Western Digital Explores the Router Market


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Western Digital, the company known for internal and external hard drives ( and streaming TV hardware) is now getting into the router market. And, big surprise, they are doing what they do best by including "network-attatched" storage to the higher end devices.

The routers will include four dual-band routers and an ethernet switch. They use WD's "FasTrack" technology to prioritize bandwidth-hogging activities like movie streaming, heavy downloading, video chats and onine gaming. Other options include partental controls and the ability to set up a guest network.

The higher end models also include storage. It comes in either 1TB or 2TB and you can use the WD Go website to access the drive remotely. They are also working on iOS and Android apps to allow mobile accesss as well. That's pretty cool.

The N900 is rated for speeds of 900 Mbps, but lacks internal storage. It has 7 Gigabit sockets and two USB ports. The N750 and N600 (which max out at 750 Mbps and 600 Mbps, respectively) have four ethernet ports and two USB. Prices are as follows: $70 for the My Net Switch, $80 for the N600, $120 for the N750 and $180 for the N900.

The big news here is that some of the routers will include storage, which can be accessed from any of the computers on the network, and even outside the network, (although I imagine this way would be much slower). The only problem is the units with storage do not go on sale until next quarter. The N900 Central will cost either $300 for 1TB of storage or $350 for the 2TB model.