WhatsApplebee’s Is Your New, Exclusive Chat App for Brewtus Lovers

    May 14, 2014
    Josh Wolford
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The problem with most social networks is that they aren’t exclusive enough, and they don’t center on specific interests. Same goes for some messaging apps. What if you only want to talk, anonymously, to people that share your love for, let’s say, Fiesta Lime Chicken and a Brewtus? What if you only want to talk to someone sharing your love for the Brewtus right now?

We’re living in a golden age, kids. Right this second, if you’re so inclined, you can download the most exclusive messaging app around. It’s called WhatsApplebee’s, and it’s a networking app that caters to Applebee’s diners. Current Applebee’s diners.

You see, WhatsApplebee’s only works if you’re actually inside an Applebee’s restaurant (or very, very close to one). If you attempt to enter the chat from your house, for instance, the app will let you know that “You’re not at Applebee’s!” and prompt you to find the nearest location.

“WhatsApplebee’s uses iPhone location services to limit access to those currently inside an Applebee’s. We enforce this strictly, unlike other chain restaurant-based messaging services such as T.G.I. Friendster or Olive Grindr,” says the app’s homepage.

WhatsApplebee’s, much like its obvious inspiration WhatsApp, is a messaging service. It’s bare bones, only allowing for totally anonymous communications with simple text and timestamps–no usernames or anything. Unlike WhatsApp, however, WhatsApplebee’s doesn’t support multimedia messaging. Bummer, I know.

The app was created by developer Mike Lazer-Walker (real name), who tells Engadget that he built the app as a joke. Basically, he says that app culture is already a parody of itself, so he thought he’d make something so ridiculous that it might just come out the other side.

Lazer-Walker is also the creator of the “Literally” browser plugin, which turns improper uses of the word “literally” into the grammatically correct “figuratively.” As he says, it’s literally all it does. So one could say he’s killing the game right now.

His WhatsApplebee’s app is currently rocking a perfect five-star rating in the App Store.

“Finally!” says one reviewer. “As an avid Applebee’s fan, I have been looking for a way to meet like minded people at my local bees. It’s ease of use and ability to connect with people that care about nothing else than the glorious establishment, Applebee’s, are all I’ve ever looked for in an app. I’m always looking for someone to share a 2 for $20 deal! So hop on the app when you are over at the bees and lets get an appetizer sampler and enjoy the atmosphere of our neighborhood bar and grill!”

So, if you’re struggling to finish that Bourbon Street Steak and need someone to help you out, you can snag WhatsApplebee’s from the App Store today. You know, until Applebee’s, WhatsApp, or soon, Facebook puts an end to it all.

We’ll always have Brewtus.

Images via WhatsApplebee’s, iTunes, and Wikimedia Commons

  • Kent “BrewtusFan98″ Kobayashi

    This is the best news I’ve heard all day.

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