What People Who Don’t Like ‘Orange Is The New Black’ Say About It

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What People Who Don’t Like ‘Orange Is The New Black’ Say About It
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If you’re searching for Orange is the New Black reviews online, chances are you’re seeing mostly positive ones. Critics have been very kind to the show, and in my personal view, that’s with good reason. It’s really good.

Obviously, not everyone agrees.

If you want to get an idea of what Netflix subscribers think, where better to look for reviews than on Netflix itself? Netflix is happy to provide reviews – positive and negative – right from its Orange is the New Black webpage. Currently, there are over 3,000 of them for the show. Many of them are five-stars or otherwise positive, but the negatives aren’t too hard to find. I didn’t go through all 309 pages of reviews, but from what I can tell, the reviews still seem mostly positive.

So what do people who actually don’t like this show say about it? Here are a few samples from user reviews:

The acting is good, the story is even interesting. The problem, this show portrays Christians as dumb or white trash. I watched every episode wondering if there would be one single positive thing said or acted about Christianity. This show, and the production of it in general, is so liberal left that straight men are generally portrayed in a negative image as well, with maybe one exception. How nice of them. If you are gay or far left in your viewpoint, this show will get 5 stars. If you are conservative and lean towards the right…don’t waste your time. The elite (in their minds) left have made it a point to insult your belief throughout the series.

All I know about this stupid film? series? Is that it comes up for ALMOST EVERY SEARCH I DO ON NETFLIX and is constantly on the front page. For this reason alone, I will never, ever watch it. I don’t like having content shoved down my throat. Seriously, the searches I’m doing HAVE ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH THE SHOW, KEYWORDS, TITLE, ETC I know that much. So, no.

X_x SO MUCH NUDITY. I feel raped. I shut it off in the first two minutes because of how much nudity I was shown.

This show commodifies lesbianism in the worst, most misogynistic ways– by using it as an “edgy” selling point to tip the show from drama to soap opera. It’s full of hackneyed tropes: until I leave all girls school lesbian (Lorna), fat butch lesbian (Big Boo), desirable waifish femme lesbian (Mercy, Lorna), couture European lesbian (Alex), the Stud (Nicky, Big Boo), and of course, Piper the hasbian who I guess just can’t be a bisexual because she fell in monogamous love with a man. (Even though who she’s with has NOTHING to do with whether she’s bisexual, but there’s the myth of the “hasbian” for you). As with the characters of color, these demographic tropes play a huge role in presumed pre-developed characters that settle into the issued stereotypes like a foundation, rather than defying them. Piper’s “former gayness” authenticates queerness for the straight population in the same way her whiteness does w/regard to POC criminalization. Piper is less of an “other” in mainstream America’s eyes & the show admits it, but then plays on it. The show commodifies POCs and queers and, it commodifies them in the SAME way, with the voyeuristic titillating spectacle of “lesbian sex” and hype of “black and latino violence”. With less packaging, you could see the same thing on “bum fights” or “girls gone wild”, both filmed and perpetuated for the entertainment of privileged, ignorant, straight white men. The show doesn’t really even attempt a simple role reversal where racial minorities are represented as queer and the white inmates are represented as violent– it’d still be a token effort, but nope, not even that. I watched this series trying to reconcile it, trying to decide whether I liked it or not because hey, a queer, woman and POC dominated cast, but in the end I realize that it’s *about* us, not *for* us. ~Bridget

While the acting was excellent, and the storyline almost anticipated by this viewer, I found that the foul language was way overdone.

This show is vile and disgusting. If you have children for the love of God do not let them watch this show. Its sad to think that this is the best that Netflix can come up with when you think about how boring and stupid their other show was about that ex gangster in the Norway or whatever. Hey Netflix, here is an idea… instead of trying to make your own crappy shows, why don’t you try and stay updated with new shows and movies that come out and make your money that way? People would be much happier and you wouldn’t waste all your money on washed up actors that no one will ever look past american pie or that 70’s show to see on film.

This whole show is unbearable, I wanted to give the Netflix Original Series a chance, but all the characters were fake and exaggerated. I love Weeds, Arrested Development, and so many other shows that have a similar sense of humor, but this is poorly done.

Managed to watch the first 5 episodes. Realized I didn’t really care what happened to any of the characters and reached a level of boredom that it became a chore to watch. Expected something better from Netflix.

I love how many people gave this such high reviews when the whole series was so full of cliche and make believe. I mean the drug pushing jailor with a mustache….really? It wasn’t so bad up until the end. Here’s hoping there is another season, otherwise, we’ll all be really lost as to what happened. I also love how completely racist this show is, which isn’t mentioned much either.

This show is an abhorrent example of religious bigotry. As a person who has christian friends and family, I find the mischaracterizations portrayed in this show deeply offensive. Netflix should be ashamed of producing a show with so many false and degrading negative stereotypes. In the show 1 of the primary antagonists is a “devout” christian. Throughout the series she is the sounding board for the protagonists anti christian rants. Christians are portrayed as stupid, unthinking drones, who support the murderer of an abortion clinic employee in a cultist fashion. The person who wrote this utter crap has obviously never looked at people of faith in any sort of positive light, and has no objectivity to even begin to effectively portray a christian.

This could have been a great show, I enjoyed it for a little while but due to extremely graphic gay sex I had to stop. Too bad too because they had a good cast and a good concept but the story got boring pretty fast and the show got a little too disgusting and vulgar.

Season 2 is currently in production as Netflix renewed it even before it debuted.

What People Who Don’t Like ‘Orange Is The New Black’ Say About It
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  • Mick

    Some people get it… Some people don’t. I thought it was brilliant.

    And I LOVE Netflix’s vision of releasing an entire season at once rather than milking it for months. No missed episodes. Nothing forgotten. Just good TV.

  • Barbara Lang

    It’s brilliant

  • Maria

    For all the people claiming that Christians were portrayed in a negative light…hello, the nun?? She is one of the calmest and kindest characters in the series and helps Sophia with her dysphoria. That’s about a nicest portrayal you can get.
    Also, for the review stating that the show is full of lesbian cliches…how dare you. No matter what combinations they would have come up with, you would have come up with a name for them. SOME LESBIANS ARE FAT AND BUTCH. SOME LESBIANS ARE THIN AND BLACK HAIRED. Stop telling women what they should look like, cliche or not!
    Lastly, Piper states multiple times that she is still queer, that she believes everyone falls on a spectrum of sexuality. And multiple characters reiterate this.
    And as for the one saying there’s no violence from white people? I think you need to watch the show again. Did you not see the final scene? Christ. I’m done.

  • Stephnicwat

    It’s a show for adults…. Adults with a sense of humor and an ability to be mature. There are a lot of “shock” factors in the first two episodes or so to potentially reel people in and keep them watching. What I find disturbing about the whole thing is… it almost makes Women’s Prison seem entertaining.

  • Amber

    I think it’s hilarious that people are upset about the way Tiffany portrays christianity. She is an uneducated drug addict. Zealous religion is now her addiction. She is being encouraged by her extremist attorney and her fans that came to support her in the courtroom, so of course she will adopt their extremist views. The nun portrays christianity as loving. She is calm and kind, as someone else stated, and has befriended Sophia (who Tiffany surely believes should go to hell). I think these characters are true to life. And it’s prison. Come on. I can imagine prison is rough. What I love is that Piper comes in and sees all of the stereotypes, but then gets to know the women, and they are likeable.

    • Amber

      I would imagine that Piper represents a lot of the viewers of this show. It reveals that these are women just like us. They have had hard lives and have made bad choices, or felt they had no other way to go. I love this show. I can’t wait for season 2.

    • Hayley

      I agree. If she were Buddhist or Wiccan or something like that, people would laugh right along. Since the gay rights movement began, many opponents of it happen to be Christian, so all Christians feel the need to cry foul, but for every rude, violent, homophobic Christian out there, there’s got to be a kind, loving, and accepting one. This show recognizes that people aren’t always good or bad, and it doesn’t form your opinion of each character for you, rather lets you get to know them and pass your own judgment. I think prison inmates are often brushed aside as bad people, but real people, like these characters, aren’t always one way or another.

      • Brian Sotile

        Do you believe that the majority of correctional officers are drug dealing sex fiends with personality issues? This portrayal is the biggest problem that I have with the show.

      • ash

        Look up what homophobia is lol. Christians aren’t afraid of gays, they just don’t agree with their lifestyle! By labeling them homophobic, its just an ignorant solution to their anger.

        • ash

          their anger meaning those who label

    • Brian Sotile

      I find to the show to be well written, well acted and entertaining. Entertainment does exactly that, it draws attention away from the realities of everyday life. The show is not realistic in any way.. The characters are badly stereotyped. I have worked in prisons as a counselor(like Mr Healey) and have been a probation, parole and electronic monitoring officer and have viewed the ugly truth of this world first hand. Most correctional officers are dedicated, hard working individuals with families who perform one of the most dangerous jobs in the country. However, the majority are portrayed as psychopathic drug dealers, sex fiends or political sycophants. The vast majority of rural whites are not meth addict religious nuts. The majority of blacks are not angry crack heads. The majority of Hispanics are not herion addicts. The majority of upper east side white liberals really don”t care all that mush about the state of downtrodden minorities. Take the show for what it is, entertainment and not a realistic microcosm of American society.

    • Brian Sotile

      I have worked in prisons and they are no fairy tale. Piper would have been shanked multiple times, especially after the screw driver incident. The caring , clueless act would not work.

  • page4

    This article is funny to me. It shows Christians in a bad light… I feel the same way about Pat on the 700 club and unfortunately that’s not a fictional show. The show is about WOMEN IN PRISON,and what goes on in jail and the choices of how people get put in jail and what they do in jail. I really don’t think it is supposed to represent the best characteristics of any group or organization. Its an equal opportunity offender for every group’s stereotype and or situation.

  • Mike

    Actually Christians are far more accepting of gays than Muslims are but the show would never dare to offend Muslims. Those on the left never want to consider that. I watched the show and found it horribly boring. I prefer to watch shows that either make me laugh because I can relate or make me feel for the characters because I can emphasize. I just can’t really care about a group of lesbians in jail from the perspective that its presented here.

    • ash

      i agree Mike!

  • Thunder

    Netflix has no problem with excessive female nudity and vile sex, but turn a complete chicken refusing to also show the male cast’s full frontal nudity such as the cute young guard for example. Netflix is that much of a chicken to have his full frontal exposee when an inmate dropped his pants down to discover false leg. Why show tits and clits, but not the weenies?! Man up, Netflix, ur ruining a great show!!!

  • Thunder

    And stop all the Christian crap. The real ‘n serious problem is the reality of failure to show the male casts’ full nudity. If the cute guard w/ false leg man up to show his full frontal nudity, Netflix would see an influx increase by millionw of new viewers.

  • Brian Sotile

    My wife and I really enjoy watching the show. I think that the show is well written with many very interesting characters. For entertainment value, the show is worthwhile, as a realistic portrayal of the prison system or a representation of American society, the show is lacking and the creators should have spent more time and effort in research. I have worked in the various aspects of the law enforcement field for over 12 years. Here are several of the unrealistic depictions that I have noticed:
    1. There is no Federal Dept of Corrections. The organization is known as the Bureau of Prisons and the officer are highly professional and do not wear blue uniforms. They typically wear a blue sport coat, tie and white shirt. In addition, the hiring requirements are very strict and someone missing a leg would be disqualified from employment as an officer. In addition, the majority of the inmates would not be in Federal custody for the crimes committed ( ie murder, armed robbery, etc). The majority would be state offenses. Food service areas are routinely inspected by health depts and must follow very strict guidelines pertaining to sanitation and food safety. In addition, in female facilities, males typically serve in administrative positions or perimeter security, not direct contact with parishioners. Variances are the exception and not the rule. In today’s prison environment, solitary confinement does not look like something from the Shawshank Redemption.
    2. As one commenter noted, rural white parishioners are portrayed as nut job Christian extremists who are all met addicts. Can we say stereotyping

  • Danny

    I found curios how in practically all TV series prison guards are presented as real bastards. Is this based on true? Why do they have so bad reputation? I mean, we even have series with “good” serial killers.

    Some series shows good cops bad criminals (Blue Blood, Law & Order, CSI, etc.) some show god (or at least charismatic) criminals and bad (or at least corrupt) cops; The Sopranos, Sons of Anarchy, Dexter, Boardwalk Empire. This is logical; obviously the public must relate with the protagonist and the antagonist have to be nasty or at least corrupt. Is like in the legal drama, in those were the main characters are prosecutors (L&O) the defenders are nasty if not corrupt, those were the defenders are protagonist (The Practice, The Good Wife, Damages) the prosecutors are nasty or bastards.

    But prison guards are ALWAYS presented as bad; Oz, Orange is the new black, Prison Break, SoA. Even in Law & Order SVU once one is shown as a rapist.

    If I were the Department of Correctionals I will sponsor a TV show with good prison guards –like CIA did with CIA show- to humanize them a little.

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