What If Android Powered The PlayStation Vita? It Would Look A Little Like This

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If the Ouya has proven anything, it’s that people are excited about an affordable game console running on Android. Google’s open source operating system can be put on just about anything and companies are definitely taking advantage of that.

A Chinese manufacturer has announced they are building the Droid X360. Unfortunately, it’s not an Android powered Xbox 360 with the power to boot. It’s a handheld gaming device that runs on Android and looks suspiciously like the PlayStation Vita.

MIC Gadget has the low-down on the specs for this new wonderful knockoff. The Droid X360 runs on Android 4.0.4, features a 1.5 GHz processor, 512 MB of RAM, 8GB of onboard storage and a 5 inch capacitive touchscreen. As for ports, it features an HDMI-out, microSD slot with support for up to 32GB of external storage, a mini-USB port, rear 2MP camera and a front 0.3Mp camera.

The case is obviously taken from the PlayStation Vita itself as it features all the same features that gamers have come to love from Sony’s device including twin analog sticks. It remains to be seen if gamers would be able to use the buttons to control Android games. Fortunately, the buttons can be used for the nine built-in emulators the device ships with including Nintendo 64, PlayStation, Game Boy Advance and others. Check it out in action:

No price has been announced for the device thus far, but I can assure that it will be cheap. Chinese hardware is always cheap, but rarely of dubious quality. If you want a portable device that plays all the games of yesteryear alongside today’s greatest Android games – the Droid X360 might be just for you. I’m tempted to pick one up myself for the novelty factor alone.

What If Android Powered The PlayStation Vita? It Would Look A Little Like This
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  • Stephen

    I so wish it did. Would replace the need to carry two devices around.
    So many apps would be available. Stupid Sony.

  • http://freeplaystationcards.com/ justin

    looks interesting..
    in a psp kind of way..

  • c

    sony is such a baby! if they had put android on their dumb psvitas it would have been selling like hot cakes! advice to sony: stop trying so hard making your in house memory sticks and software. look at your md players…dead. go with what the mass public is using! geez you’re like a stubborn kid playing with his doll in the corner while the rest are making millions!

  • http://www.gamefreaks247.com efrain cepeda

    great info as to Droid 360

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