Webmasters Cry Mayday for Google Rankings Again

Has Google Made Another Major Algorithm Change?

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A lot of people had something to say about Google’s Mayday algorithm update from the beginning of May. A lot of people felt that it was costing them rankings and revenue.

Google’s Matt Cutts talked more about Mayday at SMX Advanced a couple weeks ago. He said that it was designed to try and spot signals of quality on pages and sites that would be good for users, and that auto-generated pages and content farms tend to get hit the most by Mayday.

Barry Schwartz at Search Engine roundtable is pointing to a WebmasterWorld thread indicating that there may have been another tweak on June 23rd and 24th that had a big impact on some sites’ rankings again.

Cutts’ advice to webmasters affected by Mayday in the first place, was basically to improve quality. I’m going to go out on a limb and suggest that this advice would probably still apply.

Have you experienced a dramatic change in Google rankings this week? Let us know.

Webmasters Cry Mayday for Google Rankings Again
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  • Chick

    G. needs to be taken apart by the government. Now they placed a block of Adcrap ads right at the top of the organic results killing a lot of small businesses and traffic to sites. What was #1 organic listing before now means #4 which is useless. Regular surfers don’t know the difference between the Adword ads and organic so they just click on the first Adword listing. G. is abusing their power once again. I wonder when the government is going to intervene. This is just way too much. Regarding caffeine, that has got to be a joke which has made Google an irrelevant mess. I don’t care about synonyms or what G. thinks I need! I need exact search results, not website with synonyms or local results!!! Their stock is tanking. With this crappy algorithm and the Yahoo, Bing, Facebook, Apple wolves biting their butt like piranhas, I bet pretty soon G. will be no more #1 search engine. soon.

  • Tim

    “Chick” could not be more right.

    Google has abused their space and trust with the advertisers and are taking the space above the fold, rejiggering the algorithm so as to make you have to buy advertising b/c of the impossibility of a consistent ranking, started offering products directly on the site (again above the fold), etc… It goes on and on.

    They need to be regulated I’m sad to say, they are destroying countless businesses with their reckless behavior.

  • http://www.hangar17.com Hangar 17

    Yes i saw the last search engine updates are not good for good sites. i can see lots of spamming sites and auto-generated hits are in the ranking first !.

    will they revise it?

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