White House Sides With Google In China Standoff

By: Doug Caverly - January 14, 2010

Due to a new development, you may be able to either thank Google for getting China to censor less information, or blame the company for starting World War III.  The reason: the White House has sided with Google in the free speech and hacking conflict that cropped up this week.

According to John Letzing, White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said today, "We support [Google’s] action . . . to no longer censor searches that happen using the [Google] platform . . . .  [O]ur concern is with actions that threaten the universal rights of a free Internet."

That’s a rather bold statement.  The first part might imply that companies still doing business on China’s terms do not have the White House’s approval, and from there, it’s a slippery slope to cries of "un-American!" and other unpleasant accusations.  The part about threats to universal rights then almost brings to mind the idea of some sort of intervention.

Of course, governments have been known to declare much more dramatic things and do precisely nothing afterward, so don’t take this as WebProNews’s call to prepare for an armed international showdown.

It’s just very interesting that the U.S. government would weigh in on a company’s business decision at all, and then that it would do so in such a forceful manner.

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  • http://www.duran-seo.co.il Duran seo

    i must say that the depression of the chinese people must be stopped.
    it doesnt really matter if world war 3 will start or google will help freeing china.

    something must be done. so i dont think using the term “blame” won’t be correct.
    i think that google is actually causing good in the world.

    this is just one of many things that happen as the internet grows and information becomes more transparent.

    i am very happy with googles move and hope to see more decisions like this in the future.

  • http://www.seo4china.com China SEO Company

    Still waiting for the official reaction from the Chinese government on Google “decision”…I would be surprised though if Google is forced to leave the Chinese market completely.

  • ozzie

    Maybe the White House should be putting pressure on the Australian ‘Rudd’ Government also, who plan to roll out an Internet Filtering System. Essentially to block sites it deems unsavory or inappropriate. This could also lend itself to any sites that exercise their freedom of speech and criticize government. Sound familiar? Considering Mr Rudd has favorable views and ties in China it’s no wonder.

    1984 has come and arrived. Where will we be in 2084?

    I, for one, predict that I’ll be pushing up daisies, leaving my children to hold the fort.

  • http://adscendmedia.com gateway

    It’s about time that a company with the profits the size of Google’s takes a stand against Chinese censorship. They can afford to lose the revenues, and they can have an influence.