

    Chris Rock is just like ALL Black people that I know… they are still jealous because they were not born White. Chris Rock should remember that HIS ancestors from Africa not only sold their own people into slavery, they did it SMILING the whole time. That is not a joke. It’s also sad that Black people are so proud of Martin Luther King- he was a selfish man who contually hurt his wife because he was constantly with other women, and she knew it. Yes, he was a real “hero.” He was a disgrace to any race.

    • jen

      ummmm ok. GET. YOUR. FACTS. STRAIGHT.

      • bama.sampler

        The ONLY inaccuracy in my statement was that I said, “Martin Luther King,” whereas, it should have said, “Martin Luther King, Jr.” Sorry. I am sure Martin Luther King, (Sr.) would not have approved of his son’s sexual exploits outside of his marriage.

    • Cole

      Why would blks wanna be white we taking over u cant mix a white person with another race and get a white person. yall time is number enjoy it while it last… Bet u wish u wasnt born white now

  • Cracker

    COLUMBUS, Ohio – A new study suggests that a million or more European Christians were enslaved by Muslims in North Africa between 1530 and 1780 – a far greater number than had ever been estimated before.

    Robert Davis
    In a new book, Robert Davis, professor of history at Ohio State University, developed a unique methodology to calculate the number of white Christians who were enslaved along Africa’s Barbary Coast, arriving at much higher slave population estimates than any previous studies had found.

    Most other accounts of slavery along the Barbary coast didn’t try to estimate the number of slaves, or only looked at the number of slaves in particular cities, Davis said. Most previously estimated slave counts have thus tended to be in the thousands, or at most in the tens of thousands. Davis, by contrast, has calculated that between 1 million and 1.25 million European Christians were captured and forced to work in North Africa from the 16th to 18th centuries.”

    “The origins of African slavery in the New World cannot be understood without some knowledge of the millennium of warfare between Christians and Muslims that took place in the Mediterranean and Atlantic and the piracy and kidnapping that went along with it.[1] In 1627 pirates from the Barbary Coast of North Africa raided distant Iceland and enslaved nearly four hundred astonished residents. In 1617 Muslim pirates, having long enslaved Christians along the coasts of Spain, France, Italy, and even Ireland, captured 1,200 men and women in Portuguese Madeira. Down to the 1640s, there were many more English slaves in Muslim North Africa than African slaves under English control in the Caribbean. Indeed, a 1624 parliamentary proclamation estimated that the Barbary states held at least 1,500 English slaves, mostly sailors captured in the Mediterranean or Atlantic.[“

  • Bri

    That was a joke people!!!..I’m white that was funny..and its not true at all..alot of black people are great people and can enjoy independence day and know what it stands for..its the niggers that wanna keep draggin the slavery shit along right Chris!!!..just a joke right?…lol

    • Dee

      Way to go!

  • john

    AS an historian I can tell you that this is another example of stick my foot into my mouth without all the facts. First off Whites were enslaved 100 years in America before the first black slave was brought over by the spanish. They were called “indentured servants” who were forced into slavery. The black slave was a sign of wealth as the nwhite slave was lower on the heirarchy. FACT: less than 1/3 of all white slaves did not get freedom….they died. In the british cane fields all white slaves died before their first year. The virginia slave laws had to pass a law banning free blacks from owning whites because , yes they owned whites in the times of revolution.

  • Dave

    Kris Rock ?? did he use to be a star ?? I think I have heard his name.
    Oh Yea he was the token black guy on SNL the one that could not act.Now I remember..Keep em comming you are a great spokesman for your race..

  • weezy

    regardless of race, color, or creed…..does anyone really know why we celebrate july 4th, as this country’s independence day? this country as a whole, earned and won its freedom from great britain. whether you are black, white, multi-racial…everyone that lives in this country should be thankful for this right, honor, and privleage. you could be white and still be a alave in england (the irish), you could be black and still be a slave in africa (africans), or you could be here in america – the melting pot of the world – and be free. which would you rather be? my family is a mix of black and white. get over the racism and the hate. this country was built on a mix of people – slaves, non slaves, rich, poor, short, tall, fat, skinny, african, italian, english, spanish, etc. if it wasnt for july 2nd, the day this country was free, only to make it official with a signed document on july 4th, everyone wouldnt have what they have. we would all be slaves to someone, somewhere – based on your color, religion, or even your wealth.

    i personally like chris rock and when i read his comment, it bothered me a little. but then when i thought about it, it is comedy. comedy isnt relavent if it is about race, politics, money, social status, etc.

    also, keep in mind that this country lives vicarioulsy through other people. the only way you stay relevant in this country, as famous holylwood star or professional athlete, is to do something that catches the world’s attention. without controversy, how long could one’s career really last.

    get over it.

    • Tim

      Thanks Weezy your comment is perfect.Do you know how much better life would be if we could just end the senseless hate. And i like Chris Rock he is a comedian its what he does. How many white comedians make fun of other races. People just have to get over it!

  • http://MSN.COM MSUTTON


  • Richard

    I understand where Chris Rock is coming from and why he tweeted his comment. He is entitled to do so. Why? Because we live in a country that we can express ourselves freely. A country where the people have a say in what happens in this great democracy of ours. What we are celebrating on Fourth of July, is the birth of a nation where people can believe what they want to believe and say what they want to say and others have just as much right to disagree. Countries grow and develop over years and centuries. The United States of America is not perfect nor does it proclaim to be. Changes are all around us every day and we hope that those changes reflect the voice of the people. Chris Rock can speak down of the Fourth of July to further his agenda, whatever that may be, or just to cast his opinion or maybe make a joke with a cutting edge. I would hope that people not dwell negatively on the past. Learn from it and move forward and speak to the future and be happy that you live in a country where that is possible.

  • swtlew

    I thoroughly enjoyed celebrating the 4th Of July, especially when I realized it was “White People’s Day”…..so many of “us” sacrificed “their” Lives for “our” freedom.

  • Joeieboy

    Ha – “Photographs”? Come on man. Have you EVER seen a photograph of George Washington??…..AMERICA!! were number…. 20 something in education.

    To Chis’ point/ sort of a counter point…… As proud as we are all to have the American flag fly over our heads, we should not ridicule southerners who our proud of their confederate flag’s history….Far worse horrors have taken place under the stars and stripes than the stars and bars….like, oh I dont know….oh yeah the ethnic cleansing of the native people….call it what you want but we were just as bad as the Nazi’z, serbs, and Koni….We were just the victors, and the victors write history.

    We are American’s and proud of it….but like someone said, you can be proud and still acknowledge all the BS that comes with it.

  • crazy eight

    this whole country is racist the president is a muslim the sec. of state is a dike there is nothing christian about this country white brought the black then this country was formed thats it plain and simple martin luther month forth of july whites day should be an honor to claim that is white day after all didnt the white people found the united states do we not have anything else to consume our lives with like where the country is going our soldiers and family over seas fighting wars that are not our own and the best one of all our wives and children ,white and black friends the list goes on

    • DJN

      Living up to your name, Crazy Eight…

      The President is a Muslim? A Muslim who attends Christian churches regularly, has never been seen by anybody praying to Mecca or reading the Q’uran and doesn’t avoid pork?

      The Secretary of State is a dyke? On what grounds? Short hair? Remaining married to a known philanderer?

      Nice stereotyping.

  • Antiomega

    African slavery is a part of American history…same as the genocide of the Native Americans. At which turn of the century do you move on from it? Chris Rock is a wealthy African American celebrity known the world wide. He was never a slave, perhaps his ancestors were, but it was so long ago it doesn’t have any impact on him today. Perhaps if his ancestors were not brought to America as slaves, then he may not be the rich famous person he is today. I wonder which life he would prefer to have? Bottom line is get over it…it was a long long long time ago that your grandparents dont even remember.

    • Patrice

      No one ever says get over the Holocaust.

    • http://yahoo Mic

      Antiomega is so right get with the program people, we don’t have a “white race day”, as a REGULAR WHITE AMERICAN I never associated the 4th of July with blacks or white just “FREEDOM” FOR ALL. OMG CHRIS ROCK YOU TOTALLY SUCK AND THIS IS WHY RACISIM IS STILL SUCH A PROBLEM, HE IS A SPOILED RICH “SMARTMOUTH” MAN. If we were still soooooo racist he would be a slave and have NO FREEDOM OF SPEECH TO SPOUT OFF HORRIBLE(oh i mean JOKE) THINGS. My father fought for this country for everyone’s freedom including “chris Rock” as for Don Cheadle I don’t see how this is a joke!!!!! But WOW we have Martin Luther King Day no JFK day! and I celebrate MLK Jr day as a proud day for America!

    • Michael D

      The intrduction of European diseases, particularly smallpox, killed more Indians than all the Indians killed in battles with white man. This was not a form of genocide, but a plague on the Indian civilization.

  • Nonya

    Ya I never liked him and this just shows my why again. If a “white man” said something along those lines it would end up having 10 times the backlash, black people in my opinion are just as racist as lots of white people.

  • Star Crumes

    I would just like to say i am a woman who has a mixed race child and a black husband,YES i am white i am pissed that Chris Rock thinks he can say whatever he wants about white people and that no one would be pissed if a white person said that kind of racial crap you as fellow americans know what would happen it would be every where that who ever said the comment was a racisit…Why is his comments NOT???Seems to me a little double standards going on.We are born free but everything comes with a price and yes it was paid off the backs of men and women that did not ask to be here,its history nothing we can do about it.

    • MARY


      • jay

        Hey lady didnt you ever watch family guy they make black jokes all the time and everyone loves them for it too

    • Lin

      Star Crumes…why dont you leave you daughter and husband then if you really think CR was being “racist” when he was stating a joke? He’s a comedian just like these other white comedians too who joke about blacks. Everybody jokes about one another. I have a white aunt and some cousins who are white and italian. yes, i make jokes especially if its history related but they make jokes back too and guess what, my white and italian relatives LOVE my black ass! So why can’t everybody get along and move on!

  • sam

    Good job chris keeping real…all the way to the bank!
    a joke is a joke!
    and you are good at your job you have created with your talents to make light and to bring to light what people are afraid to say or do!
    So write that check and cash it!

    if the corrupt corporation bankers can write there’s and have the country pay?
    and no one go to jail?
    now thats funny!!!!

    • MARY


  • MARY


    • grillmatic

      ^^^She mad.

    • robert


      • Dee


  • Lisa Scott

    Chris please don’t mess with white folks. PLEASE! We are some crazy mf-ers. Anyone, and I mean anyone, who has ever looked at a bit of American history, let alone world history, knows that we don’t play. So please Chris, be careful. While many of us are working to evolve…many of us are not.

    • purp1

      Like you said, “dont mess with the white folks, we are some carzy mfers”…explains it all smh. Kudos to CR in getting everybody in they got damn feelings lol

  • Tony J

    everybody hates chrrrrrrrrrrrrrris
    hmmmmm yaaaaaa haaaaaaaa..
    (eh hem!)
    yaaa haaaaaa……

    • nerdysweetpie7


  • grillmatic

    I’m apalled. Next time Rock decides to make ignorant comments like this, he should at take the time to be concrete with his facts…I mean, how does HE know they enjoyed the fireworks??

    • Lin

      DumbASS he was joking anyways! are you guys serious lmao

  • Don

    You want to be called “African American”? Why not try the African part for awhile? I nor my family owned slaves. Lincoln was killed too soon. You know he was going to send all the “slaves” back to Africa, right? Think about that for awhile.

  • Jeff S

    Why not pick a better country and move there? How about one in Africa run by the ancestors of the people that SOLD your ancestors into slavery.
    How they doing?

    • Regina Alexander

      For the same reason Whites should give back the Country they stole and return to where they belong

      • http://yahoo kitty

        has every one forgotten this country belong to the indians frist,and they where treated worse than blacks.

  • jen

    it was just a joke. he is Chris Rock.COMEDIAN!!

  • Cracker


    COLUMBUS, Ohio – A new study suggests that a million or more European Christians were enslaved by Muslims in North Africa between 1530 and 1780 – a far greater number than had ever been estimated before.

    Robert Davis
    In a new book, Robert Davis, professor of history at Ohio State University, developed a unique methodology to calculate the number of white Christians who were enslaved along Africa’s Barbary Coast, arriving at much higher slave population estimates than any previous studies had found.

    Most other accounts of slavery along the Barbary coast didn’t try to estimate the number of slaves, or only looked at the number of slaves in particular cities, Davis said. Most previously estimated slave counts have thus tended to be in the thousands, or at most in the tens of thousands. Davis, by contrast, has calculated that between 1 million and 1.25 million European Christians were captured and forced to work in North Africa from the 16th to 18th centuries.”

    “The origins of African slavery in the New World cannot be understood without some knowledge of the millennium of warfare between Christians and Muslims that took place in the Mediterranean and Atlantic and the piracy and kidnapping that went along with it.[1] In 1627 pirates from the Barbary Coast of North Africa raided distant Iceland and enslaved nearly four hundred astonished residents. In 1617 Muslim pirates, having long enslaved Christians along the coasts of Spain, France, Italy, and even Ireland, captured 1,200 men and women in Portuguese Madeira. Down to the 1640s, there were many more English slaves in Muslim North Africa than African slaves under English control in the Caribbean. Indeed, a 1624 parliamentary proclamation estimated that the Barbary states held at least 1,500 English slaves, mostly sailors captured in the Mediterranean or Atlantic.[“

    • grillmatic


  • Jenna

    I get so tired of hearing about black slavery. My WHITE family came to this country as slaves yet you never hear about the Irish Slave trade in our history books. 30,000 Irish slaves were sold to the new land in the 1600’s but you want to know why the torture of the Irish is not in the history books? BECAUSE we don’t bitch about it! The Irish took matters into their own hands and refused to allow ash to rise out of, in time we stood up for ourselves. Heck in the mid 1600’s over 10,000 15 year old Irish people were sold as slaves. It is also well documented that the Irish were treated worse during the 1700’s than African slaves due to the fact Irish were Catholic and Africans were untainted by religion, mold-able you could say. After time Irish women were sold for BREEDING stock. Usually the women who refused to leave their children when they “graduated” into the role of house slave. Both races suffered greatly at the hands of slavery. I am sick of it being forgotten and ignored! By the end of Irish slavery there were hundreds of thousands of Irish slaves in this country. It is a true shame they are so easily forgotten!

    • grillmatic

      Lmao. Nigga please.

    • Otis

      did you just really compare 30,000 or even “hundreds of thousands” of people to MILLIONS? Nice try… #FAIL

    • http://yahoo.com streambeech

      …….the real problem with your presentation is that many of your Irish ancestors became BLACK SLAVE OWNERS themselves.

    • Vanessa

      Shut up you stupid uneducated Biaatcchhhh!!Ive never heard of white Irish getting lynched and burned live…..dumb ass!!

    • dee

      Jenna, you are so right. My mom’s family were native american. Almost all their land was taken from them. They were killed just for their scalp. So much money was paid for each one. The only good indian is a dead indian, Right? Well Mr.Rock the soldiers cut off the women’s private parts and the men’s private parts to make tobacco pouchs. Black Kettle was told if he stood under an american flag he would never be hurt by the white man. His whole village was killed, old men, old women, children. The young braves were out on their hunt for the winter. Hell I have Welch and French on the other side. And being born in Mississippi where my dad’s poor farming family worked along beside their black workers(not slaves)than who knows I may even have some black blood, but I REFUSE to hold the past against anyone and anyone who still does needs to GROW up. And if I mispelled something than get over it.

  • Kony2012

    Looking at it as a joke, it’s really not even funny, just a lame joke…probably why we don’t hear about Chris very much anymore. I guess The Rock is stealing all his thunder.

  • Regina Alexander

    White people only get offended when they have to face the truth, and what Chris said made them have to take a look in the mirror and of course they didn’t like what they saw, THE TRUTH!!!

    • Lin

      AGREED! :-)

    • Danny

      I didnt live 100s of years ago and I’m white…….I don’t and won’t ever have to look in the mirror over this. Blacks can’t accept the truth that none of us alive today owe anything or are owed anything! Get over it already and live an honest life. You know we also got rid of slavery you just never cease to blame everything on white people. What if we had white history month or the white entertainment channel? all you are doing with things like these are doing the exact same thing you keep bitching about year after year that you didn’t like. You treat whites the same way you keep telling them that is wrong. You are filled with hate against white people and you are the real racists now and thats the fact that blacks can’t handle!

  • Woodsprite

    OMG get over this shit! When will the blacks stop whining about stuff that happened so long ago and move on! You didn’t live through it and I wasn’t a part of it either so stop your griping!

    • bubblishiz

      So your saying forget your history NIGRAS and follow our History…Eat a testicle salad idiot.We will never forget and no matter how bad you feel about the truth..It is the truth and its history.

    • Vanessa

      You’d like that wouldn’t you u racist f***. “blacks”……………smh you racist white trash make me sick!!

  • Cal


  • Cracker

    up your nose with a rubber hose!

  • History Buff

    I find it funny that the celebration of the 4th of July went from celebrating being a proud American to justifying or minimizing slavery and pissing contest on race…

  • Regina Alexander

    The only people who will be angry with this joke are the people who hate seeing the truth come to light. Those who are not bother by it know how to take a joke.

    • purp1

      good one lol

  • snowman

    Its good to know we have a white peoples day. I’m white and been feeling left out. While we’re at it how about a white history month or white entertainers awards.

    • Willis M

      kool! i’m the same, let’s all joke and have fun and it will transpire into a comical fun loving get along society. So i say don’t get angry at a white person when they joke, and don’t get angry at a black person when they joke,geez! remember Don Rickles! he’s loved and is funny, and talks about all people and he’s one of the nices’ and good hearted person you ever find. Why i’ve known alot of black folk, but i don’t have time to go dig them up! see,! my friend who was great friends with alot of black people told that joke! it’s just funny. I have nothing against mexicans! That’s why i like going to Mexico once a year to visit my hub caps ! ha!

    • purp1

      Snowman, the reason why black ppl have BET is because not every black person gets recognized and, you know this the truth, any white ppl can get recognized anywhwere. I mean, on TV the majority of every network station they are white! Yes, there are other race groups but the majority of this country is white! So yes, some of the other ethnic groups do develop their own networks, BET for example. Not to show racism but to show there are also black ppl who win awards and show off to the world. The fact is white ppl get recognized more than anybody else. So that’s why there is a black history month and BET. I mean, thats my opinion. If there should be a WET, then let it be but the white network would be useless because we already see soo many white ppl get recognized for a lot of things. Btw, i dont see many indians, asians, and mexicans get recognized for a lot of things. Thats why we (other ethnic groups) develop our own network or holiday

      • snowman

        Hey purp1, I see my comment was way over your head. But as long as we’re going there all the black entertainers awards or hispanic entertainers awards or any other color based awards program does, is widen the gap between us as people. We are all in this together and need to learn to get along.

  • SPO

    WOW if a White person had said something about a black person they would have to go public with an apology but its okay for them to talk shit on the white folk. OH they have 2 of there nigro days Martin Luther and Rodney King. What a joke to have a Rodney king day. Then we have to put up with a black president that is running our country into the ground :( I vote to ban all Chris Rock movies, comedies, etc.

    • nerdysweetpie7


    • purp1

      SPO, go to hell..please? You’re irrelevant because EVERYONE is racist! It dont matter who get away saying whatever. And obama? wow one black president finally when before him was a whole lot more white presidents to begin with. That statement about the president PROVED you are a racist. So why are you commenting on this website again? All racists white ppl and whoever else GO TO HELL 😉 Please and thanks

    • purp1

      SPO, go to hell..please? You’re irrelevant! And obama? wow one black president finally when before him was a whole lot more white presidents to begin with. That statement about the president PROVED you are a racist. So why are you commenting on this website again? All racist white ppl and whoever else GO TO HELL 😉 Please and thanks

      • snowman

        purp1, how about racist black people, shouldn’t they GO TO HELL also

    • Tamara L

      July 4, 1776 America won it’s Independence. Unfortunately, the colored people were still slaves. It wasn’t until after 1783 the Northern states abolished slavery. 89 years later in 1865, all slaves were freed.
      Yes, we all are free now. Not everyone’s ancestor was a slave. Some most likely were sell outs.
      I’m proud to be an American, but business should have continued as usual today. July 4th isn’t everyone’s day of Independence!
      Further more, you should really READ politics instead of listening! George Bush ran our country into the ground fighting a war his father didn’t finish when he was in office! Do you recall that or have your ignorance gotten the best of you? Stop blaming things on PRESIDENT Barack Obama. State the facts not hear say!

      • Tamara L

        Also, I do not mind the jokes like the one that came from Micheal Richards who used the N words a numerous amount of times in a joke. (You know Kramer from Seinfeld) I felt his joke was taken out of proportion as well by some people. That doesn’t mean he is a racist or Chris Rock. America needs to lighten up on some things.

    • natalie80

      Obviously a lot of people don’t think its ok. Did you read the same article I did? Dummy.

  • Lin


  • nuna

    fuck all yall white monkeys….i hate every last one of yas! you have what you call white priviledge in this country and most of you still dont have a pot to piss in. we will never forget what you basterds done. is the whole batch fucked up? secretly, yes it is! will forget once america’s debt is paid in full to every black american in this country. black priviledge bitches. lets even up this race. then i will leave you bastards to have this shit country!
    patriotic fucks! and for the bitch that thinks whites are bad asses…when the last time you been to the dirty south or compton bitch?

  • formerMemphian

    this is the 1St time that i have ever participated in any blog. i felt that i needed to because grew up in memphis tn. i experienced the racial tension first hand. the day MLK Jr was killed, my great grandmother, which is Cherokee Indian, suffered a massive heart attack. her children were working in downtown Memphis, and it scared her because of the violence. my uncle went home and got her and took her to the hospital. the police were there and wouldnt let him bring her in because MLK was there being treated. my uncle started kicking the doors of the hospital. they finally let him in. the same doctor worked on her that was working on MLK. they both died. my point is that MLK was black, my great grandmother was Indian, my uncle looked white, all great people, that were thrown into the terrible situation because some white idiot shot one of the greatest men to ever walk the face of this earth! i cant help any of that, but i here most of you people throwing the race cards around, and you sound so friggin stupid. you dont have a clue! is it fair to say white people are all the same? black people are all the same? no!!! the only reason that Obama was elected president is because so many white people voted for him! its not because the blacks voted him in, hell, 3 million of them are in jail!! there are no voting booths in the big house! lol…we all wanted change. this is stupid shit!!! Chris Rock just pimped you all out! funny shit!!!

  • bw

    If you want to look at the facts Chris. The 4th of July was not the day the whites were free. It was a day that started 6 years of war and hard ships for the people of what would become America. It was the day that those White guys decided it was time to stand up to the greatest world power of the time.
    We all owe a great deal of gratitude, what ever your ethnicity, to the Americans of 1776 who decided it was time to declare independence. With out them there would be no United States of America.
    My family has been in this country for over 200 years. I am grateful for there sacrifice, determination,and perseverance to come to this country. For had it not been for them I would not be here.
    Chris Rock you should feel the same. Had it not been for the sacrifice of your ancestors you would not be here ether. Had history played out differently we would be living much different lives right now.

  • Cracker

    the funny thing is…. without the slavery or racism he is so down on…….he would probably be working at Mcdonalds. Slavery and racism gives him his material.

    • natalie80

      Why McDonalds? Is that the only profession a black man can aspire to if they aren’t a celebrity? Do you live in the world? I see a lot of different colored and cultured people working in a multitude of different positions. Don’t know where you’re from. Probably some backward red-neck state.

    • Vanessa

      Craker u racist sack of s**t!!!! I bet ud love a slave or 2 of you own….smh

  • DJN

    Folks calling Chris Rock a racist over this seem to forget or don’t know:

    1. His “Black People vs. Niggers” routine that called out black folks for ignorant behavior that pulls down neighborhoods and black communities. Had this black man and his girlfriend (now wife) on the floor.

    2. This is the Twitter-era version of the first routine — heck, the whole album — off Richard Pryor’s “Bicentennial Nigger” from 1976. In the midst of the flag waving from that year (which I actually remember fondly), Pryor pointed out the other side of the history being exalted in a facile manner. Using his preacher role, Pryor said, “We are celebrating two HUN-dred years of…white folks kicking ass…Now, white folks have had the advantage of disinformation on their side for some time…In this year of Bicentenniality, we ask a question. And that question is…how long will this bullshit go on?”

    Compared to Rich’s full-album rant, this Tweet is a dinner party fart.

    3. Slavery’s been gone for 150 years, by law. My ancestors having been in chains is no excuse for me to knock somebody in the head or not take advantage of the opportunities for happiness available to me today. But the economic effects and racist attitudes still ripple from slavery. Not as large as in the past, but they still affect the number and quality of those opportunities.

    That’s coming from someone who is successful and happy in his chosen field.

  • Kony2012

    All this whining about the race card. All I keep reading is “the truth” the truth the truth. How does it pertain to the independence of this country today?

    • Tamara L

      July 4, 1776 America won it’s Independence. Unfortunately, the colored people were still slaves. It wasn’t until after 1783 the Northern states abolished slavery. 89 years later in 1865, all slaves were freed.
      Yes, we all are free now. Not everyone’s ancestor was a slave. Some most likely were sell outs.
      I’m proud to be an American, but business should have continued as usual. July 4th isn’t everyone’s day of Independence!

  • jen


  • Vic B

    It’s unfortunate that we continually mire ourselves down in racist statements. The holiday celebrates the creation of the greatest nation on the planet. A nation where your freedom to speak can make you very wealthy, like Mr. Rock, even when it offends those who patronize your shows and movies. I defend Mr. Rock’s freedom to say whatever he likes regardless of whether I agree with it or not, and yes even if it’s hurtful to some. But I think a little more thought should go into comments streamed to the masses (just ask Kanye West). Imagine the uproar if Larry the Cable Guy said he wouldn’t celebrate Black history month because it’s for black people. Racism’s a double sided sword, it cuts both ways, no ones above or immune to it. The only way we as a society will ever move past it is to make a conscious effort to curb our tongue and stop using race as an excuse for everything under the sun and to get cheap laughs. JMHO

  • corby.stepanski

    SPO your an idiot. Your thoughts of bigotry just nullified any food for thought from comments of white people on this blog.

  • Aaron

    Whats funny about this is most whites back in greece times were slaves but we dont complain or bitch, except back then you had to fight in a gladiator pit for entetainment. So all the black bitching with your BET NAACP black history month june teenth can kiss my ass, and also without this slavery u bitch about chris rock wouldnt be here and he wouldnt be a comedian lil wayne wouldnt be rapping and there would have never been a tupac, so why dont you appreciate a little more than hate the people that made your lives better.

  • http://google JudyJones

    Chris Rock is a self-absorbed racist!! I’m glad comments were made about different races that were slaves. All races have suffered some forms of slavery. The Egyptians whom thousands of years ago suffered some of the most horrendous conditions of slavery. You don’t hear them crying about their civil rights!! What is it about a certain race that has to continually berate, complain, and scream about their lives. What does this all this say about that? Get over it people, move on and quit bitching!!!

  • http://yahoo tom

    One really needs to add a single word to any comment they may make regarding the eyes and ears of the many cultures looking or listening to you and that word is “Majority”. (Example) Personally I dislike the majority of the many culture’s I am forced to deal with on a daily basis because of their indifference to that of mine, which is Native American. The word majority leaves you a little wiggle room if and when you are confronted and something Chris needs to think about as he grouped everyone white into his opinion and excluded anyone who will be offended. I personally have no problem with his comment if and when you consider the source, because the “majority” of white people today,,,I expect this kinda of thinking.

  • Jennifer

    Can’t we all just get along… LOL

  • billyb

    so?nobody should get mad if is say happy black people day. lets all get some KFC

  • S.LaMay

    Since Blacks many times have things solely for Blacks what’s the deal about a joke saying the 4th of July is a white thing? It is true that when they first started the 4th of July stuff that is wasn’t a Black experience.

  • babycakes1

    There has been slavery since the beginning of time. Get over it, America. I’m sure that anyone that was “enslaved” in the plantations is dead now. Use something else as an excuse.

  • bebe

    Really?! PEOPLE, why worry about what a comedian say or makes fun of?? There are other things to worry about, like unemployment, economy, health care, what the government is screwing up now, etc. etc. etc. I’m not black and I think Chris is hilarious, but that’s not the point! Sheeesh!!

  • Tamara L

    July 4, 1776 America won it’s Independence. Unfortunately, the colored people were still slaves. It wasn’t until after 1783 the Northern states abolished slavery. 89 years later in 1865, all slaves were freed.
    Yes, we all are free now. Not everyone’s ancestor was a slave. Some most likely were sell outs.
    I’m proud to be an American, but business should have continued as usual today. Today isn’t everyone’s day of Independence!

    • eclari13

      GET A LIFE!

    • Erica R

      Did you just use the term “colored” to refer to African Americans; you do realize this is the 21st century?

  • Ron

    Darn…this has gone way too far***WHITE*** does not exist…call them ***Euro-Americans***after all, they have labels for EVERYONE ELSE…right?

    EURO-AMERICANS don’t like to hear the truth…that many different races were enslaved, used and abused to their death. These days, LATINOS are the scape goat…DIVIDE AND CONQUER…is their motto!

  • boe_boe68

    Who gives a shit, he’s a comedian and he made a super funny joke. Go Chris Rock.

  • carlosmiguelferreira77

    This guy is a joke, always picking on white people what a racist… change your tone man! it’s not funny anymore… no more jokes? what ins’t the rest of the year black people day? well living in this country it sure is. White people don’t owe you nothing, isn’t it enough of your stupid racist jokes. the worst is you still make money of racism.
    freaking Die already do us all a favor Chris racist rock

  • m.thrasher7

    i am a white man i am very tired of every black man getting away with talking bad about white people if white people say anything about blacks they lose there job. its time chris rock loses hes job he talks about whites all the time chris rosk you racises sob you can kiss my ass

  • LaTanya B

    What happen to free speech…you can’t say anything without people crying, and protesting.. no race jokes, no fat jokes, no gay jokes… people wear their feelings on their sleeves.. get over it..

    • purp1

      I love that comment!

    • viboratejanagrl1974

      THANK YOU!!! Someone who is actually sensible! Can’t it be true that we are allowed to say what we want w/o feeling like we are going to hurt someone’s feelings? I will say what I want, if you get hurt by my comments you are an idiot because you give me so much power over your life that I can hurt your feelings!

  • eclari13

    If he had no black or white slander remarks he would be NOTHING! No one should listen to his uneducated mouth and mind. He is such a self hater. No talent what so ever!

  • mama.bear77304

    For heavens sake the man is a comedian ! Get over it.

  • matuse73

    Drexel wasn’t sure whether or not it was white boy day. Apparently, it was!

    • grillmatic


  • ddform214

    Funny joke, even funnier comedian. All offended parties, go back to your larry the cable guy bs.

  • viboratejanagrl1974

    The idea that anyone at this age and time would get offended by any such comment is ridiculous! I find this very stupid, everyone has the right to their own opinion, so does Chris Rock – so get over it, recently in the news “congregation for white people only”, get over it people, if it doesn’t hurt you it makes you stronger! Black, White, Brown, Yellow, Blue w/purple polka dots, does it matter when our country is headed to failure…and we are concerned about who makes what racist comment? Geeeeeezzz, call me whatever you want I will still pay my rent, my dues and eat and sleep happily!

  • bobgant

    Tell Chris Rock to thank his fellow black man for starting slavery.

  • gga3

    I understand the jist of what he is saying. Being that he thought about it and then posted means he doesn’t care about being politically correct in his statements. The white man is forced to be politically correct and Chris feels he doesn’t have to be. Even when we are trying to heal. So, I won’t be either. Your fathers sold you then and killed you in Africa and today’s black fathers and brothers sell and kill their own every day in America. Not much has changed.

  • striper67

    If it is a white people’s day then why was so much chicken being barbecued?

  • bubba

    I thought every day was white peoples day????

  • Christina D

    Elon James White says, “But my family paid the price for that in actual blood, sweat and tears.” WEll, you know what? You didn’t have to be black to be able to say that. Just ask a veteran or a mother of any color whose child serves in the military for our freedom. Yes, you can do lots of other things in this country you can’t in others. And this country was built on the backs of others’ blood sweat and tears, but it wasn’t only the slaves!!!!

    • natalierandazzo80

      Christina, slaves had no choice in the matter. If someone is brave and valiant enough to volunteer to fight for our country, they are doing so with the knowledge that they might not come back. Slaves had no choice. They were SLAVES. Seriously, why can’t people just admit that white people persecuted native Americans, blacks, and other minorities and it sucked, its over, and we’re sorry that it happened. Why is this so hard for people?

  • aibar26

    hahahahah! people are soo uptight now a days. Get over it. it was a joke people should have a sense of humor once in a while!
    BTW- i had never thought of 7/4 as ‘white people day’- good one. =)

  • harpoon12

    So if Independence Day is White People Day, then does that make the first day of each month Black people day? Get them food stamps, boy!

  • blacknblue76

    Poor White folks–never could stand to hear the truth about yourselves. Do you thing the White slave-owners ever had sex with their little girl & boy slaves? You know damn well they did, why wouldn’t they? Filthy pigs that God punished severely with the Black Plague wiping out 75% of Europe. He will get you again along with all those wanna-be Whites and sodomites as promised. There are some real Christian White people who have remained true to the Lord, they know who they are and they will see Heaven along with all the “righteous”.

  • dawgwannabe

    Jeez. Rock tells a funny and historical true joke and some white people hate it. I guess some folks can’t handle the truth.

  • mia_unwritten2196

    I am black and I totally disagree with Chris Rock. We have so many black holidays and a black history month, isn’t that enough? We did suffer through time but its over now. White and black are living together, isn’t that what our ancestors fought for? Can’t we forgive and forget already. We even have an award after us, Black entertainers awards, to make it even why not have a White entertainers awards? Our ancestors would be very disappointed in us right now. I’m sick and tired of living in a day where racism should have been extinct due to the fact black people fought for it and white people have stopped doing what they used to do to the black people. It is that time.

  • biddlemel

    Can,t we go one day without stirring up SHIT! Tell all of the people in ARLINGTON and THE BOTTOM OF PEARL HARBOR that it is not a HOLIDAY!!!

  • brogers8257

    Ephesians 6:5 >>>> Stop whining

    5 Slaves, be obedient to those who are your [a]masters according to the flesh, with fear and trembling, in the sincerity of your heart, as to Christ; 6 not [b]by way of eyeservice, as men-pleasers, but as slaves of Christ, doing the will of God from the [c]heart. 7 With good will [d]render service, as to the Lord, and not to men, 8 knowing that whatever good thing each one does, this he will receive back from the Lord, whether slave or free.

    9 And masters, do the same things to them, and give up threatening, knowing that both their Master and yours is in heaven, and there is no partiality with Him.

  • mia_unwritten2196

    I am black and I totally disagree with Chris Rock. We have so many black holidays and a black history month, isn’t that enough? We did suffer through time but its over now. White and black are living together, isn’t that what our ancestors fought for? Can’t we forgive and forget already. We even have an award after us, Black entertainers awards, to make it even why not have a White entertainers awards? Our ancestors would be very disappointed in us right now. I’m sick and tired of living in a day where racism should have been extinct due to the fact black people fought for it and white people have stopped doing what they used to do to the black people. It is that time.

  • tirebiter_2000

    C’mon! It’s funny. It’s uncomfortable because no one alive today had anything to do with it but it’s still hysterical. I don’t think Chris Rock is trying to breed hatred against us “white people” he’s just earning a living being funny. Grow a funny bone and congratulate the man’s ability to make us laugh or feel uncomfortable or react… That’s what entertainers do.

  • sfrstjumc

    Well, I think he was spot on an i think he is brilliantly funny and i am white Native American Scots Irish. Adam Corolla is NOT funny. Chris Rock IS ! love that guy !

  • blazedrizzo

    So.. when Tosh.O says racist shit people laugh.

  • thisidtaken

    His Jewish writers are usually funny.


    Is it bad that I thought this was funny?
    I’m white and I took no offense to this. You go to any fourth of July fireworks display you see so many rednecks. Murica!

  • SDthunder55

    Thanks Chris! It’s about time us white people had a day! You are so thoughtful! If you don’t like the way this country was founded and somehow made you successful, then don’t let the door hit you in the ass back to Cameroon.

  • givitooyoo

    Without slavery, Chris Rock would be in sub-Saharan Africa telling jokes to the Maoist murder squad about to machete him to death. Thank God for the slave trade, black folks!

  • arjones2020

    That was funny coming from a comedian. If that comment came from a white person who isn’t a professional comic then ..uhh..not so funny. Comedians make people laugh. That’s just what they do. They shouldn’t be held to the same standard as let’s say… a politician. And even if it didn’t make you laugh it was based on truth. Truth hurts. I guess we would all much rather keep up with the Kardashians and rush to Facebook and tell people what music we are listening to than listen to the truth. No truth equals no healing people. Wake up and smell what the Rock is cooking!

  • spangler1958

    To all my fellow Whities, IT’S A JOKE!!! Why does everyone get their panties in such a wad if they feel that they’re being oppressed? OMG, here come the crazy women militants because I said “panties in a wad”.

    Everyone get over yourselves and play nice in the sandbox together.

    Again, it’s a friggin’ joke! Find something that REALLY matters and focus your attention on that.

  • Dave C

    wo its old news. chris rock has never been a slave.lol black power brother lmao. your a f***in retard dude. get over it and help fix lets say the unemployment rate or something we all give a sh*t about NOW not a hundred years ago.

    • seanne

      If we should get over slavery and Indigenous geniocide because they happened soooo long ago, why shouldn’t we get over celebrating 4th of July or telling the history of all the presidents. Lets get over celebrating Thanksgiving since it’s a lie anyhow. Or maybe get over the bible and Jesus. Those are way older than the treatment of Natives and blacks. Infact Natives where being forced to give their children to boarding school where they were physically, emotionally, and sexually abused even up to the 1970’s. So there are still living victims and everyone keeps telling us to get over it. Get over celebrating your damn independence that was instituted by hypocrites.

    • ALI

      What part of Chris Rock’s statement is untrue??? Why are white folks so enraged by this statement??? It’s only a joke and some folks lost their minds over this. I mean who should be more disturbed over this statement, Whites, Blacks or the American Indian????
      Some white folks are really wearing thin skin and should toughen up!

  • dspecv2004

    Some people just can’t take a joke…It is a White holiday, just like all of them are. Black folk can’t take credit for anything except Kwanza! and who wants to do that shit!? Be this as it is! Everyone enjoys the 4th even for the day off of work and the BBQ. White people, don’t get it twisted, we ball hard(enjoy ourselves) on the 4th just like you, but honestly do you really think that some people especially slave descendants are really into it like you might be? Just like Thanksgiving, its my favorite holiday but I don’t remember a peace treaty with slaves. Come to think of it, the one supposedly made with the Native Americans lasted up until the last cut of pumpkin pie.

  • Milesandson

    I find it ironic that it’s OK for Chris Rock to make jokes like this, but If a white comedian make a joke along those same lines, you’d have Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and whomever else jumping on the band wagon screaming “Racist”. I’ll tell you right now who keeps Racism alive in American.

  • brogers8257

    The truth is, if I came upon a meeting room that said “Blacks Only” I wouldn’t care.

  • emt2042012

    i had a white guy call me a nigga the other day and im white, there are good people in all races and bad people of all races,the 4th of july is independence day, not white peoples day, we dont have a holiday called julyteenth….the young white guy that called me nigga the other day, it was not a term of endearment, i am in my 40’s, a lot of this stems from the so called hip hop culture that doesnt help race relations, instead it breeds discent among young people who have been lost in a culture or generation w/o a cause, there is some bad in everyone that is good, and some good in most people that are bad, unless you are a true sociopath that does not experience guilt,no one is anymore entitled than anyone else anymore, in fact to be politically correct you are supposed to watch ignorant people do ridiculous things in public and keep your opinion to yourself, every race has been enslaved at some point in hx,get over it….

    • ALI

      Im sorry to break the news to you sir, but your wrong. The fourth is the day that white folks won their independence from England thru war. So yes it is a white peoples day! Blacks, Spanish, Asians and everyone else love this holiday. There was all truth in Chris Rock’s statement and he put it in the form of a joke, so why did white folks get so riled up???

  • jedsteph

    Yep. Put that in yo pipe(crack) and smoke it.

  • alwayslooking4u60

    thats funny if white people want to have an all white college its racist, but if the blacks want an all black college…whats the difference we all want whats best for our race.

  • cy_one

    RIchard Pryor’s 1976 bicentennial joke was better; it was funny: We’re here to celebrate 200 years of white people kickin’ ass!

  • kingshirley

    WOW! People are homeless and hungry because the economy caused both parents to be laid off. Children go hungry because their parents spend their money on drugs, cigarettes, and alcohol. College educations are unobtainable because some kid’s parents can’t afford it and the funding is cut. People with degrees can’t find a job in their field and then can’t pay their loans because the job they do get is so low paid they cant’ even afford to live in their parents basement without a parental subsidy. Genocide in the Middle East, bombing whole villages in Africa, whole countries forced to near bankruptcy, and we are rabid about historical fact and personal perceptions that will never be changed. Americans–go figure.

  • shakuriaburney

    LOL its funny how everyone can write a comment about a joke or get riled up about a minor situation when there are starving children, homeless people and our educational system is failing……nice job on focusing on whats important #cry a river, build a bridge & get over it

  • Dina S

    Chris Rock has always used truth in his comedy. He pokes at all races, including his own! I think he’s hilarious and honest! I’m a white girl, btw. just sayin.

    • Jim Non Crowe

      No really, a white girl, agreeing with a black man? Unheard of. You sheep need to wake up and realize we will never have any kind of peace, until we are treated equally. Chances are, since most of the slaves who were here were killed by their own kind upon their return to Africa, Chris Rock and 90% of the blacks in this country today,who are so up in arms about slavery, were actually part of the tribes who Kidnapped and sold them into slavery. All the white man did was capitalize on the black mans own wars and stupidity. THATS the history of it, look it up!

  • waysouthern

    Blacks have a whole month (AKA:Black History Month) Can’t white people have just 1 day????

  • playball2000

    White folks have a hard time taking a joke

  • ian199885

    Screw you Chris Rock !

  • Shorejon00

    White People’s Day, what a refreshing concept in this Negro-infested nation we one called home. I believe I’m gonna tap a keg, invite my white friends over (I don’t have any colored friends), and tell black jokes till the cows come home!

    • Shorejon00

      Sorry, meant once considered home.

  • jdoggiehughes2

    Is CR mad that the African Chiefs sold their African brothers to the whites as slaves, or just that they ended up in America? He needs to be a little bit clearer.
    July 4th is about the U.S.’s freedom from England. Not race. Sorry to say it, but it’s time to move on.
    Obama 2012!

    • daekwon

      yeah its about freedom from england but they were denying slaves that same right,just a bunch of hypocrytes.

  • Michelle

    wasn’t Lincoln mixed?

  • redbones29

    not a fan of Chris Rock’s at all but, well..he’s right!

  • Lovely

    I am Black and I can say that the comment is not nice at all. We need to get over that SLAVE THING,,,,we can not carry it with hate in our heart for the rest of our lives. Yes, we were Slaved when America got their independence. And yes, they did a lot of horrible things to our ancestors,,, NO ONE CAN DENY THAT,,,but we are not slaves anymore,,,,therefore, we need to enjoy our freedom. We shouldn’t keep sending hate blogs, and we shouldn’t keep lowering ourselves.We are as independent as any other race living in America. FOURTH OF JULY IS INDEED OUR DAY ALSO. We as AMERICANS should enjoy FOURTH OF JULY.

  • jtkiss529

    Oh Yeah Black people got it so rough! All we do is Accommodate them, Cant call them black have to call them African Americans..what the! I’m Italian I want to be called an Italian American, Chris you born in Africa? then why the hell do we have to call you African American??? Can’t even enjoy the 4th of July without getting bashed by black people. Italian, Jews, Polish, all where abused back when…get the F*&^ over it man. You make millions of dollars and why?????cause we White Americans made you rich. How could you say anything about white people! We have a black president for God’s sake get over it already! Now if a white person would have made a black crack about the 4th of July he or she would have to publicly apologize in public…..watch every word you say in front of the blacks, gotta kiss there ass cause if we don’t we may get sued or shunned from society.

    • Velma S

      I agree with most of your statement. I think people need to move on and get over all the labeling.

    • http://yahoo Linda Coffman

      I sooooo agree with u. We didn’t do anything to black people but help them make alotta bucks. Why do they always have to pull the race card on everything??? And if we did??? we would be in big trouble!!!!

    • http://yahoo Linda Coffman

      I sooooo agree with u. U sure can see who plays race cards these days. WE made the black mans’ life equal to ours. That was soooo long ago…slavery. They should be celebrating it as a black holiday for their freedom. I have nothing against blacks but when their defense is always the race card, it really ticks me off.

      • daekwon

        @ linda black mans life equal to yours are you serious?We were not free on independence day back then so why would we celebrate it in that way?what planet did you come from,know your facts about american history before you put your foot in your mouth!

    • daekwon

      he was talking about pure bred white folk,not italian your ancestors did not own slaves so you are gettin mad for no reason

    • Barb

      I agree, I have never owned a slave and neither did my parents or grandparents, why should we pay for the past over and over. White people are the disciminated against have you ever heard of the white folks college fund hell no we have to pay and if your black you get to college for FREE. Whats fair about that. We are all people we all bleed red and thats the way it should be. You should not get special treatment and advantages just because of your color.

    • Casey

      You don’t hear people saying that white guy in a blue shirt. Who gives a shit, its an asshole in a blue shirt. Same with other races. I have an ex that says this black guy at work now who gives a fuck if he was black, lol. Us, white americans don’t make him rich and if so stop buying their movies, music and shows. Tyler Perry kicks ass and I’m white.


      @jtkiss…how about this was nothing but a simple joke about the history of our country? i’m half native american and half swedish and i can tell you that it is not about being called something politically correct, it’s about being sensitive to other cultures. just to clarify..native americans are not INDIAN-columbus went the wrong way on the boat and instead of acknowledging his poor sense of direction he still tried to deem my people with a name only fit for those from INDIA. (dot and feather=not the same). for the record, you’re italian. congratulations your ancestors worked in factories, you were allowed to vote, buy land, serve in the military AND be recognized for it and go to public school while my people and many african american/black/carribean peoples were forced further west, taken into slavery, denied the right to vote, to be educated and to choose where to eat a meal. yes we do have a president who is caucasionally challenged…big deal! it’s 2012 we should have a transgendered president by now but it seems that certain interests groups can’t take the blinders off and see the big picture of EQUALITY in our country.

      many of us with direct ancestory to this country have very sad histories but the point is we all need to learn from what happened and not repeat it. before you conclude things about why you should call someone one name or another, stop and think of a derogatory name for your own heritage and ask if you would be alright being referred to by racial slurs rather than the facts of what you are. food for thought: sports mascots. native americans have been mocked for years and turned into mascots for sports teams while suing sacred parts of our culture and tradition to garner fan attention. it’s not about being politically correct. it’s called racial sensitivity and many people lack it. i don’t know many white people that would be cool with a sports team like the cleveland crackers do you?

    • Irish-German

      Great comment man..I could not agree more. I am sick and tired of babysitting them with welfare, cushy prison situations and having to hire minorities to fill some weak p.c. crap. I run a small business (an errand service for seniors and disabled adults) and it is successfull after only 1 1/2 years because I have not been forced to hire “people” because of their color, I hire for qualifications. My buddy, Vincent Lapazzo, from New York, had to quit his job at a power plant because they have been hiring blacks and Somolaians because the were forced to. Within 1 year, accidents and incidents went up over 200% he said and cost the plant almost 5 million in damages to equipment and production. I love him and his wife and son and now they are moving to North Dakota so I can get him in my company where he knows men have a job because of their work ethic, he is sad to leave NY but he wants a better quality of life and I cant wait for my brother to get here. The Irish, Italians, Germans and Scandanavians are the only hope for this country. Wish you and yours the best man.

    • Deanna

      I agree. PLEEEEEASE enough is enough! Chris Rock should appreciate that he can even be in a position to say that. By the way I used to like him. I will NEVER watch or listen to anything he has anything to do with!!!!!! Prick!

  • dspecv2004

    If white folks can’t take the criticism, then they should have written a better history for themselves, besides he didn’t say anything racist.

    • noble1scott

      The 4th isn’t about slavery

    • Barb

      your nuts!

    • Greg

      We should have written a different history for ourselves. Thats like asking all muslims to take responsibility for 9/11. And dont address us as white folks. Caucasian American will do just fine…

    • DeSean

      There isn’t a black man or woman alive who is or was a slave in the United States of America. Yet that’s all we complain about. Rather than doing something to better ourselves, we live off the pain of our ancestors. Oddly, I never hear black folks complaining about the tribal chiefs that sold their ancestors into slavery for a few trinkets. If you hate it here so much, for $1500 you can take yourself back to Africa. Oh wait a minute, none of y’all are actually FROM Africa are you!

  • jedsteph

    Who cares what your race is Dina…It’s not a black and white issue.

    • Casey

      Apparently it is, when we are talking about white people day lol

  • sjsuebay2004

    Some People are going to swear off his movies entirely…hasn’t the vast majority of the public already done just that?? just another douche who has no comprehension of the great ideal this Country represents. He has capitalized on our great nation, then degrades it on the day of independence. Shame Mr Rock.

    • Casey

      Maybe you are not aware that this country doesn’t care about anyone living here.

  • Michael

    Let it be known that the Jews started slavery in the U.S. if you don’t believe me do your own research.

  • Jason

    I’m an American Indian, and nothing afircan americans can say about slavery compairs to damn near hunting down my people to extinction.

    • Casey

      OMG and I chose to be white. No one chooses. You werent even born. The women in the 1920s gave us the right to vote, doesn’t mean I give shit what happened before we got there. It’s over the past.

  • datpiedpiper

    people should just stop bitchn Rocks funny as shit and we all know the 4ths just anoher excuse 4 us 2 get drunk and blow shit up like the iraq war or vietnam

  • ajortiz365

    Yes, apparently Chris Rock believes that black dead bodies are superior to the white dead bodies that fought and died to free them. It’s all good though. Chris Rock has the freedom to be a racist assh*le just like the KKK does. BTW Rock. Africa needs comedians too!

  • eddie dean

    Hey LIN, (IN THEY) feelings , are you kidding me , go back to sckool idiot,

  • noble1scott

    I love the 4th of July. It was my Grand Pa-Pa’s Birthday and he would have been 85 had he not passed at 79 in 2007. Slavery might have been so, but it is in the past and the 4th is not about who was free and who wasn’t. It is about the love of your country and the freedoms this nation has, that others don’t, and some hate.

  • Alejandro

    black people complain about what happened to their ANCESTORS as if it actually happened to THEM. sorry folks… the president is black… and we all have to work our butts off to get ahead. stop crying

  • http://yahoo sean

    Fuck Cris Rock, He would not be Free today, if were not for the Blood of White People. He’s got a Smartass Mouth!!

  • DAWG

    I am proud to be an American…that doesn’t mean that I’m proud of everything that happened in this nations (here’s a keyword) PAST!!! Am I proud of how our forefathers treated the Native Americans? NO!!! Am I proud of how our forefathers treated the African Americans? NO!!! Am I proud of how our countrymen committed My Lai Massacre? NO!!! But those are things that happened in the PAST (there’s that word again)!!! And as long as people of any color and race continue to segregate events then there will never be any harmony and balance in this country!!! I live in Indianapolis and each year we have the Black Expo in town. I took my young son to see a concert because he liked the band. We were attacked with “What you doin’ here white boy” and “You don’t belong here cracker” comments while in line. And after the lights went out and the first couple songs we had to leave, I was afraid of what might happen to us, why…..because we were white!! And last time I looked Mr. Rock, you were born in Andrews, South Carolina…that makes you an American!!! And July 4th is a day to celebrate being an American, not being white or being black or being brown, red, yellow, etc… IT’S ABOUT BEING AMERICAN!! So all I can really say at this point is a cliche`…if you don’t like it here fine, find somewhere else that suits you better and claim citizenship there!! Your worlds don’t help this country come together Chris…just adds to that wall that keeps us from coming together!!

  • http://chrisrock benzena

    well if chris can make jokes about black people why can’t he make jokes about white people. now it’s not funny. people are so racists.

  • alisha

    His comment dosen’t make me angry and I am “white’ I am just confused by it. Independence day celebrates America’s freedom from Brittish rule. It has nothing to do with slavery or race. I am so over the anger about slavery, I wasn’t alive back then and neither were all of these people complaining about it. Was it a terriable thing in our history? YES I am not down playing that fact, but it is over and the best we can do is make sure our children learn that it is wrong so they don’t repeat the mistakes of the past. And for everyone who is angry about his comment and saying hateful things….1. get a life, they are just words. 2. by saying hateful things, you are worse! I hope everyone has a wonderful day and spends their time helping others and spreading love, not hate.

  • Irish-German

    Just let the double-digit I.Q. pavement apes keep talking, all they do is make themselves look like children..and they wonder why! Makes me laugh.

  • glorriaaa

    so its not funny when its about “white people” but who laughs the loudest and hardest when its about “black people.” lets forget color and celebrate being human for once.

  • Paul

    It is funny, cause it is true. Btw we would like to be called European- Americans or Caucasians. Just FYI.

  • Velma S

    What I find interesting about this comment is that if it was said by a person not of color the joke would be blasted even worse then it is when Chris Rock did it. I think people need to move on and start thinking of people as just that people. Not thinking of us as white people, black people, yellow people and etc. We are all people.

    • http://none CAPERS

      Why do Blacks get special treatment after they have done some thing wrong the entitlement goes to far ! Things are out of balance and when people feel put upon you can never have tranquility.

    • Cold Hard Truth

      I Could care less about what any entertainment person says about anything, they are just people who have the advantage of a larger venue to express themselves. By having any reaction, you empower and/or validate them.

  • Barb

    Hell we have black history month, so I guess if your white you only get a day!!!!

  • Tap_one2001

    Yes Chris rock is right we did build our country on the backs of slaves, but lets not forget we bought the slave from colored folk. Yes their own kinsmen were greedy enough to sell their own family for a dollar or colored beads or what ever the wanted in exchange.

  • ajortiz365

    Apparently Chris Rock believes that the dead bodies of his Black ancestors are Superior to the dead bodies of the White soldiers who fought and died to free them. It’s all good though, this is America and Rock has the right to be a racist assh*le, just like the KKK does. BTW Rock, Africa needs foul-mouth comedians too. We won’t miss you much.

    • daekwon

      your white soldiers were fighting back then cause the south didn’t want to pay high taxes the north was trying to implement on them,thats what started the civil war please know your history before posting things like that,lincoln only started the quest of ending slavery to cut into the souths money so they couln’t fund their war down south anymore

  • Casey

    Oh who gives a fuck. He’s probably right. Said the person who wanted to abolish slavery and someone else wanted to unban alcohol use. somethig that has happened a 100 years has place today just as obamas stupid logic in charging people if they dont have insurance. until the government gives a fuck about us, the world will be the same and has been since bush presidency and beyond.

  • kobecheez

    He’s a comedian, he tells jokes. He is one of the funniest people alive regardless of race. Black people weren’t free, we can’t ignore this fact or get hostile when someone mentions it. Some people need to learn to take a joke. I feel bad for people who say they are going to boycott him after telling a joke, they are going to miss some funny stuff.

  • Susie

    Black slavery had only begun during the time that white slavery, my Irish ancestors were sold and mistreated to the New World, but you do not hear about that. Why is it only blacks can continue to bring the issue up over and over. They are not the only ones to suffer this. Look up the history of this and you will see.

  • Lamont

    Its a joke as all comedians make. Only a racist or someone with guilt would even be offended by this. Its a true statement of history in america. Its Good we can laugh about it now. Relax people. American has come a long way. And a group of guilty people cant ruin this mans career. Find purpose in life and move on.
    Thank you

  • glorriaaa

    @jedsteph, apparently it is. That’s what everyone is stirred up about, if you didn’t quite read it completely..

  • debbie longhair

    the American Indian is still a slave to her own Country, banned to the isolated desert, blamed for every settler’s mishap, and not even a citizen.

  • eddie dean

    Go back to africa if you dont like this country ,see how that works out for you , talk about a bunch of whiners ,you only get what you work for and drug dealing and robbing peaple shows no integrity, its all about choices and chris rock is a punk

    • daekwon

      then you need to go back to england,this was the native americans country first,nice try

  • http://webpronews maria

    I think it’s funny, hilarious. Linen colored people get so bent out of shape when the truth of history speaks. Then they want to change policies that affect money, food, whatever. They think they own the world. Funny.

  • tony carter

    What does chris rock know about slavery? not shit is what he knows, all he is doing is trying to escalate the hatred in this country! He aint shit anyway!

  • stripey

    yes, the truth DOES hurt… It hurts that Black People will never feel like Americans and are always going to be haters no matter what we do to try and make up for something someone else did long ago. No matter how hard this country tries, Black People will never be satisfied and will always look for a way to stand against this country. They are proving it by standing up for Chris instead of standing up for being Americans and celebrating this country with the rest of us so we can all stand together in equality. They don’t want equality–too much responsibility– just want to tear this country apart at every turn and nothing ever makes them feel equal or a part of things, they are bitter and weren’t even alive then and neither were any of the rest of us. Hey Black people maybe the rest of us are bitter that you don’t want to participate except as “gangstas” anymore. You used to have dignified sit-ins demanding to be included and and now that you have a place at the table you don’t want it. Whatever….

  • larry moore

    Hell, I pissed we just get one day, blacks get a whole month.

    • Jacquie


  • lc

    White People’s Day?? Finally!! There’s Martin Luther King Day, Rodney King Day, Black Entertainment Television, Black History Month, etc. etc. Can you imagine if white people decided to have White History Month or White Entertainment Television? There would be riots! Go fuck yourself, Chris Rock!

  • eric floyd

    i’m white and i think he’s 1 of the funniest guys i’ve ever heard,b/c it’s true.he makes fun of everybody,no barrs held.he ranks right up there with the late great sam kinison.he makes me laugh,i like to laugh.keep it up CR.

  • White All Over

    A very funny joke, and absolutely, 100 per cent true. The man who wrote the Declaration of Independence owned dozens of slaves, and he freed them — after he had died. Our Revolutionary General was the biggest slave-owner in America. Black folks, slaves, weren’t included in the Declaration’s “all men are created equal.” Ten years later, black folks had advanced to three-fifths of a white person (the Constitution). I’m white, and old, and am always vastly amused at how many white people get their feelings hurt over anyone’s taking note of historical facts such as these. Black peple who hate whites (no evidence Rock is one of them) are no mre racist than Jews who hate Nazis are, and if you think the Holocaust killed a lot of people you should study the history of the slave trade, particularly King Leopold’s Congo. Read history: it’s interesting and informative.

  • leroy f

    chris is a full nigger.white people should never watch him in nothing he does

    • Jacquie


  • Candy Reaid

    Come on folks! He’s a freaking comedian! It’s his to piss people off! I’m white and love this guy! He’s hilarious!

  • micheole2

    This old timer was a participant in the NYC Lenny Bruce Defense Fund. We haven’t come a long way from those days. Right On, Chris Rock. Lenny would have loved you.

  • jason

    Actually, Chris Rock wasn’t the “Pootie Tang mastermind”. Louis CK wrote and directed it.

  • bob

    I own chris rock

  • http://chrisrock benzena

    it is a black and white thing. if black people can laugh when plp make fun of them. then white plp need to learn to take a joke too. racism will never disappear in the us

  • keith

    It is not ok to make racist comment against whites. I am so sick of the double standards in this country. If the tables were turned and a white comic made a race related joke, jessie, al and the other racist black leaders would organize a march.

  • tottie

    It’s only truth, it hurts we still hurt. Check out what, one of our great giants have to say about white.. I mean pink peoples day.


  • http://none CAPERS

    Well I have been feeling left out lately seem white folks dont count much these days we are just in the way is the feeling I get. The agenda is designed to help two groups and divide the others !

  • Candy Reaid

    ‘cuse me, his JOB to piss people off!

  • Alan

    If he doesn’t like it go back where you came from!

    • Jacquie

      That’s EXACTLY why he said it….people like YOU!!!

  • jedsteph

    But the truth, the truth, the truth…he’s only telling the truth

  • richardenya

    While I think Rock is hilarious, he needs to check his facts.

    The American Revolution ended slavery in all of the Northern States. Congress even prohibited slavery in the Northwest Territory. I know Lincoln gets the credit, but it actually started 80 years earlier.

    The southern states resisted….alot, and I think we all know the
    eventual outcome of that.

  • teresa

    You people are something else! This is America…….not black, not white, not any one color……we have been a mixture of people for over 200 years….and I am with others. IF this comedian is promoting racial issues, then I will no longer pay to see his movies…he made his monies off the backs of all colors of people..its time for the “actors/actresses” to start helping instead of keeping this kind of crud going. Maybe its time for them to grow up and just know when to shut their mouths.

    • Jacquie

      Do you honestly believe that if you don’t talk about racial issues they just magically disappear? Get your head out the sand.

  • eddie dean

    yes dina he is funny, but he is also racist and even the no common sense people know this. he is a punk and wouldnt have a job if he wasnt a stone cold racist



    • Jacquie

      Why is he a racist??? For telling the truth?? Think not!!

  • Bethany J

    I think this whole argument is dumb, old and cant be won by either side. Im white so what. Im a person before Im a color and everyone deserves the best of life. Chris is funny, he is a comedian and he is free to say whatever he wants to say. Dont forget history, thats a very dangerous thing to do, but move forward and make your own history. If racism for all parties involved could become a thing of the past and not be perpetuated, there would be solidarity and a sense of belonging for everyone regardless of race, lifestyle or religion. Its time for all of us to grow up and work toward the greater good instead of bitching about it.

  • Pepper

    I have to agree with Chris. African Americans do view history and historical events differently. Although we celebrate them, we can’t fully acknowledge that it wasn’t our past, moreso our present and future. Many times I watch TV Land and wish for the good old days shown on Little House on the Prarie, Happy Days, Leave it to Beaver,etc. when people were kinder, less crime and cruelty, life was simpler. Then I have to catch myself and realize those times wouldn’t be that great for me due to my skin color. Then that nostalgia fades away… I would’ve been oppressed, denied opportunities, and sitting on the back of a bus. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my country and coming from a military family, I appreciate the sacrifices made by our servicemen for our freedom. But, let’s not be so sensitive about our history, it is real and joking about it is better than holding resentment. We must realize that although we are all Americans, there are subcultures present in this country. You can always find an Asian restaurant open on Thanksgiving or Christmas because some don’t celebrate it. But we don’t celebrate Chinese New year. It is an Asian holiday. That’s not racist, just fact.

    • http://Yahoo Joe Heiser

      There is so much ignorance in this Country if you were to ask 90% of the people who now live in this Country what happened on that date they wouldn’t have a clue. Just possibly that may include the current President. I Love everything that you have stated above and the only thing that we will ever have of that era are memories. Speaking of the Military and starting with WWII where did it ever make any sense after losing so many troops to re-build Japan. Now for over 60 years continue to pump $$$ into Isreal and how many other countries. Cherish those memories because that’s all they will ever and never to be repeated ever again.

  • http://Yahoo TexMex

    So if we are going to keep repeating history let’s also remember that in the fight to free slaves many ‘white’ people sacrificed and lost their lives fighting for the freedom of African Americans. Also many African slaves were bought from African chiefs, when their tribes conquered other tribes they sold their prisoners of war to the slave traders.

    • http://Yahoo Joe Heiser

      The One Sure thing is it just keeps on getting worse. Abolish every holiday and just give everyone a full week off. It use to be they couldn’t because they could not shut down the Plants and Machinery for the products we manufactured. Well that’s all gone and think Real Deep about this the Plants that ran 24/7 with Triple time for Holiday. Everything now Jews, Blacks, Muslims, India, Asians and really who knows what this guy in the White House is, Black, Muslim whatever but I never thought nor did all the Presidents before him.

  • Robert P

    Hey. We’re all Americans aren’t we? I don’t see women rejecting the Fourth of July because women didn’t have the vote in 1776. Let’s get real here. Had y’all stayed in Africa you wouldn’t have been free either. Remember that it was other Africans, primarily Muslims, who sold you into slavery in the first place. The Slave Trade couldn’t have existed without the Black Slavers who captured their neighbors and turned them over to the ship captains.

    Chris Rock of all people has no right to complain. If he were still in Africa do you think he would be a rich, successful entertainer? I think not. He’d probably be living somewhere in a hut with no indoor plumbing, no education and no medical attention and definitely no money. Even the poorest of the poor in USA have free education, healthcare and a chance at a better life if they pay attention in school and apply themselves.

    • Peter G

      totally agree with you Robert

    • Curtis

      AMEN!! You hit the nail on the head with that one. Every thing I was thinking you just said exactly. So many blacks claim the white man did this the white man did that. They were not alive, it was their ancestors first off. And secondly, you said it perfectly, if their own people didnt capture them, they would’ve never been slaves here. They want sympathy, and their “appreciation days or weeks or a month” and we “owe them for what we did” Were they not taught that their own people sold them? Or do they just ironically forget that fact

  • whitegirl

    Big deal, it was a JOKE! However, someone previously mentioned if it is “white peoples” day” we should get a day, we have Cinco de Mayo, February is Black Pride month, seems like every race other than whites are allowed to proud of who they are…God forbid we get even a day joked about and everything that any white guy has ever done is thrown in the faces of us all! I was not there, did not have a slave and hope that I would have felt the way I do today and would have never had one either!

    • Frederick

      We don’t need anymore “special days”. Let’s have a proud to be an American day. All these special days are contributing to the tension and divide today. Let’s celebrate ourselves as a nation and not as individual races. Be proud of your race but do we all really need a day or a month to feel special. Get over yourselves.

    • JON

      EVERY DAY is white people day. Thats why a month has been set aside to acknowledge African Americans (just so happen to be the shortest month out the year).

  • Patrick

    I love that I live in a country where Chris Rock can say something like that. I also love that I live in a county where everyone else can get pissed about it. It is the truth by the way. Love all and God bless.

    • kf

      Truly shows people’s historical ignorance. unfortunately slavery still existed after the independence from Britain. John Adams tried to have it abolished but South Carolina would not have endorsed nor ratified the Declaration Of Independence because of it, so reluctantly, slavery wasn’t able to be abolished at the time of independence. That’s why our country suffered the Civil War.

  • Scott

    history, a wonderful thing, not all Black men where slaves at that time… we only started a war at that time we had to fight to be free… many black men fought and died for that freedom… slaves were offered freedom for a years service and erned it. I am proud to be American even with our less then steller history, part of being American is working to make it a better place for everyone! the 4th is an American holliday, Mr Rock has the right to make any joke he likes because he is an American. even if you don’t get the joke!

  • http://webpronews maria

    what you talkin bout Bethany? Huh The comment of Chris Rock is funny!!

  • Frederick

    Listen people. None of the slaves or slave owners are still alive. Get over it already. Just because your great great great grandfathers had it rough doesn’t mean you are owed anything. As a white person I don’t mind the joke myself. But, if all the African Americans feel it’s ok to tell these jokes, you can’t have hurt feelings when other topics about blacks are raised.

    • Jacquie

      My mother was a victim of racism so you don’t really have to go back that many generations at all. Let’s be real.


    yo! WHAT IS A CHRIS ROCK????????

  • D. Floyd

    Many people are very upset about the Chris Rock comment. But in all fairness had the “joke” been told in reverse (a white joke about a black person) black people would be crying foul just as loud if not louder. We all know it to be true, be honest with yourself folks, come on now. However I think we should take Mr. Rocks suggestion as white people and expand on it. To explain: Everybody knows that America celebrates February as “Black History” month, true? Then why not have a “White People’s History” month? Am I right? It won’t happen, and that’s okay, because we don’t require preferential treatment. Here’s another thing, the majority of negative, angry comments that my statement will generate will be from the black population. Again, that’s okay. Just comment freely folks of every race and background, male or female, it does not affect me. Why? Because for a person to be able to hurt me with their opinions, their opinions first have to matter to me. Everybody! Pleae! Get over yourselves!!!!!

    • Jacquie

      Every day is a celebration of “white people history”. Why shouldn’t we get a month? And most of you think Black History only includes Martin Luther King and Malcom X.

    • Curtis

      Very very true. I have said the same thing for years. What I’m about to say will stir up some noise as well.
      Trayvon Martin vs. George Zimmerman. News heard round the world!
      mobs rallying in the streets wearing hoodies and holding skittles.
      5 days before this shooting, 7 African Americans filmed an assault on a single white man. They jumped the man, beat him in the streets, robbed him, stripped him naked, and shot him dead…For what? Because he was walking down that sidewalk at that time.
      Anybody hear about that? Didnt think so…Shoes on the other foot.

    • JON

      the reason there is Black History month, is because the other 11 months are White History months. And go figure the shortest month out the year is black history month. Not hating, just stating the facts. And if no one else opinion matters to you AFTER your post, then why state it? It obviously does matter, i guess.

  • grillmatic

    The institution of legalized slavery lasted over 300 years in America. After its abolishment at around 1865, it was followed by 100 years of legalized apartheid. The physical atrocities that were inflicted on my people–the beatings, lynchings, rapes, castrations, etc…that is not what burdens us today. We HAVE gotten over that. (Well, maybe not ALL of us, as there are millions of people not yet expired who witnessed many of these horrendous acts firsthand, but that’s another story for another day.) What ails us in 2012, is the mental anguish that has cast a pall on us that is not so easy to “get over”.

    Willie Lynch may have been a fictional account, but the philosophies contained in the myth were anything BUT fiction. My people have been programmed over a 400 year span to hate self. we were taught that the closer you looked to European, the better person you are, and the closer you resembled Africa, the more you are to be despised. Tell me that this doesn’t ring true, TO THIS DAY. We were robbed of our true history…the average white person can tell you from what European country his family hails, perhaps down to the town or burg. We Black folk only know that our people came here on the mighty slave ships. A man devoid of his history is bound to be lost. Add to that the fact that we were forbidden to be educated. And once we were allowed education, it was shoddy at best.

    The aim was to keep us in bondage, and if physical bondage was eradicated, at least the mental and spiritual chains would remain intact…good job America.

    Happy 4th.

  • kevin d

    I’m Caucasian! Stop getting so hype everyone! Look who tweeted this “joke”! a COMEDIAN!! It wasnt Barack Obama or Denzel Washington! Even if they did say it, what can you do? FREEDOM of SPEECH! Read the CONSTITUTION!!

  • Ralph

    “White People Day” is actually a pretty astute observation. I know some low information Caucasians will spread the hate over me saying so, but it doesn’t change the fact that black people have a distinctly different American heritage than whites do — and it isn’t their fault. White people made them slaves. Their independence day isn’t July 4th; it’s June 19th. Only a person of supremely low intellect would have the audacity to tell a black person to get over it, yet you hear these Archie Bunker types saying it all the time. Switch positions if your mind can do that. Better yet, imagine an Arab telling you to get over 911. How does that make you feel? Pretty lousy isn’t it? Racism sucks no matter what color you are.



    • Frederick

      So how do you feel about affirmative action? Is that a hoax? Or are less qualified people really being selected for jobs over more qualified people because they are non-white? Let’s stay consistent here.

    • John

      Okay, so are white people clear to say black jokes without major retaliation now? Oh wait, no they aren’t… You’re probably the same exact kind of person who would freak out if a white person said something about blacks. You can’t sit there and say it’s just a joke when white people can’t do it back.

      • JON

        whites already say black jokes, they just dont say them in public like chris rock. I hear the black jokes ALL the time and mainly because im white and work around white people. I even hear the N>>ger word all the time as well in reference to black people when they come into my work place.

    • Lisa

      It’s a joke!!!! What’s the big deal? I don’t like Chris Rock that much and I really don’t think he is funny. But, I know this was just a joke.

  • a bedard

    I find it funny that when Black people talk about this horrible thing from the past they conveniently leave out the people who sold them? For black celebrities to say such things they just sound stupid and still angry! My dad lost a promotion he was way over due for, passed all the test, but because of the laws he lost the postion to a minority who scored lower and served less time. So I could say is that fair. Stop blaming this generation for the people who started this country, and by the way, if it weren’t for them you may not be so successful Chris. so get over it and move on.

  • Elizabeth Nice

    Does this mean only “White People” should get their holiday pay?

    • sydney

      this is a smart comment. white ppl dont “cry” about shit, black ppl do. they think they are owed EVERYTHING and i am sure they do want their pay on this “white holiday”. Also- you want to talk historical facts? THEIR OWN PEOPLE SOLD THEM TO OUR COUNTRY. ( :

      • JON

        your country? if you arent native american, than I hate to be the one to tell you, your country sure the hell isnt the u.s

    • f*** pompus whites

      yes, I dont get holiday pay anyway on that day and if I did you could keep those couple of petty dollars. Just like white people try to throw a couple of dollars at the issue and think a point is proven.

  • Bethany J

    Chris is funny he makes me laugh. Im white, so? Im a person first. I dont have to prove Im not racist, I live it. History sucks for all of us. We should not forget because that creates the danger of history repeating itself. Its time for all of us to grow up and move forward for the greater good. Nobody is going to win the age old argument. It cant be won but it can be viewed with less hate and defensiveness if all of us respect each other’s rights as Americans and quit looking for reasons to continue hating one another. GO HUMANS!

    • John

      It’s irritating because he clearly has a problem with white people, you can tell by remarks he says and his cocky attitude. I don’t believe this was meant just to be a little joke, I think there is some deep hatred in him for white people and he is just showing a little bit of it to the public.

    • bte

      We need more like you Bethany. No of us were able to pick our color when we were born. Hating people for looking different is silly. I’m black and I have not problem with any race. Face directly with racism, then we deal with it, but not with the hatred being laid across this topic. Really? You hate me because I was born black or white or whatever? C’mon people.

  • http://WebProNews Tom

    My grandparents fled Nazi Germany, suffered abuse but made it to America while many of their fellow Polish-Jews went to concentration camps. I don’t hear them constantly crying or wanting someone to make their situatuion better. They were fortunate to get out and make it better themselves by hard work, diligence and perseverance, blaming no one but them selves if they weren’t succesful.

    • RO


    • JON

      atleast your grandparents had the OPTION to flee Nazi Germany. I dont think they had that choice back then, whether they be black,white,jewish,etc….blacks for example, didnt flee africa and sail the ocean looking for freedom…they were brought here by the first settlers. there is a difference

  • Jessica

    I think its funny how we even celebrate the 4th of July. The only thing its really about is how a bunch of people were being oppressed in one country, so they flee to the “new world” and claim the land as their country. Then they start oppressing the native people of this new country. But isn’t that the same thing that they ran away from. Then they try to claim that the United States is a land where all men are free and equal, but they still have slaves and they’re still killing, raping, and spreading disease to the native people. Not to mention that down the road when other people come to the country they decide that this people are also lower class citizens and oppress them as well. Its still going on today, people argue over illegal aliens coming into the country all the time. Well I got news for you if your not a Native American you’re an illegal alien! Whether or not you were born here or if your family came over on the May Flower. My people have been here for thousands of years until some idiots thought it would be a good idea to run away from oppression, just to inflict it on a whole other group of people. Dont get me wrong I love he country I live I have many freedoms here that I wouldn’t get anywhere else but it just seems ridiculous that people want to turn a blind eye and act like the U.S. is way better then it really is. You can’t erase 200 years of f*@k ups!

    • John

      Do you live in the United States, then why don’t you get the hell out and go somewhere else then?

      If you’re not American, this news post doesn’t pertain to you! No country is perfect, people are sheep and follow whatever everyone else in their time period is doing, without thinking. I’m sure that no one thought about all the things you said before they did it, or after they did it, the same way you do, because they were ignorant.

      • bte

        No they thought about it. It doesn’t take much thought to see that you are using and demoralizing people. They thought about it, because they were smart enough to tie them up and bring them here. They thought about it because they threatened their lives if they weren’t obeyed. The definition of ignorant is not knowing…..I think they knew. Slavery was going on in other places as well, but it doesn’t make it right. They weren’t so ignorant to leave the same abuse they were getting.

    • bte

      On point. You took it back further than what chris rock was harping about. No need to hold grudges, but we must learn from history so that we do not repeat it. Seems like no one’s learning these comments are just repetitious.

    • daekwon

      Chuuch,Priest,Tabernacle!!! couldn’t of said it better myself jessica

  • eddie dean

    White people are doing exactly what cr wants their feeding into the crap , if u want to do something about this little punk , dont buy his material or movies or pay to see his stand up ,give him nothing

    • Jacquie

      What did he say that’s makes him a punk??? He speaks the truth and your response just proves it.



  • rock chick


  • kevin d

    We all are AMERICANS! Does anyone know why he said what he said, aside that he is a COMEDIAN?!???! FREEDOM OF SPEECH!! Read the CONSTITUTION instead of what the MEDIA is showing us!!

    • Anshee

      True, Kevin D, but it seems like CR just has to blame & irritate ppl for no reason. Just to bring a happy celebration down. It’s all negativity. Why be so annoying & angry & immature? He def has his right to say anything he wants…and so do we. THAT’S what we celebrate on 4th of JULY! It has NOTHING to do with He should be HAPPY that slavery ended, not mean & angry. Independence is a great thing…maybe he’d rather live in Middle East & NOT be free, NOT be allowed to speak, NOT be in movies, NOT have housekeepers, NOT hang out at Hollywood events, NOT eat every day, NOT be wealthy.

      My question is, why? Why must he always bash? Get over it. It’s just something else to b**** about & blame somebody for something, just to open his mouth for unprovoked reasons.

      WE ALREADY GET IT, CR! We’ve already heard your mouth for yrs, but you’re not actually accomplishing anything! All you’re doing is running your mouth & there’s no outcome (a) b/c there IS no slavery to try to end, and (b)you make yourself look stupid & don’t even care that you’re teaching young Americans (black, white, all) to just be racist & hateful & careless, with no direction or meaning or point.

      Hey – I can appreciate his one-liners on ‘Everybody Hates Chris’ (absolutely love that show) and in movies & some of his stand-up. I actually crack up about some things he says about white ppl or any races & nationalities, BUT he’s just bashing ‘white ppl’ for no reason w/this 4th of July crap. Just b/c I’m mostly white, doesn’t mean that I’m a PoS person that would have a slave, or don’t care about a black person’s life or feelings just b/c they’re black. His point towards white ppl 2day is assinine.

  • James Witherspoon

    What’s the big deal?As far as I’m concerned he’s just now catching up with the way a lot of black people feel.I happen to know that they didn’t free the slaves on July 4,1776,that didn’t happen until about 90 years later,so why should black Americans get all teary eyed about the 4th of July? Think about what those slaves were thinking while the white people celebrated their independence. They had to be thinking”what does this have to do with me?” Facts are facts

  • harry dunn

    if i was to make a joke on mlk day about it being black people day or better yet a white comedian making such comment the backlash would be how racist the white community is. the truth is most racial comments come from the black community and that seems to be alright. we must accept it. why?????

    • Cold Hard Truth

      You are correct on all counts! You do not have to accept it. Speak your mind and continue to make your opinions known in any way you can. Encourage others to do the same.

  • Bryon

    I’m sure Chris Rock’s appology will be published very soon, just like everyone else out there that says something derogitory to the gays right? They are bullied by the media into appologizing. Will Chris Rock do the same? Highly doubt it. What a piece of trash. How will prejudice ever end if people like him won’t let it end? Nobody alive today had anything to do with slavery or buying and selling of slaves. If he wants to get mad at someone how about getting mad at his own people for selling their own people to the white man!

    • don5879

      not to mention didn’t the blacks make the jews slaves in egypt thausands of years ago.guess what goes around comes around.

    • Anshee

      Haha! Wow! I agree 100% w/Bryon. Well-said. If Chris Rock truly meant it as a joke, just to get a chuckle out of ppl, fine. I highly doubt it was innocent, given his past comments. He’s yapping to, at, & about the wrong ppl. We had nothing to do w/it. Slavery was 100% wrong in my eyes & it turns my stomach to think of what they went thru, but we had no control since we didn’t even exist yet. Slaves were not the only ppl in the world to ever suffer, be hurt, or be tortured. I believe everything happens for a reason…if that didn’t happen, life would be diff right now & some of us would never even have been conceived, including Chris Rock! I like his humor sometimes, but I’m noticing that he’s def racist & takes things too far, unprovoked. He wants to bitch about what ‘white ppl’ do wrong & about racism all the time, but how is he right or any better when he’s the SAME? The only thing that makes it diff is that he CAN’T enslave white ppl b/c slavery is illegal now. I’m sure that’s what would make him feel better. It’s so irritating that he has to ruin 4th of July for ppl. Why? He’s so negative. He should focus on positive things that white ppl & black ppl & ALL ppl do 2gether for this country & the great things that we ALL have accomplished. He’s got so much to say, but he says such low-class, irrational, childish things. He could use his fame for good instead of evil (haha). Such a big mouth could accomplish IMPORTANT things, like raising awareness for poverty, starving kids, cancer, political issues, or even for teaching ALL our American youth how to appreciate life or 2 encourage them to accomplish great things in life…instead of yip-yapping on Twitter like an angry, uneducated teenager about the past history that moulded our country…and cannot be changed. Duh.

  • Mike

    Fact is God created the different races…..and the fact is Caucasian/White people established this great nation which has been a blessing to all. Chris Rock can leave his millions of $ and go to Africa any time he wants to.

  • Roger

    Is anyone aware that its a joke!!!


    Well, he could have came over my house for WATERMELON.

    • JON

      its funny that you have watermelon at your house. lmfao, i bet he doesnt.

  • mike

    Of course if a black man says this its a joke, but if a white man said it, it would be called racist and hatefull. Sharpton and Jackson would be all over it. Where is the equality?

  • Dick

    Well i can say at least we white people finally got a day to call our own! All you see is black history month, hispanic heratige month, almost every race has a month. Good we got one day! Take a real good look around white people are the minority now. Cant even get goverment assistance unless your black or mexican i know i tried when i needed got turned down. But anyway i never had anything against chris rock ha ha ha i can take a joke. lets move on to the problems in our time now and quit living in the past. lets not make the same misstakes.

  • don5879

    lets not forget the slaves we had were sold to us by there own people in africa not to mention more black men every year are killed by other black males then any other race not to mention the percentage of african americans in the prison system far outnumbers that of any other race.hows that for facts.

  • MD

    Yep hold on to the slavery thing for 100 more years. Use it to your advantage whenever you can. You are all good at it.

    • JON

      will use it until we cant use it anymore.

  • John

    I just want to say that if the colours were switched, and a white person said something similar like this about black people, it wouldn’t just be a “joke.” This news story is clearly biased toward claiming Chris Rock’s tweet as only a joke.

    I think he did this on purpose to upset people because he knows he can and no one can do anything about it. He clearly has a problem with white people.

    I wouldn’t care if he said that, if it could work the other way around in our society. It’s just irritating that it can only happen one way (black to white joke) without their being major problems and lawsuits.

  • RO

    While we’re at it might as well have “The Ivory Awards” and “White Entertainment Television” but I guess that might ruffle some feathers so maybe not…..

    • JON

      EVERYTHING on tv is W.E.T.

  • jesussullivan@yahoo.com

    Pootie Tang mastermind? Louis C.K. wrote and directed Pootie Tang.

  • aey1234

    I wish people would read history. The wealthy blacks in Africa sold there own people to Spain and thy brought them over from Spain to America. I guess like anyone else, if you do not like it here you can go back to your homeland of Africa and that would be fine.

  • Greg

    I enjoy my white peoples day every year thank you very much

  • John

    I’m a disabled veteran and proudly served “OUR COUNTRY” until the day I was discharged and I would still be serving, if I was able. Please note that I said “OUR COUNTRY”, I didn’t say White America or mean anything like that. I fought and served to protect the rights of all Americans and that includes Chris Rock and his rights to free speech. We as Americans have the right to speak our minds and to say things that may or may not be controversial. I feel we all need to remember and learn from the past or we are doomed to repeat the same mistakes. To Chris Rock and all the other people who want to think or speak on this issue, in this manner, I say go ahead and do so, but don’t get offended when people take offense to what you have said. I agree that there is racism in America, but I also believe that if it wasn’t brought up as an excuse for so many things and so often, it wouldn’t be such a problem. There are prejudices in and against every race in America, but if we all came together and settled our differences, we would become a stronger people and a nation. So let’s try a little forgiveness and all come together for the betterment of “OUR COUNTRY” and the future we will leave for our children. I’ll start !!! Here is me an American extending my hand in friendship and forgiveness to Chris Rock another American. There is no white or black in my suggestion, it is just one American to another. Chris Rock, will you except my hand in friendship and forgiveness? This all has to start somewhere and it might as well start with us. Maybe we can start a movement that will change “OUR COUNTRY” and even extend to change the world and it could all start with a simple handshake. What do you say Chris Rock ?

  • pat.ti e

    Just remember people whites are the minority now so why you all mad? get over it im white idc what anyone says leave the negativity outta your lives you would feel alot better. find the positive in everything. Chris Rock is a comedian not like what he says is law or something just funny

  • http://COMMUNITY.WEBTV.NET/CNYWP/DontTalktoCops Doom Goddess

    Fuggit, I’ll take a White People’s Day. BTW, Whites are 8% of the World population, and only 2% of these are White Women of Child bearing years. WHO is the true Minority and the endangered Species, hah?

  • Tim McCool

    I hope this piece of shit gets the worst possible cancer and suffers horribly. All he EVER does is slam white people. typical double standard, the blacks can crack all kinds of jokes on white people, but dear god help us if we even HINT at a black joke. where is george zimmerman when you need him.

    • JON

      he is in jail…NEXT?

  • EJFudd

    Really… Uh could u tell me who was fighting and what they were fighting for? I think I was a part of land, came with the land, and used to build this nation so I’ve gone to the winner in each of the wars. Tokenism is alive and well so don’t get it twisted and scatter when someone turns the light on.

  • Chuck Tackett

    Chris Rock is a comedian. He tells jokes based on the truth. I think it is called truism. The problem is that there has not been an honest discussion on the real history of this country. Unfortunatly a lot of people feel if they put President Obama in the White House, Black people would cease crying racism, and they can ignore what they have done to the Nativr American, Latinos, and now Gays. It seem if you are not White,male and straight you are a second class citizen.

  • Mike

    and white folks have been slaves to…slaves to Assyrians and Babylonians for forsaking their God.

  • DontHate

    emancipate – Derives from Latin e-, “out,” and mancipare, “deliver asproperty;transfer, sell.”

  • Sleuths

    “I’ve Never Liked Chris Rock”…”He Is So Corny”!

  • GregM

    HONKY WEEK, EVERYBODY!!! Free ‘kiss the cook’ aprons and low fat turkey sausage for everyone!!


    White people finally think they found some proof of the black man being racist. LOL. But in all reality he only stated the truth. Im mixed and have seen and caught racism from both sides, but this right here is only being turned into a big deal because the “white” community is ASHAMED of the past. But we cant change the past. Stop getting so buttthurt. You dont see black people getting mad because hes making a joke of the trails black people went through even though that could be offensive to some.

  • Les OShane

    As I see it he is just another black ass rideing the white shirtail, we whites are the ones that give him is money by buying his black ass jokes which are not all funny at all, he is just showing how ignorant he really is, probably hires some hispanic to whipe his a@#.
    I am 61 yrs old have always hated blacks and mexs all my life and always will, I something doesnt go their way they always play the race thing and blow it out of text, if some one does not like what I say, oh well, I just dont see why all those people just dont go back to Africa or Mexico and complain about the way they live . They could not live in that situation cause they could blame the white people, the blacks were enslaving themselves 1000’s of years before the whites started it.

  • mike morset

    yep and No one else died for his freedom. No white people sacrificed their lives for the United States. American Indians owned slaves Mexicans owned slaves now we are all slaves. I really respect black Americans for their contributions and loss of life as much as anyone’s. It is a very sad part of our country that we had slaves and nothing can change that. Their were a lot of White people who hated slavery and did everything they could to end it and help slaves. The slaves also existed in Africa at that time by other black people’s but their is no mention of that with him. Blanket statements like the ones he made are what further separates us from becoming one nation. Hatred is a negative and nothing is to be gained by it.

  • http://webpronews maria

    OMG – apology for what It’s joke just straight out HILARIOUS, FUNNY.
    oh but the joke is about you. That’s right.

  • Roslynd

    And what about all the blacks who fought and died in each and every war we’ve ever been in, INCLUDING the Revolutionary and Civil Wars?!
    With this comment, this pathetic windbag has discredited everything blacks have done for our country. Blacks, Latinos, Whites, we all deserve to be here. We’ve all had forefathers who lived and died for this country. Perhaps Chris Rock should leave the US. We’re better off without him.

  • Tim McCool

    Heres a good one: we have MLK Day as a holiday right? Well maybe we should have a James Earl Ray day too !!

  • ray

    Why do people get pissed about crap like this…He is JUST a comedian…They make jokes..I dont find Chris Rock funny any more..His act has gotten old..But I also believe that comments like that make some Black people think someone owes them something….YOU were NOT a slave so SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!!

  • http://downstg@yahoo.com Tim

    How about this historic fact — It was other BLACk Africans selling black africans into slavery to the european shipping firms. Smoke that crack Chris Rock..How’s dem Fireworks?

  • jami

    c’mon chris – dont be hatin white people! its not like we cam up with WET (white entertainment televsion)or Miss WHITE America or kwanza for whitey!I know you were trying to be funny but knock the white chip off your shoulder – this country has not seen slavery in a very long time – you are owed nothing

    • joe bob

      get a life or read some books! ABC,NBC,CBS,CNN,FOX, CARTOON are all WET’s! That flat az bitch known as miss america is miss White america! And this country owes the Slaves, it has not paid them for thier service so they owe the relatives! isnt that how the mob does it?!

  • John Tenting

    It’s unfortunate that anyone would think the joke was funny. It’s a serious matter when it comes to slavery. Now, realize we are in the year 2012, not one white soul in this country has slaves or has anything to do with what happened in 1776. It’s ok for black comedians to use their white man imitations for laughs as if all whites have big glasses and a weird voice.

    How about the challenge to be funny without trying to be controversial. This is all for attention for Rock. He has his funny moments but this is not one of them. If whites say anything equally offensive to current blacks over past transgressions we would be labeled kkk or racist.

    This country is made up of more than black and white. It’s time to find a better way to live together. Perpetuating past transgressions and putting them out of place will not work.

    The double standard that blacks can call themselves anything they want, and evidently label all whites with a swipe of a sentence is moronic, uneducated and childish.

    We are all God’s children. Some good some bad, and all individuals despite any color of skin.

    • Marie

      Hi John, as a Black American; I like your comment, you’re right, we are all God’s children and you’re also right about that we will be offended as well when comments are made like this. This world would be a better place if all offensive comments towards all race would cease and equity would be among all regardless of one’s color. I guess that will be when we all get to Heaven.

  • playball2000

    Even though his statement was a joke, there is actually truth behind it.
    I’m an American, so I celebrated the day, but I know that the original meaning of the holiday had nothing to do with African Americans or other non whites.

    • joe bob

      say it louder!

  • Patrick

    Hey Chris if it wasn’t for our Independece , Constitution and the 1st Amendmant ( Freedom of Speech)and you lived in some rotten 3rd world country or where your relatives came from, you’d still be pickin cotton and chuckin wood and shining shoes. Fuk off you racist

    • JON

      why is it that if the country isnt the u.s that all other countries are referred to as 3rd world countries? If you arent native american, then you are (like chris rock) from a 3rd world country…oh, and you Fuk off as well, you racist

  • Todd

    At least they had jobs back then!

    • http://Dinu Dinu


    • joe bob

      so your sorry, lazy az relatives could prosper off the backs of unpaid labor?! spoken like a true lazy cracker!

  • http://Dinu Dinu

    Its amazing to read some of these responses, the joke was probably tasteless but folks are taking it to another level. Look at Elon James White, host of This Week In Blackness, spoke with The Huffington Post regarding Rock’s comment.
    He is pretty bitter using the typical my peoples sweat and blood, motherfucker if it is so bad here just leave. Get the fuck out, this country is plagued by people like that, I am owed this, my people that, when was the last time you, and I emphasize you or any distant relative was slaved? Granted slavery was a horrible thing, but you werent the only ones in society. should the japanese walk around asking for handouts because they were placed in holding camps, should the jews expect to be handed the world because they were prosecuted, and it goes on and on. Blacks arent the only ones that suffered, but now folks are driving around a BMW claiming they have it hard. Get over it, move on. The world will be a better place if folks stopped creating all this drama. Its funny how folks always blame the white man, but white people are the only ones without a holiday in this country. Everyone else has one, but if there was one it would be racist. People like Al Sharpton are taking folks backwards. Just my 2 cents, have a good day. And remember, this is peoples opinion’s and everyone is entitled to one so no need to get angry.

    • joe bob

      this racist az govt has lied from the beginning of its existence! where did the 40 acres and mule, that the slaves were promised go?!

  • http://webpronews maria

    OMG – apology for what It’s a joke, just straight out HILARIOUS, FUNNY.

    • joe bob

      a joke is what these people are! it was real! who celebrates the 4th?!
      do you celebrate Cinco de mayo? i do!

  • Robert Langsley

    I think it’s about time that a black comedian became accountable for slamming white people and other ethnicities in one of his or her’s “jokes”. It is unfortunate that Chris Rock had to be the one. In all honesty, i’ve heard much worse things in stand-up routines.I’m glad people are upset over this, they should be. There’s a fine line between a joke and full-blown racism.

  • Gary

    I agree with Whitegirl, we whites should have OUR DAY. She’s right and I think the 4th of July is a GREAT day to start. How about WHITE MISS AMERICA and so on.

    • joe bob

      it is your day! you are the only people that celebrate the 4th!!! in fact, true white people, Europeans, dont celebrate the 4th of July because it is not relevant to them!

    • Marie

      Hi Gary, that’s nothing new, it’s been that way always. Also concerning Chris Rock’s statement, I think you all blow things way out of portion and I can’t believe that you all get so offended at a small comment like that. Black Americans have taken much harder blows than this and still standing. Get over it.

  • bigwill55

    You know, I feel that Fourth of July is a cleabration of America. I spent 20 years in the military for our country. People have the right to say and beleive what they want here. If you study history, you will read that a great meny factors went into this county growing.
    The dude made a joke and he is a paid jokester.

  • Todd

    The problem with nigras today is that they eat too much damn watermelon!

    • joe bob

      dum az cracker, yall eat melon too! just look at your colorless kids!

    • http://yahoo LaVina

      Hey Todd, You must eat alot of watermelon. That statement is purely stupid and igornat on your part. You don’t have a sense of immoriaty when you get offended because a statement doesn’t agree with you.

      You probably pass gass too damm much. How about that

  • sorg

    We’ll never have to compete with blacks because they’re so hung up on race they’ll never succeed to the point we have achieved. Why get mad this is the very thing that inhibits them.

    • joe bob

      you idiot, people of color are taking over, look at the Mex’s and China’s! you wont let Black do a damn thing but the people that will kill you are the Browns and Yellows! pay your historical debt to the colored people or die off! those are your options!

  • bob

    Dam right whiteee rules the world always will !!!!!

    • joe bob

      yeah but thanks to global warming, your reign will soon be over!!!

    • JON

      and blacks benefits from whitee ruling the world. keep up the good work!!!

  • http://webpronews maria

    Correction – OMG – apology for what it’s a joke. Just straight out HILARIOUS, FUNNY

  • DontHate

    emancipate – Derives from Latin e-, “out,” and mancipare, “deliver asproperty;transfer, sell.”

    Sold to the federal government. Does foodstamps, section as well as other government services ring a bell. It’s not that blacks choose to be dependent of those things, we are obligated to them through the works of government secrecy. #SpiritualShacklesAndChains

  • Whitemalebutequal

    For all you bigots spreading hate, justifying slavery, and telling C. Rock and all blacks to leave America, how about you leave America we are the ones who are taking America back. Your days of greed, hate, and self righteous BS are over. We’re moving forward get your Fucking foot off the brake. Better yet go live on Newt’s moon colony, I hear they are naming it “Amercia” with M Romney as president. In Americia polygamy, with your sister is smiled upon. Go inbred and be simple minded idiots else where, your making “real Americans” look really bad.

  • Pastblaster

    We’re all still slaves of one kind or another; To the man, to money or to something more sinister. Or slaves to some addiction we have. Or all of the above. None of us were around in 1776 and today lots of folks of all races don’t really even know what happened way back then. Chris Rock’s statement is correct, the slaves probably did enjoy the fireworks. Everyone who watched them probably enjoyed them unless they were watching in San Diego. But the bottom line is that none of us are really free. Calling the 4th. of July white folks day is a stretch, but what the heck, we could use a day. If however, July 4th. was officially declared “White Folks Day” it would summarily be ruled unconstitutional and those who celebrated it would be arrested and imprisoned, so I guess it’s better to just let black folks call it white folks day.

  • Dave

    meh.. he’s a comedian. I expect these kinds of jokes from comedians. It actually doesn’t bother me, I wasn’t there. I know what happened, I’m saddened that it happened at all… but I have no guilt over it.

  • Bob Richards

    Chris Rock is one of the ignorant people that other ignorant people seem to flock too.

    If Mr. Rock had done any research, he would have found that African Americans fought alongside White Americans, Native Americans and Asian Americans during the Revolutionary War.



    I myself am of “Mixed Heritage; With Ancestors that include Caucasian, African American and Native American Cultural Backgrounds…. My Ancestors have fought for the United States, against the United States (both as Indians and Confederate soldiers) since the Revolutionary War….

    Mr Rock, is an idiot pure and simple………….

    • JON

      since when has jokes had to be facts before saying them?

  • countrylving

    wtf ever chris rock is a typical rascist black dude. it wouldnt be funny if we as whites started making jokes about how every sh*thole in america has a street named mlk. we would be called white devils, or worse. im so tired of the blacks whinning and crying over nothing. hey, if i was to import slaves into this country it would have been mexicans. they work like machines and are greatful for everything they get. unlike others (cough, cough).. my children get no special college fund, or will not be hired before a more qualified individual because of their race. or any other of the little government funded treats blacks get. so chris rock, dave chappelle, and eddie murphy kiss my white ass and come up with something new. this act is getting really old, you silly douche bags. have a nice day :0)

    • Levi

      I didn’t own slaves it’s like the indians ” I DON’T OWE THEM ANY THING” I didn’t push them to the res. I didn’t import blacks and all of those people were not slaves and had never known any other life. They are all American act like it or get out winny little bitches.

  • Jajahoo

    Kicking out the Brits is so much joy and so much to celebrate, whether it’s kicking them out from Hong Kong or from America.

  • Levi

    If a white man made a stupid racial joke everyone would have shund him. Jokes are jokes no matter who say’s them in which racial direction it is charged. Don’t bitch about a black man making a joke don’t bitch about a white man making a joke.

  • Greg

    I’m about as much of a WASP as you can get and, frankly, took Chris’s comment for what it was…a FREAKIN’ JOKE! Way to many of my fellow Whities are just WAAAAAAY to sensitive about this stuff! Lighten up!!!

  • chris bacos

    I am a white gentile male and I applaud Chris Rock. I am going to be
    blunt when I say “people lighten up and get a f&*king sense of humor.

    • http://enquirer lexus


  • Will

    yeah i’m racist to a point because blacks always has to play the racist card just to get what they want and here chris rock is more racist than i am blacks are a lot more racist than whites are but its whites that get in trouble over everything send all of the blacks back to africa way i look at it i mean you talk about independence day and all i can say is HEY CHRIS ROCK was you born in the area of slavery was any of you blacks born in slavery days who cares if your ancestors are or not its in the past let the crap go and move on

    • JON

      If you think that blacks should go back to Africa, then why dont you ask whoever is taking them, to make room for you too so they can drop you off in your NATIVE country as well. ONLY native americans are from here, so if blacks should go, then maybe you should go as well.

  • RickyA

    RodertP talks about access to free education and health care where in America is anything FREE kids are leaving college with huge student loans people are loosing their homes because of medical procedures and you spewing venom at chris rock comment the sad truth you can dish it out but you can take the reality of what america really is all about.

  • Don Quixote

    yeah Chris Rock is a funny man, and like most blacks is a little prejudiced. It could be because he has and still does experience some prejudice. Either way may its good to have a white people day and be proud of it, and let colored, black, red, yellow and gold people have their days too. Celebrate-its a good thing. Don’t let one persons prejudice ruin it. laugh with him and laugh at him.

  • sher

    Oh my gosh….can’t we just give it a rest? Why do black people keep having to bring it up day after day after day? Can we move forward and try living in the present?

  • carl a babcock

    Chris Rock is one of MILIONS of black MILLIONAIRES in ‘racist’ America.
    How many black millionaires are there in the entire African continent?
    Slavery existed all over the world at one time but (white) America knew it was wrong and outlawed it…..blacks need to move on….

    • JON

      where have you been hiding? There are Billionaires in Africa my friend. As well as all over the world. You think the u.s. holds the only wealthy african americans? Maybe there are more here in the u.s percentage wise, but check your facts before posting ignorant comments…and by the way, Im as white as they come.

  • Candace

    White people….Stop trying to make every black person forget about slavery. Lmao, it’s fucking hilarious how most of you think black people are being racist towards you. That’s impossible. Reverse racism does NOT exist because a black person cant oppress a white person. It was a joke. Build a bridge and get the fuck over it!

  • Beeagele

    You see all of you don’t see that it’s a joke. Hes a comedian hes going to say things that freak people out. People don’t understand black people had zero rights for 200+ years and say ignorant comments like “get over it”. Sure, years have passed since then but lets not forget and leave comments like that. I found it pretty funny and true. His tweet was not to offend white people, but it is to congratulate them. Enjoy your National White People’s Day! 😛

    • Erika

      FUNNY FUNNY TRUE TRUE and even more FUNNY!!! It was a JOKE that happens to be the truth!!! PLEASE get over it!!!!

  • Jen R

    I used to like Chris Rock. Racism will always exist…Thanks Chris. Wow… Yes, slavery existed dude. Not sure why he would say white peoples day? Really? You can’t just celebrate our countries freedom & be happy you have a blessed life? I can appreciate a truly funny joke, even if it’s stuff people don’t really want to talk about. But it’s not even funny. It just sounds like he is holdin a grudge about the mistakes that were made way before our time. It just makes him sound like an angry racist idiot…and really makes me not want to watch any of his movies anymore.

  • DLW

    LMFAO Chris Rock is funny. I just don’t see what the big damn deal is. Truth hurts…doesn’t it?

  • http://james James

    Joke is a joke, I dont mind the joke but the ignorant comments are crazy. I am black, however I dont walk around blaming other people for misfortunes of the world. I went to school, got a degree, a job and life is good. All this talk about races, opression is getting old. Lets move on, its a beautiful day. Time for the park, have a blessed day.

  • http://webpronews shondae gordon

    Get over it people already!!!I am an American Indian, Kiowa indian to be exact. I’m half kiowa and the other half is German and Irish. Proud to be all of the above. If anyones had it rough here its the native american people but thats neither here nor there. get over it White People, Chris wasn’t being racist he was just stating a fact.We Indians dont celebrate Columbus Day due to the fact that we were here first and Columbus didnt find us. Chris Rock you are one funny individual and keep on keeping it real!!!

    • Love Love

      Beautiful comment!!!

  • Haley