Westboro Baptist Church Aims to Take On Gay Modern Family Actors

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ABC’s hit television comedy Modern Family has been a godsend for the gay community. Finally all of straight America gets to see what much of it has known for a long time: many of us know a gay couple, and they are no different from the rest of us.

Actors Jesse Tyler Ferguson, who is gay in real life, and Eric Stonestreet, who is not, play same-sex couple Mitchell and Cameron. They have an adopted daughter, Lily. The couple faces the same challenges that any straight couple does: keeping an income going while taking care of baby, finding suitable preschool and babysitting arrangements, discussing their Vietnamese daughter’s background with her.

Ferguson and Stonestreet are scheduled to appear on the Kansas State University campus at the McCain Auditorium in Manhattan, Kansas on September 19 for an evening called “An Evening with Eric Stonestreet and Jesse Tyler Ferguson”.

Stonestreet is a Kansas State University alumnus, and the university is announcing this event with gusto.

Stonestreet and Ferguson will provide an intimate glimpse into television's behind-the-scenes happenings, diverse and hilarious discussions and an extensive Q-and-A session with the audience. The live show is a fun opportunity for die-hard viewers who wish to connect with the popular cast members and enjoy face time with two stars that television screens simply cannot provide. Ferguson describes it as similar to “us being in your living room."

Of course, Kansas is also home to another group, and Westboro plans to be there.

WBC will picket the fag, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, and the fag-enabler, Eric Stonestreet at McCain Auditorium where they will be teaching the youth of this nation the soul-damning, body-killing, nation-destroying lie that “It's okay to be gay".

The WBC goes on to site the usual litany of anti-gay Old Testament scripture, then adds:

It gets worse with you two, though now that you are pretending on national television to be married. Do you dummies not know that same-sex marriage dooms nations and worlds (ala Noah's flood)? That same-sex marriage sin is particularly pernicious in that it attempts to drive a stake in the heart of that great mystery of Christ and His Church (Bride)… You are messing with fire boys! It's time for you to shut up and OBEY GOD!

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