White People’s Day: Chris Rock Joke Sparks Backlash

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White People’s Day: Chris Rock Joke Sparks Backlash
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White People’s Day took place on July 4th, according to comedian Chris Rock, who tweeted a joke to his legion of followers that has not settled too well with a large selection of the populace. Since the former “Saturday Night Live” cast member is no stranger to the world of controversy, Rock seems unfazed by the extreme amount of backlash his biting observation has generated. From what I can tell, he’s ruffled quite a few feathers with this one, which usually indicates that he’s touched a nerve most people don’t want to acknowledge.

If you missed Rock’s tweet, here you go:

In response to Rock’s joke, several people have taken to a wide variety of social networking sites to express their disappointment with the comedian, going as far as to say they intend to swear off his movies entirely. Others took their anger and fashioned it into a micro-blogging response of their own, many of which you can find at the bottom of this article.

Of course, not everyone was deeply offended by Rock’s message. Actor Don Cheadle and Zach Braff both thought the joke was just that: a joke. If anyone is shocked that Rock issued a racially-oriented tweet at the nation’s expense, they obviously aren’t very well-versed in the actor’s brand of biting, hot-button comedy.

Elon James White, host of This Week In Blackness, spoke with The Huffington Post regarding Rock’s controversial comment. His insight into the matter is pretty spot-on:

I find this Chris Rock backlash absolutely ridiculous. Really? Someone tells the truth and you mad? I’m American. I never claim otherwise. I never give the “We didn’t land on Plymouth rock” speech unless its in a really funny way. But part of being American, to me, is that I have to acknowledge all the bullshit that comes with it. Basically some folks came over, stole other people’s land, killed them, then started a country on the backs of my people, while killing them, and then at some point they freed the slaves but then oppressed them and killed them some more. Do I have the ability to do things here that I wouldn’t in some parts of the world? Yes. But my family paid the price for that in actual blood, sweat and tears. If more people were like Rock and acknowledged the truth maybe we’d be in a better place as a Nation.

If you’re curious to see what others think about the “Pootie Tang” mastermind’s Independence Day-related tweet, you can sample some Twitter reactions below.

White People’s Day: Chris Rock Joke Sparks Backlash
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  • DaSpanka

    Can’t we all just get along? RIP RK.

  • Todd C

    I think Chris Rock is hilarious. I’m a white man and I’m not offended by his statement at all. I think we choose to forget what really happened and hope that everything will be covered in roses, but history never dies.

  • laurafield

    u suck Mr. Rock…….jump off your local bridge …we have to deal with Martin Luther day….so whatever…dick face

    • Pam

      “deal with” Martin Luther day? You mean Martin Luther King, Jr. Day? What does that even mean, “deal with”? You do realize the Declaration of Independence was signed over 100 years before slavery was abolished, don’t you? And whoever said that the US did away with slavery in 100 years is wrong. If you would like to educate yourself (please do) here is a really good book: http://www.powells.com/biblio?isbn=9780156008549

    • yh8thetruth?

      You do know that Martin Luther was a white European, right?

    • myhumble1

      Wow! “Deal with” says it all. Some white people are hilarious. You want us to simultaneously assimilate and disappear.

      Martin Luther King, Jr. took a non-violent approach to pursuing freedom for ALL people. He sacrificed his life for ALL Americans and you feel that a day out of 365 is too much to deal with. Proof of the ongoing problem . . .

  • brooklyn4life!

    Chris, the borough of Brooklyn has officially disowned you. Dueces!

    • yh8thetruth?

      I guess BK hates the truth…

    • Myesha24

      I think this is sad! No matter how you get around it and try to call him racist, the truth is Black people were not freed during that time! While we are trying to get past it and still have room to grown, we also need to acknowledge the fact that it did happen, Slavery is a fact in this country’s history!

  • Seexxyme

    Why are we so hang up on the little things. If you are white and we call you white – people are offended. If you are black and people call you black you are offended. If you are short and we call you short you are offended …. the slaves were not free so they had nothing to celebrate – it was not their independence so why be offended by what was?????

  • david

    You got it right Chris, This country was built partialy on the backs of your people, but not yours.

  • Pam

    He’s right. There really is no argument that can be had by anyone who knows anything about history.

  • Sabah

    And the truth shall set yall free..he only tells the truth..why do people constantly want to sweep our history under the rug..it happened and July 4th was not OUR independence!!

  • Sabah

    READ..the ICIS papers

  • glenn barnes

    Chris Rock makes his living telling jokes – If he had said something about ‘Amos & Andy’, everyone would laugh – Give us all a break and discuss something worthwhile like unemployment, the economy, Iran – let Chris continue to “Rock” – I’m white, by the way

  • stu

    As a club regular, I just think this stuff belongs on the stage and not in the public forum. White, I don’t take offense at his comments because my family wasn’t even in America. As well, a lot has changed since that time in history, whether or not anyone wants to admit it. I’m all about people being people, which is why me, my family, friends, neighbors . . . don’t blink an eye when they see my interracial family walking down the street or coming to family reunions. Whether or not you want to believe it, much of “white” America is over it. Admittedly, much of it is not. But, these sort of comments, when thrown into the public arena, are going to get a response, like it or not. What’s funniest, though, is that the comment comes from a guy who’s made his money, done well in America, much of which came from skits of him playing stereotypes other races have of black Americans. What’s most amazing to me is that this comment gets all this press, while guys like Paul Mooney have been saying stuff 10x as hateful, some of it true, for decades. Again, I go to see his shows, because if you don’t take the time to learn from other people’s perspectives, you’ll die an angry and misinformed man.

    • yh8thetruth?

      Thanks, Stu. On this note I will leave the forum. You get it, others don’t. Spread the sensibility, bro.

  • Seexxyme

    By the way he make jokes on Black people day too and the whites laugh at it … so why be so uptight — it was a joke and the pendulum swings both sides lighten up people…. we have to have a sense of humor about ourselves. The world needs laughter.

  • lnjtzjr

    There has not been one race, country or human i history that has not been oppressed in w-one shape or form. When are these people going to let this go? It’s been over two hundred years. This is not the 1940’s any more. I wasn’t able to go to school on a United Negro College Fund. I had to join the military and work up to my arm pits in helicopter grease for four years to earn the money to pay my way through college. Asian people don’t have their own history month…

    YOu want to be reated like every one else? Shut the fuck up and quit bitching like a bunch of little school girls.

    • yh8thetruth?

      What did Asians go through over here? Funny thing. Whenever the misdeeds of whites are ever brought up, white people want blacks to shut up and quit whining. You DON’T treat blacks like everyone else, so blacks don’t expect everyone else to understand, and do the speaking up for us. THAT we will do for ourselves. You sound like the person in movies where the spirit of the person that they killed is haunting them, and they want the spirit to shut up and go away. BOO!

    • myhumble1

      OK Injtzjr . . . WHAT are you talking about? You do realize that MLK was assassinated in OUR generation – the 60’s? You need to check your 200 year calculation.

      UNCF funds are for use at traditional black schools – where people of all races are welcome. Read about white students attending HBCU’s here:


      If you wanted to attend an HBCU you should have applied. If you wanted to attend a non-black school, you should have applied for financial aid – or any of a variety of private scholarships. Did you not utilize the G.I. Bill?

      BTW- Mark the month of MAY on your calendar: Asian-Pacific Heritage Month

      Oh, and don’t forget these . . .

      NOVEMBER – Native American Heritage Month
      SEPTEMBER – National Hispanic Heritage Month
      MARCH – Irish -American Heritage Month
      OCTOBER – National Italian-American Heritage Month

  • Jay

    I like Chris Rock, and what he said was true.
    Amazing how this got peoples panties in a bunch?
    Pissed off people who who probably don’t believe in evolution and believe that America’s founding fathers where christian (they were not)

  • john

    thats history should be glad it could be like that now

    • Cracker

      Mr. Rock,
      For the past 29 years of your 47 year existance, you have been riding on easy street. You sir are completley disconnected from the real world. You live in the fanatasy world of Hollywood and have no clue as to the changes and heart ache of todays world. Alot has changed in 29 years since you have been riding on the backs of white executives and the white public that along with the blacks, yellows, greens, purples and however many other “colors” there are, have all kept you living in your Alpine NJ mansion and driving your Bentley while we are all wondering how to feed our family.Yes it is your talent that got you there but dont knock the system, however right or wrong it may be, that keeps you living high on the hog.You wanna make comments about our country then trade for 1 week with an unemployed family living in Alabama or Mississippi and see how hard it is. Then you have the right make your comments. Dont degrade the very system that you count on to put gas in your Bentley or pay the electric bill on your 10000 sq ft. home.

      • myhumble1

        So you’re angry that he’s wealthy? You feel that he didn’t earn his money? And now that he’s wealthy he shouldn’t speak with historical accuracy? He’s a comedian. This is the type of stuff that other (white) wealthy comedians might say . . .ex. Janeane Garafolo, George Lopez, George Carlin, John Stewart, etc. Why are you taking Rock to task?

        How are his comments hiring unemployed families? The more we speak in truth, the more inclined we’ll be to open our eyes to the plight of “fellow man.”

        I gotta tell you that your comment is coming across as, “You should be glad that this white country lets you have your fancy house and car.” Maybe you can clarify . . . ?

  • Eileen Ward

    How about the UNITED WHITE PEOPLE COLLEGE FUND, There are poor white people too, but if anyone tried to establish that fund they would be called racist. Something not fair about this


    • Wanda Woodson

      Have you did your history on why the United Negro College Fund was established. Blacks could not afford college, student loans,they were denied, turn down for financial aid, etc,. Why? They had no money, look who got and still getting Scholarships.I am on a scholarship committee, we are also giving whites scholarship based on their GPA, Please do your research on this and you will understand why the UNCF was established.

      Chris made a reference to history and he was able to use it as a joke.

      • Erin

        And it is NO LONGER NECESSARY and SHOULD be dissolved. DO YOUR HOMEWORK WANDA. It’s hardly a joke when the grand majority still rails about segregation that was dissolved yet is still perpetuated to your benefit.You cant cry about what you yourself do in present day as compared to what was not perpetuated on you PERSONALLY.

        • yh8thetruth?

          You need to open your eyes and take a REAL look around ERIN. As long as there are people like you around, then racism will continue to be what it has always been. Still here.

    • Casey

      Ms. Ward . . . I have heard this criticism from people over the years who have no actual understanding of the UNCF (United Negro College Fund). Not long enough ago, African-Americans were forbidden to even READ . . . As time progressed African-Americans were allowed to pursue education . . . but not allowed to do so in “white” schools . . . SO in the growing desire to learn, African-Americans were forced to physically build their own schools.

      Those schools are now known as “traditionally black schools” or HBCU’s. By all means – if you know a “poor white” person who wants to attend an HBCU you’ll be shocked to know that white students have been, are and always will be welcome there. I know several white people who’ve attended HBCU’s. What ONE EARTH is racist about creating a fund to enable students to attend an HBCU? The HBCU’s wouldn’t EXIST but for the hatred of (some) white people and the apathy of others.

      The funds are not GOVERNMENT funds. They are private funds. That is a huge misperception that’s is fueled by modern-day racism – and ignorance. In fact, President Kennedy donated monies from his Pulitzer Prize to the fund.

      Several private organizations NOT affiliated with UNC (ex. DAR – Daughters of the American Revolution) have scholarship funds. Take a look at one of the various scholarship clearinghouses. Additionally, any student in the U.S. can apply for financial aid – to include Pell Grants which President Obama has made more available to students.

      Feel free to read more on UNCF:

    • Erin

      I have said this since I was a child and heard of this fund. RACIST!They railed against segregation yet embrace it fully when it is to their benefit! Shameful and disgraceful behavior.Black music awards black pageants . If you cant compete in an across the board all inclusive competition then there should be separate ones for each national origin. See how stupid that is? You all keep segregating yourself and crying over something that you yourself did not endure. Rather than use it to tear asunder,..use it instead to heal and bring ALL together. You dont see the Irish acting like this and they were persecuted and treated as if we were the same. Yet through showing by our actions to be worthy were accepted By contributing DESPITE the treatment,not expecting a free ride to be continually catered to and then being a POX on the very land and people who righted this wrong. Dutch traders brought you. You were treated as uncivilized due to the lack of development found in the majority of your homeland. BUT it was righted,.so but that in your crack pipe and smoke it.

      • yh8thetruth?

        Enabling children that were turned away from white schools to go to college is racist? If you notice, The black music awards and pageants are for music and people that a lot of whites don’t consider mainstream. Artists that are up for awards were NOMINATED. The artists just don’t decide to compete. Picture life outside of your box. People are allowed to help other people. Whites have helped whites for centuries. It’s ok for blacks to do it, too. Let’s just help each other while we’re at it.

      • myhumble1

        “BUT it was righted . . . ” Describe how “it” was “righted.”

        Also . . . are you also annoyed by the Latin Grammy’s?

  • Roberta

    People, read your history, I haven’t heard anything about the indentured slaves who were white.People who were going to have slaves didn’t care what color they were.MY family were never involved in either buying or selling any other people.

    • myhumble1

      Indentured servitude was a foundation of this country . . . but the practice was entirely different from slavery . . . branding, breeding, etc. You could buy yourself out of indentured servitude. Indentured servants were not delineated as “chattel” in the Constitution. Indentured servants were not stripped of their culture, denied the right to marry, denied the right to learn how to read, etc.

      Believing that your family never bought or sold people seems to make you feel better. What’s important here is that since there was never an intention to free the slaves, there was no plan to do so in an organized or civil manner. Is it fair or civil to “free” someone who has no money, no shelter, no education, etc. . . . and then terrorize that person for the color of his/her skin, refuse that person work (or pay him the lower wage of a convict?)

      Trying to generate positive outcomes from “bad acts” will involve some “bumps in the road.” We’re in the bumpy stages. While you didn’t own slaves, the best thing you can do is have an accurate historical understanding, a kind heart and an open mind. Every new black person you meet is just that . . . new to you. We’re not just one big stereotype. The stereotypes and assumptions feed the hatred.

  • SoftRockDD

    If they can’t take a joke then they shouldn’t follow him. He is right! Blacks were not freed on that date nor were they included in the writing of this country’s constitution. Those were the facts! We’ve come a long way but we are not there yet! Leave the man alone! He certainly is NOT the most hateful racist person! Some people are STILL in denial if they don’t think/and believe that racism is not a problem here and all over the world! WAKE UP!!!!!

    • yh8thetruth?


    • Erin

      Not EVERYTHING is about them . Thats a total joke. Thinking the world revolves around them. GROW UP>Its about this nation. Who ever implied it was about them. Its our NATIONS Independence day . The marking of the founding of THIS NATION/ To all whoever fought for ANYONES freedom. GET A CLUE>Just goes to show they have been catered to for FAR TOO LONG> They need to act as they wish to be treated.

      • myhumble1


        You literally don’t get it. The beauty of the joke is that it’s absolutely historically correct. Catered to? You JUST stopped legally lynching us . . . literally.

  • http://www.yahoo.com Tired of drama

    Personally, I am saddened by the history of slavery but had no part in it but am more offended that we have a Mr. and Miss Black Pageant in Kentucky. What would happen if we had a Mr. and Miss White Pageant….Food for thought. Racism comes both ways and it has affected my children so when I hear comments like that, it only makes my children feel less than and they haven’t deserved that. My son’s first girlfriend was black and I’m trying to teach them that we are all equal and we are but then somebody has to act stupid and make sure that they are educated about someone elses prejudice. Thanx for ruining all the hard work I’ve done to create a loving environment for my children.

    • Tex Guy

      What I have found is that “racism” is acceptable in the good old “USA” as long as its the minority against the majority. They consider it payback for the hundreds of years of slavery, which I had nothing to do with.

      As a Hispanic man (non-black), I find this racism a roadblock to total Black acceptance into the mainstream of our society. It is very confusing. Blacks are upset that they are looked at negatively, yet perpetuate the negative stereotype with their reverse racism ideology. Don’t they get it? I guess not.

      • yh8thetruth?

        And do you think that you don’t sound “racist”? There are good, bad, bigot, non-bigot, smart, ignorant folks in all races. I find your use of “they” to be offensive (not really). The actual tweet was not a racist statement. If you study how America was in 1776, then you wouldn’t even comment. What were Hispanics doing in 1776? Did your ancestors ever go through any type of oppression? Lighten up. Most blacks will see the humor in the joke while most whites will see tension. You see a “racist” comment. Why is that? And why do you only see blacks as the “minority”? You aren’t a part? The Chinese? Korean? Puerto Ricans? Your word for today is: BIGOT.

      • Erin

        I agree with you tex guy. Although Reverse racism is a misnomer as it its just racism. it isnt just white vs Black . Racism has always been a flaw since the dawn of time. How much better we all as a whole,.all human beings would be served if we did not hold tight to past infractions and put the time energy effort into moving forward for the good of all.Not drawing lines in the sand casting dispersions and acting CIVIL. The have spent more time trying to go FORWARD IN REVERSE THAN ANY OTHER>

      • Casey


        Of all you’ve said . . . the most disturbing phrase is “total black acceptance.” What you don’t get is that this country never had any intention of FREEING us . . . That takes “total acceptance” out of the equation.

        As for “racism” within the black community . . . Having been black all my life, I don’t know any black people who think they’re superior to white (or any other) people. The black struggle has been to prove that we’re just as good as, worthy, etc.

        The hatred of black people in America is based on lies. How do you counteract lies that people WANT to believe? These lies are an American comfort zone.

        As late as the 60’s Southern whites were claiming that blacks had “tails.” Really?

        This country transitioned from legalized slavery to legalized discrimination . . . to illegal discrimination. Having a black President doesn’t mean that America took the red pill. America is still “plugged into the Matrix.”

        Case in point . . . I don’t know any “thugs.” Period. If you read the comments of white people on sites like these, you’d think that most black people are thugs. The kids on Jersey Shore can act like total fools without reflecting on the ENTIRETY of the Italian community . . . while one negative image of a black person is seen as “how they all are.” It’s all about maintaining the comfort zone, in spite of the realities.

    • Erin

      Agreed. As long as they perpetuate a negative attitude they are now the very thing they rail against. Hypocrites.

      • myhumble1

        “They” language is so telling.

  • Tricky

    Slaves were also freed at the end of the Revalutionary war for service in the war for colonys, thousands as a matter of fact.

    • Erin

      Yes they were at through the spilling of WHITE peoples blood.Some gratitude for the sacrifice instead of racist snide comments are due! People have to stop clutching past wrongs to their chest and beating the drum to insight riot and civil unrest. Stop crying foul and start treating others as you want to be treated. Crying about not being treated the same yet being a racist yourself shows a less than deserving mindset. How many cries have been issued about segregation and negativity and when you are treated civilly you act boorish and beneath civility. Stop drawing a line and crying about spilt milk. It is only through total release of animosity civil behavior and living the way you wish to be treated will any wounds heal. Or maybe you like crying and getting special attention for simply being.

      • Casey

        Erin . . . Don’t forge the “spilling of white people’s blood” into a badge of honor. It’s simply proof of how far some white people were willing to go to keep their slaves and their cotton. Both the slaves and the cotton were perceived as simple commodities, by the way.

        We all know that Lincoln was quoted as saying that if he could have ended the civil war without freeing the slaves, he would have – even though he knew that enslaving people was wrong.

        The Civil War was not about altruistic Northern whites trying to free the slaves from the mean Southern whites. The slaves were freed in order to gain advantage over the southern troops. It was a tactical move, with the assumption that the freed slaves would fight for the North – once again, as a commodity. Are you kidding me with that “some gratitude for the sacrifice” line?

        Whoopee – we freed you . . . now we’ll kill you if you learn how to read . . . we won’t give you a job . . . we’ll kill you for walking where we don’t want you to walk . . . or for lookin’ at one of our women . . . and there’s no severance. Now you’re no longer a slave . . . you’re competition. Congrats! Oh . . . and your new name is BOY!

        Had there been a sense of decency in the “freeing” of slaves, there would have been some sort of transition created . . . There would have been no government tolerance of Jim Crowism, no toleration of the Klan, etc. You do realize that Dr. King was assassinated in RECENT history, right? It is taking white people just as long to get over emancipation as it is for black people to get over slavery . . . Oh – and please don’t get me started on the treatment of Native Americans in this country!

        As for your comments about civility . . . , What kind of black people do you encounter on a daily basis? I am an African American female. My father fought for this country in two wars (Korea/Vietnam) – combat wounded. My brother served during the Iraqi invasion. My mother is a coal miner’s daughter from West Virginia. I’ve never engaged in any of the civil unrest you speak of. None of us have been arrested, drug addicted, or enamored of thug life, etc.

        My family and I have been too busy working, serving man & country, studying ministry, owning our own businesses, etc. to engage of any of the boorish behavior of which you speak. We know our neighbors and speak/wave when we pass people on the street.

        Goodness knows there are plenty of white people (rich & poor) engaging in “boorish” behavior, but I suppose your head is turned when that happens? No crying here. Just sick of white people using the election of Obama as some mystic proof that racism no longer exists in America.

  • Mark (caucasian)

    Damn when did all of you fellow (Caucasians) turn into such a bunch of wussies? It was a joke and yes it has some truth to it. Frickin babies

    • Erin

      Perhaps you should learn to let things go Mr Rock. As for it being a joke,..perhaps you should stick to calling fellow African American “Nigga”.Remember something, YOU were not a slave. And slavery was brought here to the Americas by the dutch.Also Remember FREEDOM is something that was EARNED not handed to someone just because of the color of their skin. I suggest you read the book “No Irish No blacks No dogs” When The Irish first came here they were treated horribly. BUT we EARNED respect by being civil decent well mannered people who brought aid to all via firemen orphanages hard work and CIVIL BEHAVIOR> Not by acting like the world owed us a living and being thugs. There are many cultured members of the African American community,.I suggest you look to them as to how to properly conduct yourself.Try not to be so “COOKIE CUTTER” and base. learn to rise above and earn your respect,.after all it IS earned and NOT bestowed.

      • Casey


        No one tells Jews or Native Americans to “let it go” . . . and no one should. We should all remain mindful of atrocities in an effort to break the cycles that destroy us.

        The African-American struggle does/did not end with the Emancipation Proclamation (google “Juneteenth”). You’ve conveniently skipped the LEGALIZED terror of Jim Crow and general prejudice.

        We are well aware that freedom was not HANDED to freed slaves. Freeing the slaves was not a moral imperative on the part of the US gov’t . . . it was a tactic to win the Civil War.

        I am well aware of the treatment of the Irish . . . as well as the Italians, for that matter. Black people were not the only people lynched in this country. What you fail to mention is this . . . Color prejudice is deeply ingrained in this culture. To be BLACK is an entirely different visual can of worms than being Irish, Italian, etc. Black people (with certain physical exceptions) . . . are ABSOLUTELY aesthetically identifiable – and therefore more easily targeted.

        Please don’t fool yourself into thinking that black people did not “work hard” post-slavery. We’ve built schools, invented traffic devices, surgical procedures, etc. Consider the list of African-Americans (many of them women) who have held political office in this country. I won’t engage in a soliloquy about the contributions of black people in America.

        I’m going to invite you to watch the film “Freedom Riders.” You’ll have the opportunity to watch well-behaved, well-dressed black (& white) college students being pitched into jails . . . for simply “trying to sit at lunch counters while black.”

        Let’s not blame anything on the Dutch. Did the Dutch force the US Gov’t to hire “Buffalo” Bill Cody to kill buffalo in the effort to kill off the NATIVE AMERICANS? Good ol’ Christian white (American)people made a point of describing us as “chattel” in the Constitution. The Dutch didn’t make plantation owners brand, breed and sell black people. Remind me . . . how many of the Irish were sold into slavery? And how many Black people have united to do harm to Irish people?

        As rude and uncivil as you seem to think Black people are . . . we do NOT corner the market on racial hate groups. Black people have not taken the time to organize ourselves to: systematically hate other people, rise and take this country, eliminate all non-blacks, etc.

        You do realize that the number of white supremacist/hate groups is on the rise since Obama’s inauguration, right? The more successful black people become in this country . . . the more uncomfortable the weakest white people become. If the racist “mantra” is that we’re inferior, then we become a danger to the MYTH when we succeed!

        As for Chris Rock’s comments . . . Consider his occupation. The comment is one that Redd Foxx or Richard Pryor would have made. It’s biting, insightful and . . . spot-on. Lest you forget . . .

  • FreedomSpeaks2U

    Your comment shows an embedded hate for white people and a lack of real decency. Maybe you should spend more time building racial bridges instead of blowing them up…!!!

    • Tlalnamikwiliztli

      Building racial bridges under whose terms, as Americans? Because most European settlers on Indigenous land (U.S., Canada, Australia, and New Zealand) don’t even realize they are the beneficiaries of white privilege, which pretty much denies any work toward coalition building.

  • cwood

    I think that all this fuss over comedian’s (plural black and white)jokes is just stupid. It just gives them more attention , and power they wouldn’t have otherwise.If the racists in the country didn’t cry fowl every time someone made a joke, racism would die a lot sooner.

    • Tlalnamikwiliztli

      When European settlers recognize they gain from the occupation of Indigenous lands, when we stop eating food picked by migrant workers who we continually insist need to become American citizens (Assimilate= act white) or else leave, and when we recognize that American culture is base white male hetero-normative oppression, then we can begin to talk about eliminating racism. Are you willing to stop driving cars that contains oil taken from other countries and destroys present day Indigenous homelands? Are you ready to eat food that is not picked by workers who are earn slave wages? Are you willing to give your material lifestyle to those who have less? Remember in order to have American values and lifestyles, we needed to try and eliminate Indigenous populations and enslave others in order to build the foundation of our economy.

  • greg

    i’m white and this is really no big deal to me. it’s funny and it’s true. chris rocks comedy takes the difference in blacks and whites and asians and hispanics and shows many of the stereotypes in a funny way that reflects many truths about how people think. i would much rather listen to his comments and observations about this than others such as louis farakan or the kkk who have zero tolerence for any view but their own.

    • Tlalnamikwiliztli

      That an interesting point

  • Sandy

    As a 50-year old white woman, I found that joke hilarious and true. He’s a comedian. He makes fun of everyone. Including himself. His family. His race. Our race. The world at large. Maybe if we all had more of a sense of humor and could laugh at a joke the world could be a better place.

    • Myesha24

      I agree Sandy!

    • yh8thetruth?

      Thank you, Sandy, for being sensible, fair and full of humor. Jokes are jokes.

  • Tex Guy

    Look at all this. A Black guy makes a joke that upsets people and now he’s flooded with comments both positive and negative. This will encourage him to stop? No way! Chris Rock will continue to be “controversal” because it keeps his name in front of the public.
    As far as I’m concerned, Chris Rock is yesterday’s news. He’s not on my radar as far as I care about what he says. After a horrific movie career and a comedy tour on the downside, he does what he can to keep his name in front of us. As the famous philosopher, “Mr. T”, once said, “I pity the fool!”

  • John Stevenson

    Get over it Chris Rock is an equal opportunity offender.

    • myhumble1

      SO true! LOL

  • Jason

    Black people are just as racist as white people. Slavery ended over 147 years ago. I still don’t get were you get 400 years of slavery at. You be mad if a white person said it.

    • Tlalnamikwiliztli

      This is a reference to the effects of slavery (historical trauma) which including slavery equals up to 400 years, and now 400 years +. The comment about Black people are racist is true, everyone no matter their race is racist to a certain extent, to deny that would prove your point. However, making a comment such as “Blacks are racist too, implies white guilt.

    • yh8thetruth?

      It take monetary power to be racist. However, anyone can be a bigot. As far as being “mad” if a white person said that, I think that you are wrong. It was a joke that had a lot of truth in it. I would have laughed and cheered that someone had the balls to say it. Just as I’m doing now.

    • myhumble1

      Just out of curiosity . . . why are white people intimidated by black people? Black people represent 12% of the population. We’re outnumbered.

      We’re not in a numeric position to hire/fire white people on a daily basis. We don’t have the monetary power to pose a threat to white America . . .

      How can we be deemed as racist (by dictionary definition) when we have to look to white America for jobs, shelter . . . virtually everything. how could we possibly feel superior to the hand that feeds us?

      Mind you – I’m not talking about handouts . . . I’m saying that when we apply for jobs, buy homes, apply for loans, etc, the faces we see (the decisions makers) typically don’t look like us. We’d really be “reaching” to feel superior to the people who hold a tremendous part of our destinies. You hold the wealth – and you feel threatened when we aspire to attain some of that wealth.

      BTW – take your 147 years and subtract from that the years of Jim Crow and legal discrimination. Civil Rights legislation was not passed until the 1960’s . . .

  • http://mycountrymyass.com John

    Someone should mention that we’re ALL slaves now.

    • Tlalnamikwiliztli

      Yes we are. Its true

  • http://Yahoo Mark

    What is the problem..Whites dont have their own channel or own Miss America contest..you dont hear them Bitching

    • yh8thetruth?

      I guess that you don’t realize that 95% of t.v. stations are white, or that the “black” Ms. America pageant is for black women that are not quite right enough for the regular pageant that is 90+% white, up from 100% years back. Infringement would be the only thing to bitch about.

    • Tlalnamikwiliztli

      lol, thats funny. Ill have to remember that one.

    • Myesha24

      They don’t need their own channel, most all the channels show their life. BET is there to show the black perpective, ABC, NBC, FOX all are white channel, with and occasional sprinkle of blacks or Hispanics.

    • Casey

      Mark – that argument is so often used and so darn transparent. When you’re in the majority, EVERYTHING is yours . . . so why “cry” when someone adds a black or hispanic channel to your cable system. All the other channels were created “of, by & for” you.

      It’s easy to make such “flip” comments – but when you’re 10-12% of the population and you’re raising children . . . you want them to see themselves on television and movie screen, on magazine covers, etc.

      On one hand white people in American have said, “If you don’t like it build/write/produce/create/film your own.” when we do that the retort becomes, “Whites don’t have their own channel . . . ” We’re damned if we do and damned if we don’t.

  • Tlalnamikwiliztli

    Someone takes a stab at white privilege and the settlers get shook. The European settlers who trip on Chris Rock’s comment obviously are the beneficiaries of white privilege.

  • Roger Starling

    What an ASSH@LE!

  • Dasa Hasa

    If a Caucasian even thinks the word “boy” or says “Negro”, even out of context, he is labeled a racist and needs to be fired from any job they might hold.I guess I shouldn’t hold my breath waiting for the Liberal Media to apply anywhere near the same standard for Messrs. Rock & White.

  • Roger Starling

    What a dick!

  • malcolm

    what chris rock said I have mentioned among my friends and associates along time ago.

  • Als59

    What the hell Chris Rock we gave you clowns the whole month of FEB. so can we the WHITE people have JUST 1 day?

    • http://yahoo Blessed

      Sometimes its best to not say anything, that way people wont know how foolishan dumb you really are. I hope you are not as dumb as you sound that would be sad.

  • http://www.soundcloud.com/2Geezy Greg H

    Who cares? I do love that show “Everybody Hates Chris” though.

  • Skunka

    We should never forget history, but does it constantly need to have the scab ripped off? We’re never going to heal as a nation with statements like Chris Rock made. Blacks seem to think they were the first to ever be enslaved. Fact is, almost EVERY people experienced that type of oppression. You don’t hear the Jews whining about their enslavement and subsequent slaughter.

    • myhumble1

      Actually Jews are rightfully ADAMANT about remembrance . . . as a means to prevent the past from being repeated.

      “almost EVERYpeople experienced that type of oppression?” Whaaaa?

  • Roger Starling


  • Tony Montana

    Why can’t some people just move on & let the past remain there.All this p.c b.s allows anyone whos forefathers had it tough to jump up & bwaa ha ha. News flash people history shows that 99% of all countrys had the same issues as we’ve had yet they move foreward & use the time to improve & not look back.Its so lame and pathetic if your’e that hard up that you have to suck everyone into your’e miserable abyss of “poor me”! get a f#@$%$# life !!

  • Angelo

    Yeah Chris, you are a funny person, and are practising what the “black” people in South Africa are doing, REVERSE RACISM. How would you like the “WHITE” people to call Martin Luther day BLACK PEOPLES DAY. Sometimes you can really be a funny arsehole, more arsehole than funny!!!!!

    • radio

      If you just listen you will hear monkey month,coon day, and all of those. However I do find them ignorantly funny because they are said in anonimity unlike C.Rock said it with openess and the possibility to be caled on it. Men do that. Cowardly ticks like you do it without the option to know who you are and confronted face to face by those same people. Know lets go there Biatch!
      Good Day Sir.

    • myhumble1

      Angelo . . . black South Africans don’t have the land, power or money to engage in REVERSE RACISM. Their journey and game of “catch-up” is just beginning.

      MLK Day is NOT about black people! Argggghhh!

  • Mike

    He can say whatever he wants to say. It’s called Freedom of Speech. It’ one of the the things that makes our country great. However,it is disappointing that someone who is wealthy and famous is so disappointed with the country he lives in.The country that helped to provide that wealth.

    I’m sure Iraq, Iran, or Yemen would be happy to take him in. If the U.S. is so evil why don’t you relocate Chris? The best part is, if you decide to stay you are still entitled to your opinion. See? It’s not so bad is it?

    • L Klatt

      Freedom of speech only applies to certain people these days and its not the white people!!!!

    • myhumble1

      So your point is that once someone becomes wealthy and famous, he should stop caring about other people . . . OK.

      So . . . next week we’ll flip-flop and criticize wealthy/famous people for “being out of touch” with the plight of the average American, right?

  • jose

    Bunch of thinned -skinned people


  • L Klatt

    He failed to mention who sold his ancestors into slaverly ….his others ancestors….Blacks sold other blacks into slavery. That isn’t brought up much….hhhmm I wonder why??

    • myhumble1

      L Klatt . . . It’s actually brought up a LOT . . . and it’s a lame argument. Do you really picture a bunch of Dutch “businessmen” courting black Africans, booking them on first class voyages to America where they viewed the auction blocks, branding irons, slave quarters, etc . . . Do you really think that Africans had a notion of what was going to happen to Africans pulled into Atlantic slave trade?

      Slavery is not exclusive to any particular racial or ethnic group. The European/American “brand” of slavery, however, was particularly heinous. Now, . . . YOUR ancestors deemed Africans to be savages . . . but these Bible-toting ancestors of yours engaged in the commerce of PEOPLE. O-kaaaay . . .

      Your question is right up there with . . . “but what about black people who owned slaves . . . ?”

  • j

    Imagine it’s the blacks who founded America and whites were brought over from Europe to be slaves? We’d have the same argument in reverse. But I do think whites, blacks, hispanic need to chill, we are all in this together, chill, get along, you only live once on this earth. Peace.

  • Luke

    Ok lets see theres no white history month theres no white entertainment television I can see no problem with white peoples day or even just the comment itself.

    • Stra8-Up

      thats because you all have the rest off the days of the year.

      • Stra8-Up

        White folks have the rest of the days of the year.

    • myhumble1


      America touts itself as a “melting pot.” If you are uncomfortable with Black History Month are you also uncomfortable with Spanish language channels AND:

      Hispanic Heritage Month
      Native American Heritage Month
      Asian-Pacific Islander Heritage Month
      et al?

  • Bill Smith

    What Ever……..it ok for BLACK people to celebrate MLK Day and it is ok for BLACK people to wear the African flag, it is ok for BLACK people to scream BLACK Power, but let ANYONE say ANYTHING about WHITE and they are call a RACISTS. Put the Stars and Bars out and you are a RACIST. I believe in equal rights and I live in AMERICA because I can be free. but I am SICK and TIRED of everytime you turn around someone is yelling racists, or someone says my rights were violated. You have to right to remain silent and the right to move to another country if you dont like it here. I would say, go to China and complain about your rights.

    • myhumble1

      Bill, if you don’t know the difference between ethnocentrism and racism . . .

      Why wouldn’t ALL people celebrate MLK Day? It’s not a “black” holiday. the fact that you can’t embrace it . . . and embrace Dr. King’s contributions to the entirety of the American public . . . speaks to the problem.

      People come here from a variety of countries and fly a variety of flags (Puerto Rican, Jamaican, etc). Speaking of “moving to another country” . . . This country isn’t even offended by the flying of the CONFEDERATE flag. What other nation tolerates anyone flying the flag of the side that lost??! If you still want to secede, . . . left, right, left . . .

  • Nick

    You are right cris, the slaves weren’t free. I guess that’s their tough shit huh? Maybe they should have ran a little faster.

    • kade madison

      Of course they were not free you moron, because they were not even here in 1776!!!

      • http://webpronews theresa

        Uh, go back to school & take some history lessons, there were slaves here in 1776, moron!

  • Terri

    really is that what the 4th is all about , hmm I thought it was about being a proud american and thanking those overseas that we get to be

    • kade madison

      It’s about celebrating our independence from the British. That is what it means. Period.

  • J.D.

    I like Chris Rock. The only thing I’m offended by is the fact that it was the easy joke. It could been easier if somehow farts had been worked into it. Historically it is acurate, however, it does point out a tendency for non white americans to think of themselves as some demographic first then americans second. Blacks and whites must get over the past and hispanics and asians must actually become americans (that means learn and use the language) if we are to survive into the next century.

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