‘When Harry Met Sally’ Scene Recreated With 20 Women

    November 12, 2013
    Sean Patterson
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I called it. When performance troupe Improv Everywhere (the group responsible for the annual “no pants subway ride“) began its Movie in Real Life series with the run from Rocky II, I stated my hope that it was only a matter of time before we get to see New Yorkers’ reactions to a recreation of that scene from When Harry Met Sally.

Today, Improv Everywhere released the seventh video in its new series. It depicts not just one, but 20 women loudly faking an orgasm at Katz’s Deli (where the scene in the movie was set). Their partners look on in stunned silence as real diners begin to take notice.

The video itself isn’t exactly NSFW, but headphones are suggested for those at work:

The Movies in Real Life performances show improv actors recreating iconic scenes from famous movies while surrounded by the unsuspecting public. Previous videos have depicted the already-mentioned Rocky run as well as Indiana Jones running for his life from a boulder. Last week’s scene saw actors depict the characters in Jurassic Park as they rolled around the city in a replica jeep.

  • Yes

    I find America funny. On the outside, everyone in America acts like a prude and people point the finger at others who doing something sexual. But on the inside, this whole country is about sex. Women are the worst too. Women love sex and use sex to manipulate, but men have the reputation for being sex crazed and controlling. However, as this video shows, underneath it all, women are just as sex crazed as men. After all, how can one scene from one movie resonate so long with women? Such a double standard. Such a messed up country and so very hypocritical.

    • Duh

      Dude, a complement of 20 women is hardly what I’d consider even a fraction of a cross section of American women which would afford someone even a modest level of accuracy in such a generalized statement.